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  1. Lemar from Monaco, scored plenty for me in once I bought him in my 4th season for Man Utd. Any way I can filter my search in FM to show how many he got for me?
  2. As above, Kai Havertz all day long, paid a fortune to get him but well worth the money.
  3. I can reject bids?Feck me, never knew that was possible in football.
  4. Sometimes this game leaves me fuming, as soon as my star players have good seasons the Barcelonas and Real Madrids of the world come sniffing around and I get the inevitable news item that Pogba /Martial want to leave because the other clubs are so called "bigger". The worst feature of FM by far On the plus side I spent £8m on 33yeard old Luka Modric to provide the spark from midfield.
  5. Any particular reason you use look for overlap?i was under the impression it only affected the Aml/r players in that they held up the ball waiting for overlapping fullbacks.
  6. Me neither, but based on that screenshot I've just bought him second season in in my Man Utd save to see how I can develop him.
  7. I generally play standard away from home and counter against any of the top 6 but don't change any team instructions.It will take a couple of months for the tactic to gel but once it does the football is really good. I also prefer players with high workrate and try to train as many players as possible with |"short simple passes" and "tries one two's" ppm's.
  8. On control it's normal defensive line, normal tempo and balanced width.
  9. OK so Keeper-distribute to cb's,roll it out LB - shoot less often,close down more,tackle harder, mark tighter CB - close down more, pass it shorter BPD- shoot less often ,dribble less, pass it sorter,close down more RB - see left back DLP - dribble less , more risky passes , tackle harder(tough away games he becomes BWM-D with same PI's) RPM - tackle harder, more risky passes(tough away games he becomes he becomes DLP-S with same PI's) AML - shoot less often, tackle harder, pass it shorter AMC - tackle harder, pass it shorter(if opposition has a DM then move in channels) AMR - see AML Striker - shoot less often, tackle harder, pass it shorter.
  10. I think away from home you'd be better off playing a slightly less aggressive tactic. I play 4231 in my latest save Starting with control mentality at home and either standard or counter away depending on strength of opposition.Player instructions are modified also so if you're interested drop me a line and i'll run you through them. Won the league with 3 defeats ,FA Cup and EFL Cup and got knocked out by Spurs in Europa quarters. Possession stats were around 60% for the season. Nothing special in the transfer department either It took about 2 months of the season for the tactic to gel, at one stage we were down in 9th place, but once familiarity was maxed out we never looked back. This season I have strengthened in the attacking department for an assault on the Champions League.
  11. FIFA World Club Cup semi-Final I bought on Storbugt at 55 mins and he did an Ole Solskjaer and smashed in 5 in the 35 mins he was on the pitch. Fifa World Club Cup Final A one sided Final that was lit up by the opposition scoring a 45 yard stunner to make it 1-1, but we ran away with it in the second half as they played the Brazilian box formation which left them totally exposed in the wide areas.
  12. End of the 27-28 season and my 3412 has torn the league to shreds Formation Roel Berends Just an absolute goal machine.probably because he has these 3 supplying him.
  13. Control fluid is quite an attacking strategy, couple that with 4 players on attack duties plus a BBM moving ahead of the ball I can imagine you have players bombing forward with nobody but a DLP-D trying to pull the strings from a very deep position,try being more conservative in midfield.If you stick with your DLP-D try a AP-S and CM-S ahead of him with one of your IF's on support. Just noticed your attacking fullbacks too, blimey mate I bet you're getting torn apart quite a few times,reign back on the attacking duties.
  14. Hi Neil, only when watching previous matches, I have no issue with playing "live" games. Yes I use custom graphics/skins but have done since the start of FM17 with no issues until the last few days.