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  1. No notification, the date just keeps getting pushed back after each year.
  2. Just Holidayed through a year just to see if the facilities would improve and yet again it was extended by another year which means this is definitely a bug which is disappointing. I'm hoping I'll be able to rectify it by using an editor without breaking the game making it the second time I've had to try using an editor program to bypass a bug in the game.
  3. Still on my Staines save that I started at the start of the year (FM18), I'm now in the year 2029 so roughly 10 seasons in about 12 months...I guess I take it slow and try to focus on everything.
  4. Sorry only just read your reply, I can post up my saved game what section of the bugs forum should I post in? Training and Medical Centre?
  5. just wondering if this is a bug on FM18 I think was only supposed to take a year but has been delayed without informing me and now I've been waiting for 2 years for an improvement.
  6. I'm guessing so, I hadn't noticed until a few weeks after when I saw he got his first England cap. That 5 points drop looks to be the final nail in the coffin for him, I can't see him breaking into my team now might be time to offload.
  7. Just saw this maybe it was to do with the injury after all...seems such a harsh blow though.
  8. Does it help? Not in the slightest. Anybody reading the thread would have been able to deduce that. Your follow up reply still doesn't add anything to the thread.
  9. I agree with a lot of what you have said however I think the impact of club reputation and other types of reputation on what kind of players and staff would be interested in signing for the club doesn't work very well (At least not in my specific scenario). I think in reality players of say for example League One caliber when given a choice between signing for a higher reputation club who are in League Two or a lower reputable club who are in League One I think the majority would choose the League One side which I don't think happens in FM2018. Another aspect of the issue I've been having with the reputation system is how they work with player valuation. In my scenario my players are of Championship/League One quality however their valuations calculated by the AI is generally a lot less compared to other teams of that division because of the impact of my low club reputation (at least that's my belief). I think there's just a huge mismatch between the valuation of my players due to my rise up the leagues when I would expect their valuations to be more in line with they're current ability or attributes or even form. I think it's hard to deny there isn't a flaw and it should be improved upon as the game should always strive to be better, that's my main reason for highlighting this thread. I think the second screenshot I posted up highlights this possibly more than anything else where I've been promoted to the Championship yet there are 4 League two sides more reputable than myself and beyond that I think the whole of League one is also more reputable. It becomes an issue not when these clubs are more reputable but because the reputation directly affects so many things in the game and the game doesn't seem to take into account that I'm a Championship side.
  10. I don't really see what your post actually adds to the issue people are seeing with reputation other than you'd find it tedious and boring if it were to easier to gain reputation.
  11. In terms of manager reputation there's not really an issue for me as I've actually grown in line with the league I'm in, I have 3 gold stars the same as the Championship ranking. What isn't really in line is the club reputation being so low for where we are (2 stars). I can look past that due to the fast rise through the leagues but when I see the reputation affecting things like player valuation and not being able to afford a lot of 1 star reputation members of staff who are unemployed I can't help but feel it's a bit buggy.
  12. Sorry to resurrect an old thread but I've found this fairly relevant to the situation I'm in at the moment, let me first say that MichaelMurray gave an excellent response to this thread which deserves some credit. I'm now in the situation where I've gone from:- season 19/20 - Vanarama South 18th 20/21 - Vanarama South 1st 21/22 - Vanarama National 2nd 22/23 - League 2 9th 23/24 - League 2 5th 24/25 - League 1 1st And now I am currently in the Championship and it seems apparent to me that my lack of reputation in certain areas is starting to be really noticeable in terms of many aspects such as player valuations, contract negotiations, transfers etc. Here are a few screenshots of my game which are relevant to this thread: One specific problem I'm having which I'm finding a bit annoying is signing new staff as a lot of people who show up who are I assume are interested in joining me ask for wages that I am unable to give even though I have £3m in the bank and have healthy finances. I've also requested on many occasions for the board to increase staff wages to no avail. In the next images it shows a staff member who has a reputation of one star, really I believe I should be able to sign him but his demands far exceed even my highest maximum wage allowance. I do kind of think that club repuations and player reputations should grow a lot faster, I reached the quarter final of the Carabao Cup whilst I was in League one but the reputation increases weren't really noticeable. After that run and the success we had I'd really expect not only my players values to rise but also AI clubs should be poaching my players as they are really good in terms of attributes and the board should be forcing these sales through.
  13. Hi, I'm having a hard time trying to prevent the opposition from creating and scoring from what I would say are first time or early crosses. In fact it seems to me that this is the most frequent way that the opposition are able to create good chances against me. This isn't completely unexpected however because I am playing a formation which is weak down the flanks and I am unwilling to change formation instead I wish to try and find a solution that works which doesn't require a change of formation. This is the tactic that I am currently using I have certain PI's set for certain players either based on what I believe they can do attribute wise or based on what I want from the tactic, here are a few which may be contributing to my weakness down the flanks: WBd (left) - Shoot less, cut inside, sit narrower WBa (right) - close down less, fewer risky passes, stay wider DMs (centre-right) - close down more, tackle harder, hold position BBM - Dribble less, get further forward, move into channels I have tried a few things but I'm unable to narrow down a solution that works, things that I've tried are changing the closing down settings + tackle settings for the wing backs and the centre mids such as WB on the right to close down more and tackle harder while the DM sits back and closes down less. I've tried dropping the AMC down to MC to create a 3 man midfield so as to push the other two centre mids wider to the flanks to deal with the threat (not a fan of this as it requires me to alter formation but I'm more willing to do this if I find myself a goal up). Also tried changing the WBd to WBs so that he will be closer to their winger. Again I'm not saying that one of these changes might work what I'm saying is that I can't tell if they are working as of yet. Here are a few highlights of the kind of chances the AI create which I am quite prone to defensively: It may be important to note that all of my defenders have pretty decent anticipation, positioning and acceleration. Can anyone offer me some advice on how to maybe mitigate these chances created against me?
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