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  1. I assume his Natural fitness rating is affecting the report but to me this is just confusing and contradictory, which is correct his attributes or what is being reported?
  2. Hi, I haven't played for a while probably because I got sacked after 5 or so seasons doing a youth academy save which I found a little bit frustrating. I moved onto another project but again I found the board expectations to be a bit much so I'd like to resign and look for a job that would give me more time and patience for my project. So my main question is what determines the boards expectations? Is it ambition? Patience? Current ability of my squad? It seems to me from what I recall that there is less flexibility in negotiating the clubs objectives from previous years FM - not necessarily a bad thing in some circumstances but hopefully you can negotiate with more patient board members?
  3. It could be down to the players personality/media handling style, a confrontational player will likely kick up a fuss.
  4. I've created bespoke training schedules using the spreadsheet you provided so I'll test that out for a year to see how I get on and report back (probably take me two weeks for an entire season) I do still think it's an issue however that the default training doesn't balance attribute growth effectively.
  5. I'm familiar with evidence based training schedules, he shows you can get great results developing the total amount of attributes, but I haven't seen results that show the ability to develop tackling or crossing at the same rate as some of the others. From what I see physical and mental attributes grow much more than technicals which can be rather stunted. What I'd really like to know is if anything has changed from fm23 to fm24?
  6. Bit of a mixed bag really for the first two-three years I let the assistant handle much of it then switched to bustthenets complete training schedule. I add and remove parts here and there whenever I felt it necessary, tbh I don't feel it's an issue with the training schedule.
  7. I've enjoyed my save in FM23 but after 5 or so seasons I've noticed some peculiar things happen or (not happening), I've been having difficulty developing certain technical attributes - tackling, crossing and handling for the most part. Here is a player I've been developing, I started retraining him at around 15 years old and I really wanted to get his tackling up and I assumed his crossing would also rise substantially. This is what actually happened though after training him as Wingback on defend in a defensive unit:- You can see his tackling and crossing barely rose in comparison to all the other attributes he was training in. This is just one example of certain technical attributes not developing as well as I believe they should but I have many other players which show similar results of not developing appropriately. I'd raise my concern in the bugs tracker but I'm a bit late to the party with FM23, so my question is does anyone know if these matters have been improved upon for the release of FM24? Any information people can provide would be much appreciated as I'd really love to continue on my player development save.
  8. *Update* So I just managed to get what I'm after by choosing the bottom right option rather than the top left - choosing the top left only ever populates a list of low rep French clubs whereas the bottom right option gives me a wide variety of foreign clubs which allow me to loan players to and benefit from their youth players coming through my academy. I don't want the players coming through the youth academy part however that's a small price to pay to get a foreign feeder club I can send loans to. I still feel this is a bug but I can now work around this.
  9. In my Nantes save I am playing a youth academy save of sorts, player development in the 2nd team is really stunted so I want to improve on this by getting a foreign feeder club however over the last 3-4 board interactions I have been unable to get one formed. The only feeder teams suggested for loans are from low rep clubs from France which is very restrictive as I'm limited to 7 loans I can send out domestically. I'm not sure whether this is a bug or not or whether there circumstances behind which feeder teams are available to me but with the board giving me the option to try and setup a feeder club - multiple clubs I have chosen after saving and reloading always fail. Also I often experience a crash on the feeder club selection screen when no clubs appear - something which I think has been reported before I have uploaded my save if you want to look into this and would be much appreciated - Era 27-28.fm
  10. Hi, so I have this player I've been bringing through and I think I've misunderstood how the relation between attributes and CA behaves. Originally I thought that the cost of improving an attribute from 5-6 would be less than improving an attribute from 15 to 16 but from what I've recently searched this was wrong? Instead attributes are supposedly weighted by position (from what I've read). Originally I thought it would be a good idea to raise my player's shooting attributes - but to get them to a good standard of the French league I'm probably looking at trying to get them to 13-14, that's a lot of points to try and make up. So now I'm thinking maybe it would be better to try and improve his Attacking Movement attributes to solely focus on getting him to be the best AP he can be rather than improve his shooting which would possibly be more expensive to get up to a good standard. What are your thoughts?
  11. Respectfully I think you may be able to draw comparisons to Liverpool and man city in real life
  12. Originally I had a bwm in the MCL position but I changed that to a Carrirrelo, the build up play seems to be better and I'll usually use a wingback on support or attack on the left. In the MCR position I use a Mezz on either support or attack, both of these midfielders I like to increase closing down for their PI's.
  13. I've only briefly skimmed through but I was playing with a 442 narrow diamond and I did well upto the premiership then I kept getting destroyed down the flanks against 4231, 41221, 442 formations. The problem for me was my two central midfielders I believe. Imo they just couldn't cover enough ground to help defend the wings partly down to wrong player choice I imagine, I should have looked for really physical ballwinners to play in those positions. What I did which really helped was to change to a 4312narrow formation with the central mid on defend thereby still representing the diamond I wanted but what really helped was that it pushed my MCL/R wider so my wingbacks weren't always exposed and my build up play was greatly improved.
  14. I would say it is counter productive depending on what opposing players you are coming up against, how do the opposing players stack up against your player? Do the opposition players dribble past your player if you use tight marking? and how often? Perhaps you may want to limit a DLF space and time on the ball, so check out the DLF's performance before and after you toggle those settings on. It could be counter intuitive if the DLF/F9 is able to pull your defender out of position creating space for other players, if your player lacks aggression he may not make a tackle attempt which could cause him to be caught out of position.
  15. No, as shown in the general performance stats we only really excel with our tackling and perhaps our passing percentage. We need to improve our shots per game as a minimum imo.
  16. Hi, I'm looking for advice on whether my tactical ideas are good or bad and why? I'll try to provide you with sufficient information so you can draw your own conclusions, I'm currently still playing FM21. Here is my team report: My main take away from this is we lack quality in a lot of areas but what we do have going for us is our tackling, work rate and teamwork. I've tried to setup my tactic (primarily the diamond with this in mind) and my general performance stats backs up that we are pretty good with our tackling however we are lacking in a lot of other areas. Here is my primary tactic which I hope to use against the majority of teams: Team Instructions I've opted for shorter passing hoping to keep things simple Low crosses as we don't possess tall strikers who are good in the air Work ball into the box because we don't have wingers who can cross Higher tempo because I felt we'd struggle to create chances with using short passing with a normal tempo and my passing % in games doesn't really take a hit by moving the tempo up a notch To help with our possession I thought our best option would be to distribute to our DLP, although this might not pan out well if heavily pressed so distributing to my wingbacks might be a better option at times Because I've opted for a narrow 442 diamond and I want to be proactive in winning the ball I've gone for a higher line as using a lower line with no wide midfielders I feel would cause me issues as it could potentially be too passive and invite too much space down the flanks. Due to our excellent teamwork, workrate and tackling I felt it made sense to max out our closing down and to tell the team to get stuck in and also to counter-press when we lose the ball Tight marking I've chosen because I want to increase my chances of not giving the opposition room to breathe and to help put my team on the front foot Role and Duty selection I'm not blessed with quality goalkeepers so I've gone for a simple GKd I want to keep my Central defenders simple so CDd The FB/WB position are our main form of width and will be required to get up and down on a regular basis, I do however hope that my Mezzala can offer some width to stretch play this is something that I'm not sure is that effective DM position...last season I think I used a DMd role with a DLP ahead of him, this year I've switched it because I felt it would be better to have a BWM in a more advanced position to compliment the style of play I'm hoping to achieve. With a DLP in this area it may help me build from the back better and he should have the ability to switch the play to my wingbacks and recycle possession BWM to proactively win the ball back and to help with defensive security when our WBa bombs up the flank MEZZa I want to get into attacking halfspaces and provive width on the right flank as I don't want my right WB being to adventurous and I want my right WB to cross from deep although whether this will happen with WBIB I'm not sure The front 3 I'm not settled on and I've been chopping and changing roles as I can't seem to get the balance right, I've been trying to focus on roles that create movement, I wanted to have a SS, AFa and F9 but didn't get great results with that I think it may have been due to the link up play maybe the SS was too advanced so lately I've changed it to a AM And here I have attempted creating a counter tactic to play against the really top teams who I expect to be really attack minded: Here you can find the attributes of my players, I did consider using the squad comparison but I came to the conclusion that this would perhaps be a better source of data as I assume the squad comparison data can be affected by backup/youth players I'm less likely to play at this moment in time.
  17. Football is and ever was a results business! Either you win more often than not or you shall fall!
  18. I fully endorse what you are saying, I personally have taken on multiple academy and dafuge challenges myself, however it doesn't cover all bases. A newcomer to the game, or even a veteran with limited time may wish to play an easier game or to be successful with for example their favourite team in the Championship. A difficulty modifier setting may allow them to do this in a way that the 'vanilla' experience does not. On the flipside an experienced veteran of the game who finds the game too easy may wish for a greater challenge managing Man City. An optional difficulty modifier could penalize his players allowing for a greater challenge without the need of imposing 'rules' or 'restrictions' to their game such as only using academy players. In this way it is more accessible without the need of jumping on the forum to come up with a specific playstyle.
  19. I like the idea of having a setting you can choose which could affect consistency for a range of players. I think this way allows for a greater variety of playstyles as for your example you are kind of locking yourself into a certain way of playing the game. This is fine of course if that is how you would like to play the game but it doesn't allow for more variety.
  20. Sorry I don't think you have understood my post or I haven't explained myself coherently. You said you didn't know what 'rng' was so I was trying to explain it to you. You were suggesting the possibility of altering difficulty via the 'consistency' attribute? Did you mean like the way I suggested via a percentage penalty but only to the player's consistency attribute? Consistency behaves in my opinion like 'rng' i.e. randomness... a high rating in consistency would mean less anomalous performances, a low rating meaning more anomalous performances. So ideally you would want high consistency, as it allows your player/s to perform to the best of their ability on a regular basis. This is how I believe it works if I'm not mistaken. I never said I didn't want to know how the game works so I'm a bit confused as to why you said that.
  21. random number generator (gaming, informal) Randomness, variability, or luck produced by a random number generator. The combat in this game is way too RNG-based. Jeez, I'm having terrible RNG today. Yes I believe I do, 'consistency' is pretty self explanatory - a high rating being where the player in question is able to play to his full ability in each and every game. Going back to my question 'What exactly do you not like about it?'
  22. So Very easy = less rng Hard = More rng? That could be a good idea if there was a notable drop in ai results on easy and a drop in user results on hard. What exactly do you not like about it?
  23. I would like there to be a switchable difficulty level in the game, the way I envisage it would be to have say: Very Easy - 25% penalty to opposition matchday attributes Easy - 15% penalty Normal Hard - 15% penalty to User matchday attributes Very Hard - 25% penalty I feel such a change could expand the player base in Football Manager
  24. I think there should be a switchable difficulty level in the game, the way I envisage it would be to have say: Very Easy - 25% penalty to opposition matchday attributes Easy - 15% penalty Normal Hard - 15% penalty to User matchday attributes Very Hard - 25% penalty Whether this would be feasible or not is another matter as I'm not a game designer.
  25. This is pure speculation on what is happening in your game but I suspect that if you are having trouble breaking these teams down it may be due to them not giving up much space. I would approach this by trying to control the game looking for 55 percent possession or higher with 85 percent plus passing percentage. You may be able to achieve this by choosing various team instructions like lower tempo or by making sure there are enough support duties. Also keep an eye on your d-line incase they are trying to break the offside trap, keep an eye out to see if they play an AFa or Poacher. Maybe choose to man mark their playmaker to limit their control on the game or opt for a playmaker where you think you may have space...442 with 2 low banks of 4 may struggle to defend against a dlp in the DM strata. Next think about how you are going to score you'll probably either need a good target man or a striker who is able to create room for others to get into scoring opportunities.
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