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  1. The only thing keeping me focused at the moment is this will be all over one day. At least the new winter update for FM21 is out so have plenty time to play that.
  2. Level 4 in Scotland until end of April. Feeling a bit underwhelmed at that decision, as someone who has struggled with mental health for the past 12 months hearing that news today has mad me feel sad.
  3. Good to see the youth intake and full back ratings bugs are fixed. Can't wait to get stuck into a long term save now.
  4. The thought of a full crowd for England-Scotland in June has me a little bit excited. Hopefully the SG will announce the similar route map tomorrow but I doubt it.
  5. I signed a Colombian 17 year CM regen in my 3rd season for £2M. A year later clubs like Dortmund, Bayern, Man City, Man Utd etc were all trying to sign him!
  6. Ah good to know that. Tbh with brexit it makes it easier to sign players from South America than in previous versions.
  7. I find I'm able to sign players from Argentina and Colombia for my Hibs side without a work permit but need a work permit for a player from Finland.
  8. Same here. Had a striker scoring over 50 goals in my first season for me!
  9. I've enjoyed FM21 until this bug. I've stopped my current save until it's fixed.
  10. Anyone else noticing players are retiring too early? For example Cavani aged 34 in my second season is is retiring. Fabian Delph is retiring at aged 32, Seamus Coleman at 33,
  11. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/55410203 Really hope SI put this into the game for Scotland otherwise makes Scotland unplayable after this news.
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