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  1. Defenders with pace /acceleration above 15 should stop you getting caught out with those long balls over the top.
  2. Did you change your strategy in the 160 goals season?I know you went max tempo, passing and width in a very fluid system, was that with Standard strategy or did you go attacking too.
  3. Here's a few of my players.
  4. "Constructively" lol, as opposed to all guns blazing.Thanks for taking the time to have a look for me, problem is it plays with your mind because it looks like we're standing of when we should be biting at the opposition heels.
  5. Ok but what am I seeing here exactly These are my team instructions in a 3511 formation and below is a screenshot of one of my central midfielders playing as an Advanced playmaker with attack duty When you look at that it's actually quite ridiculous what I'm seeing. A team instruction to close down much more but the player instruction when the opposition has the ball is to close down less. am I reading it wrong?I'm certainly not seeing it wrong.
  6. Ok now I'm confused, I use close down much more as a TI so what are my players doing with their PI's as like you say the closing down meter is already on close down less.
  7. Is that for FM16? if so when do you get to choose pitch size?
  8. I'm seeing majority of my goals coming from my wingers at the back post which I like but my striker is suffering a 6 game goal drought. He has likes to break offside trap as a ppm so I am trying him as a deep lying forward which is actually looking good as he drops deep, lays of a pass and then surges into space. He's getting shots off but the goals have dried up. What sort of target did you expect your striker to achieve through a season?
  9. Both wingers have been retrained to play as fullbacks as I had them in my 4312 system but yes they are attacking wingers. McL was the issue as in this game I played a adv pm in that position, in my last 2 matches I've used a more defensive midfielder with hold position PI plus he has stays back at all times ppm. We are a lot more solid.
  10. You didn't read it very well then as all the info you need Is in the first few posts without a download link
  11. Love this formation having shifted from 4312 to this. My major issue is how I'm conceding goals. At the moment we're looking really solid and Olivares has just intercepted a long ball and has headed it towards Schober. Schober is beaten to the ball by the left back who in turn plays it in to Ontiveros.The alarm bells are starting to ring now as I have too many players ahead of the ball. My MCR has get further forward PI so I have no issue there and my MCL has hold position but he looks to far forward for my liking(maybe I need to train stays back at all times. Big trouble now,left wing cuts the ball infield to no.15 who plays a first time ball into the feet of the no.11,the double up down the right is not looking good. If my MCL had been deeper I think he may have been able to stop this play. I feel a goal coming...My CD is drawn towards no.11 to make the tackle but he's to late and no.11 slides the ball out wide to no.17 who has run in behind rovik.My no.4 looks like he's in a decent position but is caught between looking out for 14 and 15 or no.7 who is about to run in behind him. End result, 17 hits a square ball along the six yard line and 7 tucks it away. Ultimately we won 6-5 in extra time but this type of play is proving costly.i have a couple of midfielders with stays back at all times ppm' will play one in my midfield trio for extra cover. Any ideas on how to combat this?
  12. 4-1-5-1? No wonder he overachieved using 11 outfield players.
  13. Great skin, just one minor issue, the big white box in the inbox page.
  14. Been a very long while since I did any sort of update This is my formation for the 25/26 season Standard-Very fluid with very high defensive line and max closing down. Some of my current squad, mostly regens now.
  15. Just an amazing thread.Love the way you describe the sequences of play leading up to goals, you can almost close your eyes and see the move play out. I'm playing a 4312 system using your 343 philosophy and it is fantastic, i was worried that i would get found out on the flanks deploying a high aggressive press but i needn't have worried.Teamwork, workrate, determination coupled with the correct combination of midfield roles to compliment attacking fullbacks stops any threat coming from the wide areas.