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  1. When you have this feature activated, it also effects International games, meaning that when i get a load of players who go on International duty, play a game on the Wednesday and then come back to me to play a game on the Saturday, they are in no fit condition to play the full 90. Theres 3 solutions i can see, the easiest would be to have them play the first international game on the 1st Wednesday of the International break, then play another on Saturday, leaving them nice and rested when they come back to me the following week. The Second would be (and this would probably be trickier, i dont know for sure though!) to either disable the Sat/Weds fixtures feature from effecting International fixtures altogether, but this would remove the functionality of streamlining fixtures in International breaks and the Third and best option (IMO) is to move the Match Days for all International fixtures which take place during the season to take place on Thurs/Mon or Fri/Tues during the International break
  2. [Nottingham Forest] (Official) Data Issues

    Jordan Smith, not James, plus, dont forget, Rob had to send this info a while ago, Worrall wont have started many games by the time the data was locked
  3. [Spain] (Official) Data Issues

    and another one, Carlos Soler received a new contract almost a year ago, which lasts to 2018, has a buyout clause of 8 million and an option to extend it for a further 2 years, this has not been implemented in the game: http://www.superdeporte.es/valencia/2016/12/23/carlos-soler-blindado/320647.html
  4. [Spain] (Official) Data Issues

    im also disappointed that the issue of Nanis salary, the fact it has inexplicably been doubled from what he was on at Fenerbahce and he is on way more than Valencia are willing to pay a single player, as evidenced by the fact that the next highest paid player is on nearly 100k less than what Nani is being paid in game, has been ignored, along with Enzo Perezs "Likes to shoot from distance" PPM when according to Squawka ( http://www.squawka.com/players/enzo-perez/stats#shot-accuracy#valencia-cf-(current)#spanish-la-liga#23#season-2016/2017#712#all-matches#1-26#zone ) in his Valencia career so far, hes tried a grand total of 11 shots, 8 of which were outside the area, that doest strike me as someone that tries to shoot from distance a lot
  5. [Spain] (Official) Data Issues

    im slightly confused as to the rating changes for a lot of the Valencia players in this update, 2 players have had large increases in CA, Carlos Soler and Joao Cancelo, whilst a lot of players have had less dramatic decreases. Now Solers increase was much needed and justified due to his emergence as a first team regular, but Cancelos is most definitely NOT justified and seems to stem mainly from a large jump in his Acceleration from 15 to 18, which i find strange, as although he is reasonably speedy, hes certainly not elite, which an 18 would deem him to be. As for the decreases, whilst some of them are justified, especially by Valencias poor season, the decrease to some is strange as they have performed well, Santi Mina for example has played well above average and before his injury, was a major cause for optimism amongst Valencia fans this season, yet has -3 to his CA, Dani Parejo has been a good performer again, earning links to Sevilla, yet has a decrease to his CA, it seems, apart from the 2 increases i mentioned, EVERY player in the squad has had a decrease and one of the rare players who hasnt, Zakkaria Bakkali, has had his stamina reduced from an already bizarrely low 8 to 6, which i find strange, seeing how in the rare chances he gets to start a game, he makes meaningful and energetic contributions throughout the match
  6. Losing control mid game

    nope, happened in 2 subsequent games against the AI that i noticed (might have happened in more that i didnt notice, i dunno)
  7. Losing control mid game

    there was a delay after i had gone through my opposition instructions and team talk, but i assume thats because i was waiting for the other human manager to do his pre-game stuff
  8. Losing control mid game

    i experienced this bug during some matches tonight, happened 3 times, first was in a game against another human, I clicked on "Make a Substitution" and then suddenly, i wasnt managing the team anymore, it was as if i was a spectator, could make no changes to the team or tactics, couldnt pause the game, nothing. Oddly, the same thing happened to Sandy in our match, not at the same time though and he said he wasnt making a sub at the time. The same thing happened twice more (though these subsequent times, i wasnt doing anything, didnt press make a sub or anything) and it happened late on in games, i didnt even notice straight away, it didnt cost me anything, but its weird and needs sorting
  9. Crash During Processing

    just a suggestion, but is there a way of putting out a Beta patch removing the 2 Network Game changes that were included in the previous patch to see if that fixes it? you could then add 1 of the fixes in, and then remove that and put the other one in, so you could isolate which of the 2 fixes causes the problem?
  10. Crash During Processing

    just a suggestion, but is there a way of putting out a Beta patch removing the 2 Network Game changes that were included in the previous patch to see if that fixes it? you could then add 1 of the fixes in, and then remove that and put the other one in, so you could isolate which of the 2 fixes causes the problem?
  11. this is my regen Keeper, quite old for a regen, but thats less of a problem for a GK, looks pretty decent imo, especially his non-goalkeeping stats like agility and positioning
  12. Managed to get promotion in my first season at Forest (in online FM, but only a couple of other Champo players, most are in Prem), finished 4th and beat Fulham and Wednesday in the Play-Offs, ended up selling Bendtner, Fryatt and Fox for around 5 mil total and brought in Jacob Murphy from Norwich for 3 mil (this was from one of the other human managers though) and brought in Albert Adomah and Connor Washington on loan in january, used the rest of the money to extend the contracts of the likes of Lansbury and Cohen. Had massive injury problems in my first season (just like irl :D) Britt missed over half the season, Hobbs, Stojkovic, Pinillos, Adomah, Murphy and Carayol all missed large portions of the season too, i really struggled to score goals, my top scorer had 9! My Defence was rock solid though and was what got us promoted, had a really exciting Youth intake as well with 5 players with 4.5-5 star potential, one of them, a GK, I decided to put in to start in the first team when Stojkovic went down, hes raw, but performed really well and in the playoffs, only conceded 1 goal in all 3 games and saved 3 out of 9 penalties in the shootout in the final too
  13. nothing special, just listed him and offered him out, also managed to sell Fryatt for 450k in January once he was fit (paying 5k of his wages, but only for 6 months)
  14. Crash During Processing

    last night we had up to 8 on i think, 6-7 for a fairly sustained period, im not 100% sure if anyone different was on last night, there was a few less, understandably yes, that is what was happening a lot of the times during freezes last wednesday
  15. Crash During Processing

    had our FMO session tonight, seemed ok (though still not as smooth as pre-patch), something i did notice, people complained about being frozen, their countdown timer went from 1 min, counted down to 55 seconds and then recycled back to 1 minute continuously until the host kicked them. The host also set it to save every day, i dont know if that had an effect on the issue?