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  1. It’s become so normal for me to check this thread I think when the game is released I’ll still be on the thread asking when it’s released
  2. I think the point is if it’s not out tonight it will be courteous of SI to tell us so we can stop wasting our time waiting for nothing.
  3. Why do people assume YouTubers have any kind of insider info?
  4. It has to be out tonight, otherwise SI have done all these people dirty waiting for today. They could have easily said it isn’t coming today, as they would have known by now.
  5. Normally they approve it then submit it to steam. Steam then normally takes a few hours to activate it for download.
  6. Does anybody remember when the beta was released last year? From what I remember it was a day early wasn’t it?
  7. Miles doesn’t wake up until dinner time & nobody dares wake him.
  8. Does anyone have a list of the playable FM 20 Sugar Daddy clubs this year?
  9. Great post Dimitri. I would love to know why they are doing this. What in gods name was wrong with it before? Utterly bizarre, and no comment at all from SI. Ruined the cosmetic feel of the game; especially when in a long save.
  10. Looks dreadful though. Just did it and all the faces are stretched wrongly, out of position and mess up your own managers face. Not a clue what the developers have done differently to the faces this year - but I fail to see how it is a positive change. Removing the ability to upload your own manager picture, which is just completely bizarre. Still yet to see a reason, or think of one in my head as to why this feature was excluded from the game. All the new regen faces seem to look exactly the same, and as mentioned above - all have massive foreheads and look like raving crack
  11. Including the actual manager picture, too! Not sure why an earth they removed the ability to upload your own picture.
  12. I have used FM regen facepacks in the past as I hate the plastic faces. However, I can't find any for FM 2017. Does anybody have/know where one is that works with FM 2017?
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