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  1. No company in any field would take a 125% hit on the likelihood of future sales.
  2. That would only make any sense if all previous versions had been priced similarly, or if legislation had been introduced since FM12 was released (and only then if it didn't apply retrospectively, otherwise the price for FM12 would have had to increase too).
  3. To look at things slightly differently, why *isn't* Borini playing through the middle already? Suarez hasn't been clinical enough in the last 18 months to show he should be playing there (and his success in Dutch football came from him playing out wide) so what is the rationale for it?
  4. No, they perform in the reserves. Then they will perhaps get a League cup game start or some cameo league appearances. I can't think of the last time we had a youngster come through that hadn't performed for a bit in the reserves first (as Sterling, Kelly, Flanagan all have - hell, Kelly has was performing for the England U21s before he got regular games for us).
  5. Allen isn't defensively strong enough to play that role. This is exactly the problem we had last season when Lucas was injured - with no adequate replacement Dalglish stuck Adam there, at which point his average season turned into a terrible one. Now Allen is a better player than Adam (I don't think anybody would dispute that), but his play will be stifled somewhat in that role, nor is it the best use of his ability. Against City he did fine until they changed formation slightly and were more attacking, at which point we started to get overrun and came under some pressure. Against a more attacking team and away from home I think he'd struggle a bit.
  6. I suspect with Enrique that Rodgers wants him to know that he isn't guaranteed to start any more - give him a kick up the backside and (hopefully) spur him on to the form he showed in the first half of last season (when he looked great). And dking - yeah, you're right. The sooner we can move on from the mess of the last few years, transfer-wise, the better. Hopefully come 23.01 today we'll have at least a couple of new recruits and then the team can settle and start moving up the table with a result on Sunday.
  7. Well if it's like any other deals we've concluded when selling players recently, not only would we not get a good deal, we'd end up paying some of his wages too. Seriously, has any club's transfer policy been as bad as ours over the last 2-3 years? So many poor signings signed on big wages and for big fees, very few successes.
  8. It's quite possible that Fulham are trying to force our hand into a bidding war. Interesting that Henderson's days must be numbered as well now, given that he was offered out. Downing is probably safe until January at least, but he must be feeling a little uneasy.
  9. Allen isn't there as a holding midfielder, he's there to keep possession and control the tempo in the middle. In the same way that Xabi needed Mascherano to really let him play, Allen would benefit from having a proper holding midfielder (no idea who in the absence of Lucas) with him to break up and play and give him the ball.
  10. Pepe started to look like he wanted to leave around Christmas and he started to make far too many routine mistakes. I suspect that if a bid had come in for him, that he would have left.
  11. Hurrah - somebody else with erratic finishing.
  12. Yeah, he's nowhere near clinical enough for a team with ambitions of breaking the top-4. On another forum I frequent I said a few games after we signed him that I hoped he wouldn't turn into another Dirk Kuyt - i.e. somebody who scored a lot of goals in Dutch football but wasn't ever going to get us 20+ goals in the Premier league. Sadly, whilst he does have some great skill, his decision-making and shooting are pretty rubbish.
  13. Dalglish said after the fact that the remit was to pay whatever Newcastle wanted because they had no time to go anywhere else. Anyway, I'm a first time poster in this thread (hello all!), brought here by my sadness/frustration at how the whole Carroll affair has played out. Rodgers hasn't impressed me with his handling of things - why bother telling the press (after the Newcastle offer was turned-down) that "...we'd be mad to let a £35m player go out on loan," then let him go? If anything, our financial situation got better since then, with all the players (part) removed from the wage bill. Is it too much to expect a manager to be honest about things? In a twisted way it would be amusing if Fulham refuse to play-ball with Dempsey now. Even if we do get Dempsey, am I alone in thinking that going through a 40/50 game season with only 3 strikers is madness? It means form and injuries have no cover, nor does it allow for many options from the bench, given that Suarez, Borini and Dempsey would probably all start in most games.
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