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  1. I was thinking about this the other day, simply because they were all over the news. Other than the quality of players available to them is there that much difference between Simeone at Madrid and Allardyce's tactic at Bolton?
  2. Don't the India u21 team play in their domestic league?
  3. I think the time-squishing argument is a valid one, also IRL these contract talks take years to complete in themselves whereas we do it with a couple of clicks over a matter of in game days. Perhaps these pre-concerns could be allayed by entering into a much longer form of negotiations, similar almost to the transfer system with it's make offer and let them come back to you a bit later, and the suggest terms buttons, and even an option for both sides to say "We're getting nowhere, lets have a break for a few months and concentrate on the football". At the moment it's a bit blackjack-y, with it's green amber red, not talking to you anymore mechanic.
  4. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2017/feb/22/what-is-the-biggest-fee-earned-from-a-football-sell-on-clause
  5. There was one in the original Bale transfer I believe, but they 'sold' the sell-on fee for a million or so and a goalkeeper...
  6. There's a bar at the top of one of the training sub menus with 4 ranges of fitness percentages where you can set those intensities you mentioned, so automatic follows whatever you allocate those to be. So 90-100% always Double Intensity, under 60% No pitch or gym work etc
  7. I'm certain I've had press conference questions regarding players of mine and whether they should be playing in a better league because the NT manager has said so. If it's available as a reaction to a comment, so to speak, then surely it's available proactively to comment from a player controlled point of view?
  8. I always start my saves with a college team, I say college, usually Queens University Belfast (I like to pretend I'm a PE teacher made good, plus it makes my old dear proud and that). Anyways, I'm one of them that starts one save in the beta and that's that, learn as you go, and on my first bout all was well. A 2nd and promotion, a 1st, a move to Hong Kong for 5 years that had 2 league titles and a weird run of all 5 FA Cups and one or two of the other weird cups they do in the most expensive place on earth. Then I get offered the Linfield job back in Norn Iron and win everything ever, even making one of the Euro group stages at one point (I forget which, I was getting a semi on over the money) and after pretty much annihilating everyone but Coleraine (managed by Ched Evans I think, he hated me), I moved to Australia and it was **** and I lost interest. Them some stupid rules over there man, never offer anyone a contract in the season - no matter how much they beg, no matter how much they scream - just don't. They'll be unregistered. It broke, that save, anyways. During the Asian Champions League final no less. I was 1-0 down against some Korean team that had won the last billion of the things and it crashed and I couldn't load it back up again. Anyhow. I started again, and again with QUB, and this time - exactly the same set up - it was a slog. Couple of ropey 5ths and 6ths, and then a flukey as fcuk 2nd (play off win) got us promoted. Maybe a cup win also because there's a billion of them. Championship, 2 maybe 3 seasons of hanging on in there and then boom, I get offered the Crusaders job in the Danske Premier. They've sacked their gaffer for not meeting expectations (they ask me for top half, they're 2nd?) so I gobble it up like a, dunno, gobbler upper. Anyways, can't catch first, just don't get near them. We matched results all the way through and when we met we drew. One of them seasons. Won the cup though, board weren't arsed mind Season 2 at Crusaders. Board says "We're going back to semi-pro", "We're selling him and him and him for pennies", "You've got a transfer budget less than you've probably got in your IRL bank account", and "Oh, we want the title". And the youth intake was a bit wnak also. So, here's in advance to likely my first sacking of FM '19. Huzzah
  9. I wouldn't waste too much time worrying about how best to spend your money mate, you won't have any
  10. Ha, fair enough, it's 'Pep' ish quick sideways passes until they get tackled and the ref gives them a free-kick (but backwards) combined with 'Dyche' ish physicality. Am I going to get sanctioned for 'Dyche'ish?
  11. @Experienced Defender Slightly off topic.. Nay. Massively, actually. But that remark about the playmaker roles being ball magnets and wanting the ball/players looking to pass them the ball just popped an idea into me Northern napper. Do you think it'd be possible to create a rugby league line of sideways passes backwards across the pitch for a fullback to lunge forward? Maybe that lad's US Playbook thread covers it actually, thinking on, similar principle.
  12. So he doesn't move about Might sound daft but, once again, in certain systems you might want somebody to stand still and pick out the passes for everyone running around him. Think of it as a Pirlo/regista role, ish, but ahead of the midfield instead of behind it. He'll put foot on ball, make sense of whats going on and play short passes where they need to go instead of long ones
  13. I know it's more home support related but not being able to tell the City fans from the seats is massively immersion breaking
  14. That's probably more a philosophy thing for the DoF or HoYD to be fair, leaving the manager or Head Coach to deal with the first team alone, although I don't think that particularly new element of modern football is implemented too well in game thus far.
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