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  1. Tactics that are barely used IRL are ridiculously overpowered, such as the 433 with 3 strikers, 1 CM and 2 AMCs (really? where did that even come from?), and the 4222 (a 80's tactic thats hard to break in the game). That makes the game frustrating, it feels less realistic.
  2. I know the feeling. Playoffs give you a higher chance of surprising them, though.
  3. This contract should be enough to keep him until the 1000th goal. Perhaps unhappy, but still scoring.
  4. Aleff Diego has some interesting mental stats, think he can become a key player if you manage to improve his technique.
  5. Great carrer! I tried it twice in FM 16 starting in the Série C (original db) but ended up being relegated. The gap between the youth intakes and the average players of the league is a bit bigger in Brazil compared to most leagues where people do youth only challenges. Playing a weak State Championship means you can give your youth players a lot of playing time (or you can break some records).
  6. Should've accepted the £240 + 40% of the next sale, could end up been way more than £5250
  7. Isn't playing out of defence contradicting with direct passing?
  8. Some really interesting changes, the system looks polished. I wonder why there's no option to remove the budget limit though. Kind of frustrating.
  9. Well, at least there's still the playoffs. Are you playing defensively?
  10. I'd be interested! It was a very entertaining carrer and you did well. I think Chimney Corner would manage to stay at the top but not for so long, considering how the League struggled to develop.
  11. Hey, congratulations! Very solid climb to the top throughout the career. The UCL link is wrong by the way, it points to last season's results.
  12. Hidding stats was a great idea, how did you do it? Also, don't you think playing without wingers and with fullbacks on defensive duty restrict too much your options on the wings?
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