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  1. One potential consequence of unlimited PA would be that, in this world of perfect footballers the only variables would be the randomly generated height and weight of them and the best way to exploit that, which would lead to teams (you? The AI?) signing every 6'8 youngster the scouts could find and launching the ball at them to gain the only advantage available, surely?
  2. If anyone does come in for them just offer a new contract yourself, 99% of the time they'll stay
  3. On the traits thing, I'd quite like to see certain players (probably newgens) with high specific attributes develop their own individual ones off their own backs. High Composure, Flair, Technique and Pen Taking might lead to a news item pinging up one day saying Dave Painter has been practising Panenka penalties in his own time and now feels confident enough to try them in game, or high similiar attributes with Free Kicks will give Mark Plumber a 'knuckle-ball' trait, even less exotic ones like the above mentioned 'curls ball' or the old 'tries tricks'. Professional ones like, say, Colin Joiner has been working on his weak foot with Paul Driver because they both have a high dedication attribute (which should also be a thing) and have improved dramatically. Aggressive ones like (another oldie) 'winds up opponents' and 'argues with refs' or 'pisses off supporters' so we can end up with panto villains like a Robbie Savage type for and against us in longer term saves. Chuck some bad apple ones in there like 'Spits at', or 'Fights with', and 'Bites' opponent stuff too to give you pause for thought or risky ones that make you think twice about using Phil Carpetfitter and his 'plays no-look passes' as your BPD. All would need to be fairly rare like and dependent on a particular set of seen and unseen attributes but it'd be nice for those of us who wind up in 2040 regular to see some individuality springing forth.
  4. Just pick the one where you want to start and where you fancy going next, then add/remove leagues as you go on
  5. My GK fell over a cone or something and broke or sprained his wrist. I'll have to see if I've still got the news item, it was first time I remember seeing that like.
  6. The unlimited PA thing doesn't work for me, simply because we aren't being delivered newborn babies in-game - we're given teenagers that our clubs have signed and reared some years earlier. The 16 that rock up on intake day are the best of that years 'crop'. Who know's, maybe any better one's were poached by big teams before they arrived in your u18's? Maybe the best of them took up rugby or cricket or further education? Maybe that particular group we're awful and only cloggers made it through? For what it's worth, I think @phnompenhandy and his rather sad playground tale was the correct one: by the time you're 9 or 10 or 11 then any future sporting career is pretty much decided and the rest is up to both the individuals dedication and the quality and standards of his subsequent upbringing to determine whether he makes it to a professional setup. Improving all we can in terms of youth facilities, coaching, HOYD etc gives us more of a chance for the coming generations to be better because it effects the 'behind the scenes/under the hood' seasons that these 11 year old prospects have been at the club, but it can't change the years between birth (conception, if you want to include genetics in the argument) and signing YTS terms.
  7. I just moved to Australia in-game and from my 3k a week contract I get £850 after tax. So this doesn't surprise me ha
  8. Can you imagine the carnage? It'd be like rage quitting to the absolute maximum - games broke, cancelling me subscription, SI are money grabbing bastards even though it's me that was unhappy with paying £25 for a game that lasts 12 months to infinity.
  9. I think we should all crowdfund a game where we can press instant result, design stadia, spend fake wages on fake cars and buy football clubs, watch glitchy **** and get rinsed by d!ck players online. My Messi scores 70 goals in my high press and low dl counter gegenpress catenaccio hybrid. My Messi doesn't score 'cause broke. There's a million of us lads, all playing the game a million different ways. Stop being ar$eholes
  10. I don't care how much personality this tactic has, she's ugly. End of
  11. 1, 13, 21 for keepers. 2 and 3 for fullbacks, 5 and 6 for centre halves. 4 and 16 for defensive type midfielders, 8 for the more attacking ones. 7 right wing, 11 and 14 (flair player) left wing. Forwards 9, 10, 18, 33. Spurs fan, it's a Gino/Klinsmann thing
  12. Northern Ireland is pretty cool, Hong Kong is fast as ****, Australia is weird
  13. Never knew that about the "feels so-and-so hasn't been punished enough". Proper mates. To be fair we should be able to set a disciplinary procedure up at the start of every season, especially with it being an answer in the player interactions now.
  14. Got to be training related, just done a dead intense pre-season and it was going nuts every time it processed
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