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  1. After everything I have done for them in the past, we won the Champions League together, many PL titles and I lost count of the FA and League Cups we won. Well I guess it's their loss....
  2. I suppose it's better than keepers never saving a penalty like in FM15. I'm playing a save in there now and after extra time neither side had scored and had hardly any shots on target, enough shots at goal but mostly wide or blasted over. The penalty shoot out comes along and we lose 26 to 25 with one of my guys firing over the bar, 51 straight penalties scored! I was glad when it was over!
  3. Well you can certainly bid as much as you like without having the money, I don't know it could work to his advantage, the teams lose their better players, there is no certainty they would even spend that money let alone buy players that were better than they lost, the league is not going to attract the better players, they have to find the diamonds in the rough.
  4. As jayahr said everyone plays differently, I tend to play as a real manager would, you have to think how you will feel 2 or 3 seasons from now if you think you have cheated. Normally with these threads if you have to ask if you think it is cheating then you already know the answer as you are feeling bad enough about it to make a thread asking if it is cheating.
  5. FM 2014 work permits

    How old are these "young" players? I only ask as I think, although not 100% sure, that players have to be 17 and older to move on loan. Again I think that is the rule.
  6. I think this is the first time I have downloaded the demo, going to have a go today to see how it feels.
  7. Good luck when those medical records get released.
  8. I search from 15 year old. Also I don't go with just my scouts find, its not unusual for me to spend an entire evening going through smaller clubs around Europe, looking through U21 international sides, especially the smaller international sides. The truth is if you find a player that either is or can be a wonderkid at a big club or a good international side the chances are he won't come to a lower league side or you can't afford him. They come from anywhere though, I've had them from Ireland to Russia and from Scandinavia to Poland.
  9. You don't have to get hung up on players already listed as 'wonderkids', it is quite possible to find a young player and if he plays really well he could then get listed as a 'wonderkid' while playing for you. I have done this quite a few times in the past in lower leagues. If you do want to do it without looking at lists then you have to do as I and others do, search, search and then search again, they are out there you just have to put the work in to find them.
  10. This game is rigged.

    I sure hope there was a LOT of alcohol consumption going on OP.
  11. I'm very angry

    It reads like a kids letter to Santa.
  12. I am in FM17

    With a balance of 4 it won't take too many tinnies for him to be wobbling all over the place.
  13. I am in FM17

    You know that stunning 21 year old blonde you were getting along so well with on Facebook and hoped to marry one day? Yeah, that was Miles. Congrats though.
  14. Wheres my copy?

    There is some sort of irony going on here. You bought the game from a company named "sortitoutsi" they then let you down and now you are asking SI to help you out!