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  1. IRL it happens in the lower leagues in South America so this is where it is likely to happen in FM. I would be surprised to see it though in the game.
  2. OK, so I have just bought FM2017 Mobile and I have saved my PC game to my cloud storage in the save game screen today. I installed the game on my tablet yesterday. I loaded up my tablet game today but I have no option to select my cloud saved game. Can anyone help me please? Thanks
  3. I use Thiago Maia as a BWM and his stats are 12 Aggression, 13 Composure and 16 Tackling. He has collected 20 yellows in 37 games. Way too many for a BWM with those tackling stats. Any player I play in that position seems to get booked every game. Even my sub in that position gets booked. There is something that needs tweaking imo.
  4. Can you change Staff numbers?

    Your board will also sometimes suggest increasing the staff budget to get more coaches in - happened in my first season as Liverpool manager. This I assume will be dependent on your cash balance.
  5. It will also depend on his stats as well. Obviously someone with low stats will give you wrong information so you would ignore them. Managing Liverpool, i have a good assistant manager and usually his recommendations are right. I do though choose to ignore some of his advice as I like to play a certain way.
  6. Same here - English manager, managing Liverpool. I have read on another post that this is a known issue.
  7. My answer was a quick solution for him to be in it straight away. What people said above will only work from the next version, if he is added by the researchers.
  8. Well he is a big girl anyway isn't he. If anyone would complain it would be him! i wouldn't have thought it would matter but if the number is free (or on a player who gets no game time) I will give it to them just in case.
  9. It is a waste of time - it is just full of people who cheat to get on the leaderboard. How on earth do you rack up in a single English Premier League season 13,769,998 points? which is 5,200,000 more points that the second highest.
  10. The wages might be the stumbling point. In FM2016 i had a few players like this that I could not get rid of. So I edited their wages down to something like 20k and i then managed to get rid of them (for a failry low transfer fee). It might not be that easy in 2017 but worth a try. Not strictly real life but it might help you sell them.
  11. Messi and Ronaldo are always winning it. I tend to find that you have to wait for them to retire before anyone else gets a look in! Also, most players when they get older, their pace, acceleration, stamina etc starts to decline quite rapidly when they get to 32, 33. Ronaldo's seem to stay the same and don't decline.
  12. Use the editor to add yourself. I use this to add my three kids into my youth team.
  13. This is really annoying me as I am trying to set up a good rapport with some managers and the press conferences after the matches bear no resemblance to the comments before the match .So this is the latest one: Before match - my comments: 'It means a lot to know that you are impressing your fellow professionals. Arsene is one of the good guys in football and I'll be looking forward to having a drink and a chat with him.........' After the match response from Arsene: 'I wasn't at all impressed with how Mark Jones conducted himself before the match, i wish he could just let he football do the the talking instead of having to resort to all these mind games....' I was genuinely being nice to him and he goes off on one. This has happened on quite a few occasions now with other managers as well. My issue with this is that the response from Arsene will affect his opinion of me and affect any chances i have of buying players from him! This is not right and must be a bug.
  14. The bid for hazard to be fair is about right. If you look at the transfers this season in real life, you have average players going for 30 million +. Why not 110 million for one of the best players in the premier league.
  15. Unfortunately though their wages will be so high that they will end up turning you down because they will want stupid money to move and you will end up paying far too much in wages