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  1. Unfortunately though their wages will be so high that they will end up turning you down because they will want stupid money to move and you will end up paying far too much in wages
  2. Hi Guys, I had this same problem on FM2015 but has anyone noticed that when you press continue, it sometimes skips over news items?
  3. Hi guys, When setting team training on FM2015 you could set it for the whole month in advance. I have noticed that on FM2016 I can only set upto 3 weeks in advance. Does anyone know any way around this as it is annoying. Thanks
  4. I am playing the demo and I really do not like it when the background screen goes blurry/fuzzy - for example when processing fixtures. Can you turn this off anywhere as it really makes my eyes go funny. Thanks
  5. When responding to transfer/loan offers, it would be handy in the offer window to see what promises you have made to player that is under offer. i.e that you have agreed that he can go on loan/leave the club as I am constantly forgetting what I have promised the player. I have to then click on the player and look at his status/review the conversation history and then go back to the table to continue the negotiations. Also, when you have an offer negotiated on a player, it would be good to be able to see what your last offer was. Finally - training. Only being able to set training for 4 weeks is a pain as I have to set up reminders every month to look at my training. I would also like to set which coach to train on which position. So having one coach just working on the Central Defenders as a example. Training is somewhere that can be greatly improved as I like to get very involved in this side.
  6. It gets to the stage where I just ignore them if I cannot sell them. Also in some situations you can tell them to actively look for a new club because you have listed them with no luck.
  7. I have to say that in FM2015 this is why you have to pay an absolute premium for English players. I tried to sign a 17yo striker from birmingham and they wanted 125m for him. In previous versions it was all to easy to sign the best young players for peanuts and develop them into world class players. For me it makes it more interesting and real life. As the others have said, the rule you mention has been in the last couple of versions and the same irl.
  8. My board have always asked for this and every year they are disappointed that I do not do this. On my last contract renewal I asked them to remove it and they did.
  9. Real life players do not have set values. They are only worth what someone is prepared to pay for them and for the selling team, their importance to the club. Values really should mean nothing at all and I think that they should actually be removed
  10. In reality though, how many top leagues do you see where the players are doing fancy tricks all the time? You will get the nutmegs and step overs and the occasional back heel but not much more. Neymar was recently slated for doing an overhead trick for Barcelona. It is always nice to see them but I certainly do not want to see my players doing them all the time.
  11. Financial feeder clubs in the USA and Japan can make quite an impact. Not immediate but after a couple of years.
  12. I am in 2022 and the most surprising names in the top 15 are Villarreal (no 1), Granada (no 8) and Sampdoria (11) and then me in 12th as Liverpool (I am the richest club - won 8 EP titles in 9 years and 3 Champions league in 6 years). To me it sounds like this is broken as Villareal have won nothing in the 9 years (game time) that I have been playing. I fact the closest to winning anything was one runner up finish in LIGA BBVA. Granada did better by winning 3 Spanish cups in a row but that was it. Looking at players - Granada have 5 players valued over £10m (highest is £24m and rep is 7697 for worldwide) and Villareal have 4 players over £10m with the highest at £14.5m (rep is 6565 for worldwide). My team has 13 over £10m and two of them are £45m each and highest rep is 8579. Baffling really - although it does not really matter in the slightest but curious.
  13. Training needs to be improved. It really annoys me that I can only set training for a month at a time and no option to automatically repeat the previous months training.
  14. Let me make something clear - I was not complaining, I just asked if there was a limit to the number of goals you could score in a season. I was more than happy with my goal tally, the previous highest goals I scored were in FM2014 with 105 so as I was so close to breaking the record, by 1 goal, I wanted to see if I could break the record. People just need to wind their necks in a little and not get so critical of others by making stupid comments. I assumed it was a bug and I made my reasons very clear. Now it has been confirmed that it isn't then as someone said, I will take it on the chin and do better next season. Can a moderator please close this thread - Thanks
  15. Hi Guys, I am pretty sure this is a bug. I am in May 2021 and Liverpool. There is one game to play and i have scored an amazing 124 goals. So from my last game I need 4 goals to equal the top division most goals in a season record, or 5 to break the record. My last game is against Leicester who are in the bottom half of the league, so I think yes I can do this. I really want this record so i save the game before this game and use my normal tactics that I have used all season. I play the game and I have scored 4 in the first 50 minutes so i think get in there. However, i end the game with 30 shots, 15 on target but only score 4. I am miffed as this is a game that I should have had my 5th goal and broken the record. So i decide to replay the game. 20 times i replay it and not once do i get the 5th goal. What the heck!!! So my question is, does the league have a limit on the number of goals that a team can score in one season? Thanks