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  1. Ha, fair enough, it's 'Pep' ish quick sideways passes until they get tackled and the ref gives them a free-kick (but backwards) combined with 'Dyche' ish physicality. Am I going to get sanctioned for 'Dyche'ish?
  2. @Experienced Defender Slightly off topic.. Nay. Massively, actually. But that remark about the playmaker roles being ball magnets and wanting the ball/players looking to pass them the ball just popped an idea into me Northern napper. Do you think it'd be possible to create a rugby league line of sideways passes backwards across the pitch for a fullback to lunge forward? Maybe that lad's US Playbook thread covers it actually, thinking on, similar principle.
  3. So he doesn't move about Might sound daft but, once again, in certain systems you might want somebody to stand still and pick out the passes for everyone running around him. Think of it as a Pirlo/regista role, ish, but ahead of the midfield instead of behind it. He'll put foot on ball, make sense of whats going on and play short passes where they need to go instead of long ones
  4. I know it's more home support related but not being able to tell the City fans from the seats is massively immersion breaking
  5. That's probably more a philosophy thing for the DoF or HoYD to be fair, leaving the manager or Head Coach to deal with the first team alone, although I don't think that particularly new element of modern football is implemented too well in game thus far.
  6. Didn't a Newcastle manager once upon a time ask Kevin Nolan to keep Andy Carroll on the straight and narrow, only to find the pair of them back page of the Star the next weekend having gone out on a bender because Carroll was bored being stuck in all the time? I can agree(ish) with the youth players being more involved, although the only way I could 'realistically' see that being incorporated would be with mentoring sessions as part of the training schedule, like an after-school class if you will. Then you'd have to make a decision whether it was worth losing a session or not. Otherwise it doesn't particularly make sense for you having youth players with their youth coaches, youth training schedules et al in your youth squads whilst simultaneously reaping the benefits of them spending time with a senior player that's in his senior squad with the senior coaches doing a senior training schedule.
  7. Does this not already happen to certain extent? I'm sure I've seen media reports where Pulisic, for example, blames his club manager for not making the USA squad and I seem to recall a press conference question regarding a 1 cap international I had and whether I felt he'd have to move to a bigger team to cement his place (not sure whether the international manager was quoted as suggesting it, actually). Never managed a country so maybe it's just an AI/club manager thing.
  8. Yeah, I signed 4 or 5 young lads this pre-season and picked a different player to welcome each of them. Think there was only one that got narky about it.
  9. Just ignore the suggestion on the news screen and go into your squad. Pick a player, Interaction>Ambassadorial Duties>Welcome new player. Might work or he might say he can't be ar*ed and get such and such to do it
  10. Dunno, it did Boston the world of good back in the late 90's. Never quite made it out of the North year on year and then first season in the south they smashed it, set them on their way to the football league (and back again)
  11. For what it's worth, with my current side I'm playing low block counter attacking Leicester league winning stuff, and I'm winning 1-0, 2-0 even in the cups against much bigger and better teams. I'm 12th of 12 for average possession, lowest on goals conceded, and 2nd in the league (the two league games I've lost so far this season, about 10 games in I think, have been 3-2 epics where everything goes to ****, particularly if I've tried to rotate and rest a few). My main striker, a Poacher in a 442, is - this season- 9 in 10. Last season same poacher and his sub were both better than 1 in 2 - I just went all Emery and refused point blank to play them both together. Personally, particularly at the lower levels (vanilla) I start at I find that kind of tactic perfectly achievable when the right players are on board. 2nd season, with a good bit of recruitment - sadly no intake because I don't have that yet - and everybody is playing almost exactly how I've been wanting them to do since day one.
  12. It was Hoddle's 'thing' at Swindon and in the early days of the Chelski revolution, firstly with himself and then spectacularly with Gullit. I seem to recall an experiment attempting to shoehorn Jamie Redknapp into a similar position too at Spurs. And, more of a bringing the ball out example than a spraying passes around from behind the back line one, but wasn't Yaya used in that role originally?
  13. Glenn Hoddle was absolutely desperate to use Gazza as a sweeper/libero but just couldn't get the tactical and positional discipline out of him to do so. Went with Southgate instead, but always felt he lacked the brilliance the role needed despite having that tactical and positional awareness
  14. Mine is 'likes to beat offside trap'. I destroyed my favourite newgen striker ever by asking him to learn that. I still feel bad about it now To Aaron Massey and his 2 year career of brilliance
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