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  1. could not agree more ive ruined so many seasons cause of this
  2. Hey guys so for years now since 2007 I have always counted on all of you fine fine humans for all the hard work making kits for guys like me who well just couldn't figure it out. I love football Manager a lot but I love realism and for me 5 years into a save seeing the same kit over and over and over again drives me mental. I finally thought how sweet would it be to either do the whole league im in or just the club im managing and design new kits. Each season or every two seasons I could throw some new kits into the game and refresh it. I noticed there is a big zip pack you can download with thousands of templates. Now I know a lot use photo shop. Unfortunately im to poor to go out and buy these types of programs.. How ever I am wondering is there free programs some one new like me could use and find a walk-through and any experts on here realistically is this possible what I am trying to achieve. Would really appreciate any advice and or help. sincerely just a man with a kit-pack dream
  3. This has to be updated gronli cost more then 750k now alone/ Both your list and the OP's are wonderful tho
  4. I know for a fact you can find the club in my disliked list on FM. But I remember James Mcarthy Does. plays for Everton.
  5. Wee guy in Scotland you would love Alfredo Morelos had to seen your profile pic
  6. Wrong topic to post in. This is for Tycoon saves mate.
  7. AHAHA not at you but at the board ! that is outstanding work for a club like that and is bloody amazing starting 11 all youth academy from your club with its DNA.
  8. Trying to get him now for Auxerre ! I see he has been to a barber since my sreenshot. I like him think he will do well for me in Ligue 2 and value could go up. Think he would be good for a lower league championship or top league 1
  9. Eugeni SD Huesca - Midfield - Advance Player maker - can play Mezzala & Deep Lying Play-maker Great Vision and passing for smaller clubs Valued at 775k He does have bland physicals In my Auxerre save ! I came across this guy! I think he will be great for us. Could be a hidden Gem. Whats he like in your save. ?
  10. I have every player loaded in the DB He isnt in it. He was a go to signing in 19 for me. Si what happened to this lad ?
  11. Okay for the last few FMs this team always and I mean always throws a bid in for any player I put on the tranger list and offer out. for 10%-20% value it actually just makes me laugh. Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors FC let say I offer Alfredo Morelos for 20 Million quid they offer 2-4 million. Same if im a club like man united offer say Rojo for 10 million they offer 2 lol. Its actually funny to see it my inbox.
  12. I figured it out ! I had the game running soon as I quit and tried I was able to select the public beta. this can be closed thanks for the help !
  13. I just started one with AJ Auxerre (In France) They seem like a great club that could do well in Ligue 1. They also have good youth facilities so hopefully positive youth intakes. Rangers in Scotland is a fun save !
  14. This did make me laugh but got love for the mods !
  15. So I follow the instructions get to properties - beta etc and at the drop down menu it only has "NONE-opt out of all beta programs" below is an empty space to add a pass-code for private betas. rather confused why I am not allowed to use the public beta ? I bought my game legally through steam ? any one able to help so I can use the public beta instead if this match engine now.
  16. Fleurencier Mackenley Seems decent for some saves out there.
  17. I don't understand if you don't have beta but bought the game after launch how would I even update it with the beta ?
  18. Hey guys so I've always left my profile and starting manager to balanced across all the attribute lists. figured balanced was good.How ever I started to think if I use my Assman for training do I really need to put them on Attacking/Defending or could I bring them into Mental,Tactical and working with youngsters. Then hoping onto the other side. If you never play outside of say UK you may be able to drop your Adaptability and put it towards Man Management and determination. (perfect determination allows you more success with your board room request. I assume it would help with applying to job/signing players. strong motivating could be beneficial all while adaptability is low. This is a test manager to see the difference compared to a balanced one. I will let you know how I get on. I was wondering if any one has any advice or how they set up there manager.
  19. John Souttar and Aaron Hickey will be great for your club !
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