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  1. I have an AMD card but i actually (well, hopefully, its not happened since ) resolved the issue, with the latest AMD update, they introduced a Video Capture software called, after looking around on the internet, i saw someone suggest this might be causing the problem, so disabled it (including turning off the run on startup option) and havent had a crash since, so if anyone else is having this problem with a AMD card, id suggest doing the same
  2. i keep getting this error message and FM crashes for me, why is this happening
  3. yes, hes was very good for the 30 mins after he came on, put in a brilliant cross that Griezmann put just over
  4. these are some god awful pens
  5. part of judging whether or not a handball is deliberate is if his arm was in an unnatural position or not and it was most definitely in an unnatural position
  6. Utterly pathetic, how the **** can you fall apart that drastically against ****ing Iceland? i mean, struggling to make 5 yard passes and control the ball, this is basic stuff and there is no excuse for that ind of BS. Surely thats the end for Roy, but this result is on the players mainly, though i dont know how Sturridge wasnt subbed off at HT, he was ****ing ****, but then again, everyone was, i like Kane but has he done anything at all this Euros? I dont know why i expected any better, but being an England fan is ****ing **** sometimes, we deserve better than this, the Players should be embarrassed
  7. agreed, plus he cant keep his own bias out of his commentary
  8. Koscielny and Giroud the only other French players on a yellow card
  9. the rate this is going, noones going to score their ****ing penalties, are they?
  10. OptaPaolo ‏@OptaPaolo 3m3 minutes ago 0 - #CROPOR is the first Major Tournaments game without a shot on target in the 90 minutes since 1980.
  11. sure, but Connor Washington hasnt scored a goal since moving to the Championship from League 1 and Josh Magennis is an average SPL player
  12. Wales so lucky again, ive seen 3 of their games (missed the Russia one where they were apparently excellent) and theyve been largely garbage, scoring off of 3 GK/Defender errors from Shots/crosses from Bale and have done **** all else in the games
  13. makes Englands route to the final harder, but im still happy for Croatia, like them a lot, some superb players and a real good team spirit
  14. ****ing spineless performance from Slovakia, offered utterly nothing and just sat everyone behind the ball, never even tried to go forward
  15. Slovakias anthem is even more boring than ours