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  1. Better overview on current status
  2. LEEDS UNITED FC - MARCHING ON TOGETHER Max White / September - November / Grinding Not much is happening, just a lot of fixtures. Good to see Chris Wood back as the teams top scorer ;D After the devastating loss against Man U, we had to re-think the 4-4-1-1 high pressing tactic. Currently back at 4-1-4-1 using a DLP instead of a WP and letting both central midfielder go forward. Bakayako had fun streak in November, scoring 5 goals in three matches. Brexit also happened but without any changes to the work permit system.
  3. It is crazy, the amounts the top clubs are spending. Hard to keep up. For Leeds, I still have like £40million left in the transfer budget but no room in the wage budget.
  4. LEEDS UNITED FC - MARCHING ON TOGETHER Max White / July - August / New approach OK, have to start with this. Ronaldo Viera left for West Ham. West Ham!? They triggered his clause and the sneaky Reds from Liverpool didn't even bothered with a bid after upsetting him for three transfer windows. Other than that we had very busy transfer period in August. Sold Garbutt quite early as he wanted to leave and frankly, wasn't good enough. Linus Wahlquist & Nathaniel Chalobah both wanted to leave and when Dortmund & Napoli came knocking we said goodbye. We see it as very good business ,Wahlquist came for £3m & Chalobah for £1.8 and now they leave for £14m (£18m) & £20m (£30m). Bournemouth rejected my offers last transfer window when I offered almost the double just to use him a fringe player. Should get some minutes as the playmaker. Mings, Ibe, Wilson & now Cook. I could have just started a Bournemouth save instead. The American wonderkid. Wanted some speed along wings and Christan is very versatile and can play on both wings. Should fit in nicely in the new system I came trying out (more on that later...) OK, this was one of my main targets this transfer period. Had to splash the cash on his salary but I really wanted his speed and ball playing qualities in order to create a more proactive tactial system. Should create a nice duo with Pontus Jansson at the back. Keane as the more ball-playing defender & Jansson as the stopper. Simply an upgrade from Rob Holding. Welcome back Charlie! With Watford going down I saw my chance to bring Charlie back. Not as fast as Mings but a better crosser. Home-grown at the club as well so a no-brainer. Mings has also handed in a transfer request in order to try to force me to sell him to Chelsea. They offer £20m (another example of healthy business), we wanted £30 cause we are a good place when it comes to the finances. No need to sell. The Wahlquist replacement. I want someone really solid as my right side defender and found Matej Mitrovic. Will re-train him asap and in the meantime Kevin Steward can cover. Cheap. OK, I went a little desperate when West Ham snatached Ronaldo Viera & Napoli bought Nathaniel Chalobah. All of a sudden I hardly had any playmakers left. Bought Lorenzo Pellegrini, quite expensive but a lot is tied up in unrealistic clauses. Lorenzo should be useful weapon with his long range passes to the wings (looking at you Jordan) & long shots, a quality we have been missing. I mentioned that we are looking at a new tactical approach this year in order to be a little more pro-active. This is our set-up, we push our defensive line much higher and apply some heavy pressure on the opponent. Pulisic is allowed to cut inside in the area infront of the playmaker to make room for Mings. Ibe is keeping the width to the right. Ideally I would want a more sweeper keeper. Neither Smithies, Peacock-Farell or Sam Johnstone is that goalkeeper. Tielemans have been injured at the start of this season so Pulisic have taken the AM spot with Dallas taking the left midfield. With Puli & Wilson up front we have some nice movement up there, they are hard to get hold of. I have not abandoned the old 4-1-4-1, I will probably use it to mix it up but all matches so far are played with the new 4-4-1-1. Suprised Arsene Wenger and his Arsenal in the first game and dominated the first half. They got hold of the ball in the second and were the far better team. In the matches against Bournemouth & Newcaste we were the far better team with almost 60%+ in possession and the final results mirros our dominance. Against Liverpool & Montella, we didn't had a chance. I think the created 30+ shots and the midfield diamond of Georginio Wijnaldum, Will Huges, Jordan Henderson & Adam Lallana had no problem whatsoever to play pass our pressure and apply the through ball behind Pontus Jansson. Christian Pulisic is off to a good start with a solid 7.22 average rating. Happy of Euro League draw as well. Porto will probably be the best team we have faced in the Euro cups and we should have a decent chance of getting through. Cellino have set the bar higher this year, expecting us to reach the Secound Knock-out phase.
  5. Yes! The top teams are really bringing some quality players.. Man C just bought Renato Sanches for £82
  6. LEEDS UNITED FC - MARCHING ON TOGETHER Max White / June / Third season closed! Just som quick words about the pics below. Holding & Jansson created a solid central defence with high ratings, they both played 45+ fixtures this season and were the foundation to our good season. Callum Wilson was magnificent during 2/3 part of the season before small injuries & goal draught ended his chances to be the top goalscorer in the division. Kalvin Phillips was named the Player of the Season by the fans. Very well deserved, he was great until his injury. Another player and want to credit is Chalobah, for quite some time he had the highest rating in the entire divison. We have Tyrone Mings as a attacking threat on the left & Wahlquist as a more conservative defending shield on the right. Pontus Jansson have also been placed on the right side of the back line. Therefore, it strikes me as odd that the main part of the opposition assists is coming from our right side. Not really sure how to solve that, if it a formation issue or just down to the player in question. Mings & the wide playmaker/wide midfielder is doing a great of providing assists from the left & closing the shop. A national call-up for Mings shouldn't be far away. We have cleared our debts but for the gift loan from Cellino. That loan will be payed back when he steps down. Good. Our rep is also on the rise. 59 places on from last year. Not bad. Just like our season in the Championship, the players at Leeds are attracing some interst from other clubs. The players in bold have all approached me and asked for permission to talk to other clubs if bids come in. I have granted that wish but we haven't be able to agree on a reasonable sum (except for Garbutt). Ronaldo also handed in a transfer request, that is a shame. He is my best playmaker & only 20y old. He wants to leave for Liverpool as they are bigger club, he has a minimum clause on £24,5m but no bid from the Reds have come in. Yet. I'm expecting a busy transfer summer. We are looking to strengthen our team with the following: - A more ball playing central defender with more pace than Kyle Bartley - With Harry Winks going back to Spurs & Pablo Hernandez going back to Spain/retiring we need to add som depth centrally & to the left - Replace Viera should he leave - Not 100% happy with the performance of Alex Smithies. Should a good big come in we are looking to off-load him. - A more speedy forward replacement to Wilson. Might give that spot to youngster from the club.
  7. LEEDS UNITED FC - MARCHING ON TOGETHER Max White / May / End of season Awful final month. Glad we picked ourselves up against Chelsea and got the 1-0 win. Season is over and we finished 6th and will play Euro League yet again. Hoped to finished a little higher in the table but the form just wasn't there in the end. Small squad & long season took its toll. Especially the fixtures against Dortmund were quite frustrating, they were far better than us but we nailed our tactics but couldn't get the ball in the net. A little luck and things could have ended different. But we are proud to have given Dortmund a fair game with a lot of players that have come along from Championship to a semi-final in Europe. Evaluation of the season to follow...
  8. It was quite an important goal as well... Update tomorrow.
  9. LEEDS UNITED FC - MARCHING ON TOGETHER Max White / April / Semi-finals Callum Wilson is continue to have hard time in front of goal. And now is injured as well and will miss the first game against Dortmund in the Euro League semi-finals. Chris Wood is good but more of a Championship player. Need to bring in some more depth for next season.
  10. LEEDS UNITED FC - MARCHING ON TOGETHER Max White / March / A trip to Holland, and we are going back! Good result down in Rotterdam saw us through to the quarter-finals, where we return to Amsterdam. Hoping to cling on to the sixth place so we can return to play in Euro cups. Though match against Man U, they where far better and could have secured the win before half-time. But when the clock had ticked up to 86 minutes Kyle Walker pushed his old teammate Harry Winks in the penalty box. Up stepped Callum Wilson and struck the penalty... far wide. As you can see we didn't see a single Wilson goal this month.. On the flipside, great to see Philips back in play and back to scoring goals.
  11. LEEDS UNITED FC - MARCHING ON TOGETHER Max White / February / Cup month Hardly any games in the league this month, the two fixtures against Liverpool & Tottenham ended in zero points & zero goals. Nothing to say about that, their squads are out of this world. Against Stuttgart we ended it in the home game and when Chris scored after ten minutes down in Stuttgart we were all clear. The loss against Burnely, big big disappointment. What happened?!? Youth intake Great prospect in Leigh Kerr. Good mental attributes for a 16y old and a nice base on the technical side. Physcially he is already there. Great personality as well. We believe in this kid. Second Knockout Round, nice draw against Feyenoord. There is some quite big fishes in there. Nice to see Benfica/Tottenham, Sevilla/Napoli, Lyon/Dortmund & Sporting/Monaco go up against each other.
  12. Yes, a bit supprised myself actually. Beating the teams we are supposed to beat and have managed to steal a win here & there against the biggest teams.
  13. Fourth game.. of course..
  14. Is it due to the Galatasaray move? Anyhow, respect the fans. Off you go Harry
  15. Thanks man! Nice pic of Harry in the latest update