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  1. gavinski33

    What is your personality?

    Yours should be Tight. You're sitting there on 100k a week and everyone else is on 3's and 4's
  2. gavinski33

    Russians with small pink balls

    Is that the same as uploading a save file? I've got them and I know how to do that. I'll upload two. 'Pinkball' prematch and 'afterpinkball' as soon as it's finished. If it's anything else you need you'll have to dummy me through it I'm afraid. Sending them now bud.
  3. F'naar f'naar. Just played a CL group stage match away in Moscow and for the first 30 odd minutes of the match I thought there was no football. Then I scored and on the highlight the ball was there, just very small and pink. Once back on the match - I watch on 'data analyst' view - I could barely vaguely make it out, knowing now that it was there, and did get occasional glimpses of said ball. I've gone back and got a save from before the game, and I've got my save from after also, so if either of them help you just give us a shout. Cheers
  4. Mate, you've labelled people pretentious and yet at the same time called out SI for catering to 'the casuals'. Have a word, eh?
  5. No idea then. I know that in my league, other than age restricted cup games (no UNA status comes up then) I can make all players available for b team and select all b team players for 1st so long as they haven't played the same day. Maybe it's your league regulations and you haven't registered them?
  6. Have they got a game the same day in one of your other teams?
  7. This is true. Maybe people should watch games on full or comp also just to see the amount of rubbish through balls, corners, and free kicks that go on. I promise you, FM 19 is as tedious as real life football, if you want to watch it on MOTD mode then fine - but you're cherry picking. All crosses lead to goals, all free kicks go in, you see that because you're only watching highlights that let them go in! I'm not trying to be all FM'er than thou over this, but I've played the same save now since beta, across 9 seasons and 3 countries, and I've had to change things here and there to combat different defences and incorporate particular personnel, and probably counter patches, and I promise you I've seen different behaviours and different goals from different tactics and players. Maybe I'm less patient than many of you or less dedicated to a particular philosophy but if I see what I'm trying to do isn't working then I change it, I don't email the boss and complain about it. If that means I'm accepting and exploiting the limitations of the ME then so be it, but what, exactly, is refusing to play the game if your AMc doesn't get 9.3 and 4 assists every game do? Notoriously flaky players anyhow. Perhaps Enganches and Trequaristas and False 9's are hard to replicate in game because they're hard to replicate in real life? Ozil? He's got time off for playing too many computer games, possibly trying to find his role on '19? Can't get in his team though, and when he did - I can't mind who it was against but it was breathtaking - he played wide. In all honesty, in my save, I've got a right full back who I ask to cross early into the centre - he does that and I get assists. My left back is a fb/a set to stay wider and he does that. Midfield strata: wp/s cm/d bbm/s and w/a. Lefty tucks in and puts in a few cute passes into the box, the midfield, or back left for fullback bombing on, cm/d drops deep, bbm/s (by far the best player) gets forward and either knocks it wide right for the winger or tries to nick a ball inside for a forward - if he has few assists it's because they weren't finished, not because they weren't attempted - my forwards (tough subject, I changed direction and my 32 in 40 club icon last year now has 4 in 30) drop back and get involved in play just as I'd expect them too. Perhaps too much sometimes when I see my P/a moving out wide but these are footballers, they'd very much like to see the football i imagine. Particularly when I change my 2nd striker (pf/s to start, but can be tm/s or dlf/s depending on opposition or substitutes) I notice a huge change in how my team plays, similiarly if I change my W/a (hugs line) to WM/a (runs with ball often) or my WP/s to an IW/s. Even swapping bbm/s with different attributes and the same TI/PI seems to have an impact although I imagine that is more down to freshness and eagerness. Do I concede a million goals a season from set pieces? No. Not in non-league, not in Asia, and not in the DP. Do I score them, sadly no (I'd love to be Pulis but I only get to train the players once a fortnight) Longshots? I've got the best in the country and he doesn't get them often, but one lad knocked a worldie in against me so I scouted him and his ls was 5 or 6 or something. So he hit one and got lucky, well played mate, if he was knocking them in every week we'd have a problem but he didn't - he closed his eyes and swung a boot and it went in. It happens. I honestly don't see the problem in this ME. You can't play like Pep? Nobody can! That's like level 101 with enchanted armour ****, work at it mate.
  8. gavinski33

    Wonderkids from minnow nations

    I'm not so sure about some of the comments on this thread. People from all over the world can be good at ****. If I was playing Cricket Manager 2019 and I got a wonderkid from Argentina I'd be chuffed. Whats to say the lad didn't move at 1 years old to a cricket playing nation? The players you get in a youth intake aren't born there, they're 14/15/16 years old, they've had a life - if an Indonesian kid rocks up in your Inter Milan youth team it's because he was good enough to get scouted, approached, and signed for them. If he turns out to be good, happy days. What's to say that in those invisible and imaginary 14/15/16 years the kid didn't move there, didn't turn out to be alright, and get a shot in the academy? The lad who mentioned xenophobia was quite right. What's your next 'realism'? Asian players not being short enough, African players not having 20 strength? Pele is the best player in the world, right? So how come after his emergence in the first televised World Cup did Santos embark on world tours to exhibit him? Why did the Premier League become the best in the world because of it's myriad styles and cultures? Can't be real because a kid can't come from such-and-such country? Very 80's mate
  9. I did my Pegasus team and Hong Kong U23's at the same time during their qualifying campaign and I hated it, I didn't know how to work it, I didn't enjoy it (I watch everything on comprehensive, but not my international games). I imagine it's very different in senior international management but the whole experience just felt tagged on almost, I got through the qualifiers (they were all done in a month, off the top of my head I won 5 out of the 6 games, neutral venue in all matches - Bali, which was nice, I think) then quit, didn't bother with the tournament itself which was a year or so later. Not for me. If I remember rightly it had an impact on job interviews, I promised my prospective employer that I'd quit international football if I was to get the job, but I quit before I was offered it anyways so I don't know whether the game makes that promise 'binding' so to speak
  10. Roll a cig, think about pressing the concentrate or tighten up shout, and wait for the immediate equaliser when I don't
  11. I like it. Everything seems to be working how I want it too. I'm playing at a reasonably ***** level and I've started to notice some reasonably ***** play which I didn't see before, from both sides, for the first time. I watch on comprehensive every match and I see good, bad, and just-didn't-come-off-but-was-attempted, crosses, long shots, through balls, etc. Can't speak for the AMC strata issues because I've never seen the sense in using it. If I want a winger or midfielder to run into space then I'm going to drop him back to M r/l/c and give him space to run into. If I'm having bother against a packed defence or getting drilled then I tweak a bit on some TIs or - if I have too because it's a pretty tedious process - some PIs. Sometimes they come off and sometimes they don't, but I give the orders and it looks in game like they've listened and I can't really ask for more than that. Interesting after reading this and the beta forum the past month or so - watching the Spurs game last night and noticed a lot of central play being pushed wide because of strong defensive play and the goals and best chances coming predominantly from counter attacking balls over the top against the high line. Maybe the Champions League is broken too
  12. I thought similar about the central midfielders actually, it's feels almost as if they've elongated the middle third of the pitch somehow and midfielders with a bit of dribbling skill about them can really impact a game. For those of us mid 30's and fond of a good old CM 97/98 exploit I bet a good old 4132 with a long forward arrow from the middle midfielder wouldn't do any harm.
  13. gavinski33

    How to get a low block working?

    This can be 19's fluid v structured I tend to see the mentality thing not as a style of play as such - I think changing the names of counter and control was a very sensible thing to do - but more of 'eagerness to get forward', if that makes sense, hence if I was to ever try to replicate a Barcelona-esque style of play I'd be more inclined to use cautious or defensive. It's all subjective of course, there's a million of us playing this game a million different ways with massively varying interpretations of each and every feature. Hence all the bugs
  14. gavinski33

    How to get a low block working?

    I remember reading something from 18, maybe earlier, about the more attacking mentalities involving direct passing from the back and shorter passing from the front whereas the more defensive mentalities were vice versa. It stuck with me because it seemed counter-intuitive to how I imagined my set-ups to act and so I've since created my tactic in that regard, low line, low loe, attacking mentality.
  15. gavinski33

    Training question

    my schedule is usually Mon match, Tue unavailable, Wed unavailable, Thur match, Fri unavailable, Sat match, Sun unavailable