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  1. Having read through this thread,I'm quite looking forward to this response
  2. Why would they be doing the same job when PPM's could make them completely different players.
  3. They've been tracking him for 2/3 years bidding every transfer window but the news item always has him "not interested in a move". Thank God,although it took me a little while to hit the reject button
  4. Biggest transfer offer ever received, rejected of course.
  5. I've settled on the 4141 formation as I just didn't feel defensively stable enough using 433(1 DM). The results have been phenomenal but the possession stats are pretty poor ranging from just over 40% to at most 55% Here is a typical victory, 4-0 home win over Liverpool 42% of the ball but we absolutely dominated the game. As you can see they had most of the ball in there half. I'm almost there in terms of how we're playing but i want to control the ball a bit more without losing our goal threat, so keeping our 4141 shape what can i change to up the poss
  6. What you see on the tactic screen is your defensive positioning. If you drop to 442 with wingers on attack you'll still get the shape you're looking for plus a bit of defensive stability.
  7. Thanks for the response,I'm on positive mentality but i can't increase the pressing intensity of my advanced players?Does that mean you instruct them to man mark opposition players? Or is there a way to increase pressing intensity?
  8. I think you'll get ripped apart with those roles and duties, 2 attacking fullbacks with 2 forward thinking midfielders leaves just the DM to cover almost the entire defending half of the pitch. Look to balance the roles, ie, the attacking full back with a cm(s) and a fullback/wingback on support with a runner in midfield.
  9. Can you explain the reason for this please?This is where i come unstuck!!I would have thought if you were playing an attacking system/style of play you would want to win the ball as high up the pitch as possible and would therefore use a higher LOE. Is the standard LOE so that you have more space behind the opposition defence when/if you win the ball, would you then have counter in the transition phase?
  10. I don't really believe in PI's.I prefer to work with PPM's.I am trying him as Complete Forward on support but i am going against my non playmaker rule and have changed the Mezalla to Advanced Playmaker.As we're promoting slow build up play we still need a little unpredictability so the introduction of the playmaker will hopefully provide a bit more attacking thrust.Not that we're goal shy, we managed 104 in the league last season and Haaland finished with 33 in 44 games with a 6 week injury in there too.
  11. Here's my attempt at this formation/tactic. It produces the most amazing football, the half back is probably my most favourite role which helps to combat teams that try to gegenpress, we play out from the back with either the centrebacks starting moves or the keeper finding the halfback, the non use of playmakers in midfield is an absolute must as we want to work the ball forward as often as possible and use the overloads especially down the left flank.As a result my AMR is having a cracking goalscoring season My go to AMR is Mason Greenwood. 18 goals in 31 games .The most
  12. Fantastic 22/23 season winning the league,Carabao Cup,FA Cup and Champions League. TRANSFERS The biggest transfer was obviously Haaland and he had a very good goalscoring season but the best bit of business was Ramsdale from Sheff United and he is now my 1st choice keeper.Barbosa was a no brainer with his ability to play either up front or out on the right hand side.Yunus Musah is an absolute gem able to play anywhere on the right hand side including right back, Florentino Luis is perfect as a Defensive mid or central midfield and Benoit Badiashile was a solid buy in defence who
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