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  1. Type: PC Model: N/A CPU Model: AMD Ryzen 5 1600 CPU Base Frequency: 3.7GHz (overclocked) CPU Turbo Frequency: 3.7 GHz RAM: 8GB RAM Clockspeed: 2933Mhz GPU: NVIDIA RTX 3080 FE - 10GB Graphics Level in 3D: Very High Storage Type: SSD Benchmark A: 2mins 42secs
  2. I think the problem with what you are asking is you're not taking into account the formation or roles, you can play a 22123 with 3 attack duty pressing forwards and attack duty inside forwards which may have higher pressing than say your central defenders resulting in the team engaging too soon which could impact what kind of block you wish to play.
  3. It's disappointing from SI that these poorly constructed presets exist after the last 3 iterations of this game. Surely this should be high up on the list of potential improvements to the game as this could directly impact how well new players can play the game.
  4. It's really inconvenient not being able to see your substitutes attributes and player traits during the match.
  5. I'm new to touch on tablet, are you not able to view the players attributes page during a match?
  6. I agree I seem to be in the minority, many fans are hugely passionate about this especially the local ones which I can understand as it belittles the histories of such clubs. However I'm all for innovation and excitement. I think it would make a more elite player actually, players like Messi playing against Van Dijk, Stones etc more regularly should make them better players. Why do you not think that? Especially with the large sums of money they can use on investing into their squads. IMO the Leagues are already greed infested, football is a business after all.
  7. Arsenal, Spurs and Utd have regularly finished in the top half of the most competitive league in the world and are full of international stars, yes they may be having a poor spell but they are in a more competitive league and are clearly a better calibre of quality than Basaksehir. Also I don't think it has anything to do with them thinking they are too good for the Champions League I think it's just a more lucrative proposition and a better long term prospect for these teams. I respect you have a different opinion though even if I personally don't fully understand why you're feel furious abou
  8. Some of what I'm about to say probably echoes some of the thoughts some of you have already put out. My thoughts on the matter are it is far too easy for an underdog to overachieve with an constant positive or higher mentality maybe due to exploits and it does not reflect real life. Lower mentality (low risk) created tactics will probably be much less successful than those which take more risks because those that take more risks will score more goals and requires the AI to react effectively to draw back to level scores. With an underdog persisting with a high risk mentailty after scoring
  9. I think it's an exciting prospect to see more elite level football played at a more regular basis.
  10. Hi, Just returned to the game after a 2 year hiatus...Costa Rica is my first venture into management but I only have 50 players in my national pool. 27 players come up on player search with Costa Rican nationality is there a way to increase the number of players to choose from? Thanks.
  11. Sorry for the late reply I've been quite busy with family and wanted to try out some new tactical ideas. I've not considered strikerless because I had my heart set on having Allen as a lone forward. I was hoping Allen's off the ball movement (16) would help create space for the Treq/IF and CMa by him drifting wide. Also his comes deep and holding up the ball - Strength (18) I wanted him to draw away central defenders providing space for the Treq and CMa to attack the box. Allen also has really good physicals so I saw him as the type of striker who would be able to be a goal threat on his own.
  12. I'd love it if you could give me some more detailed feedback on where it's flawed, I'm not great at spotting these kinds of things. How can I improve the first tactic? The second tactic was built as a plan B because my first wasn't consistently successful so I have no issue focusing on the first tactic.
  13. Hi I'm looking for some critique for my two variations of the 41221. The first one Is supposed to be a controlling front foot kind of tactic, built around trying to get the most out of my player Barry. Mostly used when I play at home or when I'm strong favourites. The second tactic I've made is designed to try and sit back and counter into space which I use less frequently, usually against strong teams or playing away. Is there anything that stands out as really bad for these tactics, I'd love to hear your opinions or how you guys would set up. I'll post a few more scree
  14. I'd consider playing him as a Mezzala support or attack in MCL position with the ML position with a more conservative role such as WMd.
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