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  1. I’m an old guy/not tech savvy, but I do know there are differences between NA and Europe in characters and how they're read (I edit EHM a lot and I know the issue comes up sometimes with spreadsheets/editors); this issue has been solved in the editing community by the volunteers that create the editors Given the above, I would think a tech savvy person might be able to solve your problem (alas I’m not that guy, sorry) EDIT - I might be wrong, but it seems this might be your issue/might be fixable IMO There’s an online community at TBL (ehmtheblueline.com - IMO the best source for all things EHM) & there’s EHMreddit.....you might get more and better information/advice/support there
  2. For EHM05, EHM07 and the new EHM all multiplayer I've ever heard of/played in involved the same game being directly accessed by the players (there was never any sending of files); one person has the game up and running on their computer and all other players can log into that game/their team via the IP address (alas I've never been a host/involved in hosting so I don't know the details of how things work). I have sent/received saved games overseas (I'm in NA) many times without issues. I suspect the problem is the game wasn't ever set up for exchanging lines files to work in the way you're trying to get it to
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    It's hard to think of teams that have never won in the NHL but were a top team long ago...the Toronto Maple Leafs have many hot young prospects and a nice budget and though the Leafs have won 13 Stanley Cups since 1927, they haven't won a Stanley Cup (or been a real contender) in 50 years For addons the most important is the TBL Rosters (2017-18 version just came out!); just click "Subscribe" in the Steam Workshop and you'll be able to select TBL 10.0 at start. Regarding addons in general, you might find this page helpful https://www.ehmtheblueline.com/wiki/index.php?title=Where_to_install_addons:_EHM_Early_Access For all things EHM I can't recommend the TBL website enough...everything you could want for EHM is there Home Page https://www.ehmtheblueline.com/forums/portal.php Forums https://www.ehmtheblueline.com/forums/index.php
  4. What makes you think I wouldn't want more frequent updates? IMO it's not about what you or I want, it's about being realistic (if I'm going to wish for things with no sign of being realistic I'll wish for something like world peace or to win the lottery) And you never answered what made you think it was going to be a series [and I wasn't defending infrequent updates, I was defending the idea that they never said there'd be a series and the idea that the game wasn't dead...I think they've been totally upfront from the beginning about the limited time EHM is getting (so it doesn't seem "crazy" at all to me that the time between updates is so long sometimes), and regardless of how infrequent a $20 game still being updated three years later seems impressive to me]
  5. What caused you to think the game was going to be a series? I've been actively involved with EHM since 2010 as a volunteer tester/researcher and the game was actually "dead" from 2010-2015 (there wasn't even a Forum on this site for it, no updates at all, no comments at all from Riz/SI, etc) but that's not the case now.....a game that you paid $20 for that is still being updated over two years later seems like a good deal to me AFAIK the new EHM was never presented as anything other than the resurrection of a dead game that Riz would work on in his spare time/sporadically.....I have no idea how anyone could think they were misled; as for the 10 month delay, are sports simulation games usually still being updated years after release? isn't it usually 6-8 months after release all work on the game stops as they move to the next in the series? with never another update again?
  6. The resurrected game that Riz works on occasionally, that is clearly not a priority.....you think the limited time Riz has should be spent on the tiny minority? or you think a new game is possible! They just seem completely unrealistic views to me FHM4 just dropped online play from their game altogether...given that quite clearly online play is not going to get the attention some like yourself would like it to get, would you prefer EHM do what FHM4 did? I played online (EHM05, EHM07 and EHM1), and experienced some of the difficulties mentioned, but each time I quit it had absolutely nothing to do with the EHM issues I never had some issues mentioned.....we always did the draft "offline" (via Skype or something similar) and then one person entered the draft, I never scheduled exhibitions during the offseason (why would you?), I never experienced the to many tryouts problem/I felt I was still able to invite more than enough players for a realistic training camp, and I rarely had an issue with timing out (I didn't leave myself on screens or flip back and forth between the game and other things, I'd log in and check my team and make any changes and log out; I also used screenshots when preparing for the draft) I really do hope some of the online issues get some attention (especially the idea of making it easier to bring the game back up after a crash), but I would certainly understand if they didn't anytime soon 1500 hours (and still playing) for less than $20 is an extremely good deal for a paying customer IMO
  7. As one who has worked on rosters and testing since 2010, I'm happy the game isn't truly dead as it was the first five years I worked on it.....and everything that's happening is what would be said to be happening, so I'm not surprised and I don't understand why anyone else is (nor do I see the resurrection of a dead game and updates over years while maintaining a low price as anything close to "brutal") While it's unfortunate, the reality is EHM is given limited development time and prioritizing occurs; online play is a very small part of the community by what I can tell be available numbers (looking at the number of online leagues advertised and the number of TBL members/number of roster downloads it seems online players are about 200 out of 20,000), so I can see why limited updates/improvements would focus on the 99%
  8. Are you talking about this Forum? Obviously with SI releasing the game this Forum/site has a purpose but.....IMO the relevant Forum for all things EHM is TBL, where there is frequent/ongoing Forum activity on EHM (and there has been for over a decade) and everything you can know about EHM can be found http://www.ehmtheblueline.com/forums/portal.php I don't think Riz/SI can say anymore than has been said.....the game has been resurrected as a side project with low priority, but at least the game is back, and still the same low price going into it's third season of ongoing development For me personally, even if EHM was getting a higher priority and yearly releases, I'd have no interest in a PR/marketing approach; I'm totally fine without any such "action" and I never ever think Riz isn't working on the game or volunteers aren't working on Rosters (about to be released for the 13th year in a row) because of a lack of tweets or facebook posts or SI Forum posts......IMO it's best that the limited time for EHM is spent on the game, so for me personally the lack of "action" doesn't concern me at all
  9. I don't recall posts about D not being able to score 4 goals in a season; the issue I do recall is the 2-3 D per year IRL that score 70+ points doesn't happen in EHM (and recent testing I did on this validated this) The current TBL Challenge shows many D scoring more than 4 goals (and they likely don't have a "20 goal scoring D" - scoring 20 goals for a D is pretty rare IRL.....done once last year, four times the year before, twice the year before that and four times the year before that) Riz posted on August 4th in the "Still Supported?" thread in this Forum - "EHM is still very much in development but as time is limited, I tend to only post sporadically here nowadays. Work is ongoing for the 1.5 update still, ready when done" and as he noted back in May on HFBoards "My time to develop EHM is limited and I've been focusing the little time I have had mainly on the editor, so I've got a big list of gameplay things I want to look at for 1.5 update. As before, this update is "ready when done" since there is a lot to do and test before it can be released." IMO, given we're right before the yearly release of FM, I would think this would be the least likely time of year for an EHM update from Riz I think the answers to questions about development have been the same since EHM came back in 2015.....limited time for Riz, but work is ongoing, it's better than a dead game, the next update will be released when the work is done
  10. Nino-33

    Mouse scrolling issue

    Sorry to hear you're having issues...do you think it might help if you note what mouse/PC you're using? I ask as I've never had a problem with my mouse wheel (scrolling/hovering have always worked just fine), nor do I recall hearing of this issue before (I don't recall this thread from 29 months ago), so maybe your mouse/PC type might be helpful knowledge as I don't think this is a widespread problem Or, are you using a Mac? EHM was not set up to work with a Mac (not officially supported), and while many users have reported success getting EHM to work on a Mac using workarounds some have encountered problems/issues (and given the limited developer time & the game isn't for Mac I'd be surprised if much time was spent on Mac only issues)
  11. IMO anything and everything you'll need regarding "all things EHM" can be found at TBL http://www.ehmtheblueline.com/forums/portal.php In particular to editing, the Data Editing Forum will have all the available tools/answers you need http://www.ehmtheblueline.com/forums/viewforum.php?f=110 You can edit LOTS, and could easily edit any of the dozens of playable Leagues in game to meet your needs (or create a new 8 team League...but editing an existing League would likely be easier) Editing EHM is not always quick and easy (you'll have to do some reading), especially if you're editing league rules/structures (the ability to do such editing is pretty new/recent), but it can definitely be done!
  12. Given the TBL Rosters have over 19,000 subscribers on the Steam Workshop I think if there'd been a problem with rosters there'd have been more people noting the issue (I don't recall there being such an issue, nor can I see it noted in the NHL feedback forum for the rosters or the changelists/notes from the actual roster releases)
  13. Nino-33

    Can not continue

    TBL Rosters are "OK" (don't have known issues with crashing) and so that shouldn't be the issue; sounds like an issue for Riz...
  14. Sometimes the cause of crashes is the database itself, so it would likely be helpful to note what database you're using
  15. Nino-33

    Can not continue

    Sometimes the cause of crashes is the database itself, so it would likely be helpful to note what database you're using; What Leagues you have selected can matter with edited databases. For example, in the "Vegas DB" that's currently available selecting certain Leagues is known to cause crashes