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  1. Just finished my first season and in most leagues in my save. Most strikers have barely scored 15 or more.
  2. In my save. I now ignore the match stats as long as i'm winning. But let's say if i have around 25 shots with 7 on target and Ai has one shot and scores with that one shot. I'll reload the game and accept the 2nd result regardless what happens.
  3. In my Hibs save we have a training camp in Australia. This would never happen IRL.
  4. Everyone is frustrated about the major issue but I've noticed posts being deleted which to me look like people give reasonable feedback. SI have to accept negative feedback.
  5. If this isn't fixed by the next major patch i think some questions need to be asked.
  6. But you could have kept the thread open or move it to the bugs forum so that other posters who have noticed the issue can upload their screenshots or saved games to help you?
  7. Why was the low determination thread closed? People were offering some concerns about the issue. To me it looks like SI can't take any negative feedback.
  8. We shouldn't have to play a short term save until it's fixed though. This should have been fixed by full release.
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