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  1. Some good racing, but it's going to take me a while to adjust back to being so slow. 8th is way beyond what I expected.
  2. I don't think I'd have kept him behind even if I was ahead.
  3. Did my best to continue being the villain of the league, but just couldn't get him. Well played Monty; especially with the lack of penalties.
  4. Just curious, but what is it with people crashing into retired cars all the time. I generally try and avoid crashing into cars in the road - are people expecting them to ghost?
  5. BLARG SCUM. I thought I might get overtaken early on so opted for mediums. After the early SC I changed from a 2 stop to 1 stop. SCs at the end ended any fight from Mav for the win. Don't think I clipped a wall or anything all race so I'm pretty pleased with that.
  6. I do like that when faced with a choice about who to hit he avoids Semi and spears into Mav.
  7. Really good driving from everyone in qualifying, left me a lot of space even with the chaos going on. Port drove really well, especially in the first stint. With the DRS I was really under pressure. I had two warnings from lap 1, so I was being a bit cautious. I decided to undercut which gave me around 5 seconds of space - I actually didn't expect to come out in clear air, so it worked out perfectly. Once I realised I had a free pitstop towards the end (except Port w/Pens) I pitted for the FL - I was actually a little worried I wouldn't get within 6s but it worked out nicely.
  8. Doing ok until the disconnect. Rejoined and my camera was pointing at nothing when I took back control. Rejoined and had to rejoin for a third time after the FPS bug. Fastest Lap a silver lining I guess.
  9. My evasive driving on point again. It was me - I hung back a bit as I thought it was going to end in tears.
  10. What have I learned about being in the Alfa? Three things. One - bide your time. Two - keep your nose clean. And three - don't let the bastards grind you down.
  11. For about 80% of the league the stewarding points don't matter anyway. And for the remaining 20% it seems like actual points don't matter either.
  12. Instead of 'Get in the Williams' it will be 'Get on the Xbox'.
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