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  1. Jep i know, and i did try to activate it between the date. The button was there also, tried multiple times, but was rejected everytime and Spurs were asking much more. Now its 1 aug. and the date expired so im moving on. It is what it is. But its weird why the buy back clause is not working correctly. Or if there is something missing.
  2. No idea. Tried many things but nothing yet helped. I mean, there is the button at transfers > Clauses and then i would expect when u use it, u can buy him back for the price which is noted. But afterwards they reject it and ask more money.
  3. Why is the buy back clause button not working? I want to buy back Reguillon from Spurs to Real Madrid. On transfers u have the buy back clause button, i used it in the exact data it is needed. But Spurs denied and asked way more and now i cant buy him. How to resolve this? Why is the buy back clause button not working as it should...!?
  4. I found this funny lool. The opponent gets a chance, misses, gets a rebound for open goal and he passes it back, loool like what the heck...? -_- 20201228_225519_1_1.mp4
  5. @FuSS Gave it a try and started really well. Making one self is kind of complicated, well for me though. If i might ask, how do you come up with to use those kind of PI's for example? And it seems that using a high press tactic works the best (as we also can see from those many knap tactics) right? I have to say this one is a nice tactic, saw some really sweet plays also. I did just one change, which is passing shorter, to have some combination play which i like to see in game. Id like to know, do u change something when playing against stronger teams, like in the CL league against the b
  6. Awesome, first time to win against them. Glad and confused at the same time hehe, thanks. So what are the key points to keep in mind in this case? So i understand what happened here and why it went much better for the team. Would appreciate it if you could note some of them. So if i can ask now, why keep the mentality on balanced? And thinking vs smaller teams u need more risk, so higher mentality and vs stronger teams u need less risks, so lower mentality is not the right approache or it is not what it means right? And so i can keep my style of play but to make it more solid, look at dut
  7. Good last point. In home games i did quite well, im AZ, so i think im strong enough against others in my league or at least same level. Ajax could be a bit better for sure. And about the mentality, so its wrong to think, oke my tactic is oke, and when playing away vs a strong team, if i go lower mentalty i'll be more solid right? And Ajax likes to play control football as well. Is it possible to keep the control play but just to be more solid overall? Do i need to think about maybe play some roles on def, like the cdm. and lower def lines, but increase mentality to positive for example? O
  8. When playing home, i go with balanced or positive ye. Well i meant, many just go with the tactics from knap for example, and they can do that ofc. but i have seen many of those tactics, are full extreme pressing, much high lines etc., the click and play tactics. Its no big deal but its no fun after a while for me. But crazy enough when things dont work i can understand that people go into them for an easy route as i thought about it aswell, but i dont want that. But so my tactic, is it to much attacking>? Where do i need to look at, to make it more solid for espec. in those diffi
  9. Thanks. Tried the suggestions. Lost 3-0. Gonna try it once more. Have to say the first half was abit better, guess the higher tempo did some good somehow.
  10. Hi, After a season with decent play i wondered if i would be stronger, espec. away against the stronger teams. Im Az, and against Ajax away i lost 0-5. The second season started but i was wondering where am i now. So i just wanted to test out a match against Ajax, i lost again, i played over and over again, vs them to see where the solution lays in those kind of games, but i just couldnt win. Its crazy but i want to know what i need to do to win it? I tried this tactic (see pic), but also counter tactics, default ones. But id like to know what can i do? Sometimes i think ye i under
  11. Some annoying detail. Sold my RB, some became unhappy oke. I buy 2 new RB's and they still unhappy. They think im going to buy Trent Arnold or something, im AZ. -_- I guess just gonna ignore that stuff, dunno what to do more otherwise.
  12. Quick questin about Counter and Hold shape. What are the differences between the 2? And the pro's and cons...? In simple language hehe, would appreciate it.
  13. Thanks for the tips guys, gonna be helpfull. Espec. taking note on the fact that opponents in away games being more attacking minded and with my tactic im giving to much space in my defensive shape. Cool, gonna check it out. Meanwhile i went back to 4123 which was more solid for, just need to check out some more away games. I think there lays the problem for me ye, i also went back to the 4123 (included with your suggestions) and was winning immediatly (feel that formation suits me better and the playstyle i like to play somehow), just need to see it out in away games. But im getting
  14. Thanks. That was said in the other topic as well (about away games, the home team is being more attacking minded) so good point and i think i need to look for a solution in that area, which hopefully could help me. If i can say, so i should look into maybe put my DoF and LoE 1 click lower or put the FB's on su instead of att. for example? Ye thats also why its hard for me to spot the problem i think. I watch my games in extended highlights. But im not rly into watching it in full, to much time needed hehe. But the point about opposition being more attacking minded is a good one to thi
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