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  1. What is your screen resolution? And do you play Full Screen or Windowed?
  2. I get two rows.. but not three sections.
  3. I can't even make it wider with 3 sections? Keeps on 2 sections. Playing on 16" MacBook Pro with default resolution on 100%
  4. I already reached the maximum of substitutes and now my player is injured but can't replace nor remove him. So now I can't advance in the game..
  5. Same issue here. Even when I right-click and use Open I get the same message. macOS 10.15.7
  6. Doesnt work unfortunately. I don't have the option in the Get Info menu.
  7. Can't play the Beta. Using macOS Catalina and I get this error as soon as I launch the game from Steam.
  8. fixture details.xml fixture details.xml
  9. Version 1.5 https://www.fmscout.com/a-tcs-fm20-skin.html
  10. This is just an update. You need all the other files as well.
  11. No, only when you play in a stadium or against a club with no video Adboards you will see static adboards in 2D view. when the stadium or club has video adboards you won’t see them.
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