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  1. Have you downloaded and added the latest pack? The missing badges are all between levels 10 to 15.
  2. First of all this is a very good logo pack so thank you for all your time and effort. I would like to point out that I made a list of the clubs that have a missing and/or a not working logo. Most can be fixed by using the senior clubs logo for each reserve team. Dorking Wanderers Reserves 2082084240 AFC Sudbury 'A' 2082084243 Felixstowe & Walton United Reserves 2082084244 Leiston Reserves 2082084241 Needham Market Reserves 2082084242 Brightlingsea Reserves 2082084246 Didcot Reserves 2082084247 Cirencester Town Development 2082084248 Kidlington Reserves 2082084249 Newent Town 94050735 Shrivenham Reserves 2082084250 Plymouth Reserves 2082084239 Phoenix Sports Reserves 2082084251 Wellington 2082082573 Stansfeld O&B 2082083127 Peacehaven & Telscombe II 2082084921 Bridport Reserves 2082084369 Shaftsbury Town Reserves 2082084378 Melksham Town Reserves 2082083491 Westbury United Reserves 2082084179 Holbeach United Reserves 2082085011 Woodley United Reserves 2082084688 St. Neots Town Reserves 2082083775 Stocksbridge Park Steels Reserves 2082084056 Cheadle Town Reserves 2082083783 Frenford Reserves 2082084856 May & Baker Reserves 2082083880 Rayleigh Town Reserves 2082085281 Beverley Town Reserves 2082083834 AFC Varndeanians II 2082083954 Copthorne II 2082084485 Lancing United 2082083743 Roffey II 2082084912 Helston Athletic Reserves 2082084158 Saltash United Reserves 2082084825 Buckland Athletic Reserves 2082084080 Torridgeside Reserves 2082084976 AEK Boco Reserves 2082084320 Chipping Sodbury Town Reserves 2082085137 Cribbs Reserves 2082085641 Longwell Green Sports Reserves 2082084325 Wells City Reserves 2082084958 Westwood United Reserves 2082085054 Yateley United Reserves 2082084275 Overton United 'A' 2082084307 Oldland Abbotonians Reserves 2082085725 Roman Glass St. Georges Reserves 2082085420 Alphington II 2082085162 Cullompton Rangers II 2082084832 Sidmouth Town II 2082085749 Universtiy Of Exeter II 2082084800 Chingford Athletic Reserves 2082084412 Montpelier Villa II 2082084920 Appledore Reserves 2082084557 Weldon United Reserves 2082084601 Millbridge Reserves 2082084620 Radstock Town Reserves 2082084553 Netherton United Reserves 2082085014 Stamford Lions Reserves 2082084612 Maidenhead Town Reserves 2082084683 Illogan Royal British Legion Reserves 2082085060 St. Day Reserves 2082085066 Shoebury Town Reserves 2082084651 Billingshurst Reserves 2082085069 Nyetimber Pirates Reserves 2082085407 Aylsham Reserves 2082085614 Cheltenham Civil Service Reserves 2082085149 Universtiy Of Exeter III 2082084355 Battle Baptists II 2082085210 Sedlescombe Rangers II 2082085216 University Of Surrey 'A' 2082085250 Lindfield II 2082085300 Chudleigh Athletic Reserves 2082085360 Oxted & District Reserves 2082085712 Reigate Priory Reserves 2082085714 Gayton United Reserves 2082085688 Grayfriars Athletic Reserves 2082085720 Hanham Athletic Reserves 2082085722 Seymour United Reserves 2082085727 Gala Wilton Reserves 2082085152 Portland Town Reserves 2082085180 Hornsea Town Reserves 2082085698 Timsbury Athletic Reserves 2082085291 Lydbrook Athletic Reserves 2082085328 Whitecroft Reserves 2082085336
  3. It was the disc version. Appears to have sold out now, maybe I was lucky and they were getting rid of the last few.
  4. Where does the FA Cup semi finals and final get played for you guys? Mine is never at Wembley but at one of the two finalists grounds.
  5. Is the logo in a *.png format? Have you checked the i.d. number of the team badge is correct in the config file? Does the filename of the png file match that of the filename given in the config file also? Do other logos work?
  6. I researched in to trying to do the same thing with my hall of fame file for FM2007 but I never work it out either. I was missing many trophies from an SSD failing and forgetting to copy it over as its kept completely separate from all the other FM files.
  7. Very Very weird indeed! I had this running all weekend on my computer at work and came back to it this morning. I'm trying it again from scratch to see what happens although I've not had chance to see if this happens on my home PC.
  8. I've been running the level 22 (advanced) file on its own and only running england and I been on holiday until Feb 2031 and I noticed the Carabao Cup ran for 3 years and hasn't been run since. Has anyone else had this? Also noticed the all the lower levels only appear to run every other season. This is very weird.
  9. If Dan or anybody else gets a moment of your precious time, two teams in the South West Peninsula League Premier Division namely Saltash United & Torpoint Athletic are two teams that have four different squads. These the Senior, Reserve, U23 and U21 but looking at the editor the U23 side was not added in the editor but appears in the game. Maybe this is a clue to errors that have been occurring, although these just my thoughts. I only noticed this Is I'm unable to add the normal and small club badges to both of the teams. The png files are all present but the config files seem to be unable to read the ID of the Under 23's squads namely 2062014127.png and 2062055552.png respectively. All club logos otherwise have been verified/corrected/added up to this mentioned league.
  10. Try: https://mega.nz/#!FsEHECwC!JGwxVmMUFVkunjpXdgvQ3hbpPZnoW5ATjJntMjAA1gQ This is for FM2017 version and but most logos are correct up to Evo-Stick League South Division One West.
  11. I wish to thank Dan who has put in such a great effort to this project that I think he deserves a round of applause. Just for a heads up, I have taken a quick look and the logo pack that had a lot of the club badges that was released for the FM2017 version most if not all of the logos will not work for the clubs that had to be created in the FM2018 editor. This is due to the fact that the club ID number for the clubs that are created in the 2018 editor will almost certainly be different. For example, I selected at random 'Bishops Waltham Dynamos' who had the ID '2062003469' on FM2017. However, on FM2018 the club ID is 2062003495 so both the png file name and the code in the config file will need to be changed to work as intended. It can be fixed but it will be a very time consuming process. I think the logos bring this project a lot more to life. Thanks again Dan.
  12. Do the teams that had to be added to the FM17 Db for this extension stay the same on FM18 with regards to the ID numbers? I was in the process of adding some missing club logos based upon '17 version logo pack.
  13. Unless you have a backup somewhere then I'm afraid you'll have to start again.
  14. I can confirm FM2007 100% had genie scout as I still have it I'm pretty sure I have genie scout for FM2006 too.
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