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  1. This is happening to me as well i have to keep reloading my skin for the faces to go back to normal
  2. Ok i will do i just wasn't sure what thread to post it on
  3. Football manager should have club stat's like in real life to give us a bit more information whats going on i like to see goal's from counter attacks and goals from inside the box ect
  4. i'v seen this in another thread and i have the same issue
  5. Nope it is still the same even when stop time is set
  6. This is what i'm seeing as well a lot off balls being played over the top
  7. I am having the same issue as well it just keeps reverting back to N/A
  8. Now i have cleared the cache and my team ain't got a kit at all now barring 2 of my player's
  9. I am playing at home i am Harlepool but for some reason my team is playing in their black kit witch is away but 2 of my player's are in my home kit what the hell is going on their
  10. I am still seeing save's being made witch look impossible to save and shot still coming a lot from wide area's
  11. This is still not fixed in the 20.2.0 update and it is so annoying as the game is so much better with the latest update they have really improved the overall performance their is no more lag the game as a hole feels so much better and for a silly little thing like that should be an easy fix but again no one ever get's back to me this is the 3rd post about this in the last month
  12. Finally my lag as completely gone with the new update iv played about 6 matches and it ain't lagged once well done si 20.2.0 update has made such a massive improvement in performance for me its so much smoother and not one bit of lag the the hole game just feels so much better
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