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  1. And what's your fix so you can help others?
  2. This is the location: /Users/Rick/Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2019/graphics/logos/Others/Federations/normal/
  3. I solved my problem! I finally have the static club banners and the video ads working on my MacBook with Medium graphics settings. What I have done is to leave only one video ads folder in place. By default you have both the HD and SD folder in simatchviewer_uncompressed/videos It seems FM can't decide which folder to use when you use Medium graphics. I simply renamed the HD folder to SD and removed the original SD folder. Now, the game recognizes the video ads from the HD folder and shows them with Medium graphics and because it's the only folder in simatchviewer_uncompressed/videos it also shows the club banners. So far so good. FINALLY!
  4. It seems I have found the issue that the static club banners weren't showing on my MacBook. It looks like the SD folder within the video_ads folder 'disables' the static club banners. When I remove this folder and only keep the HD folder, the video ads and static club banners are working! Downside is that the HD video ads are quite heavy for the 12" MacBook. Luckily I also have the 27" 5K iMac so I will test this also on that computer to see if the SD folder is also causing troubles there. But ofcourse it would be nice of the club banners would also work with the SD folder in place.
  5. Do you need to clear your cache everytime, before you exit the game? Will try this workaround tonight. And you use this pack from Sortitoutsi.net? https://sortitoutsi.net/forums/topic/36764/the-fm18-adboard-patch
  6. Which adboard pack do you use? And with the Club specific FM.xml or the No Club (competition) FM.xml?
  7. And after the unarchiving you deleted the simatchviewer.fmf file? Or have you also left that in place? /edit: Unarchived the simatchviewer.fmf file. Place the folder in the right location. Overwritten the fm.xml file that was already in the ads folder, with the one that came with the adboard pack (and which is also in the 'normal' location) .. deleted the simatchviewer.fmf file but unfortunately I still have black bars instead of the club banners.
  8. You created the ads folder within the simatchviewer_uncompressed folder? Because I only have the Fonts and Videos folder in that specific folder. So I now have it like this: /edit: Unfortunately, this doesn't work and even ruins the video adboards.
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