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  1. I use messi as trequista , hows he performing in the AP role mate ? I've won my 1st 11 and drawn 1 also. Lol
  2. Alright its weird but my results have NOT been bad in pre season every player has a role and certain instruction. It's not not my best tactic it was just an idea.
  3. Well just because everyone plays a certain way why dose that have to be right. Implementing your own style I thought was one of the whole points in playing football manager. I may use 3 at the back but ask the wing back to sit narrower I aslo use the definitive midfielder as a regista that stay back .. now in pre season I wouldn't say it the formation that I'd use ... but it works.. All I'm saying is everyone has differnt views and that why I asked.
  4. So when you create your own custom view everytime I change to a separate player it goes back to nothing or like its default it's so annoying ?
  5. This is the squad I inherited... I never signed son or jota I have busquests , godson fernandes, Maguire and timo Werner. Also. I've got new formation that's working almost perfect now. Thanks everyone...
  6. I was just trying something differnt, and fitting the players in I know where I'm exposed, I've just never really played with 3 at the back and I'm just trying to find a system that works with the above players ?
  7. I've just taken over as barcelona manager I'm struggling to find a formation that works dose any one have any advise for accommodating the likes of messi,griezmann, coutinho, de Jong and Eriksson haha ? Any ideas would be appreciated lads.
  8. Ok I've just loaded my save with two managers ? Only my second manger it wont allow me to relinquish control of him it says I have to enter a password yet I've never used a password is this a bug or what no one has access to it so no one can change anything and I've definitely never used a password !!!
  9. I had a son once a long time ago, and at the time I knew nothing of the feature, and thought it was pure coincidence haha
  10. Yes I've had a noticeable impact through changing mine. I'll show some pics later but usally involves talk CBs with good head on the far posts. Also I use whilst defending corners I keep 2 players up the pitch so there extra option wen wen win and go on the counter. Also whilst defending using certain players with either high marking ability after a certain opposition player & having them in the right place and marking tall opisition player can be useful aslo.
  11. It can but as you say very unbalanced Not the same subject, but I the other day, had my 1st red card appeal ... it was Cristiano ronaldo i think he had a yellow and then perhaps a straight red. I may be wrong anyway I've always noticed the option to appeal... but always under the advise the refs had the correct decision, how ever for the 1st time in all the FM I've played something finally changed. Lol I was advised the tackle was not deserved of a red too the appeal and bloody won it !
  12. Cardiff never ever seem to go down like they did IRL Lol just finished 2020 season and they're 5th plus I'm not saying there overrated... but in NOT one of my saves have I ever seen them in a fight for religation. Lol!
  13. Yeah I think if you become in serious trouble if you have a good board or chairman they usually help bail you out.
  14. I find the 1st season always can be abit strange think your a new manager in new job things dont always just click in to place right away. The main thing is your winning....
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