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  1. I have no clue what it is i just loaded up steam about 4 hours ago and it just started to update Football manager
  2. iv been playing it all week and then today i loaded it up and their was an update i k now about the latest update the 19.3.4 one but i didn't think their was anymore updates after that lol
  3. Why did i just get an football manager 2019 update when i just loaded up my game it was around 80mb
  4. yep i have seen many post relating to that issue that people with 144hz monitor's was having bad experiences with FM
  5. Computer Type: PC / Desktop Custom built CPU: Intel i5 8600k OC to 5ghz and cache at 4.7ghz RAM: 16 GB DDR4 @3000 MHz GPU: RTX 2060 msi ventus OS: Windows 10 Pro Version 1809 Storage: SSD - PCIe M.2 SSD Samsung evo 970 500gb Benchmark A - 2 mins 12 secs Benchmark B - 4 mins 31 secs Benchmark C - 5 mins 48 secs I am going to do another test but with my cpu at stock settings to see how much of a performance boost the 5ghz overclock has given it
  6. When i load up the Canadian league pack their isn't no teams to pick from in the Canadian premier league
  7. We should be able to save our screen flow instead of setting it up for every new save we start
  8. This game as got to be one of the worst optimised games i think i have ever played and it's a shame because i'v been playing these games since championship manager day's and they cant say its my hardware or driver's because i'm playing with an i5 8600k and 16gig 3000mhz ram and a rtx 2060 with all the latest driver updates but iv give up on trying to tell these people as enough people are all ready doing that The match engine runs terrible with horrible lag and so many other issue's
  9. Mine seems to be fine now mate it hasn't done it for a wile now god now's what it was but it seems fine its just the bad lag on the match engine witch is the trouble really but i'm running a rtx 2060 with i5 8600k at 5ghz with 5 star graphics performance and i'm in full windows mode that lag tho has been their for the last couple of versions but it goes with sync set to fast
  10. Again the driver thing haha if that's the case why is it happening to people with Nvidia 'amd and intel surly not all them different driver's are the problem
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