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  1. Hm, not an important one tbh. I prefer to develop and play MF rather than CBs. Also I thought that in games where are you a huge favorite an additional MF could be beneficial without having the risk beeing to exposed at the back. I see. Its not worth the effort in my case then. Maybe I will try out myself, but probably I'll stick with the original tactics. Thank you.
  2. Do you think that 2 CBs and an additional DLP could work in your "standard" GOODBYE 3430 and WOF 3430, too? At least for dop dogs?
  3. That applies for a lot of hidden attributes but not for ambition and professionalism. At least I have never seen it. Example: -you have a highly professional squad -player to assess is a model professional and has 20 Professionalism 20 Ambition -Scout report will show: 1. The individual personality: Complete role model for younger players 2. We have a highly professional group of players and XYZ fits well in...(and then the different colours) But then there will be nothing about the ambition of the player in scoutreport, although he has a outstanding score in that attribute.
  4. I see, thank you. Just to be clear: They dont add up, right? Tries Killer balls often + more risky passes or just only the PI/TI more risky passes will equal in the same result. Or to ask another way: If you have a role with the instruction "more risky passes" you dont need to learn the player you want to play in that role the PPM "tries killer balls often".
  5. I am aware of that. My point was that not all attributes are visible.
  6. I have read contradictory stuff on that one, so I am asking here: How do PPMs work with TIs/PIs? F.e. a player has the instruction to move into channels or dribble more or play more risky passes or whatever. If he also has a belonging PPM like Move into channels/Runs with ball oftenTries killer balls/whatever, does the PPM even has an affect? So f.e. that he plays even more risky passes than with only having the instruction or is this PPM redundant in this case? Thanks.
  7. They are all visible? I am missing something? You have the players personality which give you often a hint on the quality of one hidden attribute of ambition and professionalism; f.e. Professional. However, if you are able to get info’s about the other (very important) hidden attribute (here: ambition) is depending on the squad personality. If you have "a highly ambitious squad" then you are lucky and can get an assessment of the attribute ambition in the report. (If you can figure out the different green types, which is really annoying to do btw.) However, if a squad personality is like "highly determined" then you get zero additional information. So they are not all visible?! Injury prones, adaptability, big matches are displayed, sportsmanship or dirtiness if the attribute is low, too and the media handing style can give you information about stuff, including controversy-I know. But the three attributes: Determenation, Professionalism, Ambition are deciding ones when it comes to tutoring. Only these attributes alter the attributes of the tutee- at least Cleon told so. - This is actually a part which I would like to get upgraded. I think it’s unrealistic that a scout watches a player and can only assess one of the "big 3" hidden attributes and that attribute is depending on the squad personality. F.e. the squad personality is "highly determined" then the scout says nothing about the players’ ambition, even if it would be 20. But he gives you information on the players’ determination- which is so awesome, because you already have that information.
  8. @LPQR Wow, Dolberg has "fairly sporting" as a personality at the beginning, which is a quite bad personality. Did you tutor him with Drogba a couple of times?
  9. Actually I have another one with very similiar attributes. Again a promising striker; has heading 15 and jumping reach 4.
  10. and you can also add the clause: Automatic extension if x games are played in the last year of the contract. So 9 would be doable.
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