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    Hello everybody just a quick couple of things, i am going to be starting a new YouTube channel, and I will be doing Twitch streaming for football manager 2021 and i would love to have you joining in, it will be a very friendly and happy streaming channel thank you and see you soon.


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  1. Why do AI managers get sacked way to quick Like on my save currently 9 games in to the first season and José Mourinho gets the sack and sacking's like this right from the beta have all ways been in my save's and its ruining it for me
  2. That's what I have been looking for mate, but I cant seem to find anythink apart from the extra added USA leagues file
  3. i was wondering that, maybe they might do that when we select the waist time instruction
  4. Same here I gave up because of the ratings and analysis issues as I use the analysis stuff for signing players and I use it a lot for checking out my opponents stats ect, the key tackles not being logged is a big one for me, so going to wait for the patch and hope they will be fixed
  5. But 4 games in a week surly that's a bit to much
  6. Surly this is not right look how many fixtures we have to play within the space of 2 weeks and 3 games out of 7 days 6 games in 14 days
  7. player ratings in my save isn't no where near real life ratings, this this is from the site Football statistics, who scored.com
  8. Mate I'm now getting this when i want to do a new account, its when i fill all the info out and then click submit registration
  9. This is mine pretty standard with with some extra panel's like the panel with the stadium on the club home screen and the real trophy pictures I cant play the game without logos, kits and player faces and all that, but it I love it how it is and I literally do the same every year
  10. Same here mate I cant stand the fact that key tackles isn't getting logged as I like looking at all that when doing my transfers
  11. I've tried with chrome and now edge and still the same mate
  12. I just went on that site mate and it just keeps coming up with this
  13. I'm Gefle in the Swedish 3rd division, I'm in my 4th season now and got in to the the Swedish prem
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