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  1. Sorry I seemed to have been hacked. I have changed my password. What was I posting? Casino links or something? Anyways yeh, not me lol Apologies. As you can tell from looking at my account I'm a long term FM forums guy with plenty of proper posts of proper FM things, I'm not a spammer or anything just seemed to have been hacked. Strange.
  2. SI PLEASE change it so that mentalities actually mean what they say! I want Very Defensive to actually make my team stay back and defend. Right now in the game playing "defensive" is a joke.
  3. Pretty sure it's been fixed. Players who don't have great Long Balls attribute now can't do those Roary Delap style crazy long balls no more. It just hits the first defender now. Tactics creators either ALL buy a GREAT long ball thrower or they just haven't realized that this approach just doesn't work no more for all players like it used to. Because when you download most of the top tactics, their throw ins are generally just all "long" all the time. It's not a guarantee no more like it used to be that your players will throw a great long ball even if they don't have a good long ball rating. You don't get anywhere near the post with the throw, like I said it just usually hits the first defender.
  4. It makes no sense. "Heads up about Fry, I think he wants a new contract" Me: "I heard you want a new contract?" Fry: "Oh you know what...just the fact you've come to talk to me means I now don't want a new contract...it's fine I JUST WANTED A BIT OF ATTENTION!!"
  5. So I set my right back's (Ryan Shotten at Boro) individual training focus to crossing and after a while I got a notification from my coach saying that he has benefited from his individual training focus (crossing). Great I thought so I clicked on him to see and as you can see in the screenshot his crossing has gone DOWN (orange downward arrow). So he has NOT benefited from his crossing training? What's the deal?
  6. Sorry for the delay didn't see this till now. So I did these two variations that are in the same format as the club ones above with a logo on the right. Did them in the proper FM purple. One with a cyan accent that SI uses and the other with a white header: But then I thought it would look better with just the full logo in the center: And without the year:
  7. NP I did two. One has a yellow accent that I notice you have at your stadium with the yellow stairs. The other is just blue and white (but when white is the accent colour my little borders around the oppo and venue have to have only single line rather than double as the box is white): (Pretty sure Sofia Pro is the official font that you guys use)
  8. Yeah could be really cool. But not just a pad with a design like this on every page. Maybe like a place for shortlists, a training schedule, like a proper FM tactics section where it has all the options with maybe tick boxes or something to show how your team would be set up etc. etc. Could even have like an appendix part at the back for newer players where it lists every attribute and tells you what they are in terms of FM as well as general info and tips. I can remember back in the CM 01/02 days there were the the Prima Strategy Guides. I used to LOVE them lol Obviously they went out due to the internet as you could just get all the info there, but with a book/pad like this you would buy it to actually write in and not just read.
  9. Oh wow I didn't even know he played. I know AVB played a LOT and it played a big part in his managerial development and statistical thinking etc. Maybe he got Jose into it back when they were friends and colleges 😁 lol would be cool, but then the licensing would be an issue. Maybe just a generic pad though and you fill in the team name yourself, but it just feels way better with the club badge on it. But yeah a proper made pad rather than just printed sheets would be cool af. I know you can get pads made yourself with your own design from print shops. I may look into that actually. Thanks for the kind words guys
  10. New episode and finally we can see him use it for actual formations. Here is his 4-2-3-1 on the left with players list for each position, seems like they're short at left back! Also looks like he's listed every single keeper at the club lol (HORRIBLE the way it's all positioned lol). As well as a 3-4-3 in progress on the right. Also notice that the pitch on the left with the players list for each position of the 4-2-3-1 is printed. Seems like they've edited the pad and that list is on every page now, you see in the video when he rips that page out of the pad the next page has that same list on. Seems like when he's doing REAL tactical work though he uses what looks kinda like the Taktik-Planer above, but actually isn't. Again it's just a custom made pad just like the first pad I showed above with the badge and instead of date and venue it just says Formation_____________ But the same heading style. But with a full page pitch for proper tactics planning: Really wish they showed the full thing for the whole tactic, but I guess that would be terrible TV for people who aren't tactics geeks like us lol
  11. BTW If anyone wants one of a particular team feel free to ask and I can post them here.
  12. Also I noticed on his desk he also uses "Taktik-Planer" books: (They're actually really cheap you can get a 5 pack for like £12.
  13. Then I thought let's try some different clubs: (Again tried to use official fonts for the text)
  14. When watching All or Nothing I noticed Mourinho was using a custom tactics stationary pad. It's pretty simple with 4 pitches on an A4 page. So I thought I'd create it with Procreate while I was watching along. Here is the pad in the documentary: (notice how thick that pad is too! lol) Anyways I quickly mocked it up into this: (It's not perfect, the squares are a bit **** as I just used a brush to quickly do it.) As you can see above it just has date and venue boxes, so I added opponent and kick off time (Like a digital clock style digits so you just black out the parts to make the correct time and date as you can see below). Then I thought I'd make it a little less boring, but still very simple. I wanted to add the club name in the official font, which Levy had custom made just for them which is pretty cool. So after a bit of further work I came up with this: I'm always drawing down my team and formation etc. on paper so this make it really nice to do so rather that just blank paper.
  15. The leaderboards for this game are just completely absurd and stupid af. I have no idea what the scores mean. SI are totally incompetent in policing and even giving a **** about it lol It's like some intern added the Hall of Fame one summer filled with intern-like mistakes and holes all over the place and then left and SI are too lazy to bother with it. That's what it feels like.
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