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  1. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.dailyrecord.co.uk/ayrshire/burnley-partnership-could-huge-ayr-24146558.amp Ayr United and Burnley have an affiliate now
  2. https://www.scottishfa.co.uk/news/202122-scottish-cup-fixture-dates-confirmed/?rid=2107 updated format for the Scottish Cup including the teams from the WOSFL that gained full SFA licences
  3. In FM 19 save with Ayr united I had a 38,000 stadium at around 2040 and at the same time I noticed Bayern Munich had plans in for one over 100,000
  4. Yes if you are using any other editor file with it that has advanced nation rules changes it might interfere. I only use a file that has database changes and that works fine.
  5. Have you tried unsubscribing, signing out of steam then sign back in and subscribe? Do all this without having the game open.
  6. Not sure if this is the right place but I’ve noticed that in a few of my Scottish saves this keeps happening at rangers. mervyn day starts the game as a scout at rangers and is straight away wanted by teams down south so rangers offer him an assistant manager role to keep him which isn’t very realistic at all.
  7. The winter update is now on steam and works perfect, just started a save with Cumnock Juniors Great work!
  8. I tried to play this after the winter update however it’s no longer verified and when I try to in the editor it says there’s an error in the promotion/relegation between the regional prems and conferences. It recommends changing them all to flexible formats which I did but still won’t verify, if you could offer any help cheers.
  9. Who knows, a bit of luck with some free transfers might do the trick and keep you safe. The increase in club reputation now should be good for attracting decent players!
  10. Brilliant! Looking forward to some European adventures in the next few seasons haha!
  11. From the database drop down menu if you choose football manager 2021 it is the 21.1.1 patch of that’s any help. But yes in previous games you could choose from more patches.
  12. Have all the player and staff pictures for Rangers FC disappeared after the winter update or were they never there? Noticed the other Scottish premiership teams all have some pictures included thought it strange unless there’s a license to issue.
  13. I thought as much, it’s an issue I’ve already raised that I think needs looking at. I’ve looked in the editor and the Scottish u18 and reserve leagues are set to maximum number of teams that can compete which with the youth leagues it is already at the max number of teams at the start of the game. So if you choose a team in Scotland with no youth team competing in the u18 leagues it doesn’t look like you’ll ever get them in. Where as realistically at the start of every season the FA should be asking if you want your u18 team to compete then expanding the youth league as required. Is particularly annoying with lower league saves as only some teams start with a u18 team so if you like developing youngsters it’s disappointing also I’ve noticed if you start with the likes of Elgin or Montrose who have a youth team in the u18 league no mater how successful you become down the line eg champions league winner you’ll still play in the u18 league you start in instead of the elite one with the old firm. ps enjoying keeping upto date with your save, particularly as I seen you come up against my hometown team of Cumnock Juniors!
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