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  1. StevehFC

    Brexit in FM19

    Here's mine. Safe to say it's a hard brexit?
  2. StevehFC

    Brexit in FM19

    Anyone know where to find the rules of the brexit scenerio of your save.
  3. Anyone know where i can find the brexit outcome in the game.
  4. Hence why i used the in-game editor these days. If they can't be bothered to fix minor issues, i'll just use the in-game editor for things like that.
  5. Thanks mate for telling us that. I'll keep an eye out for sure. Would be no excuses if they couldn't fix this.
  6. If any of these issues well most of them aren't fixed by the final patch. I would like SI to explain their reasons why as there's no excuses. Some bugs are still in the game after several years.
  7. Seriously there's something wrong with corners. Really unrealistic. But what i've noticed is AI games all have realistic corners stats yet the player has to have unrealistic stuff happening. Really seems scripted.
  8. StevehFC

    Too many corners

    Uploaded. Hopefully there's a fix soon. As it's put me off playing my save until it is fixed. https://oc.sigames.com/owncloud/index.php/s/Kzvhd0MdU3v4Nv4
  9. StevehFC

    Too many corners

    No doubt this corner issue won't be fixed until FM 2030.
  10. StevehFC

    Too many corners

    Same issue here. Match engine is a mess this year.
  11. StevehFC

    Conceading goals from crosses

    Anyone else getting this issue. Still can’t believe this issue is still in the game after a number of years.