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  1. You can always set the nations in question to "view only" instead of playable. This means you can view these leagues and see who's winning ect but there will be no players in the teams? Depends if you're looking for authenticity or just to look at the table!
  2. When teams get to a certain level they have to become semi pro or they won't get promoted I think its around level 12 or something! Its the same as when teams get promoted to League 2 if they don't upgrade from semi-pro to professional they won't be allowed promotion!
  3. Did you clear the cache before reloading the skin? Follow the steps in the first post exactly and it should work! DM me if you have any further issues!
  4. FINISHED Well at least I believe I am All the logos for teams right down to Level 19 as well as the logos for all the leagues and Cups! I had to take some liberties the lower down the pyramid I went as some teams didn't have a logo or some cups were just sponsored to I had to use the sponsors name as the cup logo! I hope you all enjoy the file and it looks like I can finally chill out now! As always if I have made any mistakes please either leave a comment or DM me and I will patch it and update the file! The link to the L19 file is now in the first post! Peace.
  5. I've removed the previous file for now whilst I try upload the new one but at the moment its not working -__- I'm not at home at the moment so it may be an issue with the WiFi here so may be a few days until it works again!
  6. Level 16 logos are completed but I'm having trouble uploading it so will continue on with the logos for now and will try again later!
  7. Probably not mate! Gets to a certain point where all the players are generated by the game so no facepacks! Would be incredibly difficult to get detailed photos of players after level 10 anyways!
  8. I spent about half an hour the other day wondering why the logos I'd just put in weren't working before realising I'd made this mistake 😂
  9. Hopefully! Been a little stuck recently due to work but hoping to get going again soon!
  10. This pack is just for the logos! Not sure if anyone does kit this low down in the pyramid!
  11. Yeah working on it as we speak! Fell behind a bit as I was working a lot! Instructions on how to install the pack are in the first post! If you need any further help just DM me!
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