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  1. well i have played 7 games now without the ad boards add on and it has not crashed once so i think i found the culprit to the crashing i think it was the add boards as before with the ad boards i couldn't play 1 game without it crashing so i just just hope i haven't spoke to soon but its looking good at this stage fingers crossed
  2. i am going to try one more thing that i have just thought of that could be the culprit removing the ad boards patch so ill let you know if it still crashes or not ill play about 10 games and if it don't crash then i was definitely the ad boards patch
  3. I fixed the driver issue that football manager was telling me i had the wrong driver by going in to safe mode in the os and completely uninstalled football manager and then all the nvidia drivers then installed the gpu driver's then a clean installer of football manager 2020 and now it is reading the right driver but unfortunately it is still crashing with that serious issue thing and telling me have i updated my driver's at this point i am lost because i thought where it was now reading the correct drivers everything was going to be ok but it turns out that it isn't
  4. This as been happening now for a couple of months and i'v raised it before but its happening every match now .Wile in a match wile i'm watching YouTube on my 2nd monitor say half way through the first half of the match i get this error come up.I have already got the latest driver update i make sure my drivers are all up to date i don't think football manager is recognising drivers probably because it is telling me i have a much older driver its say's i have version 432.00 that is one of the very first drivers for my rtx 2060. I have new driver version 442.19. i have raised this many times and now it is really starting to get to me that not 1 of you so called very help full people can help me Here is my dxdiag DxDiag.txt
  5. It is the game of the season and already they have perfect partnership why is that and all the other teams have got perfect partnership's as well all barring my team
  6. whta xml file should i use no club or club what is the best one
  7. Thanks for explaining mate i understand that it does make sense
  8. yeah last month and iv posted it a few times since beta but yeah great for getting back to me just last month so they have known about all this time but still no fix as usual
  9. I reported this to mate i reported it a couple of times even way before Christmas and they still ain't even give me a proper reply on it
  10. Why are all my player at set pierces never in the positions that have told them to be in its a joker this just an example of a wide free kick and these are my potions that i have set but this is how it looks on field It is the same for corners and everything
  11. so hopefully it gets fixed in the main update but i wont get to Excited as SI have a long history of forgetting to fix things
  12. how could it be something i'm doing i set them as i want and then they revert and no i don't run any of that disk clean up, or cache cleaner stuff
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