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  1. Given the TBL Rosters have over 19,000 subscribers on the Steam Workshop I think if there'd been a problem with rosters there'd have been more people noting the issue (I don't recall there being such an issue, nor can I see it noted in the NHL feedback forum for the rosters or the changelists/notes from the actual roster releases)
  2. TBL Rosters are "OK" (don't have known issues with crashing) and so that shouldn't be the issue; sounds like an issue for Riz...
  3. Sometimes the cause of crashes is the database itself, so it would likely be helpful to note what database you're using
  4. Sometimes the cause of crashes is the database itself, so it would likely be helpful to note what database you're using; What Leagues you have selected can matter with edited databases. For example, in the "Vegas DB" that's currently available selecting certain Leagues is known to cause crashes
  5. FYI - you can Coach games yourself and still not be the one in control of the Tactics; if you click on your name at the top of the screen, and then on General Manager Options you'll see not only "Coach games yourself?" as an option but also a Yes/No option for "Use Current Tactics" (if you don't say Yes you're not in control of Tactics)
  6. FYI to all - this issue was solved (it was a DB issue)
  7. My understanding is you just put the saved game in the FM folder and then post telling Riz you've done so and what the name is
  8. As I mentioned, It does take some time and effort, there's no "wizard" or anything similar that does most everything for you . There's also no step-by-step guide, but.....everything you need is at TBL, but you'll have to do some reading. Here's a link to the Data Editing Forum at TBL I think the thread that might be the most helpful for you is the "Editing league rules and structures in EHM1" AFAIK so far there's only a couple/few people that actually doing this editing, and for them it's all been time consuming trial and error Editing the structure/rules of a League is not "easy" and takes significant time and effort (and hours of reading!), but now unlike with EHM07 at least it can be done! EDIT FYI - Riz is working on an ingame Editor, most recently mentioned today on HFBoards I suspect in time there'll be some known guidelines/processes for making changes to League structure/rules, but it's all very new at this point, and hasn't got to the point where what's known is written up in a clear, concise format
  9. Yes, you can add a new team to an existing League; there's currently a 31 team database available at TBL (with Vegas added)...and you can reduce teams too, as my 1974 database runs an 18 team NHL You can also make unplayable Leagues playable, edit rules/finances and more It does take some time and effort, there's no "wizard" or anything similar that does most everything for you P.S. In case anyone see this and wonders about the 1974 was created for EHM07 almost 5 years ago, and I 've recently begun working on it so it can be used with EHM1
  10. FYI - Riz posted on the HFBoards EHM Thread today: "My time to develop EHM is limited and I've been focusing the little time I have had mainly on the editor, so I've got a big list of gameplay things I want to look at for 1.5 update. As before, this update is "ready when done" since there is a lot to do and test before it can be released."
  11. Riz's last post was two weeks ago The lack of ongoing public communication and significant explanations regarding future plans has been sporadic since EHM1 was released two years ago, doesn't seem anything's different currently IMO (I get the impression it's still Riz doing the best he can with very limited time to work on EHM)
  12. It's random; I've started many dozens of games as part of testing I've done, and there isn't always a 2016 World Cup
  13. Hmmm...when I think about it, I suppose "random" for the future is reasonable (because there's no guarantee it'll happen a gain, and there's been inconsistency in it being held in the past), but since it was held in 2016 I'd think it should happen in 2016 100% of the time
  14. I too am not trying to come off like a jerk...I was thinking more along the lines that perhaps your game is missing a file (and thus it's affecting all saves), and at least with a save that could be ruled out; also, since Riz asked for a save, it made sense to me to provide at least one Are you pressing Continue more than once? Because repeatedly pressing Continue will cause the game to crash...
  15. Oops! I stand corrected! I guess because I never play the NA minor leagues, and few people do, I was just outright wrong! HaHa Sorry about that Weller/thanks for the correction kidhander