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  1. Well for a start the long shots issues. That’s been in the game since last year yet it hasn’t looked liked its been fixed. The low scoring issues some players are having is another one. I could go on about many issues that are wrong with the match engine and haven’t been fixed for years. I would like SI to maybe come out and say a reason for not certain fixing bug that’s been in the game for a few years or whatever. Then I think many posters like myself would just get on with playing the game.
  2. No excuses for it mate. No doubt it’ll be the same problems as next year.
  3. It's a complete joke the match engine is again really bad. The fact they won't do no more updates for it says it all. We've just to put up with all the bugs in the match engine.
  4. That's why i use tthe ingame editor. High wages have been broken for years.
  5. Think some questions need to be asked as i can't believe there's still issues in the game since the beta and previous games.
  6. If it isn't fixed. Serious questions need to be asked about the state of the game. As this issue has been ongoing for the past 2 versions.
  7. Basically every other poster has to upload evidence otherwise their threads and posts will be deleted. You lot really don't like any negative comments about the game.
  8. I posted a bug issue back in november in the bugs part of the forum but it was deleted for no reason.
  9. Long shots have been a issue since last year and still haven't been fixed. Ridiculous.
  10. We had the same issue last year. Nothing really changes mate at all.
  11. Great post. There's no excuses for this. They have had years to fix certain minor issues and if they're going to ignore them then it shows they couldn't care. I'm done uploading any broken bugs i counter in the game now. Questions need to be asked.
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