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  1. Tactics that are barely used IRL are ridiculously overpowered, such as the 433 with 3 strikers, 1 CM and 2 AMCs (really? where did that even come from?), and the 4222 (a 80's tactic thats hard to break in the game). That makes the game frustrating, it feels less realistic.
  2. Some really interesting changes, the system looks polished. I wonder why there's no option to remove the budget limit though. Kind of frustrating.
  3. Well, at least there's still the playoffs. Are you playing defensively?
  4. I kind of understand how you feel. Never lost anything that big in FM, but I dropped a few saves because of losing some months of progress, which is a lot less than what happened to you. Looking forward to your next career, this one was pretty good.
  5. The moment to forget is a win, very impressive! Do you use this tactic both at domestic and international games?
  6. Do you think loading the Ukranian league for a few seasons might help?
  7. Well, actually there was. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/453727-Football-Manager-2016-Winter-Transfer-Update-16-3-0-OUT-NOW! If that makes a difference this big I feel sad for you, mate.
  8. Poor intake, but your team is quite young, I think if you manage to keep most of them you might challenge for the upper half of the table.
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