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  1. I did not mention anything about how good the tactic is. Just responding to your points of why the tactic results in a lot of blocked crosses. And I am pretty sure this tactic is very different from what rashidi uses. I have used that tactic before. And I have mentioned why you get so many crosses despite the TI `work ball into box' that you used. And lower tempo has no correlation to the amount of crosses that you get. If the other team ptb against you, it is normal for you to get high amount of crosses because the only space is at the wide areas. In case you missed my previous repl
  2. The wide attacking midfielder in Pep system do cut into the box once the ball is progressed into the final third. They just stay wide during the initial phase of the build up. Just look at their touches in the box, their shots per 90, and their offensive statistics. Sterling's attacking numbers last season and this season is similar to a striker which indicates that he is very active at areas much closer to the goal. I am using inverted wingers in my current tactic and the position of the inverted winger in this position is exactly the same where my inverted wingers usually receive the ball in
  3. Look at the tactic as a whole do not just focus on the two instructions. Why can't inverted wingers cross from wide positions? They can cut inside and cross which is even better as it opens up the angle for them to cross instead of crossing from the byline. Play narrow does not mean that you only attack from the central area. You do most of your build up from the central areas but it does not mean you cannot make your last pass or cross from the wide areas. And PI has priority over TI meaning that the WB and the FB(a) does not care about the TI most of the time coupled with their higher m
  4. Uses a tactic with wide players that will cross more often. Proceeds to complain there is too many crosses. Sigh. Attacks fairly narrow. Proceeds to complain too many blocked crosses. Double sigh.
  5. It is the same as inverted wingers in FM. Inverted wingers in FM is modeled based on this role. And I disagree that they rarely hold the width in the final third. Their movement is similar to what you will see in real life other than a few ME limitations.
  6. Well if the benefits of not having a DM outweighs the risk from long shots then you should not be concerned. There are no tactics that is perfect with no weakness but you look at the weakness and tell yourself that you are ok with taking this risk compared to benefits. Long shots have lower xG because most teams nowadays are well set up to contest long shots. On the rare occasion that they do not, they can be a goal scoring chance especially when the shot is taken from a good angle from the goal. Any decent professional player can put a well drilled shot in the net from this area when unc
  7. With a formation like that your only option to defend is to press very high up the pitch to prevent the opposition team setting up an attack against you because the defensive shape is not good for a 3412. First, you have three players up front that can shut all the immediate passing options making it extremely difficult for the other team to play out of defence. Plus the wingbacks pressing against the full back, as soon as the opposition GK plays the ball to any defender they risk immediately losing the ball. Next, the two midfielder needs to be players that have excellent stamina an
  8. Well you have found the most effective solution to the problem but refused to implement it. Obviously you still need to do other things to complement like not letting your single DM to cover half of the pitch but putting a DM or a defensive minded midfielder to cover the central area just outside the box is the single most effective solution to mitigate long shots.
  9. You can sit deep while putting a player to contest a long shot at the same time. And apart from a low block and a high block there is also something called a mid block which gives some pressure to the opposition backline but does not expose you at the back as much as a high line.
  10. This may sound weird but your scouting knowledge will affect the nationality of your newgens. You will only get newgens from nations which you have scouting knowledge which will be limited by your level of youth recruitment. The higher the level of youth recruitment, the higher possibility you will get newgens from outside the home nation. For example, PSG can get qatarian newgens because they have default 100% knowledge in Qatar due to their chairman. I got Spanish newgens while managing a small Chinese club due to me having knowledge in Spain when managing their u-21.
  11. Since you do not care about possession and wants a low risk approach, playing a 4231 with 2 DM seems a better option. I will also change the AP into an AM instead to counter attack more effectively.
  12. RMD is the most aggressive AM in the game often playing like a second striker. But the role is still classified as AM which means it will get forward and stay forward (seldom track back to defend) but it will move towards central areas rather than at wide positions. Also it has 'roam from position' as a default PI which makes it even worse than a winger at providing width.
  13. A 4411 is more accurate representation of inter 2010.
  14. Team cohesion is more important. I have not notice any significant difference for player partnership. Sometimes I get orange lines but did not affect the performance at all. The player partnership system also does not make much sense to me as you get lines between full back and winger but no lines between the wingers with the midfielder or the striker.
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