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  1. The person I replied to did. I never said he couldn't be a DM, but the stats don't make him seem like an obvious midfielder like the guy said.
  2. I think his crossing, dribbling, finishing, flair and off the ball are too poor to be a midfielder. He looks like a proper ball playing defender as advertised, a modern day Baresi.
  3. It's not even that. Just from this thread it's pretty obvious that some are hyper sensitive when it comes to perceived sjw and virtue signaling. I wouldn't be surprised if these people are also annoyed that Mr Jacobsen is standing up for the protests on his twitter as well. To think that this feature is only now being considered because of social media likes and appeasement is just laughable. It's like they live in their own little bubble and are oblivious to the fact that the womens game has been growing exponentially in the last few years.
  4. To be fair, you only wrote three sentences of random, baseless nonsense. Not very easy to miss. I guess we should be glad that you aren't in charge of developing the game.
  5. I hope in the new game the AI doesn't sack their manager too easily and too often. Just started a new save and Klopp got sacked for finishing 3rd.
  6. Bought him for 84M in my last save, he was unhappy and that was his list price. Good player but not the world beater that everyone might expect, or maybe it was my tactics but i did try him in his natural IF position. He chips in with both goals and assists and is reasonably consistent.
  7. I rather put a youngster there. How often does your gk get injured? Maybe once a season if at all. Just not worth it.
  8. I like to play certain players in league matches only to help them win top goalscorer or golden glove, for example if martial goes on a nice run in the league i will stop playing him in cup games and save him for the league so he can win the award.
  9. The only 'difficulty' setting in the game is how you create your manager, with no coaching and playing experience, you will have zero support especially when managing a big club until after the first few months and you start producing results. Thats the only difficulty level, as nobody wants to see artificial difficulty in a simluation like this.
  10. yes it should, not extensively tested this year but i would recommend keeping a 41221 as second tactic for away games vs 4231 if you are underdog, as sometimes midfield gets overrun. This tactic is strong against 41221 however, and against another 442 it could be a potential shootout. hmm it should be plug n play for man united, the only issue ive had is late goals from the AI, this year they actually try very hard for an equaliser or late goal. When you are in the lead or are taking a bit of pressure, you can try dropping d-line and use OI to target the most dangerous player. I've
  11. Yes, i've always had it like that in previous versions. The idea is that one pushes out more often to close down while the other covers the through balls.
  12. Game too hard? Wondering why you are not scoring with Manchester United, or dominating games but only one goal and then draw or lose? Try this plug and play 4-4-2 tactic, emphasis on fast direct attacking football with wing play, and a classic Scholes/Keane midfield combo. I haven't had time to try it with lower league clubs because I will do a journeyman save after the winter transfer update, but I have used this same tactic for previous FM's as I just import or re-create it every year. I have posted this tactic before, I forgot FM 15 or 16, it had great success as I took FC United from t
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