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  1. They were on the main page a few minutes ago, at the right corner, in "topics" listings. They were all created "1 minute ago".
  2. Surprised this has gone under the radar. Freddie Sands created a bunch of threads for all the leagues, which are inaccessible.
  3. After the community match engine patch improving the engine of FM 2020 significantly, i’m not sure anymore.
  4. I know version number is the same, and the devs said "no changes to ME", but 9 one-on-ones converted in 4 games now, pretty big coincidence.
  5. Are you sure there were no updates to the match engine? In my first two games after the update, 5 one-on-ones were converted.
  6. I bought the game from them (I live in Hungary), and it worked without any problems.
  7. There are many improvements, but the long shot problem is unfortunately there, as was in FM19 after the patches,
  8. I think the lack of hints, teases from SI (especially from Miles) means it'll be Tuesday. I previously said Monday, but now I don't think they'll release it on the first workday of the week (never done that, if I recall correctly). If they don't start dropping strong hints by the afternoon to build hype, it won't be today.
  9. I think they'll release it next monday, on the 4th of November.
  10. Are we going to get access to the beta if we bought the game from Voidu before it was taken from the approved sites? I really hope so!
  11. Thank you, those numbers look good, especially compared to what I experienced in FM 2016.
  12. Hi Matshit! I'm interested in regens. I had two problems in FM 2016: 1. There weren't enough good centre back regens, and the few that were decent enough, were almost exclusively limited CBs (so no ball playing CBs with higher than average technical attributes) 2. After circa 15 seasons, Inside forwards became extinct in my game, there were only wingers with preferred foot similar as the side they were playing on. Are these two things became more balanced? Thanks in advance
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