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  1. Thanks man! It may be a week or two unfortunately! Haven't had much time to work on it recently because of work! But hoping to get cracking again soon!
  2. If you don't want to commit fully to a challange just tweak it to suit you! I did the youth challange a few seasons ago but allowed myself 1 "star signing" a year! Signed a quality striker who helped me get promoted despite the fact we had one of the worst defensive records 😂 he left to join a conference team the following season and we struggled against relegation!
  3. Just in case some of you aren't aware I am doing a logo pack to accompany Dans database file! Link here! For those of you who want to fully immerse yourselves!
  4. How is the pack broken up? Is it all in one file or multiple different countries?
  5. Smashed out the last few leagues tonight! So the logos for Level 12 and all cup competitions are now live! Download Here
  6. 6 leagues to go in Level 12 hoping to get it finished by the end of the week!
  7. Just a quick update! I'm about 1/3 of the way through the logos for level 12! Hoping to get them finished in the next week or so! If anyone is having any problems then please direct message me and I will do my best to help resolve the issue!
  8. In regards to the Yorkshire division questions I'm probably going to add them when dan finishes the database and I finish the accompanying logos for my own personal game! I'm a Yorkshire lad so would love to play with them in FM19 but it would be an unrealistic version as stipulated by others as the Yorkshire league is a separate entity! Ill probably just tag a promotion onto the normal football league pyramid somewhere! *Edit* I meant if people are interested I'd share the database!
  9. It's should be fine if you put all the logos but not the config file then copy the contents of my config file into the already existing one in your metallic folder! As always create a backup incase something goes wrong!
  10. I'll DM you the file I'm using to check there's no errors as I don't want to continue if it's something I'm doing wrong!
  11. Hmm this is strange! I'm using the latest file dan sent me which includes a partially finished L12! I will have another look today 🤔 *EDIT* So I've rebooted the game with Dans L11 File and everything is still lined up for me? I guess I'll have to wait to see if anyone else has a problem before I delve deeper! Very Confusing stuff! *DOUBLE EDIT* Rebooted the game with an Old L11 File and the logos were all out of whack! So maybe that's the issue? I can PM you and see if we can sort the problem there!
  12. So I got SUPER bored today and decided to polish off the remaining divisions. I've done about 11 divisions and its taken me about 6 hours so there will probably be some mistakes which I will correct if people highlight them! The link at the top now leads to the COMPLETE Level 11 logos pack with divisions and cups all with proper logos! Enjoy! Time for sleep now Link to logo pack
  13. You'll be happy to know they are now in the pack!! Only got about 5 divisions to go!
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