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  1. @Rashidi is this when they are consolidating in possession? Would be interested to hear more about this, what in particular should I be looking for?
  2. I'm having issues with tutoring and players learning PPMs was hoping someone might be able to help. When I tutor players I keep getting the disappointed and gained little outcome, is there something I might be doing wrong. I'm using tutors with good personalities and determination and most of the tutees have decent personalities as well. Have been using the second option that doesn't transfer PPM's. Any ideas? With the PPMs, could this be related to the coaches or training facilities? I'm using players with good determination and PPMs which suit the players. They notes say they are progressing well and then it fails. Any tips? Any help greatly appreciated as this is really annoying me! If you need more details let me know.
  3. Is there a way to tell my u23 and u18 coaches to play a player in a certain position? For example I have a am I’m trying to retrain as a striker but the u23 coach keeps playing him as a am so it’s taking forever!
  4. Has anyone got an ideas on the best team way to replicate the way Napoli block passing lanes? I'm thinking that having lots of players with good anticipation and positioning would be the best way but is there any team or player instructions that would help this?
  5. Ok, thanks for your help. Do you have any suggestions for fixing the defensive issues? Mainly the missed interception mistakes, this seems to happen with every tactic I create?
  6. Hi All, I'm having a bit of trouble with my deep 4-2-3-1. It is giving up a lot of scoring chances and not creating many. Here is the set up below only PI is take shorter kicks on the keeper I'm having trouble building the play up from the back, with players often aimlessly hoofing the ball upfield because there is no option. Mainly the centrebacks and left back. Also the winger is getting quite isolated and ending up running into two or three players. The AMC doesn't seem to be contributing much to the game and isn't offering much of an option to the players with the ball. I tried using shorter passing to fix this this, a more fluid team shape, and adding roaming to one of the DMC and AMC (all separately by the way not all at the same time!) but it doesn't seem to be working In defence we often end up with 3 players going after the same attacker leaving us wide open on switches of play. Getting lots of mistakes as well, mainly missed interceptions, with most of the team averaging 2 a game! I've tried reducing the closing down and adjusting the defensive line but that doesn't seem to be fixing it Has anyone got any ideas on how I can solve these issues? Thanks in advance!
  7. Hi All, Looking for some fast, hard working wingers and a defensive forward for my Rangers side. In January of the first season and have a very limited budget! Any suggestions gratefully received. Thanks
  8. Hi All, Hoping someone can help me, occasionally one of my players will have red arrows next to all his attributes for seemingly no reason. The player is fit and playing regularly and the feedback even says he's made some improvements but he will have the red arrows next to all the attributes. With the training I keep it on balanced mainly on average workload, giing up to high in preseason or when we have no game for a week. I train each players in the role they play in the team and some have individual focuses. Any idea why this is happening? Did the same thing on previous versions and had no trouble, am I doing something wrong?
  9. @Rashidi Could you give me an example of how you would set out the duties in a 4-4-2 to make it defensively solid? I'm really struggling with the central midfielders using a structured set up, started with two cms one on support one on defend and they ended up on top of each other most of the time. Then tried a cm support with a dlp support and it left a lot of space behind them especially against 3 man midfields
  10. Great work as always Cleon! Would be interested to see a thread using the same shape but an attacking mentality to see how the roles and instructions would differ.
  11. Hi, I'm trying to create the 3-4-3 style that Liverpool are using at the moment, here is what I have so far Gk - gk def, pass shorter, distribute to Cubs Dcr - cd def Dc - cb stopper Dcl - cb def Wbr - wb sup, run wide with ball Wbl - wb att, run wide with ball Mcr - b2b Mcl - dlp sup Amr - if att, roam, sit narrower Aml, if sup, roam sit narrower Stc - advanced forward att At the moment I have a control mentality and a philosophy, but I'm not to sure about either of those. Only team instruction is close down more. So far unlike in real life its very solid defensively but not great going forward. I think that the the two wide attacking midfielders are the problem, would I be better off with a box midfield? Was hoping someone could offer some suggestions? Thanks
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