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  1. Highland League and Lowland League for Scotland.
  2. I was considering playing one last save before FM21 comes out but i may just hold off.
  3. That's why i haven't played this in a few months. Everything else in the game is perfect except for that. How did SI not notice this is unbelievable as i would this has been a issue since beta.
  4. Same here due to SI not fixing any of the bugs in the ME.
  5. I went on holiday for a yeas. Strikers scoring rate across England, Germany, Italy, France etc is all very low. Really poor SI.
  6. Played a new save for around 8 months on the new update. Had to uninstall this game due to how bad the ME is. Can't believe SI are happy with the way ME is. Will be holding off on FM21 if these issues are still there.
  7. Been a issue since beta. Really excusable why this wasn't fixed.
  8. Started a new save a few days ago. ME is still terrible but the rest of the game is perfect.
  9. Exactly why if i get any match stats like that. I'll reload the save and accept the result 2nd time round.
  10. Was going to start a new save. Will there be another update or is that it in terms of update?
  11. Not played in the game in 2 months due to some of the issues with the ME. Is it worth playing again or are my better holding off until another patch comes out.
  12. We've had these issues before mate and SI ignore it .
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