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  1. I think there is a misunderstanding of the Counter TI here. The Counter TI only lowers the requirements for a counter attack to trigger in comparison to the current mentality. So even if playing on Very defensive mentality counter attacks could still be triggered regardless if you selected the counter TI if the prerequisites are being met. By playing on Very defensive mentality you have already sort of reduce the possibility for a counter attack even if you have selected the counter TI.
  2. Coach report take into account game form. So if you have a player that is in good form, it will inflate the coach rating. I had players fluctuate from 5 star world class player to 3 star leading league player (real rating is probably close to 3.5 stars)
  3. As someone who was lucky enough to have a wonderkid GK coming through the academy of the club that I am managing, yes I can confirm that GK has a different development model compared to other outfield players. They peak much later in their career and can play until 34 without too much decline in physical attributes.
  4. The players that you have now is just not enough to challenge for top 4 consistently especially considering that you are quite far into the save where every midtable team have a few good newgen players and the top teams have stockpiles of good newgen players. About your tactics, your attacking plan is too one dimensional as the only way of attacking is to press high to force a turnover. However, more direct passing contradicts the entire tactic as when you press high there is no space to exploit. The tactic is also way too risky and it is very easy for AI teams to sit back and counter wit
  5. If there was a game that a newbie that knew nothing could come in and smash it right away, I think most people will think that it is a pretty bad game. But according to some ppl, at least the ME did not have issues even though it is practically a crossing simulator with few known exploits. And I disagree that FM20 central play is entirely broken. I have shown last time that one of my saves through balls were my top assist type across 50 games. There are definitely some issues with it but it is not broken.
  6. There is a flaw with this methodology. You are comparing the averages of one team with the average of the whole league. You will need to take the average of the whole league in your save to have a fair comparison with the average of the Premier League. Or you can list down the averages of each team in the Premier League and compare it with your team in your save.
  7. You need to decide on how your team wants to play. Currently the roles that you have chosen favours a style more towards attacking through quick transitions but the team instructions is a patient possession based taking little risk during attacking. The roles that you have chosen does not fit the team instructions.
  8. I will probably try to increase the mentality a bit with a good team like Everton. Everton players in general lack enough technical skills to play a patient possession game and are more suited for attacking through transitions. The LB might be a bit isolated on the flanks as he is not attacking enough to stay high on the pitch and does not have support around him if he stays near the midfield with the BWM nearest to him. The decision to play Tonali as a CM(a) is also a bit questionable as you intend to play a possession based game but the only player capable of controlling the tempo in the hea
  9. His professionalism most likely dropped to below 15. Unflappable and light hearted indicates high temperament,pressure and sports manship. If his professionalism does not drop to below 15, his media handling style will be evasive or reserved. If it was his ambition or loyalty that dropped but not professionalism he will have something like a professional or resolute personality.
  10. What is his current media handling style? That will give some hints to what has changed to his hidden attributes as light hearted covers a pretty wide range of attributes.
  11. He is quite lacking on the defensive end so I will probably put individual training on something like 'defensive positioning' for example. I will probably also put his role training as a full back or defensive full back so that he gets more attention at his defensive and mental attributes. One thing I have noticed is he has not played any senior games for your team so you might want to move him up to the first team and give him some minutes at full back position. For a player to be familiar in a new position he will need some game time. Keeping him in the reserves will not be good for his deve
  12. If they have the correct set of attributes you should not be worried too much about the role familiarity. Apart from wingers, you should also look at box to box midfielders to be retrained as wing backs. You might find them more suitable to be retrained as attacking wing backs than wingers as they are much better defensively than wingers while being much more well rounded than wingers attributes wise.
  13. Mentoring can only change hidden attributes related to personality like pressure, determination, professionalism etc but not inconsistency and big matches which is not related to personality. And the player is already 22 and likely have too high influence to be successfully mentored. However, inconsistency and big matches can increase or decrease slowly throughout a player's career so there is still hope at that.
  14. I do not think this is true. I have never seen a newgen losing PA out of nowhere while retraining new positions. Learning new positions affects how the game calculates the weightage of the attributes towards your CA. For example, 1 point in acceleration might be worth a lot for a CB but worth much less for a winger for example. Hence, two similar players with the same starting attributes but one is a natural striker while another one is a natural winger for them to gain 1 attribute in acceleration will take up different points in CA.
  15. Are you using other custom files or databases?
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