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  1. Or he just have a stricter criteria. Unheard of, I know...
  2. If that's a foul, then pushing Mbappe out with both hands was a foul too. Oh, wait, that wasn't given either...
  3. You guys are awfully quiet, I thought that was an obvious foul on Mbappe...
  4. I like this ref. He let the game flow, doesn't blow the whistle on slightest touch...
  5. Feels like it's gonna be dire game, one set piece goal deciding it all. Still, I've put few Euros on England, to make it more interesting for myself.
  6. Hey, at least you were right... Brazil knocked out in QF again.
  7. Our commentators sounds like they are on a funeral or some ****. Come on, Croatia, for ***** and giggles!!
  8. Neymar love playing against Croatia, scores almost every time
  9. If you guys are bored now, wait till you watch England v France
  10. Can't believe I'm saying this but Paqueta needs to come off for Fred
  11. Doesn't he has that prearranged transfer to Chelsea for a ridiculous amount of money?
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