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  1. LEEDS UNITED FC - MARCHING ON TOGETHER Max White / September 2016 / Cup dreams Solid month and after 10 games we are in good spot in the table. The injury of Liam Cooper against Forest last month was devasting for the fitness level of Pontus Jansson & Kyle Bartley. They were forced to play every single minute this month. Taking notes to sign a defensive midfielder/central defender in January. The defence overall is top class with only 2 goals conceaded this month. Still not 100% happy with the attacking power and once again Eunan O'Kane is the top scorer this month. In the second half against Bristol City we tried a 5-1-2-2 formation and with two strikers we actually got a nice partnership going and close to the end Viera could tuck away the winning goal. Let's see if that is something worth returning to. Big fixture against Everton in the League Cup Third Round, and what a performance! Everton fielded a strong team with Lukaku, Coleman, Schneiderlein, Williams among others (Leighton Baines came on for the injured Holgate late in the first half and then subsituted at half time. Great management Koeman! Boro next up! A good month for our prodigy Ronaldo Viera as well. Good stuff!
  2. Been reading this for quite some time. Quality stuff!
  3. Thanks, much appreciated! Yes, I really like the age structure at the squad. But a lot of work to be done in Jan/Summer...
  4. LEEDS UNITED FC - MARCHING ON TOGETHER Max White / August 2016 / Kick-off! The kick-off is finally here! Expectations from Cellino is quite modest to be honest. I thought he was a mad man! He/the board wants us to finish top half, proceed to the Fourth round in the FA cup & the Third round in the EFL Cup. Shouldn't be impossible. I want to push for the play-offs and take it from there. Pretty solid first month. The loss against Nottingham was a frustrating story, we're dominating the possession och creating a lot of chances but the strikers are not able to tuck it in. Instead they score the first goal and we make our third sub before Liam Cooper's hamstring snaps & we are down to ten men. Game over. Eunan O'Kane really came through this month scoring three league goals during August from his attacking central position. Even though Marcus Antonsson delivered a top performance against Sheffield Wednesday away & Chris Wood scored a hat-trick in the cup fixture against Gillingham I'm still struggling with the consistency of the strikers. They will most likely get to January to convince me that their future is at Elland Road. 2 cup wins against teams from lower league in the EFL Cup = Everton at Elland Road next . Regarding the squad building, nothing more happened after I released Barrow & sold Silvestri. No bids on Charlie Taylor came, Walter Mazzari came sniffing & talked to the press but as it looks now Taylor will stay put. I can't see any big money coming in January so I will most likely keep him to his contract end.
  5. Yes! Upside from the last update is that Pontus Jansson now have a future transfer. Thanks!
  6. LEEDS UNITED FC - MARCHING ON TOGETHER Max White / July 2016 / Pre-season The match-up during the pre-season was not the thoughest I have ever faced so there wasn't much of a challenge of claim the Ws. Good for the team cohesion & morale though. We dominated many of the matches but had a hard time breaking down the defence of the opponents. Only 2 goals from first choice striker Marcus Antonsson. Antonsson was also injured a short spell during the pre-season. Concerned. I also terminated the loan contract of Modou Barrow, he was the top earner in the squad and since I couldn't find a proper place for him in my tactic the decision was a no-brainer. Too much of one-trick pony for my liking. Also sold Marco Silvestri to Lyon for £1.900.000. Peacock-Farell is being tutored by Robert Green at the moment and will share the responsibility of a reserve keeper along with Ross Turnball, who I found in the reserve team.
  7. LEEDS UNITED FC - MARCHING ON TOGETHER The Club Big classic club. Sleeping giant and all that. Everybody who know football know Leeds. From the Don Revie legacy in the 70s to the Champions League years with David O’Leary. Now stuck with the not so popular chairman Massimo Cellino, on the wiki page there is a 'tab' called "The Cellino Era" which quite frankly sounded pretty depressing. Time for change! The Manager Meet Max White, named after my current Colgate toothpaste. Heavy focus on working with youngsters as this fits the ambition from both the manager & club. Nothing out of the ordinary. The Squad/Finances Not a lot of room to move, budgets are tight & the squad full of loans already. However, I think we will be able to provide a decent starting XI. Will probably have to tweak the training to make sure most of the key players can participate in 40+ games. Back-up goalkeeper Silvestre will most likely make room for youngster Bailey Peacock-Farell, mostly to make room in both transfer & wage budget. Full transfer overview will follow when the transfer window closes. Long term squad building will focus on technical & intelligent players. Aide from that we will also look at key values such as determination, work rate & bravery. The Tactic Our base will be a 4-1-4-1 but roles & duties may vary depending on the opponent. This is a tactic I feel confident with & it suits our current team well. We have captain Liam Bridcutt as a quality defensive midfield and a solid back 4 with experienced Robert Green behind them. A lot of promising midfield talents that will get their minutes on the pitch, 17y old Ronaldo Viera will probably start a lot fixtures this season. What we are lacking at the moment is depth in the playmaker role, I will try and use Pablo Hernandez as the wide playmaker as has the highest technical attributes & the most intellient plaayer on the team and therefore most suitable to dictate our play. With Hernandez positioned at the left midfield cutting in, we are make room for top asset Charlie Taylor to bomb forward. Also lacking top quality at the forward position, Swedish striker Marcus Antonsson has all the PPMs I am looking for & Chris Wood offers something different, a heavier approach. However, none of these are the elite players to make us soar. The Charlie Taylor case From the start Charlie Taylor has declared that he will leave on a free transfer at the end of his contract. I have not decided how to tackle this. Taylor is a key asset in the tactic I am thinking for this team & it is unlikely that we will find someone of similar quality with our restrained budget. On the flipside, the finances are tight & we might need the cash. Not sure if I can make him change is mind. We’ll see at the end of August how this played out. The Ambition Our ambition is to bring Leeds United back to former glory with a base of homegrown players. Simple as that. Our chairman wants us to play possession based football. I also added attacking football with players from our own academy. For this thread, the ambition is not to write any long posts (this will probably be the longest) but instead update quite frequently every in-game month. Hopefully for years to come. A short disclaimer, I have no relation to Leeds United or brittish football other than watching it from the sofa in Scandinavia throughout the years growing up. Long time FM-player, first career update. Any feedback is appreciated. Hope you stay tuned, next update is just around the corner!
  8. Dembele was quite instrumental when I won the league on the second season with Villarreal. What a player! Unfortunately he has a minimun clause on £30 million when he is valued at £32,5 and has requested to be able to talk with Man C. Will be hard to keep him at the club...
  9. Hello, Currently playing with Villarreal using the playing style provided in this thread as my main foundation, just some minor tweaks. Anyway, I just went up against legendary manager Marcelo Bielsa and his Sevilla at their home stadium. I knew he would try and close us down quite heavily, therefore I positioned new signing Hakim Ziyech in the pocket between the fullback & inside forward (just as above) as a wide playmaker & Rodri to keep track of Ganso. 3-0 up in halftime and with just 30 minutes left Sevilla falls apart completely. They can't get hold of Ziyech who operates perfectly in the pocket, cutting in using his left foot. They try and close us down even more aggressive with a very high defensive line. Simply put, they are trying to choke us. Trigueros & Soriano solves every question they ask and distributes the ball to Ziyech and gives him the time and space he needs to pick out his teammates. Moussa Dembele scores a hatrick in the last quarter of the game and we break all the records when it comes to goals in a single game, both for the club and the divison. It was absolutely lovely to see. The most satisfying fixture in Football Manager for me, no doubt. Bielsa in Sevilla was, of course, history after this. Just wanted to share this amazing fixture and thank you for all your threads in the forum @Ö-zil to the Arsenal!. Truly appreciated. I am having a really fun save at the moment, tweaking the tactic & building a squad to compete with the Spanish giants. All thanks to the tactic foundation you have provided. Thanks again!
  10. I had Icardi during the first season with Inter as a Complete Forward-S in my Very Fluid tactic with either two Inside forwards-A beside him or an AP-A behind him. I got him to score 26 league goals. Goal tally was very good but in some matches he had a really low rating and hardly created chances, I'm not sure he is THAT complete to be a world class striker in a very fluid tactic. Many of the biggest club is offering big buck for his contract and I am tempted to sell. Possible replacements: Dolberg, Belotti or Berardi.
  11. I played around with it in some friendlies with good results. But too few games to come to any conclusion so far..
  12. Amazing, excellent walkthrough of the tactic. Should you ever write anything on this forum I will read it for sure. Tried the tactic in a tough friendly and the tactic really delivered. I will tried it out some more and get back to you via DM. Don't want to go off-topic in this lovely thread. Thanks again
  13. Wow, looks really nice and good work with the results. Very keen to know about this tactic when it comes to mentality & TIs. Care to share? No need for download link ofc, just interested to look "under the hood". thanks!
  14. First of all, thanks for yet another great thread. Amazing! Prior to the third season at Swedish second division team Enskede, I implented this tactical thinking. The in-game betting companies were sure to have us relegated but half way in we are at the top of the league. Very happy about that. Also came second in the national cup (in Sweden, the cup is more of a pre-season tournament) eliminating 3 teams from the first division. This is some of the adjustments I made, which I feel is interesting to discuss - It is really hard to find strikers that can play Complete Forward at this level so I changed it to DLF-S, basically the same I guess...? - Bumped the the DLP to the MC strata because I felt he was creating a gap between my CBs (and also because none of my MCs were capable of playing DMC). - Trained my striker to play with his back towards to goal and the results have been amazing, he holds up the ball while wingers & central midfielders make forward runs. We have a very limited budget (by far the lowest in the division) and I guess it is just a matter of time before bigger clubs will try and snatch my players but very excited to see how far we can take this. I love how the team attacks and create chances, interesting to see a tactic that offer so much freedom to the players work at such a low level. Thanks again!
  15. I played with the narrow X-Mas formation during the second part of my first season with Sheffield United (Championship). Lost very few games but a lot of draws, often against bigger teams.. BWM-DLP-B2B SS-AP AF The main tactic was to have a lot of quality AMCs to exploit the space between Midfield and defenders and have Fullbacks coming up for crosses. Worked well for the second part of season 2. But having massive problems during the start-up of the third. Was thinking of dropping the tactic here to get some feedback from the community..