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  1. Whats the general consensus for stadia? The tech really interests me but i have heard varying reports. Lag being the main concern but for something like FM where graphics/ twitch controllers are not the primary issue.
  2. Wow, much wit, much insight You win this round ... I would say reddit would be for more "casual" FM players who probably say it as it is and look at the core product - i.e the ME. vs here where more hardcore players where opinions will sway more to the extremes - love ir or hate it
  3. Can anyone go into detail on why the ME is better than FM19? My reading of reddit is that there is negative consensus and there are a lot of bugs (I know this is beta but the same set of bugs keep coming up e.g. one on ones which you would expect it was something known pre beta)
  4. In the stream I believe miles mentioned that he played FM19 on high and FM20 on very high. So are we saying that the game will run better in all machines
  5. The base level- I still have to purchase the game correct? im confused at what the offer is I was thinking this is like netflix for games, so the pro edition i pay a subscription and i get choice of games to play. Edit: Ok seems like you pay to be on the system but you still have to purchase the games but with the sub you get discounts. Ill probs wait for the reviews and the base to come out the
  6. Considering the potential game market and number of people who love football as a sport and the very low requirements need for the game - 2m is not big. The game is only really in two markets - germany and the UK. There are sales elsewhere but it is dominated by these markets. Its a specific product for a specific subgroup and is highly specialised, by definition it is a niche product
  7. Like a genuine Q; what is the significance of 64 bit? What could it entail?
  8. The game is niche and i think thats because it has this reputation of being a niche game. Perception is so important. It will probably never be a mainstream game as such because of the time commitment and lack of pick up and play element that is needed. If i love football and i play FIFA and i see FM for the first time i will automatically not be interested in the game. It looks like a game for nerds because i would think to tolerate this graphics it must be really niche and nerdy. There is no way to measure reliably the gain from improving graphics but there is for the loss.
  9. The Key question is when do you cut off? If you make the argument that 10 year old laptops need to be able to play it, why not 20 year old laptops? It is a sticking point. At some point for the good of the game you need to go, "these are our minimum requirements, we have them because this is our vision for the game and to deliver that we need these requirements". Again im not arguing that minimum specs should be beast of a machine but it shouldn't be based on the average computer over 10 years ago. No one i arguing for fifa level graphics but we are arguing that mobile games with much smaller teams and budgets are capable of delivering much better looking graphics. The team a SI should be able to do better than what is currently delivered.
  10. Yeah i agree, it is very much a business at the end of the day and to keep the game and staff employed it needs as many people to play it. Thats why Stadia really intrigues me. All the processing is done off site so it doesn't matter what laptop or device youre playing on
  11. Im not saying start from scratch, i know thats very expensive, time consuming and not efficient. No game developer completely rebuilds an engine (E.g Unreal 3 -to 4) What i mean that the ME is based on ideas and a framework that was set in 2009. The game has changed (Real life game i mean) so i think they need to go back to the drawing board and think what do we think are the key ideas that are prevalent in the modern game. E.g. passing patterns or pressing trigger and how do we achieve those goals. Parts of the engine that does, keep and update. Theres a reason why issues that people have had for years has been persistent. Im sure the engine is rewritten countless times but the same issues linger because you're rewriting code and bolting on new systems that based on the same basic engine. Its no longer holistic which causes inefficiencies and issues. I think of it like modern Microsoft. They have been slowly removing the barriers to divisions and teams. It makes sense. If one team is making software and one team is making hardware they're working together but they lack synergy. But if it was one team making the hardware and the software, you get much better product. Apple is the same. All im saying is that the ME needs to be set on flexible foundations for the next 10 years.
  12. RE: The Graphics and the match engine. I think graphics are vitally important. Think about it, you are watching the matches for a significant portion of those 1000 hour runs. I think the current graphics are tolerable and thats because i put more emphasis on the ME for my enjoyment. I understand that they want to reach as many consumers as possible and i for one do appreciate that as i still play on a 2016 MacBook Air. But there comes a time when to move forward you need to my sacrifices. I personally really enjoy a passing move work out, or a through ball work so imagine if it looked more like games from 2009 instead of 1999. I say 2009 instead of 2019 because i understand that there is much greater processing load due to the simulation nature. This game looks very dated and that does have an effect. It limits a new generation of players getting into the game because they have grown up with games that look incredible and this game looks very much from the earlier 2000s. I mean it looks worse than Fifa 2004, a game 15 years ago. I would love to see better graphics to make me see and feel the difference of playing against Ipswich in a FA cup 3rd round and playing against Real Madrid in the champion league final . I would like to see more fluid and varied movement of players. It would increase the enjoyment and replay-ability because i wouldn't notice the patterns as much. When i watch now i can kinda predict the passage f play because there is such limited player animations that you just pick it up. I have already mentioned before that the ME needs to be rebuilt because the system is from 2009 with 2009 ideas and frameworks and theres only so much you can do with updating and tweaking and bolting on other systems before it runs less efficient and doesn't suit the needs of today.
  13. Oh jesus, It fitting your picture is of doofus rick. Im using an analogy, here read up https://examples.yourdictionary.com/analogy-ex.html And “it's ironic you trumpet your economics degree as a means of understanding a competition argument”- yes, I do … Its literally taught so um, yeah, I do use it as a means of understanding competition Lets break down what you said. I am talking about the concept of competition youre talking about feasibility. My argument is that if there was competition it drives businesses to reinvest aggressively and forces progess. Im going use the iphone analogy again – Before the Iphone came out the phone market is unrecognisable because phone makers were competitive but happy with their little incremental upgrades- smaller frames, full keyboards (e.g. blackberry) and ones that did introduce touchscreens before apple like the Palm were terrible. Then the iphone came and there was an explosion of innvoation because the competition got fierce. Look at blackberry they couldn’t compete because they were used to having the business market cornered but couldn’t progress since the iphone and now are basically gone. Look at what competition has brought along, iphone had a finger print scanner, Samsung put in under the screen, iphone moved to FaceID. Is there any reason why this would happen in such a short space of time other than competition? True and the reasoning for that is because there are two markets – Germany and the UK. The market is also dominated by FM. Again another analogy with Iphone. I use my phone for texts, internet and photos all of which I can argue is mmuch better value for money with android yet I stick with apple. Why? Because the brand and the goodwill attached. People dont like change. Making it difficult for people to compete, im not saying creating competition is easy but “murdering” it has a few more layers to it Again I flex my economics degree, EA is a global company, it doesn’t make sense to invest so much in such a niche market. Why do you think niche markets are dominated by much smaller players? Because bigger players demand a return on investment which the football management market cannot achieve, it may be profitable but there are better areas to invest in. Your arguments has no legs. I have pointed out in my first post how out of the 4 headline features, 3 I believe are rehashs of things that are already in the game. As I have explained competition would make a difference – it doesn’t take an economics degree to understand that if your survival depended on improving more than your competitor it would have an effect…. The ME is a decade old, it may not have the same code from 2009 but the ideas and framework is still the same. Theres only so much you can rejig and add onto to the engine before its become restrictive. IF they had competition then they would invested much more into to update it. Example the Halo series from Halo 5 and the next gen halo have has new engine, why? Because the current one isn’t capable in implementing all the new technology and ideas that they want so they rethought it with new tech and ideas so to compete with other games which engines can support more advanced processes Thank you for attending my ted talk. Rebuttel- you definitely missed the point and See definition of an analogy and the above economics lesson Again I have not argued for a killer app. I have said polish. What I have argued for this edition is that the HEADLINE features, the features to convince me that I should upgrade seems to be stuff that has already been in the game. I have always wanted issues that have persisted for years to be be addressed. This years game seems to me more of dlc that could be done in a summer update. Just look at the “features”miles posts on twitter. Im not asking for the wheel to be changed yearly. I am saying the the annoyed HEADLINE features are very underwhelming and that this years release looks like FM19.5 and because of that i disagree with the retail price
  14. I have never asked for - New big features - FIFA level graphics - Youth management - The ability to spend my in game salary I have called for polish in the game above all else. Focus on the ME have that as the headline feature. So please before anyone responds to me actually read what i have written - I get annoyed when im playing the game and if my team breaks , my 18 speed stat striker dropping off and ends up in at AM position and over taken by the player with the ball rather than leading the line which results in the ball carrier being the most advance player. - I get annoyed when multiple players press the same player when there is no need - I get annoyed when some wins a side tackle in or around the box it ends up with the opposition striker - the ball doesn't have enough of its own physics (Alibeit this has improved from previous iterations ) - I get annoyed when i have set my instructions to low crosses but it constantly floated in - If i 6 offers for a player i don't want 6 of the same offers. Theres such a rudimental system in place - If RM come in for anthony martial who has 18 G+A in 30 apps i want them to go over the £60 value of the player instead of being capped by it and then walking away for negotiations but spending £45m on a left back they don't need when they already have two potentially starting LB. There seems to be no AI management of prioritising players. I bring it back to real life, is harry maguire worth £80m or is it that there was a need for him. I have never had a bidding war for a player. - i Want pressing triggers - i Want passing formations - i just want more in depth tactics and better AI. Thats the core product which has had upgrades, particularly last year the fact we haven't seen ME footage or there been any mention of it so far, so i feel like its gonna be tweaks. These have been issues for years which have only been incrementally upgraded. Im asking for a year when the ME is the focus, how many years have we been running the same basic engine? Also Miles twitter - Upload a photo for your manager (Removing FM17 and adding it back in is not a feature) - Board send you a message if you win an award -yawn - Players release from clubs are more likely to join local teams - Multiple Buyback clauses These are the "features" you're so buzzed about? All of these could be done in a winter or summer update but yet we are being asked to fork out £40 YEs i don't have to buy it but like i mentioned before, there isn't a substitute so what do i do? I want the game to improve and we as consumers shouldn't be satisfied with this edition with what they have announced thus far. Personally a tick tock system should be in place - Tick - Big new upgrade £50, tock - small upgrade like this years £30 or less because lets be frank what is being delivered this year is nothing more than DLC
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