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  1. My loading times are the same very quick and the saving
  2. Anyone know what the update was about today
  3. This is the first time in 20 years of playing FM that I have seen one of the top 6 get relegated in the first season what was Tottenham, has anyone else seen crazy relegations in the first season
  4. So sacked my coach but when i go and set up assignments he is still there . its these little things that are so annoying that ruin the game for me
  5. I have an i7 9700k and its at 4.8ghz with 16gb 3200mhz ram and i have about 20 leagues playable and the top 10 leagues on full detail with all European cups on full detail and to me it breezes thought but it might be slow to other people, i'm currently in my 12 season
  6. Why has this still not been fixed when i actually raised this before the first patch on another thread if they no about this, this is becoming a thing now as i'm seeing so many people complaining about things still not fixed from the bugs they have raised
  7. I 100% agree with you, the problems and bugs seem to be getting bigger with every version, as they are adding new things other things seem to become broke, before adding things in and then breaking the old features some how, they should focus on the old bugs as they seem to be out of there depth as they cant even fix the old things people have raised let alone trying to add new things like useless features like body language like how many people on here actually click what type of body language they are going to answer the ?, most people get their assistant to do it
  8. As you say it like that its kinda making sense now, if a player is playing badly but then gets a tap in, in previous versions he would have a rating of about 8+ what does not justify him playing bad all game but then gets a good rating just because of the tap in he scored so i kinda get the ratings system now and tbf i much prefer it, now as you say it like that
  9. But use are all asking for us to upload saves and that but surly you and the devs can see what we have all been telling you's about or are yous playing a different version to what we are playing
  10. I have just started a new save in Australia but i have noticed there isn't any media prediction. I don't know if this is a bug or not
  11. Is anyone else seem there is way to many games being drawn if you look at reel life table there is way less games being drawn that football manager yes i get its a game but isn't it suppose to be as realistic as possible
  12. This player cant go a game without getting injured and hes just come back into the team and bang he gets kind of injured again . I'm getting at least one injury every 2 games
  13. I am rotating none stop but my players are always fatigued and i'm always getting backroom staff telling me to rest them
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