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  1. Football Manager TV: Fantasy Draft

    Some really interesting changes, the system looks polished. I wonder why there's no option to remove the budget limit though. Kind of frustrating.
  2. [FM17] Yer oot yer face if yer think Shetland plays fitba!

    Well, at least there's still the playoffs. Are you playing defensively?
  3. [FM17] Yer oot yer face if yer think Shetland plays fitba!

    Having to win the league and a playoff to get promoted is brutal.
  4. I'd be interested! It was a very entertaining carrer and you did well. I think Chimney Corner would manage to stay at the top but not for so long, considering how the League struggled to develop.
  5. Hey, congratulations! Very solid climb to the top throughout the career. The UCL link is wrong by the way, it points to last season's results.
  6. [FM17] Hastings United - starting from Lvl 22 (++Difficulty)

    Hidding stats was a great idea, how did you do it? Also, don't you think playing without wingers and with fullbacks on defensive duty restrict too much your options on the wings?
  7. To Conquer - A Youth Challenge in San Marino

    Have you tried using a more attacking role on your fullbacks, such as WB or FB(a)? Would fit nicely with the "look for overlap" instruction.
  8. Why are two of your CMs and a FB not familiar with their positions?
  9. The stats show pretty even matches against Brugge and Atalanta, were they really like this?
  10. The Annual San Marino Youth Attempt

    Nope, but he did
  11. The Annual San Marino Youth Attempt

    Isn't it, though?
  12. Rankings look more stable than in FM 16, don't you think? And congratulations on reaching the Europa League group stages!
  13. You should consider using different tactics when playing away, judging by the results.
  14. Promising link with Fortuna Koln, I remember seeing a few prospects coming from feeder clubs in @Jimbokav1971's Partizan carrer.
  15. How is it working? I would advise against playing without wingers, especially because fullbacks are so weak at this level. Crosses are a key source of goals in LLM.