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  1. Been a long while since I posted anything, having an absolute blast playing this years version. First team squad First team tactics Shamelessly taken from Rashidi, minus a fair few instructions.I prefer letting ppm's influence what happens during a game. We don't score bucket loads but we don't concede either in fact just 4 in 23 league games. Although this game came out of nowhere. The Carabao Cup was won with an easy 3-0 win over Leicester, we've got Spurs next in the FA Cup 6th round and Juve at home in the 2nd leg of the Champions League 1st knockout round.
  2. What's going on here then? Start of second season, 8 games in and we're sitting second in the league having already played away at Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal Only to find this in the Club Vision Disappointed that we're not challenging for the premier league!!Bit unfair isn't it?
  3. It's there if you play it the right way, I've seen balls over the top, through balls from AM to PF, cutbacks, crosses.
  4. Is there a reason why my youth players from my first youth intake(under contract until 2022) are getting contract offers from other clubs.I have set myself the responsibility of sorting out all tansfers in the club so I know no other staff members are doing anything.
  5. First season finished and it was a close run thing between us and Arsenal First season transfers in Chiesa was a solid buy with 20 assists even with the (bug) of getting to the byline and shooting from crazy angles. Ruben Dias in from Benfica was a no brainer as he is a beast as was Florentino Luis also from Benfica, a fantastic DM. Haaland at £17.5m was a steal even though he hasn't set the world on fire with his goals return and Rolando Mandragora was a solid CM who came in from Udinese for a relatively low fee to bump up the numbers in midfield. Second season transfers in I am trying to go domestic with transfers so in comes Chilwell,Abraham,Godfrey and Rice all for silly money(instalments),Bruno Fernandes had to come in from Sporting because I wanted a hard working goal threat in the AMC position. Tactic It took almost all season to tinker around with the formation/roles and duties but I feel like I have something solid to go into season 2 with. On the trophy front, along with the Premier League we also beat Ajax 3-1 in the Europa League final.
  6. You have wingers that crossimpressive, so in your save they don't run to the byline and then stop dead and invariably either cut the ball back or(if they don't get robbed of the ball while standing still)play a square ball into the box.Let's have a few examples of your winger crossing the ball into the box. Like I've said earlier absolutely immersed in this years game but work is most definitely needed on wing play.
  7. Loving the game but still not happy with wingers running to the byline and not crossing!!!In fact wingers not even acting like wingers, half the time my 2 right wingers are in field when they collect the ball.Hopefully this is tweaked for the full release.
  8. Champions League, back to back winners. We are slowly but surely turning into the dominant force in world football
  9. Yeah something's not right.My first intake was excellent but the following 4 has offered up nothing but 2/2.5 stars.
  10. It's actually very easy, mentor everyone so they have a professional or better personality,I think it may(pure speculation here) improve their loyalty.Everytime they ask to leave tell them they can't because they are to influential in the dressingroom.The only time it hasn't worked for me was if the player in question did not have a personality of professional or better.
  11. We've finally done it!! Best feeling I've ever had playing this bloody game, a 0-3 defeat away to Bayern Munich in the 1st knockout round had me thinking "here we go again" but we smashed them 4-0 in the return leg, after that we beat PSG 2-1 in the Quarters,Monaco 6-1 in the semi's and then Man City 2-0 in the Final. Domestically we are streets ahead of everyone else. Solid as a rock at the back and the 100 goal barrier smashed, still using control/fluid(still not sure about Overload). A young,highly professional 1st team hungry for more trophies, meanwhile beneath this team Benfica B are champions and the U19's are Domestic and European Champions.The perfect conveyor belt from youth to 1st team, the only downside being the absolute shower of **** we get called a youth intake(1st season Golden Generation exempted of course) full of half to 2 and a half star potential no hopers.We have a good scouting network though.
  12. Three guys in midfield all with amazing workrate,why would I worry about his bravery when I want him to unlock packed defences.
  13. @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! have you looked at this player in your save? He is an absolute gem,I love his description,Midfield orchestrator
  14. Am I cursed in the 1st knockout round of the Champions League We even played the better football but for some reason the away leg of the first knockout round has seen us on the wrong end of 3-0 scoreline. Looks like we'll have to wait till next season for another crack. But wait.... A stunning second leg sees us smash Bayern in a 4-0 demolition job.
  15. @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! I think I count 170 goals between your front 5 for your current seasontake a bow son!!!! I may have to have a bash at Overload.
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