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  1. This is great for two reasons 1) I really like your content 2) I just started a similar project with Estudiantes with the long term goal of producing a player for the Argentina national team & (hopefully) a Ballon D'or winner. Will follow with great interest! Good luck
  2. I might be biased but I think Robin Olsen have been one of the best preforming goalkeepers so far. Lined up for a big move this summer.
  3. I just played around with in my Milan save on Switch, I like the formation and I liked you interpretation of it, good job! I mostly used Fexible/control with some minor changes * Fullbacks to wingback (support) * AP to AM (attack) with roam & move into channels * Removed "stick to positions" & "be more disciplined" * Since I had Leo Bonucci I changed the RCB to Ball-playing Defender with short passes. He did an excellent job finding the mezzalas in the halfspaces. * (I wanted to play with more width & remove the "play narrower" since the formation itself are so narrow i
  4. Looks nice but how do you avoid getting killed on the flanks? Tried this in FMT (Switch) and overlapping fullbacks were running riot
  5. Always a good read How have your former clubs preformed since you left (if you still have the leagues loaded that is...) ?
  6. Nice season and some impressive results against the big teams. The reason for changing back to Control?
  7. @herne79 Did I put his in the wrong forum section? Are you able to move it? Thanks & sorry
  8. This is my from my journeyman save. Currently in Falkirk in Scotland, fourth (and last) season and my second club in my virtual manager career. I will get to the results later but we managed to break the Glasgow dominance for the first time since Aberdeen in 84/85. This season have been so great I feel the need to share it somehow! First thing to point out is to credit the foundation I have used. The brilliant write-up from @LPQR of the Max Allegri’s Juventus. Found here -> https://fmasymmetric.wordpress.com/2017/04/09/the-mad-max-space-commitment-creativity-part-one/#more-2312 This a
  9. Yes, I try to balance the aggressive CF role with some PIs + CWB --> WB & adding the DM. Seems to work fine even though I tend to use 4-1-4-1 in the European cups & the away games against Celtic/Rangers. I really liked the tweaks with "Cuadrado-role", bagged points like there was no tomorrow! I will be sure to follow when you decide to write something up again.
  10. Did you ever continued with the following parts? However, I thought it was great and used it at Falkirk. Just tweaked the roles a bit. I was very interested if you used any PIs for the Mandzukic role. Sorry for OT
  11. Nice! if you tried it, let me know any results you are having. GL!
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