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  1. The leaderboards for this game are just completely absurd and stupid af. I have no idea what the scores mean. SI are totally incompetent in policing and even giving a **** about it lol It's like some intern added the Hall of Fame one summer filled with intern-like mistakes and holes all over the place and then left and SI are too lazy to bother with it. That's what it feels like.
  2. It's basically the full game. I can't remember if you still can only do one season? But you can continue that save when the game is released.
  3. This is the perpetrator masquerading as a man who knows something about football: He looks good right? WRONG. He is a fraud. Not sure how he managed to hack into FM and make himself look good. But this man knows NOTHING about football. Playing a match against West Ham and Haller (You know, the big strong lanky Target Man who's great in the air 6'3" Jumping reach 17, Strength 18) is playing really well up top on his own in a 4-3-3 and is being a threat in the air, as he would be. Step in mister imposter: He tells me to use my LEFT WINGER to man mark him. OK you might be thinking. Maybe he's right and the left winger is really great in the air and can do a better job than the centre backs? WRONG. He's 5'8". Jumping reach 6!: He's getting sacked in the morning. But seriously FM wtf? lol
  4. Ooooh gunna try that! Never even thought of that! Get back to you soon. Watch this space! EDIT: Wow works pretty much perfect. I've not really done too much sidecar tbh and you have to use the Apple Pencil. Not sure if you can change that, but fingers don't work. Again, I'm new to sidecar maybe you can change that option to allow fingers to be used as the mouse. So, I was already playing FM fullscreen on a 5K iMac and I just turned on sidecar and it did not like that half the FM screen was missing lol. So I turned on windowed and it worked great then I went to turn on fullscreen and it now gives the proper iPad resolution, which on FM is 1288x946 to play full screen. So perfect in fullscreen or windowed. Oh BTW this is on the 12"? iPad Pro I forget the size the biggest one. So resolutions may vary with smaller ones. But performance wise it's perfect I'm watching the game on 3D and the frame rate is spot on. Like I said never thought of playing FM on the iPad till you just mentioned it, but I think I will be doing more of it. In bed and you know where else. On the loo! Of course. Many poo's will be had to the sweet sight of the red & white flash as Boro score yet another goal on their way to world domination. EDIT2: Going for a poo right now, I'll let you know how I get on. EDIT3: Wee won poo-nil
  5. Go to Steam website and re-download the client. That's what I was told and it worked for me. I'm on Catalina beta. Not sure if that matters or not.
  6. Stupid RNG. No one knows what's gunna happen so SI shouldn't have even added it in.
  7. The Mac Steam client has been updated to 64-bit now. I have the Catalina beta and I'm playing FM on it right now. It runs perfect.
  8. Wow some awesome replies, really created a great debate. Thanks everyone
  9. Why not? Why can't you compile a report on Leicester's under 23's? "Very little statistical data exists"?
  10. It's not really an upset. Spurs are really good, Klopp in charge there now. And no way would that 1-0 win on the first game of the season (so it's not really an "important" big game) be first on Match of the Day over a big money signing scoring 4 on his debut for Arsenal.
  11. Was apparently a boring Man City 0-1 Tottenham game. Not the Arsenal 6-0 Crystal Palace game where new big money signing Erling Haland score FOUR goals on his DEBUT? Really FM? Really?
  12. Yes it absolutely does. It's way harder to implement a defensive system in FM compared to an attacking one. Reverse of what it's like IRL.
  13. Why are my players moaning about wanting less strength training all the time, even when I've changed to NEVER do physical training and I'm literally only doing possession/technical/attacking/tactical etc. What's going on? This is surely a bug.
  14. If that was the case wouldn't all 3 at the back managers have that?
  15. So I like to read manager's profiles on how they like to play the "Tends to" and "Tends not to" and I noticed for Conte at Inter he has "Tries to prevent crosses" Listed in his "Tends not to" list. First time I've seen that. How exactly does he do this? Why does he do that? How does that work in the match engine, etc? Maybe he shows right wingers onto their right foot and vice versa? Any weird things like that that managers tend/not tend to do that are rare?
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