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  1. Very sample 4231 . Just focus on the PI and TI , everything should be fine .
  2. I would not suggest overlap TI or any other TIS unless we are fully understand . I'm not trying to set the whole team , since so many options it could be use . / IFa / Aps / CMd / / / WBa The AP moved to left is also a idea . / Aps / IFs / / / / / WBa
  3. Before fm18 you have CM(s/d) , BWM and DLP . Now you have CAR . All 4 are holding midfielders
  4. When you play standard 4231 with BBM , Matic is the only man who is standing in front of the CB . Have IW behind BBM like other posters advised or turn the BBM to a hold-midfielder role , then you have someone next to Matic may help for the defence . In game I will have our left to be aggressive and Martial will be our main soccer . WBa and IFa on one side is very risk even you have DM , but you still can try it and see what will be happened .
  5. There is nothing wrong have BBM and AMa , not a bad idea . I use this combo for some of my 4231 saves , but I will watch the game very closely and make sure have other roles correctly since it is very aggressive setup for 2 men midfielders . Just like I said the 2 & 3 should be in one question .
  6. I suggested 41221 is base on the players we have ( have been Man Utd fan over 20 years ) . Normally , I don't touch my players in the first season . Matic is too slow to be 2 men midfielders , DM is fit to him imo . You could play 4231 deep , 41221 , 4141 if he will be your starter Normally , I move Jones to the DM position as back up but the role different to Matic . ( Man utd in game could play any style . Possession , direct , counter etc ) WB on auto , I think Rashidi recently has video cover this . BBM with AMa may be not a bad idea , but BBM with all front 4 on attack and WB auto are very bad idea . In real life ( I may wrong ) , not in the game . Rashford ( CFa ) Martial ( IFa ) Lingard ( IFs ) Pogba Herrera ( BBM ) (so many options mostly any playmaker role fit ) Matic ( DM / A / DLP ) Shaw ( WB ) Smalling ( CB ) Lindelof ( BCP ) Young ( WB )
  7. 2 and 3 should be combine together but somehow I just separate , there is no reason has BBW when he has 4 attack duty in front and with 2 WB .
  8. IMO 41221 will be more fit to the Man Utd , but if you insist play 4231 you have to carefully watch your midfielders . 1, Why both WB set for auto ? 2, Why BBM when your AM is already attacking ? 3, Why all front 4 on attack duty ? 4, Any idea , plan , style in your mind or just want to replicate irl ?
  9. I don't see you could hold the ball very well and win the possession according to the role you have .
  10. I see all the creation on the left and overlap the right according to the formation/role . I'm not focus on the TIs Who gonna attach the box ? When the striker has the ball , both IF(S) probably still behind him . What I can image is the striker pass the ball to one of the IF and the IF just dribble into the middle end up with long shot . Why DLP in front of the BPD ? What you want to see here ?
  11. I only focus on the Poachers part which is not true . E.g. if I want my striker doesn't do too much just simply pass the ball to the players around him , poacher is a very good role .
  12. Just wondering how you lost the game from cross ? counter ? set piece ? etc Also , can you show some match stats espensilly how many shot inside the box ( your team and opponent )
  13. Ask yourself what formation you want to use , 4 backs or 3 backs ? If you play 3 backs can your winger play as wingback since seems like you short on full back . If you play 4 backs how do you set up the midfield base on the team ? After you have a formation set and what would you like to see the team playing possession or counter attack or direct or others ? How to set up the roles and what those roles will do in possession and not in possession , let's say you want to play counter attack . There are lots of article here in forum you can check to understand this game . Good luck and enjoy !
  14. I'm still playing fm18 , to replicate Solskjaer's tactic below just my 2 cents 4-1-2-3 TI' - Attack - attack is too aggressive either in game or irl , I would use control instead. Short passing - I don't think they are playing short , mix imo . High tempo - as I use control , the default tempo is good enough . Focus play down left - once I have Pogba and Martial on left , the team is already focus down to left . This TI is not necessary . Play out of defense - they are not building up from back . Be more expressive - I only use this when I try to knock down the bus . Counter press - don't have this option since I'm still on fm18 . Higher defensive line - not really necessary , and I only use offside trap . Prevent GK - agreed . Press slight - don't have this option since I'm still on fm18. * FM18 / TI what I'm using - prevent GK , pass into space , work ball into box , offside trap . Player roles - I will only point serval players here . CB - Man utd is not playing 2 BPD , 1 is good enough . Pogba - APa is more fit to him since I'd like to see him use the ball often and become the key player . CMa or MEZ is attacking the space , for sure will increase his goal but the ball is not building around him then . Herrera - he is BBM or BWM depends on the opponent Rashford - CFa imo , because he drops deep to bring the ball up .
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