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  1. You already can influence the type of players you get with the HOYD actually. There is a reason why the HOYD has a preferred formation and a preferred playing style. Sure you are not going to get 100% players that fit the playing style and occasionally you get some weird youth CB that has low height (which I can retrain anyways). My HOYD in my current Chelsea save has a preferred playing style of control possession and so far the youth intake have consistently produced players with good mentals and/or technicals. Very few defensive midfielders and have not gotten a target men type striker across 7 youth intakes.
  2. Highly doubt it considering a large portion of the playerbase are casual gamers. Remember someone mentioned that most of the players do not have game saves more than 3 seasons so I will be surprised if half of them even use the data hub feature at all.
  3. This is newer version of it but it is a google spreadsheet https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1qbn_c7ZQNprDh7K4qcQgEdPJ1uYuRH9icDRtNGVEkL8/edit#gid=0
  4. Not sure what is the reason behind it but weak foot is also on an attribute scale of 1-20 so 'reasonable' can be within a range of 8-12 for example. So a player with a weak foot of 7 will be rated as 'weak' while a player with a weak foot of 8 will be rated 'reasonable' even though there is little difference between them. But I agree that improving the weaker foot is not a priority of most players and definitely not a priority for a midfielder or full back as shown in the screenshot.
  5. The most proper way of using xG is long term analysis which looks at the overall trend and it must be also taken into context of other things to reveal certain underlying issues. For example, Brighton heavily underachieved their xG last season and further analysis shows that their strikers might be the culprit for it. Hence, going forward they can either look for better strikers in the transfer market or design tactics to lessen the impact instead of firing the manager just because they did not get good results last season and not knowing what is the real issue behind those poor results.
  6. Attributes only affect trait learning but traits do not affect attributes. A player will have a higher chance of learning a particular trait if he has the attributes to suit it.
  7. There is a little bit of difference if you insist just like any other roles but in general there is not too much of a difference that you can exploit unless it is in the transition phase. The last sentence basically confirms what I have been saying When the IWB is facing a regular winger or inside forward, he acts as a traditional wingback, marking his opponent and moving outside to take on his marker when needed.
  8. It only matters to the opposition when they are in possession. Whether they are playing inverted wing back or normal wing back does not matter when you are in possession both roles defend the same way. Sorry if I missed something obvious.
  9. His method has significant downsides as I have explained above. The better way to do it will be to tweak the player development model so that there is not a hard cap to player development at a certain point in game and allow more room for fluctuation in attributes throughout a player's career. 26 may be considered young for a defender or a goalkeeper but generally most players development slows down at 25-26. Even significant late bloomers like Navas was already one of La liga's best GK at 26. Same goes to most late bloomers in other positions. Their breakthrough seasons mostly come at the age of 26 latest so it is safe to assume most players would not make significant strides after 26.
  10. These things can be easily abused though. Just put any decent player into a good team that are guaranteed to win something like PSG and profit from it. This will create huge advantages for big teams as any decent player that comes into their team will see an abnormal increase in potential.
  11. Guardiola's Man City rely a lot of very fluid movements and interchange of positions to maintain the optimal shape of 5 players up front. The FM ME is limited in that it cannot really replicate these type of movements hence the movement of players in FM will be more rigid and limit the potency of your attack.
  12. Arno has some pretty solid attributes already probably not Bundesliga level yet but I will probably look for a loan for him at a lower level. His attributes spread are pretty good as a deep lying playmaker combined with his decent personality and traits he is ready for first team football and you can expect the AI to use him regularly in midfield which is his best position. Alisan on the other hand has some glaring issues. What type of player do you see him in the future? He is definitely not suitable as a winger but has winger traits but also lacks the necessary attributes to play as a central midfielder. You should definitely try to mould him towards a particular type of player. Loaning him out at this stage is probably detrimental for his development as the AI will struggle to find a suitable position for him.
  13. The opponents that you are going to face in CL in later stages most of them are at a similar level with you in terms of player quality so unless you have a significant edge over them the matches are always going to be 50:50 and you have to rely somewhat on luck to make it far into the competition. You can have the best team in the world but still fail to make it into the finals for 3-4 consecutive years. A lot of luck factor is involved in knockout competitions like this compared to the league where you play more matches. Just ensure that you have a strong squad over a long time and the trophy will be won eventually.
  14. There is also something called a mid block which is in between the two styles and the mid block is what I have in mind.
  15. I also do not know what these labels means. But who cares. We are here to talk about tactics not what the labels mean. And short passing combined with quick movement can be done but definitely not with low risk mentality. This will be my approach to a 'fluid counterattack': I will try to win the ball higher up the pitch so that long passing is not required as much coupled with players who are not afraid to make forward runs during a transition (higher risk mentality) quick, technical players will be necessary. All the attacking players will need to be able to both create and score which is where the fluidity comes in. The striker can become the winger and the winger can become the striker.
  16. Look at the roles that you have chosen at your left wing (which is Everton's right wing) have you wondered why Richarlison was unmarked there time and time again while you are able to contain any attack coming from the other side? You can still concede from a transition no matter how deep you play. Let's say your CB make a mistake by passing the ball to the opponent striker close to your goal. He could easily just dribble a few feet and get a good shot despite your deep defensive line. The closer to your own goal, the more costly these mistakes tend to be and by playing a deep defensive line these mistakes tend to be closer to your goal. You will need to balance out the risk. Sean Dyche knows that Burnley cannot make these mistakes and always instruct the CB to hoof the ball up when they are pressured because he understands the risk associated with playing a low block. You absolutely can use possession as a defensive tool. In my journeyman save when I was managing Trinita in Japan, I realize that the team only have technical players and hence designed a defensive tactic that won the league with the best defence while only 6th best in offence with close to 60% average possession. 1-0 wins and 0-0 draws were common occurences throughout the season. no matter they are 11 men, 10 men or 9 men the principles of defending is still the same. And they are down a man in the 70th minute I doubt that skewed the possession so much. And I have said before playing defensive football is a very delicate balancing act which requires a lot of tactical knowledge. If you really do not have time to study a lot about football, do yourself a favor and just use those tactics that you can be proactive instead of having to react to events in matches.
  17. Just to be clear: are you looking for a counterattack tactic with very little use of a long pass? Not saying that a counterattack tactic which primarily used short passing is impossible but a counterattack with very little use of a long pass will be very difficult to achieve due to a few reasons: 1) the ball is always faster than the player no matter what. So by the time when you have made 10 passes to get the ball upfield the other team has probably regained their defensive shape and ready to deal with the counter attack which negates the whole purpose of the counter attack when you could simply make a few passes to get the ball quickly upfront to exploit defensive gaps. 2) short passing reduces the distance that the ball can travel which means that you have to put more players in order to move the ball from A to B. This creates a few potential issues as you will have to push more players running forward during transitions leaving you vulnerable against any turnover in transition phase. It can be done but you need elite players to execute the tactic. And they will need to have very high mentality so that they will rush forward to support the attack during transition.
  18. I am going to wager a guess what you will see in the pkm. His team will have lots of possession passing around without any effective offence. Meanwhile, the other team will simply capitalize on mistakes during turnover of possession around the midfield area and destroy his team from transitions. Calvert Lewin will act as a support striker taking all the attention of his defence leaving both wingers from Everton to do the damage due to his narrow defence. And notice how Richarlison playing on the right completely destroy his left sided defence due to the roles that he have chosen. Let me know if I guess correctly.
  19. You are still making the same mistake over and over again. Not sure why you expect different results. Notice how you have significantly higher possession than the other team but they have similar amount of shots as you in all the screenshots. To summarize your tactic: it is like asking the other team to come and attack freely and you are going to give away possession to them at dangerous areas while you have no intent to attack. It is no wonder you still lose despite having such a good team. SI will not be able to help you. I suggest you to start looking at tactical videos to get a grasp of the tactical aspect of the game. Understand what are transitions and why are they important in the modern game, different types of marking schemes, what are low and middle blocks, how different managers organize their defences, what are the underlying principles in defending. Once you have understood them things will be clearer to you.
  20. Sorry if I misled you yes youth rating impacts quality of newgens. The number of newgens generated is related to the number the game thinks it needs to maintain the database size. This is also true and I suspect their preferred playing style also affects the type of newgens you tend to get based on my limited experience in the game.
  21. Short term focus are only used in emergency situations where you desperately need players. If your scouts have very little existing knowledge on a particular region and you are asking them to scout that region, they are going to take a very long time scouting and you are not going to gain a lot of knowledge. You should never use short term focus scouting if you have a routine scouting program. What I do in every save is to set up a routine scouting program over a particular region or competition that I am interested in and gradually add players that I am interested into a transfer shortlist organized into different groups according to criteria. For example, first team, rotations and future prospects. And every once in a while they are scouted again so that I can get the latest information about them. So in the future whenever I enter the transfer window I can make transfer decisions very quickly because I have already scouted players beforehand. PSG offering 150M for my first team winger which I do not rate very highly? No problem his replacement is ready at the door for a cheaper price before he was transferred out. This will allow you to plan long term and you can really get some steals in the transfer market because you are ready to pounce at any opportunity.
  22. As far as I know, newgen generation basically works like this. First, a set number of newgens will be generated based on youth rating of the country. Then, the newgens are allocated based on reputation of the clubs in that country so higher reputation more likely to get better newgens but occasionally a small club can get a really good newgen if they are lucky that year. Think of it like a lucky draw. Clubs with higher reputation and countries with higher youth ratings will get more chances to draw but they are not always guaranteed to win the big prize. I am not sure how location of a club affects newgen so I will let someone else answer that question. Youth recruitment only affects how wide is the pool of the newgens that you can draw from and has very little relation to the quality of newgens. Youth coaching affects the starting quality of newgens and can be quite an important stat if you rely a lot on youth players. Your HOYD and to a certain extent your youth team coaching staff will only affect certain newgens with their personality.
  23. Try lower the LOE first. Then lower the pressing intensity of both strikers. With two strikers on attack duty with positive mentality, it will be very easy for the ME to trigger a press towards a GK
  24. I played with defensive tactics for two seasons and was equally effective on both not sure if you have read the whole thread. If you want to see how a top team can play counter attacking football and excel with it I can share my recent save with Chelsea which broke all kinds of premier league records while having less than 50% possession while only having the 3rd best squad in the league but that would be boring compared to an underdog team which is the first two seasons when I managed West Brom. And the keeper that you mentioned immediately failed to perform elsewhere when I left the club so I am not sure how much he mattered. And these are quotes taken directly 'defending is failing', 'defending is almost impossible because when you are the weaker team...' and it is clear my tactics disagrees with their quotes. Whether the ME favours which type of playstyle is not what I replied and I respect your opinion on it. Simeone and Mou do not play with defensive tactics all the time. They like any sensible coaches know that they have to be on the offensive end on some matches and vice versa is true. Playing with defensive tactics for the whole season will not get them anywhere and the FM world is also not exempted from this. At the same time I have also seen a fair share of people who played with ultra offensive tactics and failed with it.
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