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  1. Yes the game has been perfectly playable for many years. It's true that minor bugs have been identified and fixed and other things tweaked but this is always the case for any game or software. As for the UI, there's a whole bunch of screenshots at the bottom of here: http://www.eastsidehockey.com/ Note that the screenshots show faked rosters/team names but there are several unofficial fan-made updates which add all of the correct players, teams, etc and keep the rosters up to date. I personally wouldn't wait until patch v1.5 as there is no ETA on when this might be released.
  2. Apparently pulling and returning your goalie can fix this. There's a video of this on Reddit in case it is of interest to Riz:
  3. Try this: https://www.ehmtheblueline.com/forums/viewtopic.php?p=202425#p202425
  4. It looks like they now use a cloud service rather than FTP. See here: https://community.sigames.com/topic/495118-how-to-upload-files-to-us/
  5. That's not quite accurate. The Trade Marks Act simply prohibits "use". Its doesn't distinguish between those making a profit and those that don't. Same with copyright - hence why it is/was illegal to rip your CDs as MP3s (I think an EU regulation has since ironed out that particular point though). IIRC a holder of a trade mark can lose their mark if they acquiesce to other people using it unlicensed. So I think they do have to enforce their rights.
  6. No, fair dealing is using copyrighted material (and not trade marked material) for research, review/critique or news reporting purposes. None of these apply here. This is it - fair dealing doesn't apply to trade marks. Team names and logos are generally trade marked. Copyright doesn't extend to names such as Manchester United. It is questionable whether a logo might attract copyright as it depends on how original the logo is. If you search the UK or EU trade mark registries you will invariably find the team/league name and logos registered. IIRC old PES fan sites were stung by certain teams/leagues asking them to remove their trade marked material. I seem to recall they were pretty even handed in their request - i.e. they understood nobody was making money/were just fans and wouldn't make a deal of it provided it was promptly removed. TBH I'm surprised this thread hasn't been locked by SI.
  7. No and I doubt there ever would be. This doesn't really have much to do with SI. They are free to code their game as they wish. If third party websites choose to host/distribute/use logos/names/etc then that's between the third party site and the rights holder. Nobody can legally force SI to lock down customisation (e.g. by way of an injunction). The only thing that might happen is that a team/league which has granted a licence to SI might impose certain conditions upon the grant of that licence. E.g. the Premier League might say that the game cannot permit users to import their own facepacks otherwise they won't grant a licence. But somebody like Juventus who haven't in any event granted a licence to SI can only go after the person who is infringing their trade mark (i.e. the third party) - SI hasn't infringed Juventus' trade mark rights.
  8. I think this is more coincidence than a bug, but I came across a fairly unusual double penalty in my Las Palmas save. One of my players was scythed down in Real Sporting's penalty area and the referee awarded a penalty. The penalty by Rubén Castro (my Las Palmas penalty taker) was pushed away by the goalie but Castro was able to collect the ball from near the edge of the penalty area. He was promptly tackled from behind by a Real Sporting player who was given a straight red and we were awarded a further penalty. This time Castro put it into the back of the net. It has been a little while since I last played FM (the last one being FM 2018) but I've never seen such an odd set of circumstances! Video here (apologies for the iffy editing):
  9. Copyright and trade mark laws are intended to stop people from "using" logos and trade marks without their permission. You cannot just add a disclaimer to your website because you're still infringing the copyright/trade mark holder's rights. In the UK the person claiming infringement would need to send a "letter before action" before bringing a claim to court (this is a requirement under the UK's Civil Procedure Rules). The sad reality is that the only way you can comply with the law is by seeking a licence from the copyright/trade mark holder which they would obviously charge for.
  10. I don't know if this is spam: Is there any report post button any more? I cannot find it.
  11. There are a number of spam topics in the EHM Forum. I can't see any Report Post button when viewing on mobile - hence my post here.
  12. IIRC eLicence disappeared a number of years ago and I'm not sure you'll have any luck getting your licence sorted out. Your best bet is to use EHM 1 via Steam. It's an improvement over EHM 2007 in many ways and you can import old EHM 2007 databases into EHM 1 (but not saved games).
  13. It looks like the Name IDs for the second names in the Hall of Fame table are out slightly. I recall a similar issue was present with the Club Records table. I understand that the same issue arises with the Player Awards. Original link here :
  14. From Reddit: Q: I've recently accepted the job as a GM of a national team. I've made the rookie mistake of only bringing 2 goalies to the world championship and my starter got injured, so now I only have 1 goalie and I cannot proceed. Is my save ruined? A: Solution: 1) Quit game; 2) Relaunch; 3) Go on vacation
  15. What happens if you click on the Finish button in the first screenshot?
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