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  1. I'd back us to keep him over him going to Roma. Presumably they can't match us wage wise and he still wouldn't be competing for a title really. Dortmund perhaps, also a sure fire way to end up at Bayern too.
  2. Where would he even go? Theres no space for him at any of the English clubs we'd sell to, nor is there at Bayern, Barca or Real and I can't see him going to any Italian club other than Juve so that just leaves PSG and Juventus pretty much. I say this with no knowledge of who is apparently after him.
  3. While I agree with your message, I'm not sure 12 and 24 years really count as not long back
  4. MLG v EUH. Get ready lads, this is one for the ages.
  5. Nothing wrong with the defending, we just have a keeper who managed to drop the ball twice in a second.
  6. This is heavybass, everything in the paper is true, thats why Kovacic and Traore have been beasting it for us this season.
  7. My god, the cheek of you to say that to anybody else you giant hypocrite :D:D
  8. No, exactly what you said was (after mentioning Gerrard alongside Carragher and Torres, neither of which are anything like Gerrard so the point was certainly not clear from the start) "I don't see any players in your squad that the other players will look to and think, he can win us the game today if we're playing poorly." which is exactly what Coutinho did against Stoke and has done/has helped do before. So unless I'm missing half the post, your original and further points are not alike, which is why you got the reply you did from VamPook. Nobody is going to disagree with you about what Gerrard was and that we don't have a player in his mould right now but that simply wasn't what you originally said and then got all condescending to VamPook for no reason.
  9. Good job you said anything like that in your first post, otherwise somebody might have replied with a fair comment that went against your point :o
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