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    Hello everybody just a quick couple of things, i am going to be starting a new YouTube channel, and I will be doing Twitch streaming for football manager 2021 and i would love to have you joining in, it will be a very friendly and happy streaming channel thank you and see you soon.


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  1. I have been letting people know about this as well mate on Facebook and twitter
  2. It looks so much better now with the 21.1.3 update, thanks SI
  3. Miles did tweet this about a speed test done I don't know if you see but ill leave a pic of the tweet
  4. I am going to run the test again with an all core overclock of 5ghz from 4.8ghz just to see if it will be any better I will post the results as a comparison
  5. I get exactly what your on about in the previous FM's it would hang when going on the player search and FM21 doesn't do that it loads all the players straight away and in the previous versions certain pages would lag and I know it isn't my computer as I've got an i7 9700k with an Rtx 2070, everything about football manager 21 is smoother and quicker
  6. It's definitely quicker this year I have run some benchmarking test of my own, like i holidayed a month from the 1st of August to the 1st of September and FM21 was 22 seconds quicker I know it ain't by a lot but its still quicker, it was faster than FM20 in every test iv done so far
  7. Is this a bug or can we now not train them to use there weaker foot as that option was really useful, I cant find it anywhere and before it was in the technique part but now it isn't there, you can only train them to not use there weaker foot The options is no longer there and I really hope SI fix it so we can train them to use there weaker foot
  8. When viewing the manager milestones it should tell you if the award was won when he was a player or manager as it can be a bit confusing as you have to go all through the managers career to see when he started of as a manager ect
  9. I posted about this as well the text looks a bit fuzzy or blurry
  10. My staff responsibility keep reverting back to default, i always untick all the tactical advice but it just keeps reverting back
  11. To be fair the i7 8700k still packs a great punch it literally goes head to head with the i7 9700k in mostly everything. I want to upgrade as well but I'm just gonna hold out till ddr5 comes out on main stream, as what I have now is more than enough for the time being, but I am really keen on the new Ryzen 5000 series
  12. This is a serious bug as It is making me take charge of the under 18's wile all my backroom star should be in charge, its doing this every game
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