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  1. Yeah. Would be great to know how well it runs, particularly if you put in a ton of playable leagues. Im running a 2015 Macbook air so im looking at a 2x-3x performance improvement Much Appreciated!
  2. Has anyone had a try yet? Miles did reply to someone on twitter saying that on the dev kit, they didnt see any problems (they were unsure if multiplayer would work). They should be able to test now as the computers have been released, So it seems like it does work
  3. Completed my first season. ME is brilliant but my frustrations lies in the transfer window. Im finding it impossible to sell players. A bit of context im with Manchester United and i wanted to sell fred and Linderoff. Both had good seasons ( Avg 7.3 rating) and are valued around £40-£50m. I cant even sell them for half that. Understand wages are a factor but still struggling when offering to pay some it. Also find it frustrating seeing the AI make deals that would cost double if i attempted.
  4. I've been very critical of the last few FMs and i still stand by my comments on those iterations. What i will say it that this years ME is superb. I find that wingers and dribbling is much better. The player movements is more interesting. The interplay in midfield and the first time passes into space is excellent. The types of finishes are alot better as well - I have seen dinks, shifts onto other foot, curlers. My issues -Consensus is that the MU is awful and i completely agree. There are some good ideas in there but poorly implemented. How do i find stats by player during t
  5. Apple recently released their much anticipated MacBooks with their own Apple Silicon. im due an upgrade and keen to get one but since they are now based on the ARM architecture I don’t know if they will be able to play FM anyone have any insight?
  6. I can see that. Dont know how i feel about it. I kinda like knowing but it makes sense.
  7. I like them and i think they are the right decision. % are arbitrary and not realistic. Before people go "But looking at a heart icon isnt as well". You would need some sort of reflection of what the manager sees.
  8. Whats the general impressions of the ME this year?
  9. I play fm20 on a 2015 MacBook Air. It’ll play but just with less leagues and low graphics
  10. So its hard so lets just not bother and keep giving them our money? I acknowledged that its difficult & Complex. I accept It requires alot from engineers and to get engineers/ train engineers to the level requires alot of money. My argument is there have been issues that have plagued the ME from years. Its not like the fan bases hasn't raised these issues on multiple occasions on multiple releases. To fix the issues with the ME requires moving resources away from these "headline" features which are easier and cheaper to do to the ME. Like i said, to develop a good attacking system co
  11. At the end of the day, every single FM customer just wants a tactically deep ME. One where adjusting your tactics makes big gains/losses on the pitch. Currently it feels all skin deep ( Swear the option for low crosses is all cosmetic and doesn't actually change anything in the game) . The most important part of the game is neglected. Yes they invest in it each year but there have been glaring issues with it for years. And its been said time and time again, and i will say it once more. There is no competition. Fixing the ME is complex, expensive and difficult. Why spend the money
  12. If that was the case then issues that have plagued the ME for years would been fixed. Floaty crosses when I don’t have a tall striker and set crosses to low, strikers dropping deep on the counter, players not following instructions, my bids getting rejected but a much lower transfer fee winning. These are just a few and these issues have been persistent for years. You only need to read through this forum to see it.The issue is FM is in a niche market. 2 million sales is small in the gaming industry but is a headline figure for FM. Name one other viable competitor? There isn’t . So if you
  13. I think the ME needs a complete overhaul. This ME has been in place for more than 10 years. Yes its had extensive revisions and updates but at the end of the day its framework and core are essentially the same. The football ideas 10 years ago have evolved and to expect the same dated technology to keep up is unrealistic. There is only so much you can add and tweak before you need to overhaul the engine. My issues Why is it, that when you set up a tactic where you have players switching (e.g. Wingers switching flanks) that it breaks the game if you change players or formation
  14. Whats the general consensus for stadia? The tech really interests me but i have heard varying reports. Lag being the main concern but for something like FM where graphics/ twitch controllers are not the primary issue.
  15. Wow, much wit, much insight You win this round ... I would say reddit would be for more "casual" FM players who probably say it as it is and look at the core product - i.e the ME. vs here where more hardcore players where opinions will sway more to the extremes - love ir or hate it
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