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  1. That’s also what concerns me. It’s not that I have a problem scoring, Lukaku keeps banging them in. I just don’t feel like I’m getting the most out of Martial. He’s a decent provider, but aren’t getting into dangerous scoring positions as often as I would like him to be. I need to sort out my midfield, cause they aren’t producing much. My right winger gets a load of assists though. Martial chips in too once in a while. So I have to find the best roles for James Rodriguez, Pogba and Martial and make them work together.
  2. Makes sense. Until I retrained him to play as an ML, he can no longer play as a striker apparently. He would be a nice supplement in case Lukaku and Rashford should be out at the same time.
  3. Ha! Maybe thats the issue then. I have Martial who has Move Into Channels, Cuts Inside and Plays One-Twos. Maybe they aren’t suitable for an IF?
  4. Which PPMs are essential to get the most out of your IF? I have set up a system very similar to Cleons, but my IF rarely gets behind the defence like shown in the OP gif.
  5. Have anyone tried to replicate Jardims Monaco 16/17?
  6. I imagine playing him either as an IF - Attack on the left or perhaps Complete Forward support as a lone forward. In a Two striker system he could play as Complete Forward - Support or perhaps as an Advanced forward next to a another striker on support duty. Haven't tried him out by myself though. However, try using Zlatan as a Deep Lying Forward - Support so he'll drop deeper and hold the ball up more. That should encourage Griezmann to run in behind him. I am actually curious to see if Griez can be used as Shadow Striker perhaps? Regarding Micki, I think I might have found a good role for him on the right. AP - support.
  7. So you use him purely as a Winger - support/attack?
  8. @scott MUFC I see you are using Mkhi in a AMR spot. How do you manage to get the best out of him? I have played him as an IF - support, but seems to lose posession too easily when he dribbles. I'd say the right side of my formation is my greatest weakness, and I don't feel i'm getting enough out of my right wing. I usually play him as IF - Support, with a wing back on attack duty overlapping him in either a 4-2-3-1 or 4-1-2-3.
  9. In a 4231 wide, I am using RVP as a Trequartista up front, Depay/Reus as Raumdeuter on the left, Di Maria as IFs on the right, and Mata as Adv. Playmaker support behind RVP. In general I go for a Control, Fluid, Higher Tempo, Close Down more, Push higher, shorter passing game. Seems to Work great... The Raumdeuter will either find Space on the wing and cut inside with the ball, or will run behind the defence when he sees an opportunity. RVP as a Treq in front of Mata might seem strange, but I am not finding the sitting on top of each other. RVP drags centerbacks out of position and leaves room for either Di Maria or Reus behind him. In fact, RVP is both scoring and assisting in that setup. Oh...and I use a roaming playmaker in the CM-strata, who also plays balls over the top for the RD.
  10. Perhaps more of a match preparation question, but does anyone see a significant improvement in direct goals from free kick, if you focus on attacking set pieces? I have fairly great free kick taker with above 17 in free kick taking, så shouldn't be an issue. However, I can't recall seeing a goal going from a direct free kick as of yet.
  11. I have been experimenting with this too. I play a Fluid, Attacking 4-2-3-1 assymetric formation. More Direct Work Ball Into Box Drop Deeper GK DL: Wing back auto DR: Wing back auto DC: Central defender DEFEND DC: Central Defender DEFEND DMCL: Deep Lying Playmaker DEFEND CMRC: Box-to-box AML: Raumdeuter AMLC: Advanced playmaker support AMR: Advanced playmaker Attack (apparently)...I thought I had set him to Winger attack, but the Adv. Playmaker att. seems to Work great in this setup. STRC: Advanced Forward Usually my team will soak up pressure which will be broken up mostly by my DM who either passes it short to adv. playmaker support, who usually finds the box-to-box in free space. Now with three players on attack settings in front there will be plenty of options to find someone to finish up the attack, and a lot of times the opposition will not have enough players to cover everyone. The raumdeuter, I think, is the keyplayer. He seems to be able to find free space all the time and is my topscorer netting a few hattricks. Granted, it's only been about 5-6 pre-season games, but I like what i see so far. Need to test it against bigger teams. 4 defenders in line, DMLC, MCR, AML, AMCL, AMR, STCR getting som decent counter attacking moves.
  12. I have run an experiment save to get the IF's to work properly, and had some succes with Ronaldo. I played him as IF/A with Get Further Forward, Dribble More Often. On top of the 4231-formation I had Benzema as DLF/A, Isco as AP/S (Treq might be better though), and Bale as winger/S. Basically like this 4-2-3-1 Control, Fluid. Standard away from home, more direct GK - Casillas DL - WB/S - Marcelo DR - FB/A - Carvajal DC - Defend - Pepe DC - Defend - Ramos MCL - DLP/S - Modric MCR - CM/D - Khedira AML - IF/A - Ronnie AMC - AP/S or Treq - Isco AMR - W/S - Bale ST - DLF/A - Benzema You can also try playing Ronaldo in a 4-4-2-ish formation as an advanced forward alongside Benzema as DLF/S. I actually think Cristiano Ronaldo performs better in that role.
  13. It's a wide version, with the AML as the inside forward, AMC as the TREQ or APM/A and AMR is Winger/support. My striker is DLF/A. So you have the AMC as your inside forward, which is the Shadow Striker in FM 14? And you are playing two strikers?
  14. Han anyone succeeded to make an Inside Forward your main scoring threat? Like getting 25-30 goals in a season? And if so, how did you do it? I am playing a 4231 formation, but I don't really know if it's really suited to field an inside forward. He just doesn't seem to run into the hole the DLF should create for him, and the APM/TREQ seems to be the one who runs in behind him, or are more willing to find my Winger on the right for a goal opportunity. When my inside forward has the ball and runs towards goal with his great dribbling skills and good finishing, he is normally just tackled of the field, runs to the corner for a cross or just take a weak shot. What can be done to "fix" this?
  15. I am also playing a 4-2-3-1, having done so for two seasons of FM now. I play a midfield triangle of CM/D - DLP with a Trequartista on top. I was afraid that I wouldn't get much penetration by having two deep midfielders, but my IF/S on left, the Treq in the middle, the W/A on the right and the Advanced forward are doing a terrific job. However, I will sometimes change the DLP depending on the match situation. If I get up by a score I will just keep him as DLP. However, if I am chasing the game I will sometimes set him to a CM/A so he will be able to run into space between the lines. Obviously, it's a little risky, but can be necessary sometimes. Also, if the game is tight and I absolutely need a win against a weak opposition, I will also change the DLP to CM/A. You can also look for the PPM "get forward whenever possible", and deploy him as a regular CM/S. In that way he will pick his forward runs a little better, I think.