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  1. I don't know if this is spam: Is there any report post button any more? I cannot find it.
  2. There are a number of spam topics in the EHM Forum. I can't see any Report Post button when viewing on mobile - hence my post here.
  3. IIRC eLicence disappeared a number of years ago and I'm not sure you'll have any luck getting your licence sorted out. Your best bet is to use EHM 1 via Steam. It's an improvement over EHM 2007 in many ways and you can import old EHM 2007 databases into EHM 1 (but not saved games).
  4. It looks like the Name IDs for the second names in the Hall of Fame table are out slightly. I recall a similar issue was present with the Club Records table. I understand that the same issue arises with the Player Awards. Original link here :
  5. From Reddit: Q: I've recently accepted the job as a GM of a national team. I've made the rookie mistake of only bringing 2 goalies to the world championship and my starter got injured, so now I only have 1 goalie and I cannot proceed. Is my save ruined? A: Solution: 1) Quit game; 2) Relaunch; 3) Go on vacation
  6. What happens if you click on the Finish button in the first screenshot?
  7. It's worth noting that EHM 1 is regularly on sale for a few pounds. So if you're not sure, it might be worth waiting a bit until it's on sale again.
  8. What database are you running when encountering this?
  9. EHM 2004 and 2005 don't work on Windows 10 either (using the various compatibility settings). No doubt this is because of the age of the software. I suspect the only solution is to run Windows XP via a virtual machine.
  10. Take a look at this thread for the latest:
  11. Riz said this back in 2016 and I expect this remains the case today:
  12. Unfortunately laptops vary significantly when it comes to cooling. My old laptop (a five year old XPS 17) was absolutely hopeless when it came to the fan and it was really annoying if I used anything other than Chrome/Office/etc. Some laptops allow you to change the fan curve (i.e. the speed of the fans relative to the temperature of the CPU) but this can be risky because the CPU will run hotter which can limit its longevity and, at the extreme, damage it. A relatively harmless solution is to undervolt the CPU using ThrottleStop. This reduces the voltage going through the CPU which in turn reduces the temperature (without any performance issues) and this in turn can reduce how much and how often the fans need to run. Manufacturers veer on the side of caution when setting the voltage running through the CPU because each chip varies as to the amount of voltage it needs. So you can usually get away with undervolting a little - but it varies by chip and by laptop. The only risky element is that undervolting a CPU too far will result in instability and crashes (and you might not discover this until several months afterwards). Unless you're up for lots of trial and error and stress testing, the easiest thing to do is to Google whether anyone else has undervolted the same model laptop and what values they used. This is what I did with my Dell and it now runs around 5-10 degrees cooler when running certain resource hungry applications. It's certainly not for people who are uncomfortable tweaking their system, but it is probably the most viable solution if you're looking to get your fans down a bit (assuming that undervolting can reduce the temperature of your CPU far enough in order to reduce the fans). Some more info here: https://www.notebookcheck.net/How-to-Lower-Temperatures-Stop-Throttling-and-Increase-Battery-Life-The-ThrottleStop-Guide-2017.213140.0.html EDIT: Just to add that NotebookCheck is a really useful resource for finding out how noisy a laptop is (they measure the fans of each laptop they review): https://www.notebookcheck.net
  13. Yes I have a GTX 1050 in my Dell XPS 15 (i7 7700HQ / 32 gb RAM). The 3D engine runs fine at 4K resolution with High settings. The GTX 1050 is at the low end of Nvidia's current generation of cards - hence why it is much lower than the mid/high end cards like the 1060 onwards. But don't let that put you off because the 10xx generation cards are the first laptop cards to have near desktop quality performance. If you want a 1060 or higher card then you'll find the laptops that have them are much bulkier because of the heat generated by them. There's the MaxQ versions which generate less heat (and fan noise) but keep in mind that these do not have as much power as the standard/non-MaxQ cards.
  14. Is there a changelist of what changed between the last beta release and the full version release?
  15. There hasn't been any misleading. This was what SI said on the day of the original release of the Early Access version (link): The game was in early access for around 8 months and since then it has been developed by Riz in his spare time (just as they said would be the case if the game didn't sell enough).
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