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  1. Here is a spreadsheet I am currently working on for my new Sheppey United save. My inspiration has largely been from @optimusprimal82and his wonderful career update here: Sheppey CA-PA.xlsx
  2. Thanks for the reply. Ya, I have been combing through a bunch of threads about this and realized that I had loaded way too many leagues (even if some were view only) the first time around and the game was going at a snails pace haha. I think I will do your setup though, and having the Scottish and Welsh db's, not going down all the way to the bottom in those leagues, but maybe 3-4th tier. Do you do anything in the "advanced" custom setup (ie. load everyone in Europe and/or South America)?
  3. So I re-downloaded the database and am going to re-start my Sheppey United FC save, as I only had a few hours on it. Quick question for all of you that are playing this DB: How did you set up your databases/which leagues did you load? Also, do you guys fiddle with the detail level at all? Cheers
  4. Got a Sheppey United save going atm, will keep you lot updated. Thanks again for all the great worl with the db!
  5. Quick questions; was the file in the first post updated with the regional change? Also, I am editing in a created team in Level 10 and wanted to know what I should put for Player and Staff contract types; non-contract or part time? Or just leave it blank? Thanks for the update!
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