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  1. The AI will take into account on form when they are buying players. Just look at the amount of complaints that it is very difficult to sell bench players who does not have a lot of game time even if these are good players. So the AI does not only make decisions based on CA/PA. And I agree that if the AI start buying more players based on form, the situation will be even worse than it is right now.
  2. Also stars take into account the form of the current player so if you have a young player that is playing very well in the youth league where he is too good to be at like scoring a goal every game his star rating will go more than his actual ability. Attacking players has a natural advantage over defenders in terms of form. I have seen a player going from 3 star to 5 star due to good form alone.
  3. Refer to my previous comment. I generally leave one player staying forward and two players at the edge of the box. Others will defend with a mix of zonal and man marking. My two best headers will be zonally marking near post and far post.
  4. Both posts unmarked. How you set up your attacking corners depends on the players you have. But most players will agree that in FM near post routines are your best bet.
  5. You do not need to change your tactics at all if your team keeps getting better one or two players at a time. I have run saves with the same team using the same tactic over multiple seasons winning so much until I get bored of the save and every season I only make few changes to improve the team in terms of getting new players to replace aging players or replacing a player with a better one. But these changes are always few players at a time. And it is a myth that the AI can 'figure out' your tactics they simply do not. If SI have this technology that can train their AI to counter your ta
  6. In FM, I think most people will agree that not marking both posts is better for defending corners as you can easily catch attacking players offside making it slightly harder for them to time their runs. If you have a GK that is strong aerially, the opposing team stand very little chance delivering their corners too close to the goal so there is not much benefit marking both posts. However defending zonally the near post and the far post is very crucial. Put your two best headers there. The centre zonal area is a bit debatable. Some people will argue that if you have a GK that can come out to c
  7. Not sure if you have played football in real life before but cutting inside with your stronger foot is a lot more easier and a pass is much quicker with a direction opposite the foot that you are using ie. a pass to the left with your right foot and vice versa because you do not have to open your inside foot to make the pass. So if I understood correctly you want your IW to make the pass to the WB which is at his left side. So naturally he can make the pass much quicker if he is right footed. If he is left footed, defenders can just easily defend the outside knowing that the inverted winger do
  8. Technically unambitious does not necessarily mean low professionalism, and professional personality does not guarantee high ambition.
  9. There might be some misunderstanding about fluidity in FM here. More fluid systems means that players are more willing to do outside what they are currently assigned to do. For example, strikers will be more willing to get back to defend in more fluid systems and full backs will be more willing to go up and attack. However players getting more compact is not necessary less spaces between the lines because the boundaries that you can move in is still the same. It is just that in more fluid systems players are more willing to shuffle between lines rather than staying in their own assigned area.
  10. You cannot effectively control the vertical space in between your lines when you have possession. Only the defending team can dictate that. For example if you want to play with a lot of space between your lines and the other team could just easily counter it by playing with more compactness between their lines making all your forward players in an offside position. The converse is also true. Sorry to say but this is an absurd idea in football that you want to control the vertical spaces between the lines when you are attacking. You want to do that as the defending team not the team that is att
  11. 1)When your team has possession and to some extent when out of possession, your defensive line is determined by the most forward player of the other team. This is to reduce the spaces between lines and keep your team shape as compact as possible. Just try to play a striker on support duty and a striker with aggressive duty like poacher and notice the difference in defensive line of the other team. 2) the position of the most forward player is determined by his role. If your striker is a poacher then he will stay much higher than lets say a DLF(s). However do note that the player position
  12. Merseyside reds vs London blues anyone? Even if they do not license it I will not be surprised if someone could mod a league that is exactly the same. Win-win for SI.
  13. Might just be a little bit of bad luck with players with quite low professionalism. Fairly professional is not the best either. Do you have other examples with players like resolute or professional personality having this issue? Could also be a case of players already hitting close to their peak at a younger age especially with Augustine. You will need players with really good personality especially in professionalism to reach those black stars level of potential. Alternatively you can try to criticize their training if their training rating is low or if they do not show much progress us
  14. More like trying to milk the most money out of it while they can. Killing the sport at this moment does not benefit them in anyway. This is just another investment for them once it is not profitable to them they will just sell it away.
  15. I will say that your LOE is more important than the intensity of your pressing. The differences between less pressing and default is minimal but setting up the wrong LOE can really make a big difference. The main concern with more urgent pressing is it will disrupt your defensive shape. However if defensive shape is not the main concern of your tactics you should press as aggressively as possible. Leaving opposing players to freely dictate the game is very risky. You will need to get the combination of LOE and DL right to avoid giving free space in dangerous areas. The 'tighter marking'
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