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  1. I know that, and I also that Hazard/Isco could be good options as Adv. Playmakers on the left. 😉
  2. This year seems to be the year of the wide playmaker. I have had plenty of succes in a 4411 formation, but maybe it could work in a 4231. I think you have the right player for it to work. Hazard could be an excellent Adv. playmaker on the left, but so could Isco. Maybe switch the two around and give Hazard a more attacking duty as an AMC. He should be more of a goal threat from there I think. Your right midfielder should be more of a Box-to-box type of player. Goretzka has been doing very well in that role for me. Coman could be an inside forward. He’s two-footed, right?
  3. Looking forward to see more of this thread. It’s very close to my team at the moment, with only a few differences. Love the archetypes theme, and especially the Zico-role should be an interesting interpretation. What a player he was.
  4. He does get into the box, but he isn’t much of a presence in the air. I think he has the “get into the opposition area” trait, so that migt help. He’s most dangerous when he’s just outside the box so he can use his great longshots, but also find himself in dangerous positions just inside the box near the penalty spot. Oh, and he’s also my penalty-taker so that helps a lot too. He didn’t score that many free kicks though. I also wanted him to use his ability to pick out other players from deeper positions more regularly because he has the traits “Passes the ball instead of looking for a shot” (or whatever it’s called) and “tries killer balls often”. So the idea was for him to find Rashford in behind defenses a little more often when seeing an opportunity for that to happen. Having Rashford on an CFa duty also gave more room for Dybala to operate in, and since Rash often looks to beat the offside trap I didn’t want him to on support duty.
  5. It was the season of 2022/23, so I also got to experience how a season with a World Cup in November feels like. Yes, Dybala in the hole as an AM-A. Was way more effective and I didn’t feel like he saw enough of the ball in the 442.
  6. I have had a few attempt at making a functional 4231. In the past few games it has been my go-to tactic, but it has been a lot more difficult this year though. I do think I’m on to something though. I use Rashford as my striker, and he is very poor in the air, so I wanted to create something that focused on getting the ball through to him, or having him score via cutbacks or short flat crosses. I use Rashford as a CFa, but Alario might be better as a DLFa or TMa. He needs to be more involved in build up play. I suggest using your AMC as an Attacking Midfielder with an Attack duty. He will stay closer to your forward, and will also be an extra man in the box. Plus, you can customise him even more to make him take more risks with his passing, or perhaps dribble more if possible. The IFs on the left should stay in his role. I think the supporting IF works better than the attacking. I see him feeding the striker and be more active in build up play. The right winger has been a problem for me this year. I have always used him as a Ws, but I don’t feel as if he’s that effective this year. I do see him getting om the end of crosses more on an attacking duty, so maybe thats the answer. Maybe an adv. Playmaker on support would be beneficial? The left CM, should be a standard CMd. You need a holding midfielder and one who can recycle possession. The right CM should be the BBM. In my system he finds a lot of space just outside the box where he can go for a shot or perhaps dribble the last couple of yards in to the box. I use my right back as a FB-Attack. He’ll se plenty of opportunities to feed your striker and inside forward. Even the the AMC. My left back has a WB-s role. Your TI’s are a bit much. I’d settle for Positive mentality and counter pressing. I use play out of defense too and dribble less, if you want more of a build up play that that focuses more on passing. I use a higher LOE and higher D-line and more closing down and tighter marking. I’m thinking about just playing a standard LOE and d-line to create more space to get in behind.
  7. So I finished the season with United, and it may just be the best I’ve had in this save. Started the season out in a flat 442 which eventually evolved into a 4231 with a 442 look in the defensive and attacking phase. Used most of the tactical instructions from the original post. I’m no good at screenshots and stuff like that, so you’ll just have to believe me: Rashford - 39 goals. 25 in the league but could probably have scored more if I didn’t rest him in the final six league games. Dybala - 25 goals. 16 in the league. Suffered a few injuries, but delivered in almost every game. Martial - 18 goals, 17 assists. Started the season as the wide playmaker, but became too inconsistent. Changed his role to IFs and never looked back. Consistently passed ball throug to Rashford or crossed the ball for other players. Milinkovic-Savic - 15 goals. Was perfect in his BBM role and should probaly have scored a few more. Would also have liked to see a few more assists than his total of four. Ruben Neves - 10 league assists. Now this I was happy to see. As a DLPs he was way more involved in the final third, and delivered some great balls in behind. Diogo Dalot - 9 league assists. Voted Premier League Player of The Year. Probably due to his high avr. rating. Quite a surprise nevertheless. Sancho - 7 total goals and not much else. Was injured for two months and generally found it hard in general. Right midfield/wing was generally my weakest point in my setup. I should get way more out of his speed, technique and vision. In the league: 105 points, 109 goals scored, only 17 against. Pretty dominant to say the least. Won the Champions League against Chelsea after extra time and a huge blunder by Kepa who was unable to control a backpass from Rüdiger, and saw Rashford scoring an easy game winner. Chelsea is now manged by Rufete and once agains play a park the bus style of tactic. Finished second in the league with 59 goals scored and 22 against.
  8. I’m interested to see what the build up play looks like. Is it a direct pass to Abraham who can either hold up the ball, pass it back or turn around? Or is Grealish the main man who will pass it to the flanks? Something else perhaps?
  9. That’s very impressive. Interesting to see that Fekir scored so many goals as an APa. And which role did you use with Traoré? Do you see Memphis playing more like a traditional winger running to the byline, or does he cut more inside like an inside forward would?
  10. Thank you so much for the suggestions. Can’t wait to see Martial as a WP on the left. This might just work. The Sancho/Lemar-role should be interesting too. Personally I prefer a pass and move-type of winger, so WMA should be the way to go. As a rule of thumb, I have always slapped a defend duty on one of my midfielders, but an extra on support could be used to unlock very defensive teams. Do you have a link to your Lyon-endeavours too? That save sounds like a lot of fun. Didn’t see Villarreal - Barca the other night. The Wolves - Man United-match was way more interesting...and discouraging.
  11. Very good! I love the 442, but haven’t used it for years. Dybala as CFs, and Rashford as ADV. forward could be lethal. I think the roles you used in your Dortmund save might suit my midfield duo Rodri and Savic better. Can’t use Martial as a forward anymore as i retrained him as ML, so he lost his ability to play as a striker apparently. Would an Inwerted Winger be useful instead of the wide playmaker? Sancho should definitley play as a Winger or Wide Midfielder on the right.
  12. Okay, sounds very interesting. So attacking mentality? High press? I’ve seen too many times on this forum, that pass into space is useless against teams where there is no space to pass into. But maybe I should give it a try. I don’t mind losing possession, I just want to see my players try to get the ball into dangerous areas of the pitch. Any tips on roles and duties on an attacking mentality? My ideal starting eleven: De Gea, Tierney, De Ligt, Skriniar, Cancelo, Rodri, Milinkovic-Savic (couldn’t hold on to Pogba), Martial, Dybala, Sancho, Rashford. I usually play in a 4411, but have been inspired by articles and videos about Ajax this season.
  13. Thats what I thought. I had great succes with a counter-tactic I developed myself, but now that almost everyone refuse to attack me, I no longer see the point of using that strategy, except when facing equal or stronger teams. Time to develop a possession strategy. I hate that.
  14. So far I have played 95% of all my matches with “counter” in the transition phase. However, I play as Man United, and having won everything so far, teams in the league will usually sit deep the entire match even though I get the go ahead goal. I’m thinking about removing “counter” and not select either counter or hold shape. Does that mean that my team will find the correct time to counter or hold shape? I feel that having counter ticked against teams that sit deep no matter what is counter-productive, as my players will break forward with no real space to explore.
  15. Yes, very interesting indeed. I’ve had great succes in a similar setup. Yes the two wingers will cut inside, but the two wingbacks will provide enough width IMO. Although I didn’t play a 4-2-3-1 but a 4-4-1-1 which I still do. I won everything in my first season with this setup: GK: De Gea - SKd DL: Shaw - WBs DCL: Lindelöf - Central Defender DCR: De Ligt - BPD DR: Mbabu - FBa ML: Martial - Inverted Winger attack MCL: Herrera - DLPs MCR: Matic - CMd MR: Andreas Pereira - Wide Playmaker support AMC: Pogba - Attacking Midfielder support ST: Lukaku - DLFa or Rashford as an Advanced Forward. Positive mentality, counter press, counter, play out of defense, standard LOE and def. line, slightly urgent pressing and tighter marking. Pereira was voted the fans player of the year despite only having played a little more than half a season 😊
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