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  1. So I am playing along and notice this name was sacked from Juventus- its 100% Andrea Pirlo same stats and just a different name - I know about other names and licensing been playing fir 14 years so I understand most things. Has any one ever encountered this before? not just I wonder who else like this.
  2. Sorry to high jack the post. any help from any one would be great. I wanted plus a mate to do a online career - I went into my preferences made any one can join made the server name and password. it then asked me to choose the nations and I did all that - went to game detail hit invite he got the invite it never worked. or let him join (just didn't do or say anything) I gave him the server name and password and noting shows up. We have been playing fm since champ manager days but wanted to give this online a try. what are we doing wrong ?
  3. Hey looks like there is bug here. He is going to Swansea not to Rangers he is leaving Rangers. where would I report this ?
  4. this 10000% still happens seen it on many games and on streamers saves online ! lol
  5. his first game for us in a major defeat to celtic he jumps up hits the ball on purpose with his hand gets a red! I must say he is probably the biggest waste of ***** ive ever seen. ever sense that day Ive hated him
  6. sadly did both of these and still the same issue! since day one ive never had an issue till I tried this !! its beyond brutal but its not game breaking but most likely will just re install the whole game and start over. ty tho
  7. could be a neat mode to put into the game! choose to play normal or play in the covid 19 leagues with those restriction you mentioned! or having to miss a game cause players tested positive
  8. did all that ! and removed the old files ! I think I may need to remove the whole game then re install fresh. seems like a virus maybe. makes no sense
  9. Thank you for the quick advice ! I do not know where to find the cache folder and preference folders ? is it on your disk or in documents. I have to remember the 3 add ons ! but I did remove them after this happened and put the old ones back and re started football manager with the old files. and this still came up. So the add on wasn't via editor was sounds put into the (Local Disk -C /Program Files/Common/Football Manger 20/DATA/Simatch/Events. the file I put in there is called better match sounds the original was "match sounds" I put the new one in there this happened so I removed it (
  10. Hey guys so I have been using fm never had issues at all for years! last week I seen on "Scout" the better crowd sounds download and figured id like to give it a try. Followed instructions etc did it perfect. and when I get to the club page when you get the job my manager face is either blue or white ghost like and the board room is all different colors I have provided a picture. This is the only thing I changed and I did save those 3 original files and once I saw this deleted the new files from scout and still this happens. Hoping its a fix or maybe its a virus but it did hav
  11. Hey guys I love the idea of a Pressing Forward Rangers in real life have Alfredo Morelos ! he is a pressing forward and in game I wanted to find what are some exciting Pressing Forwards ? I know the big lad at Hearts is Uche Ikpeazu but is there any other pressng forwards. ?
  12. Agree !! nothing more boring then seeing saves with the same 5 players lol the hidden gems page s way more fun
  13. Good shout !!! do this will be a wild save trust me!! and do so well they ask you to come back then go to newcastle and say F you wankers make it a goal to ruin Sunderland
  14. comes down to tactics !! every update changes everything. just like in real life you need to adapt and be willing to make adjustments!
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