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  1. So is this a bug then? Should you be able to choose the type of affiliate like in previous versions (can anyone chose the type or is it no longer an option? I am playing as Liverpool, half way through 2nd season and I cannot chose the type I want either.
  2. Sorry - just seen another post about this issue further down - sorry for raising it a second time.
  3. Update - I went back into the game once it had finished and replayed the goals and they all appear ok in the replay - very odd!
  4. I am playing as Liverpool against Chelsea and noticed that some of their players have turned invisible - see screenshot below. There are 6 Chelsea players where you can only see their heads and shadows. Mods - I have uploaded the saved game - Liverpool v Chelsea for you to have a look at. Thanks
  5. I am playing as Liverpool and I have noticed so many times when my players run for the ball when it looks like it is going to go out, they get to the ball touch it and it goes out of play off of them! Never had a big issue with it in previous versions but noticed it happening a lot more now. I could understand it if I was playing lower league where the first touch is not so good but as a Liverpool player it should not be happening as much. Anyone else noticing this?
  6. I never had a problem in FM2020 - the conversion rate was spot on imho. Just FM21 seems bad.
  7. Happens a lot on my game - just happened this second against West Ham!
  8. Same - and I miss over half my penalties even though I have haaland taking them.
  9. I have seen far too many penalty misses. I have Haaland as my penalty taker, Penalty Taking is 17, Composure is 16 and Finishing is 18 and yet he has taken 8 penalties and only scored 4 - 2 misses were in one game. With these ratings he should be getting a much better return rate. This seems like a bug to me and I have seen a few other people in the general discussion mentioning this as well. Please can this be looked at. Thanks
  10. This has been raised and is with the development team - just seen a post about it.
  11. Agreed - I use the nicknames all the time so it would be good to have it back the way it was.
  12. Ignore as I have just found the filter option on the selection screen which allows me to do this. Doh!
  13. Hi Guys, Something that has been on my mind for a few versions of the game - I am playing a pre-season friendly and almost half my first team is away on international duty. I want to therefore select a load of U23 players to play for just that one game. Now what I do is have to promote the U23 players to the first team, play the game and then move them back down to the U23 squad. I then get messages asking why I demoted them. Is there another way to select them for the friendly game without having to promote them and then demote them? If not, then should there be something in
  14. Ah OK, I see that it is because the two players I am looking at have provisionally agreed a pro contract in the future where as mine have not. So basically to secure my youth prospects I have to sign them from my youth intake on a youth contract and then shortly after offer them another contract! so two contracts in a couple of weeks as I am past the youth intake - can I offer them a pro contract straight from my youth intake squad? Thanks
  15. He is on a youth contract but so are the two players that I want to sign but I do not have an option to buy them for free (compensation fee). Why can I not sign anyone but others can sign my players! Thanks
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