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  1. The problem is ppl don't even know what Mourinho trying to do in real life , how can you replicate his tactic ?
  2. Lots of Man utd fans don't even know what tactic Mourinho trying to play . He try to play counter attack with 41221 ? but the team can't defense well and can't even create counter . Try to control the game face weaker team ? they have possession at the back but once the ball in final third everyone is standing there . Can Mourinho teach the team how to attack ? I don't think so , even though Real Madrid broke the score record . In those seasons , most of the goals were happen in counter with quality of the players .
  3. You mentioned you use various tatic shapes, strategies to defeat his team . That is what I wondering what tatic / shape / mentality you used and how /where you lost the ball cause the opponent team create counter attack . E.g both of your center backs are not fast enough . Did you push your defense line up ? Any formation can beat them , but all depends on how you set up .
  4. What formation you use ? Role you set ? How your players lost the ball ? Where they lost the ball own half / midfield / final third ?
  5. I just see so many players try to run the ball and almost every player except the back try to create something What is the plan in your mind ? Why you need that many players run / create ?
  6. I haven't play fm19 yet , but first of all I will remove all the TIs . There are lots of options you can do . You have BWM on the middle of the 3 men midfielder . There will be a big gap between him and the middle center defender . I will turn them to CMd and CDd or CDs . If you want to control and create the attack on left flank . I will set the left striker as DLF/DF and left WB support then release your right flank . Or turn left striker as DLF/DF , left WBs , DLP to MEZ and BWM to DLP . I will also turn the BBM to carrilero as well to release your right WBa , but all depends on the transition in match .
  7. Yes, I'm using standard/control base on my formation to play counter attack .
  8. Turned my dm to DLP will help a lot . It's my first time to use 3 center backs counter formation . Needs more time to see how is the transaction do and what is the best role .
  9. I’m using Spurs , so you know my wbs are not terrible at all .
  10. No, they get tackled immediately once they received the ball from the 3 center backs . I'm playing 3 center backs with dm position that I don't want to drop them back to full backs. I mean I can easily change my formation to 4411 or 4132 without any issue , but just want to try a 3 center backs counter tactic
  11. Yes , once my wbs have the ball always get tackled by 2 players .
  12. Both situation happened to me . After I turned my DMs to DLPs , both wbs will pass to DLP rather than pass long forward or losing the ball at own half .
  13. I'm using almost the same formation and tactic . Mentally / shape : control / structured TI : pass into space , deeper line , whipper cross . Issue : I lost lots possession when my 2 wbs have ball , DLPs at the position help me a little bit than I use DMs . CFs AMs BBMs CMa WBs DLPs WBs CDs CDd CDs GK
  14. What performance you want to see to set the roles and duty .