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  1. You already can influence the type of players you get with the HOYD actually. There is a reason why the HOYD has a preferred formation and a preferred playing style. Sure you are not going to get 100% players that fit the playing style and occasionally you get some weird youth CB that has low height (which I can retrain anyways). My HOYD in my current Chelsea save has a preferred playing style of control possession and so far the youth intake have consistently produced players with good mentals and/or technicals. Very few defensive midfielders and have not gotten a target men type striker across 7 youth intakes.
  2. Highly doubt it considering a large portion of the playerbase are casual gamers. Remember someone mentioned that most of the players do not have game saves more than 3 seasons so I will be surprised if half of them even use the data hub feature at all.
  3. This is newer version of it but it is a google spreadsheet https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1qbn_c7ZQNprDh7K4qcQgEdPJ1uYuRH9icDRtNGVEkL8/edit#gid=0
  4. Not sure what is the reason behind it but weak foot is also on an attribute scale of 1-20 so 'reasonable' can be within a range of 8-12 for example. So a player with a weak foot of 7 will be rated as 'weak' while a player with a weak foot of 8 will be rated 'reasonable' even though there is little difference between them. But I agree that improving the weaker foot is not a priority of most players and definitely not a priority for a midfielder or full back as shown in the screenshot.
  5. The most proper way of using xG is long term analysis which looks at the overall trend and it must be also taken into context of other things to reveal certain underlying issues. For example, Brighton heavily underachieved their xG last season and further analysis shows that their strikers might be the culprit for it. Hence, going forward they can either look for better strikers in the transfer market or design tactics to lessen the impact instead of firing the manager just because they did not get good results last season and not knowing what is the real issue behind those poor results.
  6. Attributes only affect trait learning but traits do not affect attributes. A player will have a higher chance of learning a particular trait if he has the attributes to suit it.
  7. There is a little bit of difference if you insist just like any other roles but in general there is not too much of a difference that you can exploit unless it is in the transition phase. The last sentence basically confirms what I have been saying When the IWB is facing a regular winger or inside forward, he acts as a traditional wingback, marking his opponent and moving outside to take on his marker when needed.
  8. It only matters to the opposition when they are in possession. Whether they are playing inverted wing back or normal wing back does not matter when you are in possession both roles defend the same way. Sorry if I missed something obvious.
  9. His method has significant downsides as I have explained above. The better way to do it will be to tweak the player development model so that there is not a hard cap to player development at a certain point in game and allow more room for fluctuation in attributes throughout a player's career. 26 may be considered young for a defender or a goalkeeper but generally most players development slows down at 25-26. Even significant late bloomers like Navas was already one of La liga's best GK at 26. Same goes to most late bloomers in other positions. Their breakthrough seasons mostly come at the age of 26 latest so it is safe to assume most players would not make significant strides after 26.
  10. These things can be easily abused though. Just put any decent player into a good team that are guaranteed to win something like PSG and profit from it. This will create huge advantages for big teams as any decent player that comes into their team will see an abnormal increase in potential.
  11. Guardiola's Man City rely a lot of very fluid movements and interchange of positions to maintain the optimal shape of 5 players up front. The FM ME is limited in that it cannot really replicate these type of movements hence the movement of players in FM will be more rigid and limit the potency of your attack.
  12. Arno has some pretty solid attributes already probably not Bundesliga level yet but I will probably look for a loan for him at a lower level. His attributes spread are pretty good as a deep lying playmaker combined with his decent personality and traits he is ready for first team football and you can expect the AI to use him regularly in midfield which is his best position. Alisan on the other hand has some glaring issues. What type of player do you see him in the future? He is definitely not suitable as a winger but has winger traits but also lacks the necessary attributes to play as a central midfielder. You should definitely try to mould him towards a particular type of player. Loaning him out at this stage is probably detrimental for his development as the AI will struggle to find a suitable position for him.
  13. The opponents that you are going to face in CL in later stages most of them are at a similar level with you in terms of player quality so unless you have a significant edge over them the matches are always going to be 50:50 and you have to rely somewhat on luck to make it far into the competition. You can have the best team in the world but still fail to make it into the finals for 3-4 consecutive years. A lot of luck factor is involved in knockout competitions like this compared to the league where you play more matches. Just ensure that you have a strong squad over a long time and the trophy will be won eventually.
  14. There is also something called a mid block which is in between the two styles and the mid block is what I have in mind.
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