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  1. I find it a problem and more negative body language when i use shouts like push forward and encourage ect the shouts and body language seem a real mess to tbf
  2. It's little stupid thing's like this what ruin it for me why don't they just fix it for god sake that will never happen in real life it just puts me of the game
  3. i'm having the exact same problem when i want to to stop at the completion of a comp it just reverts to N/A on previous versions it would say at completion but this version it just say's N/A
  4. Thank you and yeah your more than welcome to have it But i am not the one who actually made the panels so they are to thank for their hard work being put in to actually creating the skins the panels come from i have just changed a few command lines and moved certain panels and XML Files into my certain folders and that i do it every year i cant play the game without doing it i find it so much more better This is the player profile i didn't change nothing on hear apart from the fade on the red bar at the top
  5. This is mine i just added all the different panels manually and i had to make the red bar at the top fade as i hated the way it just cut's off Boardroom Staff Club overview Fixtures Team report
  6. I'm playing at just 75hz but 1440p resolution and versions 18 and 19 have been horrible with the ai calendar processing lag and the match engine lag and stutter it just make's the feel of the game not nice but when i put vertical sync on the match engine lag and stutter goes but with the odd little stutter hear and their every thing from 17 and under was perfect for me very very smooth i had no problem i understand with every new version it is gonna be a bit more demanding but for the lag and the stutter that is just on another level of terribly optimised i play the most demanding games like metro exodus and all them games and they run like a dream so i ain't got as clue what they are doing or where the 3d engine side of it is going tbf lol
  7. very interesting post and video thank you for that and yes i can now see the comparison between previous version's
  8. i always use the January transfer update so it fixes the bugs and stability issue's but i always start with the first transfer windows disabled i try to make it as close to real life as possible
  9. I have no clue what it is i just loaded up steam about 4 hours ago and it just started to update Football manager
  10. iv been playing it all week and then today i loaded it up and their was an update i k now about the latest update the 19.3.4 one but i didn't think their was anymore updates after that lol
  11. Why did i just get an football manager 2019 update when i just loaded up my game it was around 80mb
  12. yep i have seen many post relating to that issue that people with 144hz monitor's was having bad experiences with FM
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