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  1. FM18: Arsenal - Victoria Concordia Crescit

    First test ended in a 1-2 defeat at Old Trafford. Not as compact in defense as I would have like and not as lethal going forward either. Back to the drawing board. 4-1-4-1 might not be such a bad idea. Might lean towards that! Yes, might have but I tied €30 in clauses for International appearances & league goals so not to worried My aim is build the midfield (and team) long term around the midfield trio Weigl, Goretzka & Milinkovic-Savic.
  2. FM18: Arsenal - Victoria Concordia Crescit

    Arsenal is quite a fun project/challenge at FM18 in my opinion. Best player wont sign new contract, central midfield not close to be european top class & you are not in the champions league. 1. We are 12 matches into the season, 3p from Chelsea at top, so results have been decent. Have been playing with the tactic to the left. Not 100% happy with the attacking structure atm but some sort of WIP; - Should we really play with an Inside Forward AND a Mezzala on the same wing? - Best role for Mesut Özil? (No) - Tried converting CF to a SS/F9 but Lacazette should be playing as a Complete forward and nothing else so we stick to that. Maybe later. 2. So, have been toying with the second tactic as "Plan B" when we are chasing a goal. More exposed at the wings but best role for Özil with two runners push the D-line back & gives him time OR options. Early days but like it so far! 3. Third tactic is also a WIP for the away games at Chelsea, ManU, ManC etc etc & Europe. Not tested yet tho... Please let me know if you have any suggestions for improvements or so. This is the first save for me on FM18 so mostly trying new stuff & exploring the new roles. We have been quite active on the transfers so Ieave an overview below. Quite happy with our acquisitions so far but hope to improve our left wing in January (Felipe Anderson? Álex Grimaldo?) * on the left wing I have been switching between Nelson, Welbeck & Iwobi) ** RB in first tactic usually a FB-A but Palace were playing Zaha as a Inverted Winger so we wanted to overload in the pocket he left
  3. This came up when I try to start via my laptop. Works fine on my desktop computer. What to do?
  4. Woop woop. Will surely test this. On either FM17 or FM18. Great job!
  5. [FM17] Leeds United FC - Marching on together

    thanks mate haha
  6. [FM17] Leeds United FC - Marching on together

    LEEDS UNITED FC - MARCHING ON TOGETHER Max White / June / Not dead... This save is not dead but I did lose some motivation when we won the Europa League. A short break and we are back. Did some signings (see below) and did feel that we moved away from our ideals a little too much. Brought in a Dutch and a German wonderkid. A pretty ordinary pre-season did come to an end & we lost the Euro Super Cup. Well well..
  7. [FM17] Leeds United FC - Marching on together

    LEEDS UNITED FC - MARCHING ON TOGETHER Max White / May / VICTORY! YES! YES! YES! The hatrick from Wilson sealed the deal. We received our second penalty of the game in the second half and Wilson didn't do any mistake. 4-1 and our fans started dancing. First silver ware for this spell and it a european trophy. Wowwowowowow!
  8. [FM17] Leeds United FC - Marching on together

    LEEDS UNITED FC - MARCHING ON TOGETHER Max White / May / Half time Euro League Final vs Lyon Not the best start, after some flipper in the penalty box the ball landed at the feet of winger Ikoné. He shoots and via the ass of Pontus Jansson the ball finds its way into the back of the net. Just after 6 minutes. But then Callum Wilson started his show. One penalty after hand ball & two well struck shots from within the penalty box. 3-1 up at half time.
  9. [FM17] Leeds United FC - Marching on together

    LEEDS UNITED FC - MARCHING ON TOGETHER Max White / May / Preview Euro League Final vs Lyon Lets do this! We have our best team available except for back-up striker Chris Wood (injury) & Tyrone Mings (Barbados national team). Mings status on the English national team have been a hot issue in the press. Several time media have asked me if I think Benitez should pick Mings for national service, at forst Mings only wanted to play for England but when the question didn't came. He went to Barbados. Not good for me as I have to spare him in a Euro final. Anyway, Charlie Taylor is more than capable to fill his shoes. Better watch out for Depay on the left but I feel confident that Mitrovic will be able to close him down, other than that it appears Lyon will try to take advantage on my left wing (Pulisic/Taylor) as their right side defender, Gaspar, have high starting point. Last thing: Silvestri, the first player I sold from Leeds is still their back-up goalie. We meet again old friend.
  10. [FM17] Leeds United FC - Marching on together

    Yep Hopefully today
  11. [FM17] Leeds United FC - Marching on together

    Some nice awards. Manager of year third year in a row and fun to see Philips breaking the team record of MoMs after securing the win against Hull with the only goal.
  12. [FM17] Leeds United FC - Marching on together

    LEEDS UNITED FC - MARCHING ON TOGETHER Max White / May / End of PL season Wow wow wow wow, what a game against Arsenal! Managed to get the game to over time when Callum Wilson finds Jordan Ibe, who bombs the ball into the net in the 102th minute of the game. And Alex Smithies! I put him at the bench in some game at the start of the season to play Bailey Peacock-Farell but when things went south back in December we decided to focus on ONE goalkeeper. Now he is the hero after saving the penalty from Carrasco. Lyon next! On the PL side, we are very solid. Winning most game with 1 or 2 goals, we managed to take the fourth place and are qualified to the Champions League. Yes! Callum Wilson scored 21 PL goals, now over 40 PL goals after the two seasons at Leeds. Also nice to Ibe & Pulisic at 2nd & 3rd place in the assist league. Also new signing Michael Keane at 2nd place in avg rating.
  13. [FM17] Leeds United FC - Marching on together

    LEEDS UNITED FC - MARCHING ON TOGETHER Max White / April / Going strong Went for knock in the first fixtre against Sporting and thanks to Bakayoko we got away with a solid 3-0 victory. In the second leg Alex Hattersley scored his ever first goal for Leeds. The Academy is paying off! Drew Arsenal in the Euro League semi-final, during the three years back in the Premiership we haven't even gotten a point from Wenger/Arsenal so really not ideal.. Lost the away fixture 1-2 but got the crucial away goal. Managed the beat Manchester City though, Jardim have not suceeded at Manchester City. Just like Simone he is playing a 4-4-2 (Weigl & Renato Sanches as the CMs), employed the same tactics as the Inter game; 4-1-4-1 with Pellegrini in the DM strata playing a DLP-S with both CMs bombing forward. Kalvin Philips MoM, love that kid.
  14. [FM17] Leeds United FC - Marching on together

    LEEDS UNITED FC - MARCHING ON TOGETHER Max White / March / Aftermath (FM) life goes on after the cup defeat. Biggest thing this month was to go up against Inter, now managed by Diego Simone (!). In a previous save with Villarreal I had some major issues going up against Simone's 4-4-2 at Atletico. I tried everything but his players always seemed to have space to pass & energy to press us. It made me a bit nervous before this fixture. But when he fielded Abdelhal Nouri & Ever Banega as the central midfielders I ticked the "exploit the middle" since I knew my central trio (Pellegrini, Bakayoko & Tielemans) would be able to go right through them. Not happy with 3 conceded but quite pleased with 6 scored Fielded the reserves in the return at San Siro and Stuart Dallas got the crucial 1-0 just after 3 minutes. And what can you say about Leeds product Lovers Masinga. He seems to score everytime I put him in. Love it! Next up: Sporting. With just 2 days between the matches.
  15. [FM17] Leeds United FC - Marching on together

    Thanks man. I am actually quite suprised myself of how well we are preforming. Leeds have a fun squad to play with, players such as Jansson, Taylor, Bridcutt & Dallas are all very good and more than capable of playing in the Premiership. And I was lucky Bournemouth went down so I could sign Callum Wilson quite cheap And Pulisic this season. Hope you keep reading, thanks again.