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  1. What does Raphinha has on Tite? Easily their worst player in this WC yet a constant in starting eleven...
  2. I don't know man, I'd wait on a more credible source than Daily Star before jumping to any conclusion...
  3. What was the rule about using players that are signed by the club before we took over? I can't cancel the deals. I guess I can use them but just wanted to confirm with you guys...
  4. Quarter-Finals Friday 9th December Croatia 0-3 Brazil *** Netherlands 1-2 Argentina Saturday 10th December Morocco 0-1 Portugal England 1-2 France Bonuses The total number of goals across all the games - 10 The total number of goals scored in the first half - 3 The total number of goals scored in the second half - 7 The number of games going to extra time - 1 Correctly predicting all the specific games going to extra time - Eng-Fra The number of games going to penalties - 1 The total number of penalties scored (including those in normal game play) - 2 The team which scores the fastest goal - Netherlands The team which scores the last goal - France The time of the first goal - 19 mins The time of the last goal - 69 mins The total number of yellow cards - 8 The total number of red cards - 1 The total number of substitutions across all games - 29
  5. Giroud doesn't have to outrun Maguire, he just have to pull him out of position (easy enough to do) to allow Dembele free entry and one on one v Pickford. And for all the talk about Walker containing Mbappe... I'm not sure he can do that in his current state. He had a lot of trouble with that Senegalese striker whose name escapes me right now... Mbappe will be the same, just dialed up to 11. (Edit: pretty much what Gunman said) We'll see. I might be proven wrong. I have no horse in that race so here's hoping for a good game. Fun one, fitting the occasion.
  6. Rather bold statement by someone who has a walking calamity in the middle of their own defense.
  7. Bit on the edge on Argentina - Netherlands. Messi and pals were unimpressive in first two games but they've improved since then. They control the ball and the flow really well. On other side, few decent players and a mad genius on Oranje's bench. Said it before, I refuse to underestimate the mad bastard. He's unpredictable, could lead them all the way. Argentina will be their greatest test to date in Qatar. Portugal and Brazil should, should make quick work of Croatia and Morocco. Both sides seems spent, mentally and physically exhausted while the favorites has had their rest. I don't expect any surprises there.
  8. We would've beaten this Portugal side, as we did in the qualifiers Everyone's gonna score, but Ronaldo. Love it.
  9. Any other foreign Qatari sellout take a pics with his own NT folks, you guys couldn't grab those pitchforks fast enough...
  10. Decided to have a go at this again. Failed a dozen of times already but this time I might persevere just a bit longer, as I'm playing along with two mates. All of us, playing our own youth saves, with this one team. Possibly the best option for this challenge in Serbia (well, aside from Zemun, perhaps, IMO they are tiny bit better). Here we go!
  11. Maguire won't be facing Dembele, he'll be pulled way out of position by Giroud
  12. FFS, you've played Cymru, Senegal without almost half starting eleven (and their one world class player) and USA with Pulisic. You've faced attacking force that's barely lower half PL level. Mbappe, Griezmann and Dembele will rip you apart
  13. It's genuinely hilarious, old man Modric's gonna drop dead on the pitch
  14. I need a complete comeback. For betting purposes. Don't let me down, Croatia!!
  15. I don't know, it seems like they're using Maeda to tire opposition in the first half before unleashing Mitoma and Ito after the break. But Dalic seems to let them have the ball, like they did v Costa Rica, not exposing or allowing any space for Japanese attackers to run into.
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