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  1. I spent like 20 minutes looking this up I was super excited lol ! ovb im on the full version. I was like how awesome would that be
  2. I mean congrats its amazing having been a Glasgow Rangers fan for 28 years I meant in comparison to real life ! Its crazy to see ST. Mirren in Champions league etc ! enjoying it ! rather neat
  3. I am so lost about the golden generation thing where on earth can you buy this ? is it only on FM touch ?
  4. This is insane ! you sir are punching well above your weight !
  5. Yes you need to go on steam workshop and find the serie D leagues and add them. Big club way down there. Would be a really unique save
  6. AJ Auxerre in france ! or Palermo in Serie D Italy ! Falkirk in Scotland league 2. in responce to @faust405245 question
  7. i do doubt they will end up in the championship if by some weird way they do they have the ability to not stay long ! I support Rangers and its been 9 years with out a trophy and Gerrard has made us a decent team in Europe but still behind Celtic. we had to fight from lowest league in Scotland and with out a shadow of a doubt it has had a massive impact ! but I do not see city going there. if they have done bad yes an example needs to be set. as for a neutral fan hope we don't loose city they play good football and have been exciting.
  8. I think upon appeal it will be scaled back. also if it does stay at 2 match ban you are going to see a huge shift in EPL. Pep and many players leave big players and no European football means wont attract the very best
  9. Just a few off the top of my head !! some wonderful players the lads from Dundee teams both are tremendous
  10. does he have a full name cant find this lad any where and I have every player and league loaded
  11. Looks a gem for 425 pounds trying to get him into my Ayr United squad !
  12. Hey guys sitting here trying to understand the scale it would take to bring Palermo back to the Seria A ? Right now they are sitting in Serie D - Group.I I mean ive loaded it up and they are literally the last league group before you fall into the lowest level. I was wondering how this Serie D works ? like how do you get promoted I checked the rules and didn't say anything about first place getting promotion. only the last 3-4 places get relegation etc. I think it would be a seriously fun and long term save and seeing them fall from grace is wild. any one have any knowledge of promotion from these groups? would I need to get promoted to each group ?
  13. Maybe one of my editor files that ive used for other things maybe the creator had gone in an fixed players etc. but maybe we should delete this guy off the forum not to confuse others. kinda would get every ones hopes up. is there a way I can do that or a mod.
  14. No not at all. That I can recall even just went through my files and nothing for player attributes changes.
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