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  1. just give him 200 CA, problem solved But in seriousness, though obviously i defer to you, as youve seen him a lot more than i have, imo, its his Ability (and willingness) to keep going till the last second of every match that sets him apart from other players at the club
  2. some of Ben Osborns stats seem a little, unfair, especially his Stamina rating of 13 and his Natural Fitness of 12. Hes played a part in every single game going back 2 seasons now, playing the full 90 minutes in 81 of those games (out of a possible 92) he is always working hard, closing down, tracking back, even in the final minutes of every game, I would suggest a rating of 15-16 for both would be fair and accurate
  3. this is my regen Keeper, quite old for a regen, but thats less of a problem for a GK, looks pretty decent imo, especially his non-goalkeeping stats like agility and positioning
  4. Managed to get promotion in my first season at Forest (in online FM, but only a couple of other Champo players, most are in Prem), finished 4th and beat Fulham and Wednesday in the Play-Offs, ended up selling Bendtner, Fryatt and Fox for around 5 mil total and brought in Jacob Murphy from Norwich for 3 mil (this was from one of the other human managers though) and brought in Albert Adomah and Connor Washington on loan in january, used the rest of the money to extend the contracts of the likes of Lansbury and Cohen. Had massive injury problems in my first season (just like irl :D) Britt missed over half the season, Hobbs, Stojkovic, Pinillos, Adomah, Murphy and Carayol all missed large portions of the season too, i really struggled to score goals, my top scorer had 9! My Defence was rock solid though and was what got us promoted, had a really exciting Youth intake as well with 5 players with 4.5-5 star potential, one of them, a GK, I decided to put in to start in the first team when Stojkovic went down, hes raw, but performed really well and in the playoffs, only conceded 1 goal in all 3 games and saved 3 out of 9 penalties in the shootout in the final too
  5. nothing special, just listed him and offered him out, also managed to sell Fryatt for 450k in January once he was fit (paying 5k of his wages, but only for 6 months)
  6. FM 17 - Valencia CF

    Soler has the potential to be a real star for Valencia i mean, if you want an attacking RB, Cancelo is perfect for that role and 23 million euros is pretty low for him too
  7. FM 17 - Valencia CF

    i had no problems, i did sell off a few players for cash up front and my signings involved a lot in instalments though
  8. FM 17 - Valencia CF

    it is (and should already be paid for i think), you are scheduled to move into it in 2019 (though in reality its been pushed back another year to 2020), go to the Club > Facilities screen and it should say under "Planned Move"
  9. FM 17 - Valencia CF

    had an interesting Transfer window in my 3rd summer at Valencia, Dani Parejo had been attracting interest from Monaco for some time and after several rejected bids, they finally met his release clause of 43 million, so had to wave goodbye to him, was a bit sad to lose one of my best players, but as he was 29, i did have plans to replace him sooner rather than later and to get that much cash, all up front, would be a major impact on my business in the summer, at that point, i had already snapped up Oliver Burke from RB leipzig and after Parejo left, i decided to bring in 2 cornerstones of my Valencia project, i signed 2 young future stars, both from Real Madrid, Marco Asensio to replace Parejo and Jesus Vallejo to be a long term anchor in defence, I was a little surprised they were both happy to join, especially as Asensio had actually started featuring sporadically for Madrids first team, but to snatch those 2 away from the evil empire was great, the future is bright!
  10. FM 17 - Valencia CF

    i addressed the Transfer budget in the paragraph just above where i talked about the squad, i'll make it a bit clearer though, 17 million is about right for CL qualification
  11. i sold him to Reading for 500k (maybe a smidge under)
  12. Yrah, i signed Murphy on loan too, started off well so far!, Selling off Danny Fox seems to be a lot easier in game than irl
  13. I think its been set so Fawaz is pretty open to selling the club, im playing in an Online game with Forest and have only got 3 matches in, so havent had a takeover yet, it does feel a bit like im in a holding pattern waiting for it to happen and hoping i dont get sacked
  14. FM 17 - Valencia CF

    A note on Munir, playing through my current Valencia save, where i didnt buy him at the end of his loan and i notice he moved to Galatasaray in the summer immediately after he left me for a grand total of 1.3 million (rising to 1.8 with add ons), so it might be worth your while letting his loan expire and try and pick him up on the cheap
  15. FM 17 - Valencia CF

    Transfers, Season 1: Having examined the squad, its clear that there is a massive dearth of talent in Centre Midfield after the top 2 players, this is a problem, especially if you want to play with 3 central midfielders in the classical 4-2-3-1 or 4-1-2-3, so you will need to go out shopping for some new ones, a good start is FM favourite Thiago Maia, he can be had for under 15 million from Santos at the start of the game and they will accept most of that in instalments, an alternative is Ignacio Camacho, who can had for the same amount of money, but that will involve a release clause and, therefore, no instalments allowed, Marco van Ginkel is also available on loan from Chelsea and im sure there are several other players out there who fit the bill, bringing in 2 of these 3 players (or other players you have found), combined with promoting Carlos Soler to the first team should be sufficient You also need some backup at ST, I brought in Diafra Sakho from West Ham for under 10 million, he wasnt a great fit, but i didnt have a lot of choice due to spending most of my budget at the MC position. If you choose to sell Aymen Abdennour, a ready replacement can be found in Aritz Elustondo from Real Sociedad, 7.5 million and well under half the wages of Abdennour. If you decide to find targets for yourself, bear in mind that La Liga has a 3 Non EU player limit in place and Valencia currently have 2 on the books (Aderlan Santos and Enzo Perez) so you can only sign one more player that doesnt have an EU nationality Transfers, Season 2: In Season 2, your first task will be to sort out the returning loanees, imo, you will want to offload Negredo and his massive wage ASAP, Vinicius Araujo isnt good enough and should be sold for 1-2 million, Vezo can take Aderlan Santos' place if you prefer him, but sell one of them, if you get an offer for one of your existing wingers that you like, Piatti can replace them easily (Espanyol will offer his agreed fee, but never seem able to agree terms) and Yoel can be sold. After that, your main job will be to replace Mangala and Munir (if you decided not to buy him), this should be a lot easier if you qualified for the Champions League (sadly, i missed out on the CL by 1 point in season 1 and really struggled to find a quality DC to replace Mangala) Coaches: The coaching staff at Valencia is disappointingly bad, bar the superb Jose Manuel Otxotorena and the fitness Coach, you should probably replace every coach including the Assistant Manager, Im pretty sure i basically gutted the entire Backroom staff, aside from the 2 coaches, the DoF (and even he isnt that good) and maybe 1 or 2 scouts and physios, everyone else can go Tactical Approach: Im not going to give you a tactic to download or say "You must Play this way", but its fairly clear that the strength of the squad you start off with is out wide, Gaya and Cancelo are great Attacking Full Backs and finding a way to get them linking up well with your wingers (of which you have several decent ones) is crucial to your success, Bakkali doesnt look the most impressive, but i have had a lot of success with him playing on the left, he has 19 goals and 18 assists for me so far and hes missed half of one season, Santi Mina excelled as a Poacher in season 1, bagging 30 goals, Enzo Perez is probably best played at DM, as his annoying PPM has a habit of breaking up a lot of promising attacks and pushing him further back should help reduce that until you can train it off