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  1. Does the match preparation - teamwork training still only boost team cohesion for the upcoming match or will it help with team cohesion overall?
  2. From a Liverpool fan, I personally would line up with something like this No idea how well this translates to FM, you could drop the positions of Pogba and Wan-Bissaka to the WB strata. But I believe this would be a good formation to play up against those low block teams, the players I've chosen know how to pass the ball and can provide a lot of intricate movement. Bissakas crossing can cause a lot of problems with Pogba coming in at the far post, James at the near post, Cavani in the penalty box has the finishers instinct, Fernandes has excellent long shot ability should the second bal
  3. I did experiment with dropping the right winger back to a defensive winger although I have doubts about whether the players I want to play in that role are actually good enough therefore I'm more inclined to leave it in the attacking strata so I don't have to sacrifice it as an attacking outlet. Here is the player I had considered for the defensive winger role:- Like I said not great therefore I'm more incline to play these two as attacking wingers:-
  4. Hi I'd like some critique on my current tactic please, I'm looking to play a low block and hit teams on the break, my aim is to primarily use this tactic against teams who don't leave too many players back. Additional PI's CFa - has close down more APs - has sit narrower Wa - has close down more CMa - take more risks, dribble more, Roam, move into channels BWMs - Gets forward DLPd - More direct passes, take more risks, close down less WBau - Cross more, gets forward, close down more, tackle harder FBs - Cross more, cross far post, dribble l
  5. Hit continue, play a game, lose the game, rage quit! Come back, play another game, lose again! Post up your tactic, begin learning, hopefully win the next game?
  6. I recommend submitting these issues to the FM21 feedback thread or wish list thread. I feel the manager contract negotiations are in need of work, it feels poorly designed but it's been like this for a while now so I guess you can either grin and bear it and accept the limitations of the game or choose to do something about it. In my case if I feel certain aspects of the game feel broken I'd consider using a save game editor, unfortunately that's something you have to pay for. But at least in this way you can setup imaginary negotiations yourself where you can make certain demands and per
  7. Never seen this before, it sounds like a nice addition to the game. If it were real life I'd consider giving the guy an extended holiday and hope he rediscovers his drive for the game. How long was his pre season?
  8. Gets into opposition area I'd consider removing but if you really want to perhaps replace with arrives late into the box. Haven't checked recently but I think they're different traits
  9. Removing current and potential ability stars imo would be my choice to make the game more challenging
  10. I don't suppose there's any way to bring back the time line bar and make it bigger or move the pause but to where it says live?
  11. This UI is just awful, I can't even choose to watch a previous match in full. I have to save the match and quit to the start menu to be able to view in full and then I lose all access to player profiles...Awful.
  12. Type: PC Model: N/A CPU Model: AMD Ryzen 5 1600 CPU Base Frequency: 3.7GHz (overclocked) CPU Turbo Frequency: 3.7 GHz RAM: 8GB RAM Clockspeed: 2933Mhz GPU: NVIDIA RTX 3080 FE - 10GB Graphics Level in 3D: Very High Storage Type: SSD Benchmark A: 2mins 42secs
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