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  1. The problem there is most if not all media aren't reporting as if that is what the government are saying. Loads of headlines giving the impression that something will definitely be happening on a certain date are all a lot of people are going to be reading and that will cause a few problems later on if things don't as planned.
  2. It would certainly be better for the safety of teachers for them to all to be at least partly vaccinated before schools open, but in terms of controlling the potential increase in spread within the community from schools opening it's pissing in the wind with the kids not being vaccinated. I guess that the governments thinking is that the most vulnerable teachers have already been vaccinated and the rest will have to take their chances along with the kids. I'm glad I'm not a teacher, not that I could cope with doing that job normally anyway.
  3. They've said they were following data many times before and then ignored it until was too late. They still opened up in December to try and allow people to have a Christmas when the data beyond case numbers looked dodgy at best and then took far too long to react to all the numbers very quickly going south. I'll believe they are going to follow the data when they actually do it rather then saying they are going to.
  4. I know the current plan is not to let it run rampant, but the post I was quoting was giving an incorrect figure that makes it look like covid was fairly trivial for those under 50 when it isn't. The government looks like it has finally woken up to that fact, it's a pity it has taken them almost a year.
  5. The last set of figures I read were about 20% of people hospitalised were under 50, so it'd be more like 22 of those between 50 and 65. So it's obviously less of a problem for the under 50s compared to the 50s to 65s as there are about 4 times more people under 50 then between 50 and 65, but it's still going to be a serious problem if you let it run rampant through the 40 million unvaccinated under 50s.
  6. We only hear about flu deaths in bad years. To be honest myself and most other people in the country have no idea how many people die in a single day or a year 'normally', it's not something we think about that often.
  7. I can't even remember when we opened up after the first lockdown, sometime in July right? The numbers for the first of July 2020 were 829 cases and 3198 patients in hospital and things stayed relatively under control until September. If we were anywhere near those numbers right now the government would be racing through every relaxation in restrictions.
  8. If we are going by those symptoms I'd have gone for a test about 30 or 40 times in the last year rather then 0. I've got a runny nose right now which I've put down to my hay fever kicking in early with the warmer weather. That list will backfire as people will get testing fatigue if they get tested frequently for having such wide ranging and very common symptoms and stop bothering if they keep testing negative.
  9. If it has been less then 6 months I am pretty certain you can get your money back rather then credit. Under 6 months it would be on Ebuyer to prove the laptop wasn't faulty when it was delivered, which will be impossible for them to prove. You will be entitled to a full refund and they can't force you to accept credit.
  10. If they have accepted the laptop is faulty I don't think they can force you to accept store credit but I'm not 100% on that. They might be hoping you just accept the offer of credit and will give a refund if you push them.
  11. It would be a catastrophe to make people pay for a covid vaccine in the future. Unlike flu it clearly causes far more damage to both the NHS and the economy then the cost of providing a free vaccination to everyone.
  12. Covid is still massively above the flu for working age people, most of whom aren't vaccinated for flu as it isn't deemed a good use of the NHS's money. Something like 30% - 40% of people in hospital during this last peak were working age people. I don't know what the figure is for flu but I've personally never worked with or know anyone of working age who has been hospitalised with flu.
  13. We live with the flu because most unvaccinated healthy working age people rarely suffer anything more then 3 - 5 days of feeling like crap and some pretty basic measures and hygiene stops most people catching it. An effective mass vaccination program might get us close to that at some point in the future. Hopefully it will but who knows right now.
  14. Looking at the forecast for Norfolk it's going to go from -1C or -2C during the day this week and weekend to 10C on Monday. That is why we aren't prepared for and cope badly with actual cold weather, 10C one week, -2C the next week and then back to 10C.
  15. Lunar sale is Chinese New Year right? So everywhere should be rolling out a sale in the next couple of days?
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