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  1. There's a bug where managers coming in are immediately being judged on the expectations at the start of the season The managers sacked after 30 or 60 days have about 5 or 6 games with good records and sacked I've just taken charge half way through the season and after 4 wins in 5 games my position is precarious
  2. Apologies if this isn't a bug but more of an observation I am 7 seasons deep into my game and I noticed I was coming up a lot of regen managers in the lower leagues of England. I had a quick look and counted National League North: 19 out of 22 club have a regen manager with no prior coaching experience National League South: 17 out of 22 clubs have a regen manager with no prior coaching experience National League: 10 out of 22 clubs have a regen manager with no prior coaching experience League Two: 12 out of 24 clubs have a regen manager only 4 had coaching experience League One: 3 out of 24 clubs have a regen manager, 2 with coaching experience Championship: 1 out of 24 clubs have a regen manager with no prior coaching experience As I said, this may be more an observation than a bug. However, it does take away from the realism that so many clubs get regen managers from out of the blue and especially so early into a save. Has anyone else seen this arise?
  3. I've had the "we don't know who you are" when applying for a job where I already managed
  4. So, first job I started at I won promotion and made the clubs favourite personell I decided to move on but for a while I was getting rejected being told that they didn't know who I am, which is fine. I eventually got another job where I stagnated for a bit, and after 2 seasons my previous job became available. I decided to reapply, knowing I'd have a decent chance of getting the job seeing as they love me However they rejected me because they didn't know who I am. I've been rejected in life in many scenarios, but that one cut deep! Surely a bug?
  5. As someone who carries a game on for a large number of years, all I really want to see is an improvement to the regen's appearance - they've regressed so much since FM2015
  6. That's actually quite annoying - something I'd only understand if they were too introduce a much larger selection of style
  7. I made an attempt to, but I found LLM is rather irksome with a lack of match action/goals. Most of the highlights (on extended) are a cross to near post, being fumbled behind. I think I'll hold fire
  8. "There's been overwhelming support of your attacking intent in games“ Thanks, next question” “There’s growing discontent in your refusal to play defensively” ……..
  9. Wonderful - we've established that I'm as blind as a bat! Thanks
  10. Purely aesthetic, but could we implement a filter to remove the caretakers from the manager history screen. When you are a decade or so into a save these screens can be quite clunky and long due to how many managers have such short stints. It's a fairly unimportant age, but I like to see who has managed before me when switching clubs
  11. I think its a Steam being battered issue - the button reappeard then crashed / hanged when trying to buy it.
  12. I'm having the same issue as regards the buy now button missing. It was there last night but seems to have disappeared. Steam is online and and I have money in my steam wallet May be due to the Steam Servers taking a battering at the moment?
  13. I've noticed all the players boots appear to be black, as opposed to the players having different colours on their feet in previous versions Am I missing something painfully obvious in the settings or is this no longer a thing?
  14. Will the numbering of players 1-11 in friendlies etc be rectified.? It always frustrates me when i see them out of whack. That may be my OCD though
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