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  1. Yeah, I've read up online that it might be connected to my monitor's refresh rate. Only that opened another can of worms, as it seemed like that was stuck on 60Hz, on every resolution so I've gotta fix that one first before tackling problem with FM. That's a lot of work for basically nothing... Weird thing is, it worked perfectly well in previous build. I had no problems whatsoever. As you said, it's a good thing I don't suffer from epilepsy, this could've turned ugly. I can't even watch the matches. I mean, I can, but my head start to hurt from all that flickering so I've just switched it to commentary only.
  2. My screen start flickering like crazy when I'm in the match, otherwise everything is fine. Could anyone direct me toward area of forum where I should look for fix?
  3. OFK Beograd With World Cup out of the way, without any further distractions, I was finally able to wrap up first season with OFK. And it was a successful one. Nearly bottled it near the end, Rad took over as the leader after Round 33 but they imploded and we finally strung up few wins so The Romantics goes up as champions!! In the Cup, we were utterly embarrassing, suffering elimination in the first qualifying round. Top players: Luka was lethal this year, topped the league's scoring chart with ridiculous 34 goals scored. Driving creative force in our team. 14 assists this season. Out of necessity, turned into central defender. And he was brilliant at it. Class of '24 Eleven players signed from our first intake, all of elite and top talent basically. Not that many great or even decent personalities but there's couple of interesting players nonetheless... Top prospects: Great looking young goalie. With our #1 currently aged just 23 years old, Marko will have enough time to develop on his own. No hurry. Intriguing prospect with great mental attributes for his age. Now this young man will definitively get some playing time next season. We do lack some players on the wings. Best of this group, IMO. That's all for now. Cheers.
  4. @GunmaN1905I've talked before WC began we're in for a ****show (all that internal fighting over who'll take over our knees-deep-in-corruption FA). I hoped for the best but it ended exactly how I thought it would. Talent is there, obviously but we aren't mentally prepared. You've said it as it is, I agree word for word with your post. Except for that thing about genetics. I don't think people from our nations anyhow different or more capable than anyone else. It's just that we've been going through some **** for as long as I can remember. Wars, poverty, sanctions, ******, corrupt, shameless governments. Take your average Englishman, drop him in today's Serbia and he'll go mad within a week in our little slice of hell. Having to listen to Vucic's self sacrificing monologues 24/7, been bombarded with all kind of crap, imaginary wars with Croatia, Bosnia, Kosovo (this one is actual right now), having to live on 300-400 euros per month... That kind of **** pushes a person to chase a success in life by any means possible. And sports are basically the easiest way out of this hellhole. It's no wonder Balkan had some of the highest immigration rates in Europe.
  5. Gunman's jinxing it so hard during last few days...
  6. All this banter aside, anyone heard from Rob? 30 pages and can't remember I've seen him post since page 1. He's like that overly optimistic anime character but I can't help it but feel and cheer for the guy, despite him annoying me a little with some of his opinions on Gareth...
  7. Classy... I don't know man, I watched a lot of games calls even more clear than Mount one were waived away, even after var review. It all comes down to ref's criteria. Same can be said about those fouls you said were not called. His criteria. It's really not that hard to understand. I know you guys are passionate, losing to ones you deems mortal enemies suck but come on!!
  8. And you're kinda implying malice on his part, like he didn't want to check it or something. The man and VAR literally did their jobs as prescribed, he didn't deem it worthy of penalty, was called in to check it and reversed it. How was he shamed into calling it? He could've easily said "**** it, it's not a penalty, carry on" after reviewing it. It was within his right. Honestly, some of the posters are getting bit ridiculous about this. You were given two penalties in one game. That's rare as ****. You were also given free kicks in favourable areas, ones you could've scored from. Mbappe wasn't given few fouls he would've definitely got from some other referee. Maybe another would've also gave penalty to Giroud that one time. This one didn't. You're neglecting favourable calls you've got while amplifying the ones you didn't.
  9. Classy... And I see some of you are still going with that "ref was terrible" rhetoric. Can we get a word or two from few neutrals, non-English users? Because I genuinely don't think he's done a bad job. He was well consistent with his criteria. Didn't blow the whistle for every touch. Let the game going well. Honestly, some performances from referees were shocking in Qatar but I really don't see how this one was "atrocious".
  10. So, you guys just need to find Gareth his Peter Taylor. Let him keeps players spirit up while someone else properly sets this team up, actually manage during games, makes subs at the right time, etc...
  11. Oh, I know, I was making not so subtle jab at Southgate. I mean, with all that talent in midfield you have available, you're allowing this to happen. And Griezmann is unironically having a great tournament, he's been immense both tonight and against Poland
  12. And why is Kane dropping that deep? I'm baffled how underutilized he's for England...
  13. Knowing your FA (which is not much, but still)... Gareth is getting a new 5 years contract, isn't he??
  14. Should've brought Rashford and Grealish earlier... Like half an hour earlier. Kinda surprised he didn't try Trent on the right. Might've been more useful than Sterling
  15. Don't worry, you'll have another foreigner to blame for this...
  16. Lloris, for all his previous shambles, has been flawless tonight.
  17. Should've blown for that penalty on Giroud two minutes ago then...
  18. Ref not sticking to the script, that's never a foul on Saka
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