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  1. I hope in the new game the AI doesn't sack their manager too easily and too often. Just started a new save and Klopp got sacked for finishing 3rd.
  2. Bought him for 84M in my last save, he was unhappy and that was his list price. Good player but not the world beater that everyone might expect, or maybe it was my tactics but i did try him in his natural IF position. He chips in with both goals and assists and is reasonably consistent.
  3. I rather put a youngster there. How often does your gk get injured? Maybe once a season if at all. Just not worth it.
  4. I like to play certain players in league matches only to help them win top goalscorer or golden glove, for example if martial goes on a nice run in the league i will stop playing him in cup games and save him for the league so he can win the award.
  5. The only 'difficulty' setting in the game is how you create your manager, with no coaching and playing experience, you will have zero support especially when managing a big club until after the first few months and you start producing results. Thats the only difficulty level, as nobody wants to see artificial difficulty in a simluation like this.
  6. yes it should, not extensively tested this year but i would recommend keeping a 41221 as second tactic for away games vs 4231 if you are underdog, as sometimes midfield gets overrun. This tactic is strong against 41221 however, and against another 442 it could be a potential shootout. hmm it should be plug n play for man united, the only issue ive had is late goals from the AI, this year they actually try very hard for an equaliser or late goal. When you are in the lead or are taking a bit of pressure, you can try dropping d-line and use OI to target the most dangerous player. I've used this to beat the likes of Chelsea and Liverpool away, and if you are not using man united, make sure CBs have decent pace, anticipation, positioning, etc. Neub 1.1 @Lenzar haha good one, i do miss those glory days.
  7. Yes, i've always had it like that in previous versions. The idea is that one pushes out more often to close down while the other covers the through balls.
  8. Game too hard? Wondering why you are not scoring with Manchester United, or dominating games but only one goal and then draw or lose? Try this plug and play 4-4-2 tactic, emphasis on fast direct attacking football with wing play, and a classic Scholes/Keane midfield combo. I haven't had time to try it with lower league clubs because I will do a journeyman save after the winter transfer update, but I have used this same tactic for previous FM's as I just import or re-create it every year. I have posted this tactic before, I forgot FM 15 or 16, it had great success as I took FC United from the lowest playable tier to the top. This year, I found the game to be even easier because before I could not use this tactic for tough away games, I had to use a 41221 or I'd get overrun. But I have discovered that for FM19 I can use this tactic even away against tough opposition. Now the chances of winning will be a little lower as expected especially against world class opposition, and you may need to switch around with a second tactic, but at home this will win you games for sure. It's actually a very simple, but effective tactic. I forgot what 'base' I used to recreate this, most people use tiki taka or gegenpress but I think i just made it from scratch. It's a short passing 442 but the way I set up the wingers and midfield playmaker, can also be very direct and hit teams on the counter. First save (pre 19.1, the last beta version), first season transfer window disabled. In the winter I sold off alot of 1st teamers like Jones, Smalling, Valencia, Young, Sanchez, Mata, Lingard, and replaced them with kids, Tuanzebe, Ro-Shaun, O'Connor, Gomes, Chong. Walked the league and beat Juventus in the CL final on pens. Now I started a new save last night, took over Mourinho in October, no preseason no tactic familiarity, just plug and play. No coaching license and sunday league footballer for the hardest difficulty. Took over after Arsenal game and started off well with a comfortable win against the saints then a hard fought draw at the bernabeu, then lost to Huddersfield in the cup and I lost my rag, screamed at the players and they bounced back to dismantle Spurs, then toyed with Madrid, and then I knew this tactic was ready. DOWNLOAD - Sky 442.fmf GK - Standard, play your best keeper here. I've used Romero in cup games and then Dean Henderson as a backup DR - Valencia and Dalot good enough for first season, Dalot takes over with Young backup, O'Connor breaks through. Lindelof can do a job. DL - Shaw, Young as backup, Rojo can do a job. Will probably need to sign a young lb to develop. DC - All the original crew can do a job but eventually can be replaced. I'd keep Bailly and Rojo and sell Smalling/Jones. Promote and develop Tuanzebe/Ro-Shaun Wingers - Both traditional pacy crossing wingers, and wide playmakers can do a job. That means Mata, Lingard, Pereira, Sanchez. Chong and Gribbin can break through. Rashford and Martial can do a job on the left but I'm alawys like ehhh i'd rather play em upfront. I use what I have but Passing and Vision is important here. BWM - Matic, Herrera, Fellaini, Fred. Ethan Hamilton can break through and do a job, as does McTominay. Plenty of options here. Anticipation, Positioning, Tackling RPM - The playmaker (Scholes), should be Pogba most of the time but Pereira and Gomes can do a job, as can Mata and Herrera and even Fellaini. Passing, Vision, Off the Ball, Long Shots DLF - Second striker, could be any striker or a trequarista like Angel Gomes, Sanchez, Mata, any attacking minded mid. AF - The best striker goal scorer you got, Lukaku scores for fun here as does Martial. I don't really look as stats as much when filling the positions, but hopefully you can get an idea of what players to get. This tactic is not that dependent on stats but more on high morale, young hungry players and good team management. Here's what i did when I started the new save: Hire an assman with decent stats, namely judging ability and potential, motivating, tactical knowledge, etc. I chose van Nistelrooy. Fill up the coaches so each area has at least four stars and duty is light, or medium Staff responsibilities, delegate training to coach (mckenna), tunnel interviews to RvN, player scouting to my chief scout, etc. For team talks I'm actually very similar to someone who posted it in detail here, i think it was fuss.. basically be very hard on your players and always choose I'm not pleased if the result is draw or losing by HT. The only difference is he uses aggressive a lot while I save the hairdryers for really poor performances. Always be hard on your players if they are below 7.0 rating then say your not happy. Use Shouts! If you go down a goal or not doing well, Demand More. If you score 3 goals in the first half like I did against Madrid, use Push Forward! Go for the kill while they are still reeling from the blow! Don't let your players fall back and be complacent. I will only use Praise in the last 10 minutes or so, so everyone goes home happy. I did not configure set pieces, still scores goals from corners I do not set up Opposition Instructions (OI), if an opposition player is doing particular well, target him. Use your own judgment. This tactic was only tested on Man United stock squad in the first season and then second season with expensive signings, same results. I will no longer spend on big names. Team morale is important. A draw or defeat is devastating even if you think it's only a blip in the season, the next game could define and make or break the rest of your season. Make sure you are super harsh and ride your players all the way to a win. Make sure the morale column is all green arrows, then your players will perform for you. Praise the players if they do really well, fine them if they go below 6.3, praise them for training well, warning for second yellow and fine for strait red
  9. I developed him last year, useful player, his ambitious personality means he will train hard and improve his stats to become better. Chips in with free kick goals and assists here and there, not consistent enough to be a top player and iirc eventually i replace him after about 4-5 seasons, although he never complains and I think i even had him on a month-to-month for awhile after his contract expired. Eventually replaced by the regens pushing through. This year I didn't develop him on my first save because Gomes and Pereira are ahead of him and are also versatile enough to play on the flanks as well as the middle. But i started a new save where I will only sign u18 and try to use academy talent so will try to develop him to replace Mata. tl;dr - Good technical ability and ambitious personality makes him a useful and better player than his stats suggest.
  10. Think ill have to start a new save soon, there's hardly any challenge in this one anymore. I'm only on the second season by boxing day and Andreas Pereira is the league's top scorer with 8 goals. Last season Martial ran away with it, with Rondon at second with like ten goals apart, this year the big clubs like Liverpool and City are hoving outside the europa places. Wolves is 3rd and Newcastle 2nd with Rafa doing a great job, signed Balotelli on a free on the second season and he's killing it with 8 goals 7 assists so far. They also signed Barkley in the last winter window (had the first summer disabled) and he's also chipped in 7 goals and the magpies are back on top. I dont want to be a part of this world.
  11. I also found it pretty easy with stock squads and first transfer window disabled, 6 pts clear by new years right now. Stick with the 442, wing play is very strong again this year. I put Pereira at left wing and he's got 2 goals 8 assists in 13 appearances. I'm off loading a third of my squad in the jan window before their contracts expire, as this years United is pretty interesting in that nearly half the teams contracts are expiring. So lets see what happens as I ease Gomes, Chong, and Ro-Shaun into the first team for the second half of the season to replace Jones, Smalling, Fellaini, Herrera, and probably Lingard (60m to Arsenal!).
  12. Glad to see I'm not the only one seeing these sackings. If Liverpool finish outside of top 4, it's bye bye Klopp. And Conte usually follows because his 343 just doesn't work well in the game in the EPL. As for Schneiderlin, his mentality doesn't cut it for me, hides in the big games and becomes complacent when we are ahead in matches. Same with Depay and Blind, even though I want to give them a chance, they just aren't reliable enough. On my current save I use Basti as first choice and he was rock solid until he suffered a hip injury.
  13. Something I've noticed after 5+ saves. In the EPL, Chelsea and Liverpool always struggle, and in my current game, both Conte and Klopp have been sacked before the first season is over. Conte's system just doesn't work in the game, or at least the AI isn't doing a very good job of implementing it. And I dont understand why Liverpool always struggle at the start of the season, linger around midtable, and then Klopp gets the sack before Christmas. Not that it doesn't amuse me, mind. On the other hand, Watford with Mazarri's 532 always does well and finish top half, usually top 6, even I struggle sometimes when playing on their turf.
  14. 442 for life.. traditional flat 442 with wingers, playmaker and BWM combo. That's my go-to home tactic, but I also love the 41221 this year, it's so wonderfully balanced and solid, yet capable of playing fluid attacking football with the right philosophy.
  15. Can't say that I have noticed any radical changes after the patch. My tactics still work and after I started a new save with a chinese club in the lower leagues, I have noticed that I'm scoring even more often because of the poor quality of the league and constant individual mistakes. I'm assuming you use all three of your tactic slots and not just one tactic for all situations.. certain tactics used to exploit the ME in the past, but it's much harder now to dominate with just one tactic. Sometimes I need to change it up during the match to avoid an AI comeback.
  16. I had a player go clean through during injury time in a derby match with a teammate on the other side, and we were a goal down, but instead of squaring it for a tap in, he blasts it into row Z. Should be able to fine for that.
  17. I find that if you manage a big club with a strong reserve/youth squad, good coaches and facilities, it is usually better to keep them because a.) if you set your coaches right they will use your tactics and the players will develop and train according to your tactical needs. And b.) if they keep winning, their morale will stay high and their stats will develop quicker than if they were loaned to a struggling club and they keep losing and he plays poorly. I only ever loan them out if I know they will succeed, and there isn't too much competition for his position. I always get my staff to compile match reports for the best talents so I can watch them grow and decide if they can challenge for a first team spot. So in my experience, they develop just fine playing in youth and reserve leagues as long as they are performing well, at least in big clubs. If I were you, I'd keep the 16 year old in the youth team, that way the reserves can also call him up. Bring him into the first team for an easy game in which he will do well.
  18. I honestly dont remember , i think mine started around 10, is now 13. I had Mkhi tutor him, and he learned to place shots, play one twos, and knock the ball past opponents. So that went surprisingly well. Good for my system as I play two strikers so they need to play off of each other as well as the midfield playmaker. On the other hand, my Angel Gomes has 1 concentration and 2 jumping
  19. If you use a system that has a roaming playmaker or attacking mids, try playing him every once in awhile and in easy cup games. That and keep him in the reserves so he regularly sees action. He will never rule the world, but can become a handy little player who can score lots of free kicks and long range screamers when his morale is high. Third season Pereira: Again, high flair ambitious players can do amazing things. He is Pogba's backup for me, never moans, so you have nothing to lose and his family are all United fans.
  20. So I was tracking the progress of one of my regens, everything seems to be going well, stats steadily improving and he's enjoying his time Then I look at his profile Kids these days
  21. Adnan delivers in every save I've played, for this and last years game. He actually has a decent attitude, far better than Memphis, and is very ambitious, which he applies to the training ground. As long as he fits your tactics (which shouldn't be an issue since we all attack attack attack as United) he will improve massively and becomes a Ronaldo Lite. I love high flair/technique players, they play the beautiful game the right way.
  22. So to continue on from my last post, here's my second season transfers James Ward-Prowse - bought him to play center or right midfield, he ended up deputising Phil Jones at RB/RWB. I actually regret paying that much but the fans loved him. Isco - played mostly at left wing, solid performer, finished the season with 10 goals 7 assists. Jerry St. Juste / Jorge Mere - two young defenders I brought in to replace Blind and Rojo, developing nicely, loaned out Ro-Shaun and they are keeping Tuanzebe out of the first team. Pierre Zebli - signed him on the cheap because I liked his high physical stats, he looks like a typical Chelsea/Mourinho type DM, does very well for my U23's and also shined in his handful of first team appearances. The rest are regens. I wrapped up the league by April. My second season was very much like Leicester's year, a very weak league, I finished with 93 points and Arsenal only had 77 in second place. Chelsea, City and Liverpool all capitulated and fell out of top 4, and sacked their managers. Spurs finished 3rd, Southampton 4th, Watford 5th and surprisingly Leicester at 6th (they were near the bottom on my first season). Martial scored 31 league goals as my #9. Januzaj performed well above expectations at right wing, finishing with 17 goals and 6 assists while being backup to Mhikitaryan, who finished with 7 goals 23 assists. Andreas Pereira chipped in with 8 goals 11 assists as Pogba's backup as the offensive "Scholes" midfielder role. Luan and Rashford also contributed 15 and 17 goals, respectively. I hope the third season will be more challenging as I continue to offload the aging, highly paid stars and replace them with youth, Ro-Shaun had an amazing loan spell at Celtic and improved massively.
  23. Of course it's not just you, this issue has divided the community since before the beta was even released. However, I am fine with its inclusion, because Brexit is a reality. Unlike the possibility of a war, or a military draft, Brexit has already been decided, the only thing left is the outcome, and hence the randomization. I'm open to a toggle, but also see it as a challenge if I get a bad outcome. It's an interesting and unique situation and I don't think SI are being unreasonable. We don't know what the outcome is, but we DO know that Brexit has been decided. There is a bigger chance of Trump losing the presidency to a recount than Brexit being overturned at this stage.
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