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  1. This is how I feel atm but I'm ridiculously stubborn so I'm intent on trying to get my tactical ideas to work. I wish I could speak to a developer in person because at the moment there's just so much that about FM that I just don't understand and if I think I do understand chances are I've misunderstood.
  2. I'm currently in the process of trying to make my tactical ideas work in FM18 but due to the limited time I have to play the game thanks to work and family commitments my progress has been unexpectedly slow. What I had hoped to do was play 1 to 3 matches at a time then go back and analyse by viewing the whole match and then make changes to my tactic based on what I saw. However due to my lack of time available viewing whole matches at a time and then analyzing isn't going well because of time constraints. What I'd like to know from more experienced players is whether realistically would I be able to pick up on certain flaws in my tactic without having to view the whole match but rather viewing on comprehensive or extended highlights? (from a 1-3 match period) Would it be possible to pick up on these flaws and then change and adapt to make a successful tactic?
  3. After the Palace match I decided to apply these changes to my tactic: CFs was changed to a DLFa Low Crosses TI was added I removed the closing down PI for my DR I removed the Gets Forward PI from the DL DL Now has Pass it shorter PI Our run of results after the Palace match looks like this: As you can see we started doing a bit better but results have been fairly stagnant towards the end so I decided I should try to analyse the Arsenal match. The West Brom match wasn't really significant to me because I rotated quite heavily. Against Sheff Wed we were faced with a 442 again and we conceded a goal from a header at the far post Tuta was unable to beat his man in the air. Replacing Tuta may be required if I keep conceding these types of goals, I did change my tactic after I saw this happen. The Half-back was changed to DMs because he was helping in these kind of defensive situations, I'm starting to think that having a defence minded DM is wasted on a 442 unless I actually start seeing their STK's drop deep. To balance this change I also changed the Tuta from WBs to FBd, that way we still had 3 players told to stay back. Just before half-time Shef Wed made it 2-2 after we conceded a penalty which is possibly a concern due to our hard tackling instructions. Later on I saw Tuta get beat in the air again so I don't think the change I made had much difference defensively. I think what I could maybe try next time is to have a specific aerial threat man marked by a tall player. Vs Arsenal It was a heavy defeat against a really strong side and we were away from home so I should have considered using my 4141 defend tactic but I chose to stick with my main variant. After looking back through the game I picked up on these points: Guillem was an issue up front, he was unable to win clearances, he couldn't hold the ball up, he failed at passing and he continually got himself offside. The conclusion I take from this is that Guillem is just not good enough in this role against better teams. 11' we saw our offside trap exposed 50' we were passing the ball around controlling the ball but we were lacking in any real penetration 51' Their MCL drags my players out of position and nobody really engages him with a tackle attempt...it leads to Tuta being beaten in the air once again at the far post. 55' Freeman gives away a Pen, meaning we have conceded 3 Pens in just 9 league games 64' Arsenal were allowed an easy shot, a lack of closing down and nobody tackling seems to be an issue 75' Their MCR was able to hold up the ball and allow his teammate to overlap causing a good chance to develop - I'm thinking about maybe there's a need to be more aggressive in our closing down settings or maybe change one of our midfield roles to something like a ball winning midfielder 81' Aguiar, Guillem's replacement had been isolated at times but he also had some success creating chances on his own 88' Martinez fails to hold up the ball which resulted in Arsenal creating a chance, this I believe is down to his attributes
  4. It is my intention to put it in the tactics forum because I believe at some point during the season I will run into issues tactically at which point I hope to analyse and try to find out what went wrong. At the moment I guess it could quite easily fit into the FM career updates section as I've fleshed out the thread with a lot of stuff maybe not relevant to tactics. I've done this however to try and provide a lot of information about my players. Also to show my thought process with regards to player recruitment and tactical changes in game.
  5. 10 games in: I've hit a bit of a blip and I'm really concerned about the Palace game so I've decided I'll try to analyse what went wrong and see how I can improve going forward. Here is a bit of info about how Palace were expected to line up: Palace go into this game as slight favourites. We're away from home and they're expected to have the stronger squad so I thought I'd need to be wary of being to aggressive attacking wise against them. The screenshots above show that they are inclined to attack the wide areas which is something I don't mind when I'm playing a low block, I checked their strikers out and neither are particularly tall so I thought they shouldn't trouble me in the air. Here I've uploaded highlights from the match, the 1st video being comprehensive highlights and the second being extended. Changes made throughout the match: 13 minutes in - I kept seeing Guillem receive the ball with only the last line of defence to beat so I changed his duty to attack in the hope that he could fashion out a goal scoring opportunity on his own. 17 minutes in - Guillem has a chance on goal, it was my hope that the change I had made was vindicated. 20 minutes in - From what I can tell it looks as though we were being tight marked so I considered passing into space or increasing the tempo so we could play our way through, but I made no changes at this point. 22 minutes in - Palace 1-0 26 minutes in - I increased our tempo because I saw our team lose possession in midfield, I assumed it was because they were taking too long on the ball. 34 minutes in - Guillem was put back on a support role because I saw him lose the ball one too many times. Start of second half - We were behind and I felt like we needed to come out of the blocks fast so I changed to my 4141 attack tactic and swapped the positions of Guillem and Jefferson. I did this because I think Jefferson could do a better job holding up the ball and laying it off as he has better strength than Guilem. 61 minutes in - I replaced Wilson for Holden because Wilson had played poorly and was getting tired. I put Chust at DR in the hope that I could get more support during out attacking transitions. Tuta just wasn't cutting it for me, Tuta I replaced with Mance as he's a more accomplished Central Midfielder. 67 minutes in - I'm starting to get frustrated and so I guess are my team, I watch as they shoot another long range effort which prompts me to add the TI - work ball into box. 69 minutes in - Palace 2-0 69 minutes in - it's all gone wrong, I revert back to the 4141 Base tactic. I still think we could do better with the lone striker holding the ball up and laying it off so I swap Jefferson to ML and Holden goes up top. Jefferson is also better equipped to deliver crosses and be more of a threat down the left wing. Holden being tall and strong could be better for hold up play. Guillem I replaced for K. Hass because he hadn't had much of an impact so I hoped Hass could off something different such as running down the right flank as per his player trait. Higher tempo was removed because I saw no benefit since adding the instruction. 79 minutes in - Palace 3-0 I know it's game over at this point, I just want to know what I could have done better. 82 minutes in - Palace 3-1 Staines Holden grabs one back for us. 82 minutes in - I wondered how Palace's strikers were beating me in the air? The only thing I could think of was maybe it was down to me tight marking them so I removed tight marking. Full time. Post match analysis 1st Half 0:15 - Everything looks okay apart from Coria's positioning which I believe should be in line with Vargas. 1:36 - Bernadino makes a last ditch tackle to prevent Guillem getting in on goal - this is good to see that Guillem can still be a threat even if being on support duty. Their CB Perrin hoofs it forward and Chaparro beats Coria to it due to quickness I think. Chaparro then wins his header rising above Vargas and Diegmann I don't know how imo my players should be winning that header. How do I defend against this situation? 4:26 - We lose possession due to their high press, Veljovic only has 9 composure so rolling it out and playing out of defence could be an issue if this keeps happening. 5:07 - Palace's D-line is really high up, should I have looked to take advantage of that? Maybe by using TI pass into space, or by changing Guillem to poacher, or maybe a compination of changes i.e more direct. 5:16 - Wilson does actually release Guillem into space so maybe no change is needed. Guillem unfortunately only comes away with a corner. 7:05 - Carey's pass gets intercepted I can't think of any reason why he shouldn't be able to make that pass. He could have passed back. 7:55 - Half Chance for Carey shot is saved and we get a corner. 9:38 - I want Guillem to be dropping deep like a DLF would in those situations something I thought the CF role offers, perhaps it doesn't. Maybe I need him to have the player traits - plays with back to goal and plays one-twos? 9:44 - Carey finds Wilson with a nice pass, Wilson crosses but Perrin wins the header. Maybe I should have low crosses instructed. Eventually Carey brings our move to an end with a long shot even though there was an easy passing option in Chust. 12:42 - Martinez gets a free shot from their corner, I don't think there's anything more I can do here. 17:02 - Guillem has a Half Chance played in by Carey, possibly was a result from Guillem's change to an attack duty. 17:58 - Williams is forced into clearing the ball because he was being pressed, this may be down to his composure being only 12. 18:34 - Tuta goes closing down Hank, this is too much I only want him closing down opposing wingers. Is this due to his high work rate? or PI? 20:43 - Another misplaced pass from Carey, can't explain why. 21:21 - Poor corner from Wilson and they break, Somehow Chaparro goes straight by Diegmann and Chaparro scores. Don't know what I could have done about the goal, Williams has stay back if needed set on corners. Diegmann and Tuta should have been enough to deal with the threat. 29:46 - I'm concerned by Diegmann's position I want him to be a support option in line with Chust but he's moving too far forward, he's actually more attacking than my Box to Box midfielder who has gets further forward. Possible solution maybe to remove Diegmann's get further forward PI. Also a second later I think that my DR is isolated he could do with sitting narrower. I also want Guillem to drop deep which is not happening. 37:51 - Again Tuta is too isolated because of how deep and wide he is. Play breaks down here as Chust passes to Jefferson who's already marked and then gets tackled. That is Chust's only viable passing option perhaps we would have been better served with Jefferson on support duty that may allow us to keep the ball better because losing possession in this area is very dangerous. 2nd Half 51:01 - Doesn't show on Comprehensive highlights but Carey loses the ball I think because he has noone behind him he can pass to. Chust is too far forward probably due to his player trait gets further forward. 51:09 - Guillem has his pass towards Chust intercepted. 51:37 - Player position from the opposition throwing is all wrong, for some reason Williams and Tuta have switched position. The Half Back is at DR position and Tuta is closing down the ball carrier who is just past the half way line, Tuta is being far too aggressive with his closing down. They end their move with a shot on the edge of the area I wouldn't call that a very good scoring opportunity. 55:14 - Palace play the ball around at the back and although Jefferson gives a half hearted attempt at pressing them they get it to Bernardino who plays a long direct ball into space for Chaparro to get onto. This shows to me that my D-line is too high with the 4141 attack variant preferable I want my D-line to be deeper than that. Chaparro ends up one on one with a decent Half Chance. 56:01 - Fernandez with an early cross to the far post somehow Chaparro gets on the end of this! I don't understand why he keeps beating my defenders in the air the only thing I can think of is he has a bigger leap because of a running start. Does my tighter marking have something to do with it? The only consolation I can take from this is that the game didn't consider this move a scoring opportunity however it did with the shot 51 mins. 62:39 - Diegmann again is too far advanced he's positioned higher than Jed Holden (ML) and also higher than Guillem who's at IWa. Diegmann then finds himself with nowhere to go and loses possession in a dangerous area which Palace then exploit. 67 - Carey has two long shots when passing options were available hence why I added Work Ball Into Box. 68:47 - Palace go 2-0 up from this move, I'm a little bit critical over Holden's positioning but really I don't know what I could have done to prevent this goal, again the only thing I can think of is remove the TI - tight marking. 71:06 - Williams plays it to Diegmann who then attempts a through ball? It was an awful pass which surrendered possession and left us open against another quick and direct attack. 76:03 - Fernandez goes past Hass and gets his cross in and yet again Chaparro wins a header at the far post and almost scores. This is move seems to be a common theme but I don't know how to stop it. Maybe I could have relinqueshed the need to have a Half Back and instead employed a more defensive minded Full Back? 76:28 - Despite all the bad at this moment we made a really good move, Holden held up the ball well and layed it off to Carey. Carey then found Jefferson who stretched Palace by hugging the byline and crossing to Hass who came inside to head at the far post. It was an excellent move which deserved a goal. 78:08 - Palace score again, similar to what we've seen before. 81:31 - This was another excellent passage of play from my side and I believe it shows me that Jed Holden could really play the CFs role well, he holds it up lays it off and manages to finish the move off. Possible Tactical changes:- Play a DMs/DLPs in the DM position and play a defensive minded Full Back to combat the 2 opposing strikers. The Half Back wasn't getting deep enough and their AFa, CF and wingers were causing me problems down the flanks. At stages 1:36, 21:21, 51:06, 68:47, 76:03 and 78:08 their early crosses caused me major problems. Because they had quick players with good off the ball one possible reason they kept getting on the end of the crosses could have been down to my Tight Marking team instructions. Solutions could be to remove the tight marking TI or set never tight mark with the OI. Our keeper could have rushed out and commanded our area better to cut out those crosses therefore a solution could have been to choose a better suited keeper. Guillem might work better in my system as a DLFa I want him to come short a lot more and play a simple pass and then get into a good attacking position. So I try him out as a DLFs also I could have him attempt to learn the player traits - Plays with back to goal and Plays one-twos. I don't really have anyone to take advantage of floated crosses so a change to low crosses or whipped crosses may be more suitable. Tuta's closing down was too aggressive I may need to remove the PI closing down more from the DR role. The DR role seems to be quite isolated in my system I may try adding sit narrower or changing role to something like CWBs Our DL Diegmann kept getting too high up the pitch for my liking so I might remove the Gets further forward PI Chust may need more passing options, changing Jefferson from IWa to IWs may help. The D-line for our 4141 attack tactic was too high I think I need to drop it even deeper. If Carey is having too many long shots consider asking him to shoot less Diegmann has lost the ball with his passing in dangerous areas for us so I think I need to reduce his passing directness or add fewer risky passes. Holden played well as a CFs I could try him out there more often
  6. 3 Games in: The first 2 matches were never going to be much of a challenge due to the gulf in quality, the 3rd game however I will have a look at in more detail. Middlesbrough (2.75) vs Staines (2.25) I go into this game as slight favourites, the season preview predicts Middlesbrough to finish 17th and Staines to finish 8th. I take a look at their predicted line up and see they will play something along the lines of a 4231 wide, Standard mentality and Structured shape. They field some good wingers with good crossing and a 6"6 Target Man with good jumping reach. This has me concerned that he might be able to dominate my two centre backs so I considered raising my D-line but thought that instead due to me being favourites and likely having a better squad I should choose to start with my more attacking tactic. This I think will see my D-line raised simply down to the higher mentality. I also wasn't sure it would be a great idea to change the D-line via TI because then I'm trying to anticipate what will happen rather than actually see it happen on the pitch, for all I know their TM might have a bad game and not be able to win many headers. Before the game began I took a quick look at the opposition wide players, anyone who had good crossing and who seemed a threat from wide I applied OI's to show them inside. I did this to attempt to limit their success with crossing. I proceeded to play out the match and jotted down what changes I made and when as follows:- 8 minutes in - Middlesbrough have 60% possession, they've just created a decent chance to get a shot in on goal and my star player Jefferson has already lost the ball twice both dribbling into a crowd of people. This leads me to believe that I'm approaching this match too aggressively, maybe I'm too attacking I thought? I changed my tactic from 4141 Attack to 4141 Base. 30 minutes in - not much is happening and I notice Aguiar is on a 6.6 rating, attribute wise he's more suited to an attack duty imo so I decide to switch his duty from support to attack for more goal threat (this is something I previously mentioned I'd consider altering from the first post). I hoped this change would give their defence more to worry about. 36 minutes in - and Jefferson gives us our first goal, I'm really pleased to see Holden get the assist he played outstanding in the first 2 games so I couldn't bring myself to take him out of the starting line up, a choice I certainly did not regret. 39 minutes in - I want to take the sting out of the game now that we're ahead and hopefully go in at half time with the lead so I add the TI Retain Possession. 42 minutes in - 2-0 Middlesbrough give away a free kick and we score from it! Coria rising up in the air and heading home. I'd like to think this was a result of my tactical change but that maybe hopeful thinking. 47 minutes in - Rodrigo is booked, I instruct him to easy tackle rather than hard tackle. Half Time - Safely in at half-time 2-0 up I remove the TI Retain Possession I feel it has served it's purpose. 51 minutes in - 3-0 A Scorcher from Carey!!! 60 minutes in - 4-0 Jefferson, Game, set and match! 61 minutes in - I decide it's time to freshen the squad up I have a few tired players. Diegmann replace Holden, I put Diegmann at DL and ask him to tackle harder. Rodrigo now at ML I ask to ease of tackles because he is booked. Wilson replaces Carey, I think about Wilson's trait Run's with ball down the left and consider if that will result in him getting in the way of Rodrigo's positioning, he also has the same trait. I add Roam from position to Rodrigo thinking that might help if Wilson runs down the left maybe Rodrigo can move himself in to some space. I have no idea if this was a positive change or not. Finally I subbed Williams for Tuta. 66 minutes in - They sub on a new AML Winger whom I deem a threat so I use OI to show him inside. 72 minutes in - Second yellow and a Red for Middlesbrough. I change to 4141 attack but ask them to retain possession in order to stretch them and wear them out. 74 minutes in - I realize they have their AMC at DL so I try to exploit this by using the TI - Exploit the right flank. Full time. I'm no expert at analyzing from statistics but I think the passing combinations look pretty good with little isolation. The shots stats concern me though by the looks of it I had a lot of long range opportunities something I may need to look at reducing if this becomes a common occurrence, also the opposition appeared to have 4 shots in a dangerous area something I'll have to look at.
  7. 32/33 Season Begins Transfers *this post has a bit of back story so you may want to skip down to transfers in* The transfer window opened and with it came a barrage of my own players demanding moves away from the club for reasons such as wanting more money, Champions League football, wanting to play for a bigger club and wanting first team football. Unfortunately for the majority of my players I have most tied down to long term contracts and I'm in no financial need to sell them. So understandably I told my star players that they're going nowhere...they were not pleased. After all the wheeling and dealing was done I ended up selling 11 players bringing in an income of £59m. Milomar Buzic and Abram Solomans were casualties as I trimmed the excess fat. Guillem also had one foot out of the door after demanding a move away from the club and was very disappointed after I refused a £25m bid from Valencia. I mulled it over for a while and finally came to the conclusion that it was not in my best interests to keep him at the club due to his toxic presence (Perfectionists ), so I offered him out and after a bidding war I accepted a £49m offer from Blackburn. His fate was sealed or so I thought, I had already lined up his replacement so when I went in for a young Brazilian to my utter disbelief Guillem came knocking at my door wanting to know why I was trying to sign a certain young striker. Guillem was apparently unhappy that I was trying to sign a striker to replace him , I fobbed him off replying something to the extent of added competition which he wasn't happy with and stormed out. Just before the transfers were agreed Guillem was at my door once again this time he expressed that he was happy to stay after Valencia had lost interest so I ended up cancelling both deals as a result of our fans having an affinity towards Guillem. There was also a piece of late drama on the transfer deadline day, I was browsing through the player search and this player caught my eye: I thought to myself Oooh! He looks decent, he may just be the one I need to fit into my tactical vision...£35.5m valuation though, A. Madrid will probably demand something obscene. I had £45m transfer budget left so I suggested a cheeky £45m bid... To my surprise A. Madrid came back and told me that it would be acceptable, I immediately placed my left winger N. Martinez on the transfer list and arranged for him to be sold for £18m but delayed the transfer till both deals were done. The transfer window clock ticked away and I was getting impatient as to why the deal to get Garcia in was taking so long, there were only around 3 hours left and I hadn't even had the chance to offer him a contract. I went to the transfers window and saw I hadn't even finalised the offer, I tried in vain against the clock but it was no good I ran out of time and both deals broke down. Transfers In 1st signing: Aguiar as I already stated I had the option of bringing him in for £8.75m and I did just that. 2nd signing: Carey became available for £32m from Chelsea, I looked at him and thought he would be my 1st choice to play in my attack minded Box to Box Midfielder role it also prompted me to consider retraining S. Wilson as a Wide Midfielder support (ML). Carey has some positive traits for the role but I've also asked him to learn - Gets into opposition area. I've also asked him to work on his finishing. 3rd signing: Mathias Friis came in for £3.1m, he looks like he has a fair bit of potential and I wanted to strengthen my DR area which I think I considered the weakest part in my tactic. Because I had spent so much on Carey and hadn't sold many players at this point I had to dial down my expectations and bring in someone rather cheaply. I still think he's a fairly decent player though and suited to the role I want him to play (WBs), he will likely be first choice over Tuta and Galvez (see 1st post). Training wise I've asked him just to train in the WB role and I've asked his to learn - Gets further forward. 4th signing: Magnus Wolf - this arranged transfer was made last year. He's a Poacher/CFa, similar to Guillem. At 18 years of age he's one for the future and has bags of potential. Signed for £350k he is unregistered in my team and will undergo tutoring at some point if I am able to find him someone.
  8. *This post is for FM18 Hello and welcome to my Staines Project thread. I have been playing this FM game for the past 14 going on to 15 Seasons and I've invested a huge amount of time into it over the last year and a half. I'd like to thank the creators for making such an enjoyable and addicting game. I also would like to rant about how frustrating and infuriating the game can be at times! I'm coming to the point in the game where I'd like to tie up loose ends and move on to newer and better pastures (FM19). I can't do this however until I finally satiate my desire to lead Staines to glory so I've created this thread in the hope that I can document my experiences for myself and others to help analyse where I can improve as a manager. Previous Season Staines 31/32 Predicted 8th, Board expectation finish top half – Success New Season Staines 32/33 After playing through last season I feel there is a need to adapt to certain situations, specifically mentality wise where I saw myself lose about 9 games away from home which led me to think that maybe if I had setup a defensive minded tactic I may have turned those losses into draws and also if I had a more attack minded tactical variant perhaps I could have turned my draws into wins. Now perhaps I shouldn't have made wholesale changes to my base tactic but I felt like I needed to try to rule out over complicating things with too many TI's and I also felt changing certain player roles made more logical sense. Alteration from 1 primary tactic to 3 tactics Tactical Style and Vision: This will be my starting point for how I look to improve my current tactic as I look to become more successful, please note this is a work in progress and my ideas may and probably will be flawed I hope however that by documenting my experiences I will be able to learn and become a better FM player whether through my own ideas or through forum responses. My main objectives are to be successful (I.e win silverware) with the 4141 formation, use a low block, have my lone striker to be the main scorer and have one of the best defensive records. I am aware this will be really challenging as I am no FM expert but hopefully I will do myself proud. Please note that some of my tactical instructions are based on what I've read on the forums over the years and through conversations with other FM players, they may or may not be the right type of instructions to be used. To play the low block I use the Team Instruction drop deeper apart from when I play my defensive tactic where they should be plenty deep already due to the mentality. I may have to alter how deep the instruction is when using my attacking tactic perhaps dropping even deeper as the attacking mentality may push my D-line up further than I want. Due to the passive nature of dropping deeper I have set the majority of my team apart from my STK to tackle harder, I do this because I believe as we allow the opposition to come on to us there is a more desperate need to make and win a tackle because the alternative could see the opposition make a breakthrough on goal. I think the main principles of the low block are to allow the opposition space in the wide areas close to our box but to control all that goes on in our box, this requires my defenders to be able to deal with crosses therefore I foresee certain attributes like anticipation, positioning, jumping and heading to be key. Although I want to encourage the opposition to go down the wide areas I think it might be a fine balancing act as I don't want the opposition to have too much time on the ball for them to easily pick out the best cross. So to prevent this I think it's important to apply some kind of pressure to opposition wingers. For the time being I have my full backs set with the PI's close down more hopefully to reduce the effectiveness of opposition crosses and to help win the ball back. I also have the TI's Use tighter marking and Use offside trap applied, these are set more from outside advice rather than my own, I think however I can see why tighter marking would be beneficial as I play so close to my own goal I don't want the opposition to find any space and I want my players to be as close as they can be to their markers for them to be able to engage them as soon as they can. Use tighter marking may become problematic against the really top sides if they possess players with great off the ball movement, dribbling and agility so I may need to consider disabling this instruction in certain situations. I want my ML, MCL, STK and MR to be my main goal threat, Assist/support wise I want to see my DL, MCR, and DR be the main providers for my team and defensively I'd like to see the GK, 2x CB and DM provide solidity at the back. I'm hoping to see something along the lines of this:- *You may note that the above picture plays with a winger and that's because during the 31/32 season that was the role I used, this season however I'm going to opt for a Wide Midfielder role. Player role changes and Info GK – SKd will be changed to GKd. This change is going to be made for simplicity, I think I make things more complicated than I need to at times so I'm reverting back to a generic GK and if I feel I need to change the role I will do so but only after I feel there is a need to after watching matches. I have set the distribution to the DL as I feel this is the best option to retain possession and the best option to bring the ball up from defence. PI's: Distribute to DL. 1st choice: 2nd choice: DL - Primarily will be IWBs although this might change to a FullBack defend with the 4141 defend tactic. With the base tactic I might consider changing this role to a Wingback if I feel I need more width and on the attacking tactic I might change the duty to attack if I feel I need more men forward. This role will have gets further forward PI as I see this as a supporting role during the attacking transition he should enter the MCL/AMCL position when we attack. Attribute wise I expect this role to be very demanding as he will need get up and support as well as defend fortunately I believe I have a very competent player in Diegmann. PI's: Close Down More, Tackle Harder and Gets Further Forward. 1st choice: My only concern is whether his off the ball and first touch is enough to make him effective as a supporting player. Trait wise I may consider asking him to learn gets further forward. 2nd choice: Rodrigo regularly played as a Winger and IWBs last season but as second choice to Diegmann I need to consider whether he is up to the job. I feel he's a fairly decent player but probably more suited to a Wingback role rather than a IWB I think this guy could do a job against teams in the bottom half of the table but against those higher he may not have enough quality so I may need to look to see if I can bring someone in from the transfer market. The problem is that I see this as a very demanding role so I might not be able to find a player of sufficient quality. DC – These will most likely be CDd roles, I want these guys to tackle hard, be good in the air, read the game well and not surrender possession too cheaply. Looking at the team comparison page shows me that the highest average for jumping from attackers is around 14 so ideally I'll want my central defenders to have a jumping reach of 14 or higher. With Off the ball the highest average is a whopping 17.6 so I think my defenders will need to have really good positioning perhaps 17 or higher, realistically I have to acknowledge this will be a very tricky find. Anticipation and tackling I think I'll need around the 15-16 mark. After looking through my central defenders it becomes clear to me that most are more suited to the defensive centre back role rather than the central defender role. They all lack the composure to hold onto the ball which could be detrimental as they may panic and not be able to play the ball out from the back or hold on to the ball whilst being pressed. PI's: Tackle Harder. 1st choice: Coria looks to be an excellent prospect for the future and could potentially play as a BPDd in the future. Unfortuantely his Aggression, Bravery and Composure really let him down but he is still young so it's possible for him to improve, maybe not so much his Aggression and Bravery but his composure should increase. I'll just have to pay special attention to whether his lack of aggression and bravery results in him not going in to win challenges. 2nd choice: Originally I wanted this guy playing as a Halfback or Anchor Man like last season but after assessing my defenders I feel I'm forced into playing this guy in central defence to make up for the qualities Coria doesn't possess. Vargas has the aggression and bravery I need, he is also composed the only attribute I have a concern over is his jumping reach. Ideally I wanted 14 or above but unfortunately this is something I think I have to sacrifice in order to make up for Coria's shortfalls and also my other backup defenders shortfalls. Again I may have to look into the transfer market to see if I can find a player who would fit better as a central defender in my system. One thing to note is I believe Diegmann has the ability to play the CDd role but that would mean finding a replacement at DL. Backup choices: DR – This guy I want to play as a WBs or if he got forward enough to support a FBs, last season I chose a WBs role because I felt the FB role just didn't get forward enough. I need this guy to be good defensively but also he must be able to get forward and provide support with passing but really he needs to be a good crosser of the ball. This role will include the PI's Shoot less often, Close down more, Tackle Harder and Cross more often. I will also consider the use of the stay wider PI. PI's: Close Down More, Tackle Harder, Shoot Less Often and Cross More Often. 1st choice: Tuta I used Tuta in this position last season and I think it's clear to see he's not exactly fit for the role I want him to play and this is possibly the weakest link in my system. I will have to look for a replacement in the transfer window for someone more fitting. He is a good player defensively though which is why I used him to play DR last season but I think I'll need a player with better dribbling, crossing, passing, off the ball and composure going forward. 2nd choice is really more of the same so I won't bother posting any more details up. DMC – I'm torn between two roles in this position I like how the Half Back moves and I got the impression it looked more defensively solid that the Anchor Man, if I remember correctly I think I observed the Anchor Man get further forward than the Half Back during my attacking transition so I've opted to choose the Half Back role. His sole purpose is to provide defensive cover whilst being able to be used to recycle possession. Attribute wise Tackling, Marking, Positioning, Bravery will all be key though he will also probably need decent amounts for composure and passing. 1st choice should have been Vargas but because he's now vital to my central defence I'm forced to look elsewhere. PI's: Tackle Harder. 1st choice: I think Williams could play this role quite well my only real concern is his lack of height and Jumping reach. 2nd choice: Steve Freeman Backup choice: Milomir Buzic ML – Last season I opted for a Winger attack which performed okay but after reading certain threads I came to the conclusion that a WMs might be a more logical option the reasoning behind this is due to the Winger role's description. The Winger aims to beat his man down the flank and put a cross in, which is fine if I had men forward... but because I set my team so deep it's likely that the winger will only have one real option to cross - that being the lone forward. What I think I really need is for my ML to hold the ball up more so my team can catch up and go forward as a unit. I still wouldn't mind him going wide and crossing but I need him to do it when I have players in the box. This obviously puts more of a demand on the attribute requirements as I'll no longer only need pace, acceleration, dribbling and crossing etc. Required for a winger but more work rate, team work, passing and strength. This role is a bit of a work in progress but to begin with he will start off with the PI's Tackle harder and Gets further forward because ideally I'd like to see him possibly be a goal threat. Going forward though this role may become more specialized based on what I see in matches and whether I believe this role can add something different. PI's: Tackles Harder and Gets Further Forward. 1st choice: Rodrigo could fit the bill here he has a good range of attributes my concern would be whether his attacking attributes are enough to cause the opposition problems, Off the ball of 11 may not be good enough. 2nd choice: Jed could be my best option for the future he's young with some potential so I could try and mould him into something I want. MCL – This role was mainly a CMa last season and I liked what it did going forward but defensively I feel it could have been better therefore this season I thought I would try out the Box to box midfielder role with the PI gets further forward coupled possibly with the trait gets into opposition area. PI's: Tackle Harder and Gets Further Forward. 1st choice: Wilson was my CMa last season and led the way with assists but only scored 4 goals, by looking at him I think he would play best as a Mezz but that doesn't fit with how I want to play so I will either try to shoehorn him into my tactic or I will get rid. I'm leaning towards the latter as he's unlikely to be able to fulfil the role I want him to play. The player trait of Runs With Ball Down Left is exactly what I don't want him to do unless I have my ML cut inside. I want this guy to be an attacking presence in the box so I will probably have to look in the transfer market again to find a more suitable player. Wilson does give me a different option however so I may hold off on selling him just yet. Backup choices aren't really of any note, I should look to bring in more competition for this role if available. MCR – Last season I played this role as a DLPs which played okay however this season I'm opting for a generic CMs as I don't want play focusing through one player and I want a bit more defensively from the CMs. This is a supporting role so I'll be looking for passing, first touch, balance, teamwork, decisions and possibly off the ball. Player trait wise I might look for tries killer passes, plays one-twos, dictates tempo or switches ball to other flank. PI's: Tackle Harder and More Risky Passes. 1st choice: The trait Gets Further Forward may need to be unlearned. This guy is also an option to play in the B2B role. 2nd choice: The runs with ball through centre trait I'm not keen on so that maybe something I need to remove. Back up choice: MR – This role I want to be an IW because I believe I have one of the best players in the game who can play this role. PI's: Tackle Harder and Cross Less Often. 1st choice: 2nd choice: Back up choice: STK – This role I'm still unsure of as I want him to be our primary goalscorer but because he is our sole striker he will need to do a variety of things such as link up with the midfield. Last season I attempted the Poacher and DLFa role and while both worked at times there were also times where it was still a bit inconsistent. This season I will opt for a CFs role although this may be changed to an attack duty if I don't see him regularly being my primary scorer. PI's: None. 1st choice: Due to the sheer amount of offside calls I had against him last season (something like 140 in one season) I have asked him to unlearn the beat offside trap trait. 2nd choice: I have the option to purchase this guy for £8.75m and I see him as a good option to have as 2nd choice. Backup options: Ajina, Kyriakou
  9. Oh wow! those are some really impressive stats.
  10. Mark tighter asks players to stick particularly tight to their assigned opponent in defensive situations so as to limit the space in which to attack the ball - does this refer to your player or the opposition player attacking the ball?
  11. I'm still playing FM18 so my question is in regards to that version. Does width only affect the team when in possession of the ball?
  12. No notification, the date just keeps getting pushed back after each year.
  13. Just Holidayed through a year just to see if the facilities would improve and yet again it was extended by another year which means this is definitely a bug which is disappointing. I'm hoping I'll be able to rectify it by using an editor without breaking the game making it the second time I've had to try using an editor program to bypass a bug in the game.
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