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  1. I for one would love help or guidance in finding one of these lads !
  2. I second this !!! more in depth anylisis maybe more media esp around transfer deadline day ! its always hectic and exciting. Your idea about knowing more why your tactics didn't work sounds dam amazing.
  3. So I added some new faces and all the faces are there except the managers. for example I had Gerard at rangers he was fine now when I load a new game all the new pictures are there but all the managers are blank profile pictures. drives me nuts ()Ive done the skin re load familiar with all that but can't understand whats happened.
  4. Have not played in Greece just wanted to say hello to a fellow Bear ! Mon eh teddy bears !!
  5. I genuinely dont think you can do this to be honest what team are you
  6. I think this is a massive mistake from my board at rangers. second season in I have a fantastic balance of 48 million. through selling players on who have been in form. Now its no secret we have had in real life some financial issues. Now in the game I asked for a stadium expansion due to fan demand. they quickly agreed. how ever the capacity is already 52,000 the board decided to increase the stadium to 57k is it really worth 38 million/ never seen anything like it before. wish i could take it back.
  7. Good afternoon guys ! forgive me if this is the wrong section im a bit lost so if not please let me know where best to get help. I love FM 2019 I am one of those guys tho I have to have realistic face-packs-names etc drives me nuts. I always Manage my two teams- Glasgow Rangers ( Scotland ) & my Local team in Canada Toronto FC. Now most of Rangers face-packs are spot on this seasons kits. there is a few who aren't IE - Jermaine Defoe - Steven Davis etc. for Toronto FC there is a few players no faces and some who need to update. also we have new head-shots in the new kit I was wondering is there any one who knows how to do these? would be brilliant to have Toronto FC as accurate as possible.
  8. Yes I have noticed start of save the lower leagues in the US have tons of youth available. some good some not. You also get at least one player from the nation you are managing in. Mine usually pops up in the league rumors. I signed one for Rangers in Scotland he is good and will be a first teamer now if I signed him for any other team bar Celtic in Scotland he would be even better. Question how do you set up your scout to search ?
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