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  1. I have a few idea I want to add. Automatic pause This should be an in game feature where we can automatically pause the game at certain time, particularly the 60th minute or 80th minute when you want to do a sub. I think it just make gaming experience more flexible. Automatic tactic Similar to the previous point, there should be an option where we can change tactic once we reach certain minute, goals scored, goals conceded. Set pieces style In training mode, there should be a bunch of options of set pieces formation we want to focus on. Similarly how we defend. It should be in a form of plug and play. Players with high corner attribute will have more option and their crossing, vision etc will enable them to perform them better (an example). This way, set pieces will make more sense. Teams who have poor set pieces will be targeted. Right now it so shallow. Corner stats are meaningless Youth recruitment Ability tell academy staff to prioritize finding a quality player base on position. This is not scouting, but more to the annual youth recruitment from academy.
  2. Against big team strategies varies. Because they could also counter or play all out. Because this is a game, a good indicator would be the odds. If the odds are against you against big team, very likely they will attack. But against big team, I like to play higher pace and more aggresively. I prefer to win by attacking than counter. You can't master both way. So normally I would play a high pressing game, a little more direct, more creativity and higher tempo. The reason being that most time the opposition would be in the same position. Both side of the defence will be vulnerable if you understand me, so it is just the matter of the players. I also instruct players to get stuck in to defender more aggressively. But I can accept a lost when I play attacking football rather when I dont create any chances and play boring football. So it depends on you. Another thing would be my full back. If I am playing against Mbappe and Neymar it would be wise to set your full backs on defend or support role. But at the same time, if they have Daniel Alves, it is likely the opposition RB position to be vulnerable since Alves likes to join in attack. So you have a dillema for your left winger. To play with a support role, or a more attacking role to exploit their RB position. I think these are the mindset you need to apply in FM, it makes the game much easier to understand. It goes the same with defenders and attackers.
  3. One mistake is the mentality, against smaller teams you it is a general rule of thumb to use at least control or attacking. Not only that you are playing structured with two DM and 3 AM and a striker. There is too much distance between midfield and attack. You are not even using a high defensive line. This means your attacking players are often isolated against team who sit back. To continue previous point, on defending scenarios, your defenders will be outnumbered by the opposition attackers, due to your formation and mentality. If it was on fluid or very fluid, attackers will also help defending and vice versa. If you want to play with current formation, typically having a high line and more direct approach is suitable, and change mentality to control and work from there gradually. When you play two DM, you will lack central midfielders to support attacking scenarios. You have one player on DLP and defensive, he will sit back during attack and not help anything. Which is useless against smaller teams. You want him to be up there winning tackles higher up the pitch as well as supporting attacking players. BWN with support role with the team defensive line on very high will be suitable. Lastly, you have a team full of high creativity stat players, but you limit their ability by setting them up on structure and "stick to position" and "defensive mentality". Stick to position is fine as it force players to be more discipline, but those two other setting will limit their creativity and flair, especially onplayers like Luan, Ozil, Miki, Pavon. Again, using good teams, you don't generally want to build a tactic on the foundation of a structure mentality. I hope this make sense.
  4. He's just an easy scapegoat
  5. Sterling hate is just frustration. If he had made the right decisions they would love him as much as we love Lindgard.
  6. But it doesn't specifically include the intent to be fouled on. If that makes sense. Run at defense is pretty passive. A good example would be Neymar, who would dribble aggressively across defenders in or outside hte penalty box so they can win free kicks/penalties.,
  7. There should be an instruction where you can instruct players to dribble much more aggressively, especially inside the box, or an area outside of the box. The point is to get fouled on, or get the opposition player penalized. The drawbacks should be higher risk of injury and a drop in vision and team work as they will be more focused on getting fouled. If that makes sense. Just my idea, its a common strategy, nothing unfair or unsportsmanlike. It's common in all sports especially Basketball.
  8. To be honest, I think the game is perfect, I just wish they invest more on in game presentation from player models, realism as well as add more animations.
  9. What a player, Reiss Nelson, been using him as a left and right winger. A great squad player, a decent full back option. This season 21 (5) apps, 8 goals and 15 assists. And only reached Febuary. An academy player too. Rarely gets injured.
  10. The three strikers is a huge let down to be fair. having 3 strikers is an actual real life tactic, unlike striker less bug in previous FM.
  11. Just bought the game on sale, played the demo for 2 months! I was in your position, I went through the reviews, it only convince me not to buy the game. But then I followed the community in sigames and FM scout, I was hooked, and I had to buy the game. Long story short, I didn't regret it. The game felt similar to FM17, however I think it is far more polished. I am not experiencing any bugs, problems, or errors. The game runs smoothly and I have just completed my first season, with Arsenal, used my own tactic I made from the demo and it won me FA cup and Europa league, also finished second. But in all honesty, would I have purchased the game at full price knowing the game was very satisfying? I would have to say no. Because I can't afford it really, I live in SE Asia, and converted the game is very expensive in my country. But if your question is, is it the same as previous versions? I would say yes of course its similar. Like I said, Its far more polished and in better condition. I would recommend buying regardless, after all, we are investing this organisation to continue producing better games in the future.
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