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  1. My pet peeve: SI still haven't fixed the columns, where it is borderline impossible to arrange a view how you want it. Surely this wouldn't be TOO hard to fix? It is really irritating to arrange anything as it just messes it all up every single time.
  2. Cheers andu. As transparent as always from SI, I suppose it will be "it'll be ready when it's ready" timeframe, yawn!
  3. Does anybody know whether the release tomorrow will come out at midnight? I want to start my journeyman.
  4. I am really enjoying this year's game but does anybody think there are too many goals? My games are commonly 3-4 4-4, and I don't even play a particularly attacking system.
  5. Exactly this. You see it on every Brexit discussion in every industry, about everything related to it. It is worst case scenario predicted every single time.
  6. Even if you went by the book, this is categorically not true. This is a high skill industry with high pay, just like EVERY OTHER COUNTRY IN THE ENTIRE WORLD, the players will get in and the work permit system will not be this harsh. The implemention is wrong. I do not give a toss about politics or peoples political agendas, but I know the UK system will not be like SI has implemented it, through guesswork and speculation
  7. There shouldn't be any system in the game until we know the rules. That is the point here. They are ruining the game for a lot of players based on pure speculation and guesswork. It is not "realism".
  8. Yes. It would have made complete sense. The fact it's so drastically different from last year tells you that. It is a pointless feature put in for nothing more than PR ahead of 2018's release. In the current rules SI have imagined up, England is the most difficult country in the world to get a work permit for. Just put that in perspective here. The rules are ridiclous.
  9. THIS. This is why the rules are unrealistic. They will not be this like this. You can't even hire a scout from a foreign country, it is ludicrous. We are not turning into North Korea. It is a fictional forecast that has no realism to it. Why don't they just remove Brexit until it's sorted? Does anybody actually LIKE the implementation of it?
  10. Also ask yourself what other country has such strict work permit restrictions in FM? Even countries with extremely strict border controls IRL do not struggle to get work permits from most countries (especially major ones). The foreign player limits are fine, the lack of ability to get a work permit for anybody other than a decent Prem player is completely wrong and unrealistic. Suddenly because of Brexit, England has become this hard border version of North Korea where players have to be world stars to gain entry, it’s complete rubbish and not realistic at all.
  11. I am glad it’s been brought up because it’s an absolute killer. I second the points made that it’s completely speculative yet we should “deal with it” because it’s happening in real life, well, it’s not going to happen the way SI have done it. I think it’s clear rules will be bent for football. It was all a marketing stunt last year to get FM in the news prior to release, most of the actual player base disliked it last year but dealt with it. This year, it’s even more extreme and I don’t think SI understand how much it puts players off, it has basically made managing inside England r
  12. Looks like they are, they have a new Chinese owner. Any others that people know of?
  13. Hi, has anybody found out whether there is any new Sugar Daddy clubs this year?
  14. I must admit the first impressions of this game are very, VERY good. And this is from somebody who loves to complain about FM. The speed optimisations make a huge difference to the game, it just feels smoother. And the way you see the differences in the tactics you change in the match engine is very promising, I feel noticable differences between mentalities that I haven't really seen on previous FM's.
  15. They announced beta is coming later today, it’s commonly 6 hours after they lock it in when it’s released. Was announced at 10:30, that was 5 hours 45 mins ago. 15 MINS LADS!!!!!!!
  16. They still haven’t denied it’s coming out yesterday , maybe it’s already out.
  17. It’s become so normal for me to check this thread I think when the game is released I’ll still be on the thread asking when it’s released
  18. I think the point is if it’s not out tonight it will be courteous of SI to tell us so we can stop wasting our time waiting for nothing.
  19. Why do people assume YouTubers have any kind of insider info?
  20. It has to be out tonight, otherwise SI have done all these people dirty waiting for today. They could have easily said it isn’t coming today, as they would have known by now.
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