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  1. I've skipped two versions of FM, and I'm trying out the FM17 demo. How do I retrain a player to a new position? I'm trying to retrain Alex Pritchard to natural at AM(C), he starts out at Accomplished, but I can't see a specific option to retrain. Is selecting training him as Advanced Playmaker from the AM(C) list and playing at AM(C) enough?
  2. Maybe they weren't right then, probably as I am trying to use the "best" Tutor personalities possible so the difference is maybe too big. I have just seen one end really badly for the first time, and I've had loads of flat out rejections.
  3. I like him to help out defending set pieces, so being decent in the air is a bonus same reason I passed on a 1.59m FB. In the end I decided to buy a slightly lower potential ability DM who was a bit taller who I can hopefully train to get 10-12 Jumping Reach. Mainly I was worried as my current crop of youngsters are all short and I'd end up with all the players in the middle of the park with 6-7 Jumping Reach. I've got another stupid question. Is "a little disappointed but gain some insight in the mental aspect" the best result for tutoring? It is the only result I ever seem to get, the onl
  4. Looking to replace a DM I just sold. I can buy a potentially world class one, but I'm not sure about having someone who is 1.67m with 6 Jumping Reach. Is a DM that short worth it? The old DM was decent in the air, the current first choice DM is so good in the air he could be a CB. The rest of the current midfield is decent in the air, but the youngsters coming through the ranks are all pretty short and awful in the air.
  5. Kind of forgotten about that thread. So I think I'm decided on just tutoring the DC with the Professional personality tutor none of the others seem worth it without using an external program to compare all the hidden stats.
  6. Okay I'll go through the current tutoring options available to me. 1) GK with a Resolute personality. Has 12 Bravery, 5 Aggression, 16 Determination, 12 Eccentricity. I would like to get down the Eccentricity if possible, but I like the Resolute personality it's one of the ones I look for in new signings so I'm not sure it is worth bothering with any of my possible tutors. Possible tutors are Spirited, or Fairly Professional. 2) CD with a Professional personality. 17 Bravery, 10 Aggression, 10 Determination. I'd like to get the determination up at least a few points, but not sure if losing
  7. I'm not sure how or even if I should tutor some of my new crop of youngsters. Any advice would be appreciated. 1) GK with a Resolute personality. Has 12 Bravery, 5 Aggression, 16 Determination, 12 Eccentricity. Pretty sure it's not worth Tutoring him. 2) CD with a Professional personality. 17 Bravery, 10 Aggression, 10 Determination. 3) DR with a Resolute personality. 4 Bravery, 6 Aggression, 17 Determination. 4) ST with an Ambitious personality. 7 Bravery, 6 Aggression, 16 Determination. I'm not going to list all the possible tutors but there are options for all of them except the ST an
  8. On FM13 I briefly managed a World Class goalkeeper newgen from China. Didn't get to manage him much as the clubs previous manager had annoyed him and he was leaving on a free transfer. I couldn't even buy him when I moved on to Bayern Munich as he hated me as well by the time he left. I think it was FM10 when I got bored of my save I load up Genie Scout and found that potentially the best player in the world was a South African striker who had spent his whole career at Kaizer Chiefs. I played another season or so and despite my best efforts to scout Africa he never appeared in any report, no
  9. I guess this is just a coincidence, but I changed my training regime by unticking rest before matches. Now I've played about 10 matches of a new season in the Championship and I'm getting injuries left, right and centre. I can't finish a match without one or two players coming off injuried. I knew that increasing the amount of training would risk more injuries, but in four years in League Two, One and the Championship my players are lucky to have two days training a week and that is normally spent on match prep. Is it worth having an extra training a week, or is the rest going to be more usefu
  10. Thanks I'll give it a try. The guy who has improved is the one who successfully finished being tutored so is Professional, I'm going to ditch the other guy and find someone younger. I think the Veteran schedule works really well, it's kept my current keeper's physical stats up nicely since he hit 35. The new schedule is just for developing 'keepers right? The rest of the schedules are showing some nice improvements.
  11. The manual is hardly clear on certain attributes. Just read the blurb for Agility, certainly doesn't seem like it would be important for a 'keeper does it. Any back to schedules. Has anyone had a good experience training up a keeper using these? I tried with two keepers, both 17 when they joined, and they have both played 5-10 games a season in the first team. One has progressed decently, the other hardly at all. Now they are 21 one is Championship quality, the other League One. It shouldn't matter for another 2-3 years, but I've always had trouble training quality keepers.
  12. They should improve even if you are losing. At Norwich most of your players are at their max potential so the stats have to drop a bit before they can go up again, ie. Strikers have to lose some Marking or Tackling before they can gain and Finishing. My question about this training is Tug what do you do when a player says he is unhappy with the high workload? Just ignore them like I have been with my great youngsters and sell the older ones off?
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