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  1. I was excited to do one but had some other saves lined up. Would it work if I set one up saved it and stored it for a later time. \still think it would have been a unique challenge.
  2. Kevin Quevedo same for me great wee player.
  3. Wait im just learning this to I always thought those options meant I make money ? so both those options means im paying the club wanting to loan my player and a wage. for years I thought it meant I get paid for them. how does this work now im so lost.
  4. He shat it in Scotland started nice then lost all confidence and became terrible. Glad to hear he is doing better closer to home.
  5. Hey guys in FM 19 I enjoyed making a tactic for Regista play! I know Tonali is always #1 for registas. I was wondering if any one has a list of a few more Registas that are affordable for under 20 million. Or ones who could be re trained into one.
  6. How it works is you have to sign those youth players and bring them to your team to work with them. sadly. and loan them out to a club that does play in a league. sadly mls my local team is TFC used to work in media there and be a season seat holder. FM is lacking in any depth and immersion for MLS. just like international scene sadly. Just sign them up to the First team and have them train with you. Fun side note I met Bedoya and have his shirt from the game. great guy.
  7. Some sites have the kits but no download button and some have the download version. rather sad
  8. I wish I had that talent ! lol would be hear for years trying. I looked can't find what you meant on sortitoutsi
  9. Same ! just want Rangers to have all in new kit and up to date. & Youth. just feels more real to me.
  10. Hello ! I finally got FM 20 and always do one with my Rangers FC team. I put all my face-packs into the new folder and now my Rangers team is all faces from 2018 kits and new signings are from old teams in there kits. I am a huge stickler for my Rangers team. I was wondering if any one knows how I or who I could ask to make Rangers 100% up to date for this season. Also some youth who are up and coming like Nathan Coombes ex Chelsea has been great for us. Basically id love to have Joe Aribo in this seasons Rangers kits instead of Charlton. I apologize if this is in the wrong place. L Just dieing to play this game and as I don't mind other teams not being 100% picture accurate for me Rangers just has to be, I would be happy to find all pictures. Just makes the game more immersive for me. As Rangers mean the world to me. I would also like to add some staff pictures and update it,
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