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  1. Gary and Steven Caldwell brothers played for Scotland and Wigan at the same time I think. Sean Wright Phillips and Bradley as well spring to mind. The Alonso brothers too!
  2. In my fm 18 save with Montrose I signed a 16 year old Northern Irish midfielder from Queens Park and the following year his younger brother came through my own youth academy!
  3. What about having an option to ask the board to change the pitch surface at the end of the season? I.E when you take over a club with a synthetic one to be able to change it to grass or a grass hybrid one? Also it looks like the relay pitch option isn’t there anymore, should it still be an option or do the pitches no longer deteariate during the season?
  4. Can you get the board to change your pitch surface? Mainly if you take over a club with a synthetic pitch can you get them to change back to a grass one? Or is there no benefit in terms of it affecting your playing style? I know there used to be the request for the board to relay the pitch not sure if it’s still an option though!
  5. Noticed over the past few seasons it’s getting harder to find attendance figures for the matches. Would be good if you could bring back the one in the match screen where at half time the attendance pops up with the amount of away fans too! Instead we have to wait until after the game at the inbox before we can see it now. Also when the rest of your leagues results list come up you used to be able to see the attendance beside the score that extra piece of information would be good too instead of having to click into each game individually.
  6. Ryan Stevenson is down as a an Ayr United favoured personal on the clubs steen, but it’s not linked to him(can’t click on the name) but he’s still in the game as a coach when you search for him.
  7. Noticed a few points that’s might be worth a look. Newtown have a mid Wales derby vs Aberystwyth set under derbies however they don’t have Aberystwyth set as a rival. Barry town don’t have a nickname set and only have TNS set as a rival but Tns don’t have Barry set as a rival back. Cardif met uni have Barry set as a rival but Barry don’t have them set back.
  8. Currently playing as Ayr and despite topping the championship table halfway through the season my I’ve went from having +100k in the bank to -350k in the space of 3 months. My wage budget is under control at £500 pw less than the £10,000 pw allowed but noticed the match day costs are costing me between 40-50k per month. A lot more than my monthly wage bill. Is there any reason why this is so much for the size of club Ayr are? Also the ground maintenance is around 30k a month too which I thought seemed a bit steep. Are these realistic figures for a Scottish championship side?
  9. Might not be able to see it for looking at it but is there an option for crossing when setting up an individual training program for a player?
  10. Way back in FM 11 or 12 I had a save with Barry Town (before they went bust) where I was winning the welsh league and reaching the champs league group stage every season. Was raking in the money from that and building a Youth academy with it however the league prize money never seemed to go up so I was only getting a few thousand for that. Quite like the idea of welsh challenges or even a Norther Ireland one!
  11. Minor detail but There should be a team from the west of Scotland Premiership included in the Scottish Cup qualifying round as well as the winner of the Scottish Junior cup. Hence why Auchinleck Talbot have made it to the 4th round vs Ayr and Beith made it to the third round. Also the winners of the Scottish amateur cup are in included as well in the qualifying round, this year it was Shortlees but I’m not sure if that one will be possible don’t think there are any amateur teams in the DB?
  12. Think it might be to do with the players in question being on loan from another club.
  13. Ah this is maybe why then! I’m playing as Ayr United and the player in question is on loan from Man Utd will keep an eye out for the next time one of my own favourite players sees red, thanks.
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