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  1. This is great for two reasons 1) I really like your content 2) I just started a similar project with Estudiantes with the long term goal of producing a player for the Argentina national team & (hopefully) a Ballon D'or winner. Will follow with great interest! Good luck
  2. I might be biased but I think Robin Olsen have been one of the best preforming goalkeepers so far. Lined up for a big move this summer.
  3. I just played around with in my Milan save on Switch, I like the formation and I liked you interpretation of it, good job! I mostly used Fexible/control with some minor changes * Fullbacks to wingback (support) * AP to AM (attack) with roam & move into channels * Removed "stick to positions" & "be more disciplined" * Since I had Leo Bonucci I changed the RCB to Ball-playing Defender with short passes. He did an excellent job finding the mezzalas in the halfspaces. * (I wanted to play with more width & remove the "play narrower" since the formation itself are so narrow it would make sense but never saw the effect) Really played some nice football with all the short passes and cutbacks from the attackers and won the league. Same as you I did have some trouble in Europe when the took advantages of our weak flanks. But a nice experiment and again, good job.
  4. Looks nice but how do you avoid getting killed on the flanks? Tried this in FMT (Switch) and overlapping fullbacks were running riot
  5. Always a good read How have your former clubs preformed since you left (if you still have the leagues loaded that is...) ?
  6. Nice season and some impressive results against the big teams. The reason for changing back to Control?
  7. @herne79 Did I put his in the wrong forum section? Are you able to move it? Thanks & sorry
  8. This is my from my journeyman save. Currently in Falkirk in Scotland, fourth (and last) season and my second club in my virtual manager career. I will get to the results later but we managed to break the Glasgow dominance for the first time since Aberdeen in 84/85. This season have been so great I feel the need to share it somehow! First thing to point out is to credit the foundation I have used. The brilliant write-up from @LPQR of the Max Allegri’s Juventus. Found here -> https://fmasymmetric.wordpress.com/2017/04/09/the-mad-max-space-commitment-creativity-part-one/#more-2312 This article is sheer brilliance and a recommended read. I have used the same team shape, mentality & formation but changed the player roles & team- and player instructions. My team doesn’t play anything like Juventus but have the ability to both dominate possession & hit teams on the counter. My version of the tactic: Common tactical tweaks: If we chase a goal - Change the fullback to “attack” + crossing instruction (often from byline) - Add “look for overlap” - Change crossing type; “whipped crosses” if the penalty area is congested, “low crosses” if we have space behind their back line - Add “shoot less” to attackers & maybe even “work ball into the box” If we defend a league - Drop the d-line to “Normal”, this is something I do the second I felt the opposition found space behind my back line. Many teams in Scotland played with a target man and I wanted to keep them as far away as possible - Drop the WB to a fullback position OR change it to a defend duty Player selection & instructions: GK: Standard goalkeeper, nothing out of the ordinary. Shot stopper. PI: Distribute to fullbacks (common tweak is to change to central defender depending on the opposition formation Desired player traits: None RB: Look for a pretty all-round solid right back. We want them to overlap when they have the possibility but not for all cost. PI: N/A Desired player traits: Nothing essential but found be RBs to have “get forward whenever possible” CB: Fast and good on the ball is priority because of the initial high D-line but it all comes down to how you want to play really. We suffered some for the lack of presence in the air and conceded some easy goals on corners but not a major issue. PI: N/A Desired player traits: Play simple passes. WB: I have played with both the roles of CWB and the ordinary WB and really didn’t see any major different. However, we want this guy to bomb forward and cross the ball & keep width. Need good team work, work rate & stamina ofc. PI: N/A (for the CWB). Add run wide & stay wider for the WB. Not a fan of the "roam from position" box for the complete. DM: The enforcer of the team. I want him to break of play and give the ball to either the flanks or the playmaker. PI: I have used him to mark any player in the AMC spot. When playing against 4-2-3-1 you have to keep tabs is the AI overload the space with the MCL pushing forward. He is also instructed to play fewer risky passes. Tweak 1: if the opposition line up without any apparent threat in central midfield I have changed it to a Ball-winning midfielder Tweak 2: Sometimes the opposition line up in a deep 4-4-2, I have tested to use the volante role with some success (AP then changed to a DLP) Desired traits: Play simple passes AP: The creator & attacking heartbeat of the team. Look for a player that excels in first touch, technique, passing, vision & anticipation as he is requested to pick out either the speedy attackers up front, the flanks to build pressure or the attacking midfielder to link-up. I am eager to try the RPM role once I found the perfect fit but AP works just fine. PIs: None Desire traits: Dictates tempo RM: This role have not been changed from the tactic borrowed (stolen?) from LPQR. This role together with the AM role and how they interact with each other is pure magic. Their partnership is really wonderful and I saw no need to change anything. I have gotten many goals & assist from Tom Walsh in this role. PIs: Shoot less, Dribble more, Cross more often, Sit narrower & Ride wide with ball Desired traits: I have found Get forward whenever possible useful & would like to add “Look for pass rather than attempting to score” AM: Same thing here, almost untouched from the tactic created by LPQR, just added shoot less as a PI. PI: Shoot less, Roam from position, more risky passes, move into channels Desired players traits: Place shots, player killer passes, look for pass rather than attempting to score CF: Look for speed, movement and good work rate. Played with a defensive forward at last season but couldn’t get him to back track and/or hassle the defence as much as I wanted. Neither did I get offensive fire power. When I switched to a Complete Forward I got a bunch of goals and an assist record for the Scottish Premiership (25 assists). Tbf, I am not sure if those PI really makes any difference. PI: Mark tighter & tackle harder Desired player traits: Run with ball. Maybe add some kind of finishing trait (place shots, lob keeper or like to round keeper AF: This is your goal scorer. Look for speed and movement. My prototype is below, Daryl f***ing Hornby. PI: Roam from position Desired player traits: See below The results: Three trophies in the bag and broke all kind of records. At one time we were on a 30 matches unbeaten run, which is the longest run I have ever had on FM. We simply couldn’t lose. The turn-around against Leverkusen is one of the most ecstatic moment I have had in a video/computer game. The Premiership The domestic cups European Cups Stand-out performance of the year: The loan from Manchester United Daryl Hornby scored 82 goals for under during the 2 seasons he spent at the club. 31 goals in the role as DLF & 51 (!) when we changed it to AF. Tried to tie him up for a third consecutive year but Manchester United wants to give him a chance in the first team. Well deserved. The kid has been described as bot the new Gary Lineker and Michael Owen. With me moving on in my journeyman save I will most certainly look to sign Daryl if Jose Mourinho doesn’t give him the love he deserves. DOWNLOAD LINK: https://ufile.io/p8naz
  9. Yes, I try to balance the aggressive CF role with some PIs + CWB --> WB & adding the DM. Seems to work fine even though I tend to use 4-1-4-1 in the European cups & the away games against Celtic/Rangers. I really liked the tweaks with "Cuadrado-role", bagged points like there was no tomorrow! I will be sure to follow when you decide to write something up again.
  10. Did you ever continued with the following parts? However, I thought it was great and used it at Falkirk. Just tweaked the roles a bit. I was very interested if you used any PIs for the Mandzukic role. Sorry for OT
  11. Nice! if you tried it, let me know any results you are having. GL!
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