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  1. To solve the problem of lone striker getting isolated, I have two strikers with different traits. One striker is very quick and can dribble very well. Another striker Neal Maupay has come deep for ball traits and is quite good at holding up the ball a more well rounded striker. So different striker for different situations. For the wide forward on attack duty I will put PI so that he will mark the opposing full back if I feel I do not need to take so much risk.
  2. How is your scoring numbers compared to league average? Do you score a lot and conceding a lot at the same time? How is your possession looking like across the league?
  3. End of season review: We have done much better than I have ever imagined placing 11th when we are predicted to finish 18th. We were also quite solid defensively. Upon checking team stats, it is clear our tactic is working as intended. We ranked near bottom of the league in possession and pass completed but still managed to put in a healthy amount of goals for a newly promoted side. We also managed to keep 15 clean sheets. And some news that come as a surprise for me…….. Our starting goalkeeper, Nicolas Hansen who I bought from Napoli at a fee of just 9.5M won the Premier League Golden Glove award! I have to admit he has been superb for us throughout the season as you can see from his player stats this season but him winning the Golden Glove award is something I didn’t expect. So this is the end of Season 1 for West Brom in Premier League. I have some new plans for the new season as I am considering a switch of formation to a 532 to better utilize my current wingbacks that are better at attacking while keeping our brand of counter attacking football.
  4. Inspired by @Zemahh counter attacking thread, I will like to open a thread to see if I can overachieve by playing counter attacking football with an underdog team as I feel there is a lack of discussion of counter attacking football in the FM community. The team that I will be managing will be West Bromwich Albion Football Club, one of the oldest football clubs in England. Background West Brom is the third club I am managing in my current journeyman save, and having won the Championship last season (predicted to finish 2nd) when I got the job halfway through the season, the odds are against us to fight for relegation this season in the Premier League. We are predicted to finish 18th this season so let’s see if we can overachieve and avoid relegation. Board Expectations: Salary per annum: Main Tactic: Positive mentality- So that our players is willing to take some risk and push forward when they can counter attack The formation that I have chosen is a 41221 as it is a flexible shape that fits a lot of different playstyles and is a solid defensive shape. In possession Play out of defence- To create as much space as possible. The opposition players either press us too high which leave them vulnerable behind their defensive line or their press becomes disjointed leaving spaces between the lines for us to exploit Low crosses- As our forwards do not have a height advantage putting in low crosses will help with our forwards which are quick and have high anticipation and off the ball ratings Higher tempo*- Encourage the team to move the ball forward as quickly as possible to take advantage of the vacant space Pass into space*-Obvious instruction to exploit space behind with quick forwards In transition Regroup- I do not want my players to disrupt our usual 451 defensive shape so they will need to get back into defensive shape before they start to press. I want my players to defend collectively as we will be outskilled if we try to defend 1 on 1. Out of possession Narrow shape*- Together with the player roles that I have chosen for my midfielders we will be able to block most attacks from the central areas and channel opposition attacks to the wide areas where they are less of a threat. Lower line of engagement- To draw players to attack us before we win the ball and launch a counter More urgent pressing- I want to encourage my players to put pressure on the opposition players as much as possible without compromising our defensive shape. Too little pressure on the opposition players will give them time and space to pick a pass *Instructions that I might change from time to time depending on suitability Transfers done during the transfer window: Player selection criteria: quick front three to exploit space behind, defenders that are good in the air and defending, hardworking midfielders with decent defensive skills
  5. I think there is a stadium limit which can only be checked using the in game editor. You may want to check from there. Are you filling up your 89k stadium? that is impressive.
  6. Have you ever analysed what are the things that you are most vulnerable from? Is it crosses or counter attacks or other things?
  7. Potential issues that I notice: 1) Your right side might be too narrow and crowded due to the player roles chosen there. And because there is a roaming playmaker there most of your attacks will start from there and the ball will be recycled to the roaming playmaker when your team cannot find a breakthrough. However because there is no wide player there to stretch the opposition defence the attack might become stagnant. 2) Remove work ball into box instruction when you face teams that want to pack players into the box or when facing teams that plays with 3 CB or 2 DMs. There is no way that you can work the ball into the box when there are so many defensive players there. 3) Is there any particular reason that you want to focus play down the left when your playmaker is on the other side? 4) You almost never want to use narrow attacking width when you have wide players. You will want to attack with as much width as possible when you have most of the ball to try and stretch your opposition defence. How much width is enough width will be dependent on your observation of the match which can only come with experience. You do not want your players to be too far apart from each other which will increase the chances of making a bad pass and make your counter pressing less effective.
  8. Generally don't create that much of an open chance but from my limited counting around 60% of these type of open shots will go in for my team. Other shots that do not go in either hit the post or got parried by the GK. If the player has a lot of time to adjust and shoot with their stronger foot most of the time it will go in.
  9. I think the stats are fine. It's the interpretation of the stats that is the problem. Even if SI make xG stats available (even though highly unlikely), normal players wouldn't be able to identify what is the problem when they see their team underperforming their xG when they do not have the skill to see what is happening in a match in the first place. In the end you will still end up with complaints with screenshots of xG underperforming.
  10. Recently realized this mistake managing West Brom which is predicted to finish 18th. Made changes to keep the ball a little bit more halfway through the season and seeing much better results now although we are still bottom of the league in possession and passes made. Now comfortably sitting above the relegation zone after struggling to not lose games for first half of the season. Recent highlight being winning against a strong Liverpool side away 2-0 despite them dominating shots and possession and my team scoring our only two shots on target. Got thrashed by them 6-0 before I made the changes.
  11. I don't think mentoring works that way. Everyone in the same mentoring group will influence each other and the influence they have on each other will depend on social groups and hierarchy. So Seb is most probably right when he say one mentor do not speed things up compared to two mentors. If the two mentors have very contrasting hidden stats it might even make things slower as they cancel each other out. Honestly I don't find this new system of mentoring to be too rewarding as from what I can see across forums the hidden stats only rise 2 or 3 points in almost all cases with the best mentors in the game.
  12. Can you share your full tactics here? A full picture of your tactics is needed as the tactical things in the game do not work independent of each other.
  13. Prevent them from being complacent. Criticize any players not doing well in training or in matches even though the team is doing well. Also make sure they are not fatigue and rotate a bit for matches that you know are sure to win. You can notice players being complacent or fatigue in the match if you really watch closely. Usually they are slow to react to events or recovering their positions slower than usual. Another thing is to make sure you have decent backup players in case you are hit with injury issues due to fatigue late into the season. The AI teams are terrible at managing their squad towards the end of season so you can really take advantage of that if you do the right things.
  14. Another thing I will like to add: Finishing attribute is only part of scoring. There are other attributes that affect how likely a player will score like whether he is shooting with his stronger foot, heading if it is a header, composure, balance and technique. Technique especially I feel is an attribute that is often underappreciated at least from my experience.
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