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  1. aditya

    SSD on FM

    Very helpful, thanks.
  2. aditya

    SSD on FM

    the difference is not that great. I predict it won be that far off with the 2018 version
  3. aditya

    Agentina Vs Iceland. 1400BST ITV

    its the first match, even France didn't field a strong team against Australia, nor spain.
  4. aditya

    SSD on FM

    I forgot to add, how does it impact performance on FM? is there notable differences in speed or general performance?
  5. I've been wondering on upgrading my hard rives to SSDs. How much of a difference are the performance in between the two? Any recommended brands or is the Samsung EVO 500GB safest choice? Thanks in advance
  6. Little update on the tactic, made changes to striker to AF to encourage more runs behind strikers. RW positon changed to Inverted Winger so RB does not overlap with the RW position. Inside fowards (LW) and Attacking Midfielder are change to attack as they are the main source of attack/creativity. Results are improving and often underperformed against teams who plays on the counter or parking the bus.
  7. I did mention I have been getting mixed results after all it is a new tactic. Y However I am pleased by the movements of the players, especially the attack. In fact I have moved the striker slightly one position to the left to get that signature Henry movement on attack. Only AMC and IF I set it to 'hold up the ball'. most of the time those midfielders gets ahead of the striker, i find it an issue since Henry are meant to be positioned ahead of everyone else I'll try that. Still setting it up as generic as possible to see the basic flow of the formation. and no reason for that! he was just injured. In most case Elneny or Xhaka will vacant that DM spot.
  8. Been doing pretty well trying to replicate the invincible. I think the asymmetric formation resembles the position and movements of the invincible team. Welbeck/Pires are more attack oriented, however still providing slight support defensively I left the LB and RB role on Au because their roles each games are dependent on opposition. Generally, if the opposition are attacking on the flanks (vs Madrid) I would set both to Defensive, and against lower teams both on Attack/Support combo. Still having doubts about Bergkamp role, if I set him on second striker, he will be too attack oriented. Attacking midfielder adds that little flair, being able to dribble around, more freedom both shooting and creating compared to AP. DM (Gilberto) role are also dynamic. Sometimes I would set to BWM when playing teams who plays lone striker. Most goals are coming from my striker/Henry. Typical poach goals from the wings or AMC or MC. I am playing structured shape and control mentality Mixed results so far, still tweaking slighty:
  9. https://forum.mrltactics.com/tactics Been trying to find a website that simulates and compares community tactics, but can't find one. I used to use MrLTactics for many FM versions to find those datas. Anyone know what happened to the guy? or are there other contributors that provide such datas? Thank you PS: not sure if in the right thread.
  10. Have only tested the demo for a few days. I can only say ME is still an issue but can't deny that there definitely is improvements. A quick visit to FMSCOUT and I am pleased that 'strikerless tactics' are no longer popular. It shows that the MEis not as bad as it was in previous versions
  11. I played the demo whole day yesterday, I think the interface is quiet complicated, they've certainly added alot of things, even coming from FM17 theres quiet a learning curve..
  12. downloading demo now ;), Felt like skipping it this year, but thought about the game night and day
  13. Hey guys, honest talk should I buy the game at this stage? I played 2017 but wasn't too pleased with it. thanks