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  1. Whatever that happens bin the game is absolutely random so you can't say whether there is something wrong with it or not. Also some managers have high affinity with some clubs so over some time you will still see them working at the club , especially if they are old players of the club. So what you are seeing is perfectly normal.
  2. For me i don't think the role of tour players matter You should check the pass directness and tempo. The higher these stars the lower your possession so if you want more possession reduce these stats and everything will go well
  3. I personally don't worry myself since i have done everything possible but still i don't get any good players. All i do is wait for the yearly recruitment date which normally starts in march and I scout the players from the other teams and sign the good ones.
  4. Sadly there is no way to skip it that I know of. Unless you did not participate in that tournament you will follow the game throughout its course.
  5. For most of my save depending on the number of team of the week awards he gets will go a long way in determining if he gets a team of the season award.
  6. If you can afgord it you can send him on a loan for even a half season and he will come back feeling better
  7. If you need an extensive knowledge of russia just having one scout from Russia is good but if you need knowledge of other countries then yes you can send them on assignments they do share their knowledge through the club knowledge
  8. When you sign a scout to your club . Over time they develop knowledge of the country in which you are based. So if you want the scouts to gain knowledge of the current country you are in there is no need to send them on scout assignments . But for other nations its necessary to send them on scout assignments to develop knowledge of that nation. Or you could just sign scouts from the particular country you are interested in. Just one scout from that country is enough to boost your scouting knowledge.
  9. Sorry but it always stays the same as long as you remain in at the same club. When you switch clubs the colour theme changes.
  10. It is under development progress. There you click on the attributes tab and u would see it graphically.
  11. Once you have signed a scout to tour club over time they will develop knowledge of the country you are in so its not necessary to send them out on assignments
  12. England teams. From the second tier or third tier league.
  13. It is available but takes longer than the usual in fm 20 or earlier versions and develops further to green
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