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  1. So after been given £240m to spend at the beginning of season 2 my business is complete, with a net spend of £122m; My first team and reserve team are now as follows; Hopefully should be able to challenge on all fronts with the strength in depth.
  2. Season 1 - Review Can't remember if I have ever done a Man U save in previous FM's but this seems like a good time to try and revive their fortunes. Transfers With the squad already being pretty decent I decided to add pure quality rather than quantity and targeted a new LB, DMC and ST. Fortunately I was able to bring in my first choice in each position, manipulating the initial £100m budget just enough to allow a net spend of £112m. Sadly offloading players proved a little more difficult. There was one major change in January, with Everton coming in to replace Mata (Mata had pe
  3. How has this ended 0-0? How have we had 31 shots, hit the woodwork 4 times, but only 1 CCC?
  4. Beowulf P107 going well with Man U; Annoyingly the only defeat in this run came thanks to a 5th minute sending off. The draw against Man City was a last kick equaliser for them and the West Ham draw was thrown away from a 2-0 lead and cruising.
  5. Using Beowulf; It's brilliant at home but not so great away as the last three PL games highlight perfectly; Are there any complimentary tactics that are a bit more solid away from home?
  6. Also noticed that a lot of opposition chances are created by simple balls over the top. Will dropping the DL affect the tactic?
  7. Using Wulf and it's working well, dominating every game but getting frustrated at results like this; Why do the AI seem to score with a higher percentage of shots despite having weaker players???
  8. Wondering which tactic is performing the best for top teams since update, Wulf, Sympathy or Tequila Sunrise?
  9. Was slightly concerned the update might ruin Tequila Sunrise tactic which has been going well, but based on first game hopefully not;
  10. How is this possible? Winning every game & with a GD of over 160 is so unrealistic. Out of interest why are most of your players showing as Alienated under the Playing Time heading?
  11. It's at the bottom of @stanleycjames post towards the top of this page
  12. So after finishing 4th in my first season with Aston VIlla using Sympathy vol1, second season syndrome hit. Predicted to finish top 7 in season 2, but after a very inconsistent start to the season was in 11th and in danger of the sack. Switched to the 4-4-2tweakedby lass and the turnaround in form has been instant; The last three game run has been ridiculous, wasn't expecting a single point.
  13. 2019/2020 Season Review Pre-season As I always do, I left the arrangement of friendlies to my Assistant Manager, which resulted in an extremely easy pre-season (with the exception of one loss, which came despite completely dominating the game). The main thing was that everyone got plenty of football and therefore match fitness. August 2019 I was hoping for an easy first game back in the Premier League, but then the fixtures were announced. We were given a difficult game first up at home to Chelsea, but then came three games that could all be targeted for
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