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  1. Enjoying the passive aggression in a thread about TI's related (loosely) to passive/aggressiveness
  2. Call this a throwback to Frank and the old Llama days.... I don't bother with any of that, to be honest. I play as myself: so if I think we should win then I'll say so, if I think we've been sh*t first half then I'll says that too, and if I'm happy with how people performed in an 8-0 battering then I'll say that. Not arsed about gaming the game - there's only me playing - so there's only me knows that I'm not very good. I apply that rule to all of my gameplay - would I move to another country or go from coast to coast, or north to south in my own for an extra £50 a week?
  3. I play a 442 that doesn't press, but lets the opposition come at me and then counters. Taken me til my 4th season to find proper guff lower league players to pull it off but it's playing out exactly how I want it too now like
  4. Before I report this as a bug.... My manager avatar (I used the photo thing) has suddenly turned my skin tone to a colour that I'm not, attempts to change it have proved unsuccessful. And my team, poor as they are anyways, play in different coloured kits. On the same pitch and at the same time. Is this an issue that is a) probably related to my graphics driver b) known or c) funny. Thanks in advance
  5. This is why I think we should be able to hire an 'agent' for ourselves: ask them to keep you informed of available jobs/interest from other clubs etc. A little preferences box to tick "alert me about vacancies in leagues above" or abroad for example, and perhaps something similar to the scout report box to inform you of said clubs vision, a guess at finances, likely contract length and wages offer, and to gauge the likelihood of your being successful. Obviously more imaginative minds than mine could come up with suggestions to meat it out further.
  6. I chuck up the intensity on the 'tab' so it's double pretty much all the way through, but my team only trains twice a week so it doesn't really affect me much
  7. That's how I see it. Player x knocks a long ball forward - AM is in my ear going "told you we should've played short", and vice versa. The data analyst feature is cool, and the AM feedback is hard to find and hardly relevant (although it is nice to know that my new signing thinks my 800 appearance skipper is a nob). I imagine, after much of the overhauls in this edition - the delegation and such - this will be a particular feature of "21. Does anybody actually employ a top star AM anyways? I always bring in/promote a club legend or my favourite player from a hundred clubs ago
  8. @RBKalle, I'll not quote you because I forgot and can't be arsed scrolling back up, but your analogy regarding the print shop is the same I one I was clumsily trying to make regarding Kodi. Kodi aren't at fault because people use their service to stream illegal content, otherwise (much like your t-shirt shop being told to stop offering a printing service) Kodi would be required to change their program to prevent such things being available; and the home user doesn't get prosecuted for accessing such streams. The target generally is the people selling things like firesticks 'preloaded', pu
  9. https://news.sky.com/story/liverpool-fc-fail-in-attempt-to-get-their-name-made-a-trademark-11820124
  10. I'm of the mind now that it's along similar lines to the Kodi thing. Is it Kodi's fault that people use their platform to stream illegally? And have Amazon etc have any right to demand Kodi change their programme to prevent it? No. There's been a lot of talk on this thread that's usually very close to the knuckle, particularly about *that* fix and *those* sites, and there's been no word whatsoever from a Mod so I'm assuming that the official position from SI is that there isn't one. It's for those that promote and provide said content to deal with, which they have done by apologising and
  11. They advertise and sell the game from their site as 'approved vendors, and offer premium download speeds for a fee, whilst calling these add-ons as essential and must have. To be fair, it might be a fraction of a single percent of each and every game they sell or click they get or whatever, but it's monetary gain. Liken it, if you will, to the pubs a few years back showing just Manchester United or Liverpool matches or whoever. Even if they had Sky all bought and paid for legally they were still making money out of beer sales for a match they had no right to show.
  12. From another angle, we are what? A week away from launch? And that launch is coinciding with the launch of Stadia right? I imagine this will die down considerably in the coming months, even if it means 'approved vendors' of the game can no longer direct us to such packs and fixes. If only we had DM's eh?
  13. Again, I know next to nothing regarding such things, but I wouldn't be surprised - or at least the highest bidders, for example, putting pressure on the clubs in regards to maximum value. Why should they pay xx million to be sole right holder when free sites can distribute alternative packs anyways, and make 0.01% or whatever by advertising and selling the game at the same time. Murky old business. Look at Liverpool trying to (c) the name Liverpool to stop people from Liverpool selling their own Liverpool scarves in Liverpool?
  14. I thought the issue came down to exclusivity. If I've paid over the odds for the right to own the Juventus/Japan license as solely for my product then I'm not going to be too happy that a quick google search can circumvent that for somebody else's game. Especially, and I think in my minute experience in such matters to be the main issue, given that these sites are advertising, selling, and making a handful of pennies from said game alongside these 'Essential' and 'Must Have' downloads. I'd also imagine that SI, and their 'pots of gold' as somebody ludicrously mentioned earlier up, don't
  15. Bought James Maddison for 55 million, news item declares I've smashed my transfer record, which was previously Ndombele from Stade Reims. He's never played for Stade Reims. Last save file, prior to Maddison signing, uploaded. "Gavin Johnson - Tottenham" at around 19.10 on 9/11
  16. Be the same folk moaning about the match graphics not being Fifa-esque. Funny old game
  17. "Speculation abounds that the Manchester City defensive midfielder might need to make the step up to play for a bigger club before he is considered for Wales selection". Like I say, obviously skewed by the fact that laddo is on loan at QPR, it just looks a little odd/untidy at first glance.
  18. Likely to do with said player being on loan at QPR, but worded terribly I think.
  19. Not complaining about or endorsing other peoples feedback, just simply posting some screens. Bearing in mind, by the way, that my entire tactic is set up to perform exactly this way - soak up pressure and then counter directly and quickly for my forwards (B. Davies is quick and finishes well, L. Davies is an ancient but very capable target man) and that I tweak my tactic a lot pre-game in terms of roles, PI's and OI's, particularly in relation to opposition formation - although almost everybody in Welsh Wales seems to play a flat 4-5-1 - and the standard is pretty **** poor. All my a
  20. That's fair, beauty of the game is that we all play it a different way. Like I say, I prefer to give reserves and under 18's etc my own individual training but leave the general and matches to the staff. As such the tab turns up where it used to be anyways and hasn't impacted how I manage my teams at all.
  21. But surely if you're interested enough to pay such close attention to your under x teams that you require a tab, then you'd be interested enough to control some facet of their development? I think some of the grumbling about the handful of new UI features are because they're just a bit different to what we've always had, and we're 24 hours in. Tabs, to me anyways, are pretty much this years purple. But as you said, people have different priorities. I'm slowly figuring my way around it and I'm sure it'll all become second nature again soon enough
  22. Just take charge of individual training? As long as you take charge of something it turns up where it was last year
  23. Not sure if this is the right place, but I'll fire it in anyways. Cambrian and Clydach in Cymru South have a blank facilities page, nothing on there at all. Media reports list ground as stadium#1 for example.
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