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  1. Katarian

    Sugar tax

    I switched to Zero Coke years ago when I wanted to reduce the amount of sugar I was consuming. It at least tastes a bit like normal Coke, it has a slightly different after taste but it is pleasant enough. Diet Coke used to taste so awful in comparison to either Zero or normal Coke I can't believe anybody wouldn't be able to tell the difference but maybe that has changed since I haven't tried the stuff for probably decades. The sugar tax hasn't really changed my drinking habits. I'm still drinking sugary drinks when I want to, the price difference isn't enough to put me off the occasional treat. Most of the stuff I drink regularly had either already reduced the sugar content or gone no-added sugar (fruit squashes) long ago. Generally ruining the taste in the process but I persevered and got used to the new taste even if I would still prefer going back to the old versions.
  2. Katarian

    The PC Gaming Thread

    The problems with Warhammer 2 DLC were so severe it took ~8 months to redo the Norsca DLC from scratch (it came out just over a week ago and supposed to available at WH2 launch) and completely reorganising the way they work to ensure it never happens again. As they make so much money from DLC for Warhammer you can expect that CA are going to try and sell masses of DLC for Three Kingdoms and so that reorganisation could have had an effect on Three Kingdoms. To be honest I'm not even remotely interested in China's history so I'm not that interested in Three Kingdoms. Medieval 3 or Empire 2 and I'd be excited but CA keep releasing historical titles in periods I'm not interested and Warhammer has spoiled me with the unit diversity so something like Throne of Britannia which I'm slightly interested (right region but too early in date) in is really, really boring with only a handful of identical units and factions.
  3. Katarian

    The PC Gaming Thread

    Total War Three Kingdoms is coming out before Warhammer 3 it shouldn't be effected by Warhammer 3 at all. In the fact the opposite Warhammer 3 will likely also be delayed to have a gap between release to ensure neither game hurts the others sales. If anything has caused Kingdoms delays it would be either the problems that CA discovered when they tried to port Norsca to Warhammer 2 that took 8 - 9 months to fix, or using potential historical side resources that could be used for Three Kingdoms releasing half arsed cash grabs like Thrones of Britannia and Rome 2 DLC.
  4. Katarian

    STEAM deals - Keep this updated

    I don't think you can do it that way. You can do Steam to GOG Galaxy for certain games at certain times. It's part of the reason why I don't have many games on there.
  5. Katarian

    STEAM deals - Keep this updated

    Sounds almost exactly the same thing as I have done. I've no idea why I bothered to get the top badge (only missing the Friend Recommendation badge), but I have at least enjoyed playing Borderlands 2 for a couple of hours. I doubt I'll buy it, but I did enjoy it whilst I hated City Skylines and Don't Starve. I'm going to play a couple more hours right now and see if it can change my mind.
  6. Katarian


    The bit that really got my frothing at the mouth is the V1. Though if they make it into the game as a perk or whatever they will be calling them and you call one in and it lands 10 miles away I'll accept them .
  7. Katarian


    I'd really love to see a game go back to something like the first CoD WW2 games but that time has gone. Almost no one who buys Battlefield or CoD games now wants something that resembles historical accuracy but within a fun game if that makes any sense.
  8. Katarian


    That along with everyone presumably being armed with "specialist" weapons rather then basic rifles like they were in Battlefield 1 annoy me far more then a woman being in the game. Someone wants to play a female avatar in a game that barely resembles WW2 (or any game) let them.
  9. Katarian

    STEAM deals - Keep this updated

    Currently unavailable for me so they must have realised their mistake, they probably got the prices of the Digital Deluxe Edition and Digital Deluxe Content mixed up. Looking at the reviews looks like it was at that price for almost two weeks.
  10. I had to really really rack my brain to work out what that part of the Witcher 3 that even was so that final boss fight for the original game isn't that memorable. It's isn't very good though it wasn't as rage inducing hard as the final boss of Blood and Wine.
  11. Katarian

    The PC Gaming Thread

    True but I don't think £600 for a 1070 shows that the GPU market is now flooded. When I read that post and went to look at the prices I was expecting something more like £450, still overpriced but at least looking that the GPU market is returning to 'normal'.
  12. Katarian

    The PC Gaming Thread

    Prices have dropped? The 1070 I bought from Amazon in November for £380 is £600 on Amazon right now.
  13. Katarian

    The PC Gaming Thread

    I got the normal version for £13 and I've put 90 hours in already so I've got my money's worth already. The only caveat is there will be paid DLC which I generally thought was overpriced for the first game and never bought any of it, all of the ones I ended up owning I got for free.
  14. Katarian

    The PC Gaming Thread

    I've been playing loads of Vermintide 2. Better then the first game but has it problems and a few of those in areas where the first game nailed it. Patch coming up that will fix a tiny bug that has a massive impact on the game's balance so it might be getting even harder.
  15. Katarian

    Driverless Car Kills for First Time

    I actually did a maths degree it just contained some statistical analysis and I haven't used any of that knowledge in the years since, and I know I'm explaining it terribly. I was using deaths per vehicles just because that was the first numbers that came up in Google, but yeah it probably works better with deaths per miles.