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  1. I've skipped two versions of FM, and I'm trying out the FM17 demo. How do I retrain a player to a new position? I'm trying to retrain Alex Pritchard to natural at AM(C), he starts out at Accomplished, but I can't see a specific option to retrain. Is selecting training him as Advanced Playmaker from the AM(C) list and playing at AM(C) enough?
  2. They just changed the wording of the option in Steam to make it clearer what the option actually did. The old wording made it seem like you could tell Steam to not update a game, but in reality all it did was stop Steam from updating until you tried to launch the game. If you could completely stop Steam from updating a game it was a long, long time ago and it is completely understandable why you have to update games to pay them. Everyone is playing the same version and you only have to provide support for one version of the game.
  3. I'd say it was because if China kept the 117 youth rating and the clubs got a massive influx of cash and used it too improve their youth coaching and facilities there would be too many Chinese superstars in the game.
  4. Look at the records of even good teams over the last six years and they will have failed to beat or been beaten by teams you'd expect them to win easily. That list is meaningless, the question is why aren't England with their players and resources at least a decent team? Not why haven't they beaten these teams?
  5. That was ****. Far too slow and too many midfielders trying to play through the middle. It's not fashionable to get the ball wide to a winger and lump crosses in the box but it would be better that pile of ****.
  6. A ban for trouble outside the stadiums is extremely unlikely to happen. Legally it would be open to all sort of challenges and open a massive can of worms.
  7. A total ban makes some sense given some fans have repeatedly proved down the years that they can't be trusted. A partial ban that just screws locals over the sponsors and does nothing to actually stop any potential problems makes no sense at all. From a safety perspective at least it makes perfect sense as an excuse for money making.
  8. That graph would be a bit less damning if Sunderland weren't on it. £165m difference (over only four years compared to five) and only one place and two points better off. Ashley's plan is a stupid way to run a club but there isn't much evidence that spending more money under the current structure/hierarchy would actually improve the situation. Newcastle and Sunderland both haven't been buying enough of the "right" players, the actual amount of money spent is largely irrelevant beyond perhaps spending more on more players there is a better chance of striking gold through pure blind luck.
  9. Isn't the game after that against Norwich? Norwich fans would be very happy with you sticking with McLaren until then . To be honest with the run we are on most fans think we are down and the only game we have any chance of winning is against the current Newcastle team at Carrow Road. It will be a even more frustrating if you lot get a new manager and dead cat bounce like Sunderland have since Big Sam came in and did two years ago which also got Norwich relegated .
  10. Yes you can, but as far as I know only one from a club. So you can't have two from Man Utd.
  11. Presumably because if both Martial and Lingard are still at Man Utd and if Villa are in the Premier League that breaks the loan rules.
  12. Assuming I've watched the right incident you can't be offside in your own half.
  13. You still haven't played us (Norwich) away yet. Should be able to almost double that tally . Actually if you take away the six you lot put past us in that one match, you are hardly tearing it up at home either.
  14. Getting work permits for excellent youngsters is still and has been in earlier versions fairly easy. The struggles begin when they hit 22-23 (I can't remember the actual age) and they don't qualify for exceptional talents any more and you have to deal with normal rules. I always watch the scouting report says about getting a work permit, but in general if I'm playing in the English leagues I try to avoid having to even bother trying to get work permits. There is more then enough talent in the EU that I rarely bother signing anyone outside of EU nationals.
  15. Football was being played long before the Premier League formed . We haven't won this yet as we have been terrible at conceding sloppy late goals even against **** teams playing terribly.
  16. Depending on the version of FM I average about 24 hours of game time to do a full season. A season takes a bit longer if I move clubs as it can take a couple of hours to setup scouting, tactics, training and assess the squad, but after that I might revisit training every six months to change individual training focus, set my assistant to do all the media and fairly quickly fly through the seasons. I'm far more interested in the next match, next youngster, next transfer then bothering too much about what went wrong with my tactics/selection in the last match.
  17. Watching that video does make it look better then FM15, certainly in terms of usability if not aesthetics. Though to be honest it wasn't the pitch that annoyed me most in FM15 it was the rest of the screen and low res screenshots just make it seem even worse on FM16.
  18. I don't get the hate for the aesthetics of the screen. I just hope it's usability is a massive improvement over FM15 tactics screen. I hated it so much that after playing the demo for about 20 hours FM15 became the first version of CM/FM I didn't buy. Some of the problems I had might of been my now ancient PC, but it is still miles over the minimum spec and without checking I think over the recommended spec.
  19. I would far prefer that the game went back to allowing the match to continue playing whilst ALT+tab out when running full screen. So I can browse the internet whilst occasionally looking back to see how the first half is going before watching the whole second half. I'm not against a instant result button but I'd almost never use it.
  20. I don't hear it that often. I guess it has fallen out of fashion, normally you'll see or hear some write or say end to end instead.
  21. You could of put ding-dong into Google and come up with the answer. http://www.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/english/ding-dong
  22. I just like the full fat scouting and training system to be able to have more fun playing FMC then full FM. Though I am enjoying full FM a lot less with every new edition. Too much extra crap added or tweaked that just gets in the way of my scouting, buying players, developing players and playing matches. If I could play a full FM game without babysitting my players or dealing with the press I'd be very happy. I have actually played a few FMC games when full FM has pissed me off so much I can't stand it anymore which I would of never thought possible when FMC was announced. That is based purely on the full FM becoming frustrating, boring and/or tedious rather then FMC being amazing.
  23. The actual content of the review is pretty poor, but the score seems about right under their scoring system. 60%-70% is an average game and my own experiences with the demo are that FM15 isn't blowing me away, it isn't even grabbing my interest and I've moved on to other games after only 10 hours. That combined with niggles in the new GUI that over a long period would really drive me crazy I wouldn't give this version more then a 6 or 7 out of 10.
  24. Unless something has changed in FM15, if your B team doesn't start in the division directly below 3. Bundesliga when the game starts they will never be promoted. The game only chooses at random, with a better chance for the higher reputation teams, teams from the league below 3. Bundesliga to be promoted. If your team is one of the ones able to be promoted then you can save before the promoted/relegated teams get moved between the leagues and reload until yours get chosen for promotion.
  25. This is from the demo again. Why does clicking on the inbox on the sidebar take to the last read message rather then the first new one as it has in earlier versions, seemingly forever? I've played about 4 months and I must of had to click once on the inbox then once to get to the new message about hundred times. So I had to click literally an hundred extra times to read new messages than on earlier versions. Maybe I'm not the average FM player but when I click on the inbox 99.99% of the time I want to read the new message not reread one I read 30 seconds ago.
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