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  1. Wouldn’t mine giving the 12/13 side a shot here though, @Jean0987654321.
  2. I’ll post a tactic of the proposed 3-5-2 later if you insist
  3. 31 July 2018 ... In a game of two halves, Manchester United held on to beat Real Madrid 2-1. United ended their pre-season tour of America in style with their best performance yet, and most impressive result too. The Red Devils overcame Los Blancos thanks to two early first-half goals! With Manchester United’s top brass struggling so repeatedly in the transfer market, it looks like there’s no way José Mourinho is going to get the right-winger he wants; he has said he will probably get one of the positions he wants: a centre-back - perhaps, Mina, Maguire or Alderwield. Given the problems that causes in the United side, the Portuguese coach may realise that 3-5-2 is a great solution for the entire season, not just pre-season. United's attacking options - Martial, Rashford, Lukaku & Sanchez etc ... They like to play centrally. Why not choose a formation that allows them to do so? It will also be a squad whose full-backs are limited and could do with less responsibility than was placed upon them in 2017/18. Instantly you see that 3-5-2 solves those two issues, as playing wing-back lets the likes of Luke Shaw and Matteo Darmian focus more on attacking and not have to worry so much about scurrying back in defence. 3-5-2 also creates a solid midfield trio where the need for a genuine holder is alleviated by the extra centre-back. This means that a ball-player like Fred or Andreas Pereira or Ander Herrera could “hold” midfield with ease. This suits the three men United have on tour as well as Paul Pogba and Jesse Lingard, the Englishman played in this exact system to great individual and collective success at the World Cup. In attack, Romelu Lukaku would obviously suit the system as it would give him a partner in close proximity. Marcus Rashford would thrive knowing that any minutes he would play would come in attack, and, of course, Alexis Sánchez has always been at his most effective in a forward role with relative positional freedom. Should this be the way forward for the 18/19 season? - Credits to Squawka Football
  4. Maybe I should try out an Attacking mentality ...
  5. I'll be posting some results soon mate, do stay tuned!
  6. Actually, here's my take on it @3LionsFM.
  7. It's out! Greece Euro 2004 and Spain 2007-2012 are next! I may do the former in September instead and the latter in October/November when FM19 comes out because I've final year exams coming up soon! My apologies and hope for your understanding! Thanks @FrazT
  8. In one of my older saves, when I had already completed 7 seasons, I operated Messi as a DLP/RPM. He works well as a deep playmaker in midfield a la Pirlo.
  9. Thanks for the feedback and kind words! I did actually watch some footage, in this case the 1979 European Cup final between Forest and Malmo. It was kinda difficult to watch as the screen was blurry (well HD didn't exist back then). However, I found this as a good experience as I have never researched on a tactic from that late before (the 70s) as I'm born a looong time after that .
  10. The Art of Doing it Your Own Way "Players lose you games, not tactics. There's so much crap talked about tactics by people who barely know how to win at dominoes." - Brian Clough Introduction Brian Howard Clough (1935 - 2004), was an English football player and manager. He is always associated with Peter Taylor, who served as his assistant manager at various clubs from the 60s to 80s. In 1975, Clough joined 2nd division Nottingham Forest. It was here where Forest were to the promoted to the top flight and subsequently won the league (the 1st ever in the club's history). Forest also won two CONSECUTIVE European Cups and two League Cups. Great football managers see the game differently. Clough saw the game in ways that channeled his stubborn but yet witty approach to the beautiful games. When speaking of his tactics Clough would be at pains to downplay the complexity of the game - “You get the ball, you pass it to a Red shirt”. Tactics A bit of background knowledge ... The year is 1973. Clough left Brighton to sign for Leeds United to replace the outgoing Don Revie, who was the new England manager. Revie was a club legend, winning multiple league titles and cups with The White Roses. Clough managing Leeds would be a daunting task - this would either make or break him. It could be remarked that the ambition of Clough was huge. He yearned to be heard and respected. Revie’s style could be the type that has been associated with British football for a long time. Long balls and hard, abrasive tackling. Contrary to this, Clough was not sold into this type of philosophy. He demanded that his sides, play attractive and possession-based football. Thus criticism did not sit well with with board and the players. Eventually, Clough was out of the Leeds job in 44 days. However, this was a catalyst for future success in greener pastures. His sizable payout have him ample time to re-calibrate and reassess his future in football management. Jump to 5 years later... BAM! 1 league win 2 league cups 2 European cups You might wonder, how the f*** did that happen in 5 bloody years? Clough's Formula to Great Teams A commanding goalkeeper Solid centre-halves Forward thinking full backs Diligent central midfielders Creativity on the wings Forest often liked to (counter)attacking and proactive football. They would often like to soak up a bit of pressure and score with lightning quick breaks. His teams compromised of hard working sides that were a pleasure to watch. What else was there? Quirky defenders who can outpace forwards? Check ✅ Hardworking BBMs who would work their ass off? Check ✅ Long balls were strictly limited to goal kicks or crossfield passes. Clough wanted his team to cover every blade of grass on that pitch. Formation Throughout his entire time at Forest, Clough was very tactically astute, setting up in what at first glance appeared to be a 4-4-2, but could also be a 4-5-1 or a 4-3-3. This will be the base formation, a good 'ol flat 4-4-2. But how do we make it into a 4-3-3 or 4-5-1? Player roles, mentality, TIs & PIs First of, lets look at the team. GK - Shilton: A commandeering and techinally astute goalkeeper. RB - Viv Anderson: The beta attacking fullback. He wasn't afraid to overlap the winger in front of him. LB - Frank Clark: Player more of a supporting role. He did get forward but not in great amounts, although. CB(x2) - Kenny Burns & Larry Lloyd: Solid rocks at the back. Both played with the intention of stopping anyone getting past them. Burns was a converted centre forward, so he was slightly more comfortable going forward. RM - Martin O'Neill: Could also play up front, but was mainly tasked with carving a line down the touchline with his runs. Had a habit of arriving late at the far post to knock in the crosses. LM - John Robertson: Determined. He spent most of his time ploughing up and down the flank. He would often cut inside at the last moment and take shots or assists in the box. CM - John McGovern: Holding Midfielder. Sat slightly deep, linking the back 4 with the midfield and attack. CM - Ian Bowyer/Archie Gemmill: Bombed forward, looked to support the front 2 and arrive in the box. AMC/ST - Tony Woodcock: He would drift back and attempt to link up the play. ST - Garry Birtles: The focal point of the team's attack and would often create and score chances. And now for the mentality and shape ... "quick support to attacking players" "getting the ball forward quickly" "aggressive full-backs and wingers" "all players are expected to contribute to all phases or play" "free-flowing football" "high levels of creative freedom" Lastly, the PIs and TIs. (I'd like to say first that Clough took a minimalist approach to tactics and more of man-management, so there won't be much PIs and TIs) Retain possession + Shorter passing - to encourage short passes to be made to facilitate possession-based football Be more expressive - allow players more creative freedom LM: Stay wider RCM: Get further forward Now that we can get quick counterattacking, possession based and expressive futbol, how do you translate this into FM? THE FINAL PRODUCT Our desired effect! Conclusion The success of Clough at Forest saw him evolve from an ambitious manager with the guile to handle the press and players to a footballing genius. Clough’s sides beat the likes of Liverpool, Hamburg and Malmö to capture two European Cups in 1979 and 1980. In addition to conquering Europe, Forest also went unbeaten for a run of 42 games. Sadly, in Clough's final managerial years, he struggled with relegation battles and alcoholism. In his final game, Forest were relegated. A man who was defined and worked through football’s old First Division simply couldn’t maintain what was required to succeed in the newly-created Premier League. Clough made the ordinary feel extraordinary and privileged feel rather average – a quality and skill honed by a lifetime of self-competition, critical analysis and unrelenting ambition. In one of his most iconic interviews, Clough described himself perfectly: “That might be aiming for utopia. And that might mean being a little bit stupid. But that is the way I am. I am a little bit stupid regarding this type of thing. I am a bit of an idealist. I do believe in fairies. And that is my outlook.” Brian Clough was outspoken and polarizing figure. His biggest asset was his ability to play the roles of footballer, manager, critic, comic, husband, father, psychologist, hero, and villain. Like or hate him, he can be regarded as the pioneer of revolutionising British football and may his name ever be written in the football history books. Resources https://www.reddit.com/r/nffc/ Quora https://www.theguardian.com/football/2015/oct/10/brian-clough-miracle-nottingham-forest-european-champions-film-jose-mourinho The Dammed United (2009 film) - trailer here! RIP Brian Clough (1935 - 2004) "The best manager England never got." ~ @goqs06 ~
  11. The starting positions do matter though in the shape. My intention is to still have the WBs in the full back strata, not the wing back strata.
  12. Vardy and Kane haven’t played as a tandem yet. The most used pairing so far for England is Kane-Sterling where Kane is a CF (S) while Sterling is either a AM (A) or SS.