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  1. It helps if you train all forward,attacking midfielders to "refrain from taking long shots" and "look for pass rather shoot" also, although O-Zil has gone back to very fluid, I find playing structured keeps my team playing to the system which helps to minimise the long shots. Playing like this.. Helped us to do this..
  2. Cheers for that but I get some weird Error message 1002 DNS points to local or disallowed IP gutted.
  3. Is there a template download available?I've searched for one but can't seem to find one. Is it not available anymore for personal use?
  4. I think if you were trying some form of possession based system then shorter passing(maybe much shorter),play out of defence and work ball in to box would be high on your list of TI's. I have pass into space added to that as I do want a bit of attacking intent or at least train a couple of your better players with the PI of tries killer balls often.
  5. Well I just went to Anfield and out played them and lost 0-4 with a Maguire mistake,Dias gifting a penalty, a Salah deflected free kick and a Wiljnaldum 35 yard screamer, while I cut through them half a dozen times and missed everyone.
  6. Have you tried him on the left as Inside forward(A)?His long range shooting should see a few belters going in the back of the net.
  7. Been a long while since I posted anything, having an absolute blast playing this years version. First team squad First team tactics Shamelessly taken from Rashidi, minus a fair few instructions.I prefer letting ppm's influence what happens during a game. We don't score bucket loads but we don't concede either in fact just 4 in 23 league games. Although this game came out of nowhere. The Carabao Cup was won with an easy 3-0 win over Leicester, we've got Spurs next in the FA Cup 6th round and Juve at home in the 2nd leg of the Champions League 1st knockout round.
  8. What's going on here then? Start of second season, 8 games in and we're sitting second in the league having already played away at Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal Only to find this in the Club Vision Disappointed that we're not challenging for the premier league!!Bit unfair isn't it?
  9. It's there if you play it the right way, I've seen balls over the top, through balls from AM to PF, cutbacks, crosses.
  10. Is there a reason why my youth players from my first youth intake(under contract until 2022) are getting contract offers from other clubs.I have set myself the responsibility of sorting out all tansfers in the club so I know no other staff members are doing anything.
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