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  1. I didn't want to make a big fuss out of this.. It was never my intention to take the pride of someone elses efforts. I just wanted to share the skin I'm using. Full credits are going to @bluestillidie00 ofcourse! I just applied some changes to my own taste. I should have made that clear in the beginning.. my mistake.
  2. So you do care. And technically; you also created this skin with the use of different panels from other skins.. And I have never said this was my skin. Only that I'm using this skin and changed some thing to my liking.
  3. @yonko I didn't change anything regarding this screen. You can swap each panel from the dropdown list.
  4. Same here. When switching between apps it will cause a crash. Very annoying! @Neil Brock
  5. I thought this topic was to show the skin you are using in your game? Not showing off the skin you created by yourself? I changed some panels to my own liking.
  6. Thanks!! Much cleaner right now.
  7. Nice. Can you share the XML of this panel?
  8. So far so good it seems. I'm still on Public Beta and cleared the Cache en Preferences folder from my Library.
  9. Will try this tonight @Neil Brock Do I have to disable the public beta?
  10. Yeah I know.. I have the same issue. But like I said; they are aware of this issue.
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