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  1. Rivanov

    Bidstack Advertising Board

    Which adboard pack do you use? And with the Club specific FM.xml or the No Club (competition) FM.xml?
  2. You have to enable this in the Preferences pane.
  3. Rivanov

    Mini kit issue

    Is this a cup match?
  4. Rivanov

    Bidstack Advertising Board

    And after the unarchiving you deleted the simatchviewer.fmf file? Or have you also left that in place? /edit: Unarchived the simatchviewer.fmf file. Place the folder in the right location. Overwritten the fm.xml file that was already in the ads folder, with the one that came with the adboard pack (and which is also in the 'normal' location) .. deleted the simatchviewer.fmf file but unfortunately I still have black bars instead of the club banners.
  5. Rivanov

    Bidstack Advertising Board

    You created the ads folder within the simatchviewer_uncompressed folder? Because I only have the Fonts and Videos folder in that specific folder. So I now have it like this: /edit: Unfortunately, this doesn't work and even ruins the video adboards.
  6. Rivanov

    Bidstack Advertising Board

    YES! This works! And finally I see the custom adboards in FM19!! The only thing I don't see are the static banners at the top of the grand stands. They remain black. Any idea? Is use the CLUB BANNERS & ADBOARDS from strangerthankindness custom club banners and fan adboards for fm 18 created by strangerthankindness in oakland california vol 18.1 released may 9 2018 graphics by strangerthankindness video adboards by jeffroberts and rabcp and his team
  7. Rivanov

    Bidstack Advertising Board

    Going to test it right now on my iMac! Copied the FM18 bidstack_enabled.xml file to the FM19 folder.
  8. For some they work .. for others they won't. They don't work on my end.. where in previous FM versions the adboards always worked. It has something to do with the new adboards that SI implemented (Bidstack etc)
  9. Rivanov

    [FM19][SKIN] TCS '19

    I'm playing on the 27" 5K iMac but I have my windowed screen sized to 1920x1080 with 200% zoom
  10. Rivanov

    [FM19][SKIN] TCS '19

    I have an issue in my inbox. A weird coloured bar is appearing on several messages:
  11. Rivanov

    City Image Help?

    Here is my skin: https://cl.ly/c3f455785edc/Wannachup-FM19-Instant-Result-Dark-Inbox_v2.zip
  12. Rivanov

    [FM19][MOD] Match Screen Mods

    That has nothing to do with the panels, it's a bug in FM 2019 unfortunately.
  13. Rivanov

    City Image Help?

    I will share my skin tonight. But make sure you have all the corresponding graphics such as Cut Out Facepack from sortitoutsi.net, FC'12 kits, TCM '19 logos, City Pictures and Stadium Pictures (you can find them on fmscout.com)
  14. Rivanov

    Bidstack Advertising Board

    Hmm after a few games the Bidstack advertising is back unfortunately.