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  1. Yep this years Fm is called "Setpiece FM 20". It happens why to much. A lot of matches i just see only goals from set pieces like this. I score more from it though but yeah im afraid you can't do anything about somehow.
  2. Yeah i posted about it too here. Its really annoying. Its not realistic at all, I see it happen many times. The numbers are way to much. And its not with bad teams or anything and even then it shouldnt happen this often also. Dunno if its a bug or you can really do something about it. I would say it is a bug as it happens way to much. The defender sometimes just freezes and then the attacker takes the ball easily to go for a 1 on 1 possibility.
  3. Well i kinda agree on that point. That is why i also already said that the ME needs improvements for sure as it is not balanced in some ways. I still see those issues in even the extended highlights. Anyway my point was just for those who somewhere try to find a solution for the timebeing. Who wants to play the game, keep it simple and enjoy somehow without go into frustrations all the time. And yeah if its about the ME we can continue about it untill FM21 and see if it did improve but for now i just want to enjoy the game where it is possible. But i agree with you that this ME is not balanced at all. With playing with highlights you can lower the frustrations and just see the goals but for those who watch it fully it can be frustrated or who are into implement own tactics in this ME. Its going to be hard yeah and in that case we going to wait untill FM21 im afraid. And about your point reproducing into the ME, that is why i just went with those preset tactics, as it is made by SI who understand its ME the best i guess. And oh for sure it is not a final solution, no not at all but just a temporary one for now, for those who wants to get some enjoyment back in the way i described. But again i agree that the ME is going to need many improvements.
  4. I had first Tadic on that DLF striker position and he did a good job. Scored enough. Now i have new ones, Kaio jorge who is more a adv.forward so on the DLF role he needs time, he was doing oke, but with ups and downs. Try a striker who has DLF as his primary role, i felt that those strikers who have good technicals but less finishing mindset in their attributes fits the best. In this tactic ive seen its important that you have a connector as a striker, types like Tadic, Benzema etc. to link up the play well and finally they will get their goals also. When you have a real poacher as a striker on that DLF role in the tiki taka tactic he might do well aswell but if his technicals are bad or when hes not a that great connector with others he could struggle more. But i see also the wingers who get their goals so it would be oke to get enough goals.
  5. Thanks. Yeah true. I know that it is more satisfying making a working own tactic. But i noticed, and especially after the tactics changed after FM 18 (i think) that it was hard for me to make a balanced working tactic. I tried, went on and on but only with frustrations at the end. Maybe i understand football but in the game it was difficult to have a good one, to implement your own vision. But the difficulty is that you first need to understand SI's interpretations of those tactics (the TI's etc and what it exactly does in game), and also i dont want to full focus on it all the time, as i like squadbuilding etc more. And more important with those preset tactics is that it has a clear basis of a style of play. From there i can watch and understand it better what all the TI's are doing in a game and how to create a balanced tactic. From there on, i could tweak things a bit where needed. It was hard for me to get all those details in balance before, like roles, duties, TI, formation etc. It is for sure a solution for some of us. But i understand that some of those who watch full matches, only wants to make own tactics work, that they could get bored with the ME, as it has its issues.
  6. Oh no not at all. And yeah im happy with how im doing now, as i had a lot of frustrations with the game so may I? And secondly i have noted enough criticism here on the game and i agree with many of those here. The game, or lets say the ME has to improve a lot. As i said it has a lot of issues. But at the end, im looking for solutions to just enjoy the game a bit. Those who stop playing it, fine its their choise. But i want some enjoyment and with my post i tried to show how some perhaps could have it. Its just a way i tried to show and yeah i was happy with this for sure, as it showed it can work. FM players are in different ways, some uses those exploit tactics fine, some need to fix a working one themselfs and a other way is just use the preset tactics. So is this game great no, but those who are looking for a solution and who doint find it important to create a working tactic themselfs or who are lost in tactics anyway, can try the preset tactics and from there on they can tweak things here and there untill they find a effective tactic and where they can have some enjoyment. And at the end so you are saying that this Fm edition is lost or? Because that would be not true as well. But at the end its how some play the game, i just watch the highlights in games and i like squadbuilding more so im oke with it then, and some could also. If your a player who are full focused on creating own tactics and watching games fully then it still can be a dissapointment but know there are different FM players, so my post could be a solution for some of us for sure, as it has been a solution for me. But am i happy with the game in general no, the ME needs improvement, a lot. But we can talk about it all the time or we can find a way to enjoy the game anyway or some can choose to stop playing. And then we'll see what FM21 brings. And yeah for SI its going to be important to bring a balanced fine ME in FM21.
  7. Yoo is this thread still alive hehe. How you doing atm? This thread is really have been a joy for me. Just simple but it brought back the enjoyment of this game. Im now on a Ajax save, using the tiki taka preset tactic and im enjoying it a lot. 1st season went till semi finals CL and 2n season was sweet. Won the CL final vs Psg 1-0. The nice thing of this is, is that you have a clear base of what style of play your team is playing. From there i could go on and also against big teams. I used against them the counter tweak and could untick play out of defence etc. and saw that it was effective. Im happy with it and im glad having some enjoyment hehe. How you doing?
  8. We all noted the issues here, well many of us did. They are known and it is what is for now. But this post i'd like to be more positive. We all know the ME issues sadly but i was looking how i could just find that enjoyment in the game. And somehow im having it right now which is very nice. In the beginning i was really struggeling with tactics and failing in the game. We have seen many unbalanced things happening in the game also. But after seeing a nice thread here where that member told about using the preset tactics, i thought yeah why not, lets do that again and look if it works and hopefully bring less frustrations. Happily it is. I just like to enjoy squadbuilding and play the games with no full focus on tactics all the time. Now im using the tiki taka preset tactic as that one is close to my football vision. From there you have a basic, a start. I use extended highlights and im happy with the game now, the statistics are also very nice. In the beginning i had some difficulty with scoring but somehow i fixed it, but more important because i had a clear basic tactic where i know how it plays, what its vision is. And against stronger teams i found out that changing hold shape to counter is effective and also untick play out of defence because otherwise sometimes it brings my defenders in danger against the pressing of strong teams. But the important thing is for me, i have now a clear tactic of play and i dont need to stress all the time if my tactic is good balanced or not etc. I have with those preset tactics a basic to start from. Ofcourse those who like to go full into own tactics and find something working is nice also and perhaps more satisfying. But for me i'd like to enjoy, do squadbuilding, and just play matches with not to much focus on tactics all the time. Just in the game, some tweaks when needed. And in the game, there is less frustrations from the ME (just some issues that are known). I still see to many set piece goals, but many in my favour, so im oke with it then hehe. Im in a Ajax save now and had a nice 1st season, using tiki taka preset and went into semi finals of the CL and the 2nd season was very satisfying. Won the triple, CL final vs PSg 1-0 as you can see in the picture. If i might give some advice to those who struggle with tactics and winning games. Try a preset tactic, where you have a balanced tactic but also a foundation of how your team is playing, try it out, give it time and from there you can tweak things a little bit when needed to make it more satisfying for your own.
  9. Ofcourse those suggestion happens (sometimes) in real life football, only not all the time. About the set pieces for example, ofcourse goals come from it in real life football too, but in FM its like way too much in comparison to RL. And about the strong wingers, i dont see in real life those crazy runs, defeating defenders easily a lot. If it happens its just once in a season or some crazy Messi run (in his younger years) which no one else can do. So at the end the ratio of those situations are totally not balanced in FM in comparison to real life football. And i dont see short wingers winning headers easily so many times and scoring. Or speaking about the strikers. But i will come back to it, as my season goes furthur with some statistics about goals from set pieces for example. By the way someone already noted some statistics about it here. The sad part is that all this happens to much and the nice combinations play goals, threw the centre etc. happens almost never. I had a few and it were some nice plays but it kept on just a few of them. In my highlights i see mostly goals from set pieces, it is just ridicilous, even if its me who is scoring a lot from it though.
  10. Well that would surprise me as it is what SI inverted in the game, tactics to use is it not? They should then be nice balanced tactics right. And to be honest i am doing nice with it. Having fine results. Only this issue occurs often now which is a bit annoying.
  11. Well this is somewhat what this FM is about for sure. A nice conclusion about this ME. I have played a lot now and i watch games on extended highlights. I see so many set piece goals and wingers scoring with headers, even if they are short players. We can go moaning but i think your suggestions is where people should focus on to be effective somewhere. Also on long shots by the way. Its funny also seeing wingers having crazy dribbles easily, defenders almost just standing still lol.
  12. Hmm oke, im curious now then what the issue might be. Could you maybe give me a short answer to it where i need to look at without needing to open thread for it? Thanks in advance.
  13. I think it is not needed but thanks anyway. Just was asking if there is something known that causes this issue and if someone could give a quick answer to it. And asking also if its a bug or not. Anyway i just use the preset tiki taka tactic. Maybe is has to do something with the high def line and maybe a slow defender but then still this shouldnt happen this often.
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